Star Trek - Voyager: The Secret Logs Of Mistress Janeway
Part 14 - Dax (FF,BDSM)
by Mistress Nova

Captain's Personal Log:

My mind kept drifting back to that encounter before all our lives changed.
Flashes of it crept from the corners of my mind when I was focused on
something else. Vivid moments woke me from the depths of sleep, my skin
tingling as though I just left her. The hunger for her was just as intense
as it was then.

I didn't know why I was thinking of Jadzia Dax so often of late. She was the
object of my fantasies from time to time, especially before the Circle when
I was left to my own devices, so to speak, for self-pleasure. But these
thoughts were different from the fantasies. I was reliving our encounter at
Deep Space Nine in a way that I hadn't since then.

I've never been one to shy away from an erotic thought, but these were
getting distracting. Since my circle was very good at reading my face, my
erotic distraction was driving them crazy during their shifts. That wasn't
fair to them. There was a reason that I was thinking about her at this
particular time, and it was something I had to address with someone who
could advise me. It was something I wasn't looking forward to with relish.
I had withheld from my advisor. She wouldn't be pleased.

* * *

"So you didn't include this on your logs," Barrows said. The displeasure in
her voice made me wince. "You are an arrogant one, aren't you? What possessed
you to think you could handle Dax?"

"It was Jadzia Dax, a young sheltered woman a few years out of the Academy,"
I said vehemently though I didn't raise my eyes. "With a young woman's
awakening body."

"And an over 300 year old trill," Barrows said in a tone dripping with irony.

"Dominated by Curzon, the ultimate hedonist," I said. "I was certain that
Curzon would enjoy the experiences of this young girl's body in an encounter
with a Mistress. You trained me. I thought I could handle her."

"What would you do if your delicious Mr. Paris tried to placate you with

Barrows asked.

I smiled a small, involuntary smile. "Flay him raw," I replied, "I'm
wondering if I should contact the Doctor to make a house call so I'll be
able to sit tomorrow."

"Stop worrying, my dear," Barrows said. "Part of the problem with training
you was that you were always harder on yourself that I could ever be. The
fact that you asked for help at all is an extreme punishment for my proud
Mistress Janeway. Ask me, child."

"Please, help me work this through, Mistress," I said quietly.

"Come, sit beside me," Barrows said. "You will tell me everything and I will
create the imagery from this delightful program."

"Must we have visuals," I asked miserably.

"I am a voyeuristic old woman," Barrows said. "And it drives you crazy. Begin
with where it began for you. When did you start having these thoughts?"

I closed my eyes for a moment and thought about it. "It was the last session
with the Ensign and Torres two weeks ago. I had her cuffed behind her back
on her knees on my bed. Her ass was bright red from the studded paddle. Her
thighs trembled from the beating yet she canted that beautiful butt for more.

"I had other plans though. She wanted me to pound her ass, so I was going to
oblige with the strap-on... the big one," I said. "The child took it to the
hilt and begged for more. Rarely had I seen such endurance. I was growing
tired when I let her come. She was a magnificent slave. I should have been
ready for a marathon fucking. Yet I felt like a sham. I finished the session
to my slaves' satisfaction, but I got no pleasure from it. That night, I had
the first dream."

Barrows nodded serenely. Her serenity could be most annoying. "Now that we
know what triggered the memory, we need to carefully review that memory."
she said. "Begin when the notion began."

"Of course, I knew she was there when I arrived," I said. "Despite my primary
mission, I was determined to see her. That was my first mistake.

"It was on the Promenade of the station. We passed by one another when I was
given the tour by Captain Sisko. He introduced us briefly. Mistress, she is
an incredible beauty, two meters tall with an amazing body and astonishing
blue eyes. Normally, their warm appraisal would have been enough to excite
me, but it was the glint of recognition that truly unnerved me and began my

"Curzon had long admired the records of your Master classes," Barrows said.
"He regretted never meeting you in person."

"I thought as much," I replied. "It explains a lot."

You know how it is on any space station, you hear things. Without really
trying, I knew where she would be in her off hours. It wasn't hard to be at
Quark's bar casually sipping wine when she came in at the end of her shift.

The conversation was very casual at first: Voyager's maiden mission; the
parameters of my new ship. It was all very cordial, but every pore on my body
was on fire for her. I longed to tear down that cool demeanor and see those
appraising blue eyes hot and dazed with wanting for what I could give her.

She helped me with my desires by suggesting that I come to her quarters to
discuss Voyager's innovations. I agreed for the ears drifting by, but I knew
that she already knew the ship chapter and verse.

She seemed to read my thoughts. "I have some general information. But I want
what you can give me."

Her eyes sparkled at me. I wanted to bend her over my knees right then. The
challenge and defiance would be subdued and she was going to love every

I was prompt. Actually, I had arrived on her deck earlier than the appointed
hour. I walked around with my small case of equipment to kill time. I didn't
want to appear anxious. For some reason, I felt nervous. My hands were
trembling slightly. Somewhere in the back of my head, the reality of
confronting Dax was there, but I didn't let that deter me.

She wore a long dark blue silk robe with a corded belt when she opened the
door. Her hair was still pulled back at the nape of her neck.

"Would you like anything to drink?" She asked after I walked inside.

"Some sort of wine would be nice," I replied.

"May I have one as well?"

I smiled at that. She was already in the role. "Yes, you may."

We sat on her sofa sipping the wine.

"That is a lovely robe," I said.

"Thank you. I wasn't sure how you wanted me to dress or not dress," she
replied, with a smile. "I'm not sure how to proceed."

"Don't worry, I know," I replied. "First off, let your hair down."

She complied shaking the rich dark tresses to frame her face and cascade down
her shoulders.

"Lovely," I murmured. "Mistress, she is so beautiful. It was nearly a

I called up the image of Dax and set the scene. Barrows understood what I
meant. She starred intently at the image for quite some time.

"She is extraordinary, to be sure," Barrows said. "I'm amazed that Curzon
would choose someone so young and... fragile."

"Jadzia Dax is no fragile being. It is my understanding before I met her she
still fought with the best of Klingons and regularly beats the Ferengi at any
game of chance," I replied. "I can now vouch for her endurance personally."


I inhaled deeply.

* * *

"You must have been told that you need a firm hand," I told Dax, "I watched
you at Quark's playing a provocative role and, as you well know, the flesh
there is weak. You enjoy the attention."

"It's very nice," she admitted. "But there is no challenge in seducing the

"Nothing to breakdown."

"Nothing to overcome."

We looked at each other levelly. The lust was delicious as was the challenge
in those gorgeous blue eyes. I wanted to meet that challenge, but the reality
of the being I was confronting put the twinge of doubt in my mind. I was
beginning to feel anxious, so I decided to plunge ahead. I told her to stand
and take off her robe.

She did so, allowing the material to slip of her shoulders and pool around
her ankles. For a moment, all I could do is stare at her body. I walked
around her twice before I could speak.

"Lower your eyes," I said quietly. "Step away from the robe and kneel."

She started to kneel.

"Acknowledge me, sweetness," I said. "Call me Mistress Janeway."

"Yes, Mistress Janeway."

"Kneel, then bend over and rest your cheek on the floor, cross your hands at
the small of your back."

"Yes, Mistress Janeway."

I tied her wrists together with the cord from her robe. I took a fistful of
her gorgeous hair and felt its thick softness.

"You have beautiful hair, " I said.

"Thank you, Mistress."

"You must have a lovely brush,"

"Yes, Mistress on my dresser."

Reluctantly, I let her hair go. It was a beautiful brush with a wide, sturdy
head. I knelt beside her and looked sat her magnificent ass.

"Such a sweet, well rounded ass," I said. "You know every one you watches it
wants it. I've seen them. They all want it, don't they?"

Jadzia was silent. I whacked her soundly with the back of the brush.

"Answer me, pet."

"Yes, Mistress Janeway."

I liked the red patch that sprung up near those spots. I paddled her soundly
wanting to bring that deep blush across the whole, well muscled area. She
didn't whimper. Jadzia moaned and wiggled and arched toward me. I was
entranced by her response. Dax was reacting to me with an incredibly wild
abandon. This was no ordinary conquest. And she looked so gorgeous undulating
under my hands. Never had I been so horny. I barely heard her

"Harder, Mistress... you know you want to..." She panted. "Harder... God...

Jadzia was moaning and shouting encouragement and I barely heard her. I was
reacting. I dropped the brush and grappled for my strap-on. Training be
damned. I wanted that ass. I tore off my clothes and put it on while I
watched her. Her face was flushed. Her lips were parted. The flesh on her
ass was still warm as I grasped it.

"Do it, Mistress," Jadzia moaned loudly. "Fuck my ass!"

I pushed inside that sweet, sweet ass with the big double headed attachment
then I grabbed her by the hair pulling her against me. And I pounded her
until my knees were sore. She shouted for more. That bitch wasn't going to
come for just enjoying the ride. I pulled her head further to arch her
backward. I worked her nipples with my free hand. She began to buck.

"Stop fighting me, bitch!" I said. "Let it happen..."

Jadzia shrieked. I could feel the power of her orgasm as she collapsed on
the floor. I fell on top of her exhausted by the intensity of the encounter
both physically and emotionally.

After a few moments, we could breathe once more.

"Thank you, Mistress Janeway," she said quietly.

"You're welcome," I replied. "Though I must say it would take months of the
most intensive training to make you able to feign submission."

She chuckled. "If there is no challenge, where's the pleasure."

We sat up facing each other. I wanted to kiss her lush, open mouth then lick
every one of those spots. She hadn't earned the privilege. For that, I wanted
to punish her.

"Until next time," I said.

We set a date for the next day. Then she canceled it. The reason was very
plausible, but I was nonetheless very disappointed. I parked at Quark's
allegedly studying my charts waiting, and knowing that I, the Mistress was
awaiting attention from her. It was pathetic, but I couldn't seem to help
myself. I wanted her, that body.

She came near 2300 hours with a few of her friends. Somewhere in the recesses
of my mind, I found the pride to keep up my pretense of ignoring her. It was
nice to just watch her highly animated face and hearing her provocative
laughter. That helped me relax a bit. That enabled me to wait.

I conversed with her as we left. We chatted amiably about Voyager's mission
until we were well away from eavesdroppers.

"We have just a few hours," I said. "My orders are in."

"There is no time then, not for what you have planned," she said. "Perhaps
another day."

"No," I said more forcefully than planned. "We can work something out."

Jadzia was silent for a time. I realized that we were nearing her quarters.

"Kathryn, to really indulge in your lifestyle takes time," she said. "I don't
know that much about it. Curzon would be weeks training a slave. Perhaps we
could arrange a shore leave..."

It was very reasonable, but it left me short and without tasting her and
having her taste me. I couldn't let it go.

"Jadzia... please..."

My back was against her door. Jadzia pressed my shoulders back hovering over

"Please, Mistress Janeway?" she said. Her lips were just above mine. "Are you
a slave to your pussy, Mistress? Or to me... You want it from me badly enough
to not bring your equipment, didn't you."

I was silent. She pulled back.

"Until next time," Jadzia said.

"No!" I said before I could stop myself. "I want you, Jadzia... please."

She grabbed me by the back of my neck and kissed me, forcing my mouth open.
The door gave way. I stumbled backward. It happened quickly. Jadzia stripped
my uniform off me as we struggled through the room. Eventually, I was splayed
naked on her bed where she tied my limbs down with a silken cord. The she

"Curzon left some items from the Club," She said. "I've always wanted to use

She pulled out a clit whip. I moaned in anticipation. Each smack made me more
horny. My moans were uncontrollable.

"Mistress Barrow's favorite pussy" Jadzia murmured then smacked me again.
"The most responsive she ever saw the sweetest ever tasted. A pure hedonist."

She smacked me again. I was squirming off the sheets.

"The sweetest she ever tasted..." Jadzia murmured. She was looking at my

"No more torture, Kathryn," she said. "I've wanted you since I saw you
because Curzon always did. He wanted to know how you tasted."

She kissed me again then licked her way down my abdomen and promptly latched
onto my clit with those lush lips. She lapped at my hair, tongued my clit
then sucked at it while her long fingers played with my nipples. Mistress,
she was very good. I was losing my mind and couldn't keep from coming. Hell,
I couldn't keep from screaming.

I was dazed afterward. Jadzia left me for a moment. Then, my head was lifted
and a cup placed at my lips. I drank deeply. Jadzia was wearing a strap-on.
It was huge and wide and like nothing I'd ever seen.

"It's a cast from Curzon." she said. "It feels like the real thing. I thought
you should experience it. He really wanted you to."

She pushed inside me after freeing my legs. I wrapped them around her waist
and welcomed her deep, hungry kiss. That same relentless endurance that took
all I could give was pumping me to insanity. I felt a rolling build up that
I have never known. There was no sound I could make. It was a blinding,
deafening orgasm. I passed out.

The next morning, Voyager was chasing the Maquis. I never saw her again. Nor
did I think about it until now.

Barrow said nothing. I think the imagery stunned her. That in itself was

"How I miss Curzon," she said finally. "That attachment is worth a fortune."

"She gave me a cast." I said.

"Delightful!" she squealed. "My dear one, you had an encounter with a
legendary hedonist. A hedonist who wanted you in the worst way. You just
weren't prepared. It's a matter of rumpled self-esteem."

"How do I get over it?" I asked. "I hate feeling this way."

"You need to get back in the saddle by subduing a worthy opponent." She
replied. "I have every confidence."

"A worthy opponent? Who?"

"Don't worry child. Someone will present him or herself." She said. "Let's
look at that cast."


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