TranceTV: Star Trek Voyager
by Tranceman

Usual crap about how you shouldn't read this if you're not supposed to
and stuff. Had the idea for a while now, finally ready for the big series
finale. Check it out.

Ensign Isaac Henston had been through enough. To say he was frustrated would be to put
the case mildly. He had only signed up for the starship "Voyager" for a few months, enough for
him to get the experience to sign on with that lab on Starbase 48. How was he to know that on its
first mission "Voyager" would be blasted into another galaxy, so far it would take seventy years
to get back to Federation space?

It was still hard getting over the fact that Isaac would never see most of his family again
when Captain Janeway made the decision to bring on the terrorist Maquis members as Voyager's
new crew, forcing Starfleet personnel to work with the rebels.

It had been a long seven years with Voyager getting into one emergency after another, the
entire crew seeing more action in those years than most ships saw in their entire careers.
Thankfully, a few technological advances here and there had caused them to cut down on the
length of their trip by a few decades. And one had even managed to allow "Voyager" to contact
Starfleet and get messages from home which unfortunelty meant bad news for Isaac.

With the ship declared lost and Isaac thought dead, his girlfriend had gone and married his
best friend, leaving Isaac kicking himself for all the opportunities he'd had with other women
during the voyage but staying true. He had been depressed for a while but that depression soon
gave way to another plan.

Isaac had been attracted to Seven of Nine ever since she had come aboard "Voyager."
There was no denying that. Every man on the ship had been attracted to her, once they got past
their distrust of the former Borg. Clad in uniforms that accented every sensuous curve, her blond
hair done in a nice bun, a metal covering over one eyebrow that accented her beautiful face.

While a looker, Seven was tough to know, her inability to understand human behavior
leaving her to be cold and stand-offish to others but gave her an air of unattanibility that Isaac
found irrestible. So he launched a private plan that was finally about to bear fruit.
_ _ _

Even for a man with good hacker skills like himself, it had been tricky not only for Isaac to
access personal records from the ship's database but to cover his tracks from the exhaustive
security checks. He was pretty sure he'd done it, though, gotten the info from the right places and
put it to good use.

After all the computer trickery, making the hardware he needed was a snap, working on it
in his down time until he had it perfected. After that, all Isaac had to do was wait for the right
opportunity. An opportunity that thankfully came sooner than he could hope.
_ _ _

It was a simple away mission, Isaac and Seven sent to scout a small but lush and green
moon while Voyager talked to the government of the main planet and try to make some alliances.
The two were assigned to try and see if there were any plants or minerals on the moon to
replenish Voayger's supplies.

The moon itself was nearly a planet environment, large forests and gardens with some
lakes and streams. Almost a second Eden. And for Isaac, it would indeed be Paradise.

"My father used to take me to a park like this when I was a child," he said, doing his best
to keep his eyes on the tricorder and not on Seven's amazing body. "Fishing and the like. Your
father ever do that?"

"I did not have the opportunity for such things before I was assimilated," Seven said in her
clipped tones. "And from what I have read of human behavior, I do not believe I would have been
the 'fishing' type."

"Well, it's a sport of patience," Isaac said. "Say, do you know when the ship is due for a
check in?"

"It is the same response as you asked me forty-seven minutes ago," Seven said as the two
came to find themselves under a tree near a large lake. "They will check back in at 1800 hours."

"Good to know," Isaac said. "So, like I said, my father taught me that the key to fishing is
patience. You just have to use the right lure, the right time to throw it and you have to wait a bit
to get a bite. But if you do, you'll catch yourself the big one."

With that, Isaac hit a quick combination of keys on his tricorder, kicking in the secret
stash of nanoprobes he'd slipped into Seven's regular cycle. Seven stopped in place, gasping as
she felt her skin seem to come alive, the mechanical pieces seemed to glow a bit along with her
eyes as the special programming Isaac had worked so hard to put in came together, Seven's mind
feeling electrified briefly before suddenly going blank.

Isaac grinned as he saw Seven sway in place under his newly established control. It had
taken some doing checking the Doctor's records and shifting the nanoprobes but it was worth it
as he now had the beautiful Borg totally under his control.

"Seven, you will do what I say," Isaac said.

"As you say....." Seven replied in an even flatter monotone than usual.

"Call me Master, Seven," Isaac said, licking his lips.

"Yes, Master......."

"You cannot disobey me, Seven, you must do what I say."

"Yes, Master....."

"Take off your uniform, Seven," Isaac said, watching as she broke the seals and peeled it
off. As he'd long suspected, she was naked underneath, not having tuned into the idea of
underwear, which just made it all the more easy to see her incredible body. Her full and round
breasts hung beautifully, a strip of implant metal above the right one, another stip along one
shapely thigh. A triangular patch of blond hair beckoned for Isaac's touch and he couldn't wait to
do so.

Divesting himself of his uniform quickly, Isaac moved to the naked Seven. "Seven, have
you studied human sexuality?"

"Yes, Master....." Seven said.

"Kneel down, Seven." As she did, Isaac came forward, his hard cock pressing towards her
mouth. "Seven, do you know what many women do with a cock near their mouth?"

".....Suck on it....." Seven said.

"Then do it, Seven. Suck my cock."

"Yes, Master," Seven said just before taking his rod into her lush mouth, pushing her lips
up and down the shaft, tickling the penis with her tongue as she moved back and forth on the rod
itself, taking it deep in her throat, getting into it as she did.

"That's right, Seven," Isaac hissed as she took him in. "That's right, take it in, take it all
the way in, suck it and lick it all the way!" Isaac held onto Seven's head tight, feeling his fingers in
her hair as she sucked him off, feeling himself start to build on her. "Get ready, Seven," he
grunted. "When I let go, suck and swallow and lick every drop I've got. Here it it
comes.....!" Isaac let loose, shooting his wad down Seven's waiting throat.

As soon as she had licked and sucked him down, Isaac pushed Seven off his cock and
onto her back, taking a moment to admire her naked form before lying down with her. He moved
his face to her incredible breasts, kissing and licking the round tits, his tongue roaming over her
nipples, careful to avoid the metal strip. "Oooooh......" Seven moaned as she felt him suckle on
one nipple. "Get ready, Seven," Isaac said carefully through a mouth of tit. "Get ready to be

Isaac slid his cock into her waiting pussy, Seven grunting as she felt him start to pump in
and out of her, his cock piercing her snatch with some difficulty. "Ughhh....." Seven groaned
again and Isaac suddenly realized that she had never done this before. The fact that he would be
taking her virginity drove Isaac on, continuing to work his rod into her with hard and careful
shoves, his face at her chest as he did.

"Yessssss......" Isaac hissed as he went at Seven, pushing his cock in and out with
increasing power and speed as he felt her give way to him, face still on her tits as he worked at
her. "Uhhhhhh......" Seven's groans came louder, her voice showing a line that hadn't been heard
before on her, increasing as Isaac's thrusts into her did. The double dose of his cock and his
mouth suckling on her nipples soon produced the result he wanted. "AAAHHHH!" Seven
shrieked as they came, Isaac's groan muffled by the nipple around his mouth as he shot his wad
into her.

Isaac turned Seven over, his hands gripping her firm and round ass, squeezing the cheeks
hard as he got ready to explore her. He knew that the nanoprobes would block any memories
Seven might have of this whole encounter and by the time Voyager returned for them, Seven
would be his perfect little fuck-toy. She had no choice. Resistance was futile.


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