Danger Will Robinson. The following unauthorized fanfic displays graphic
sexual activity between members of the fictional starship Voyager. If this
bothers you, why are you in this newsgroup?

Star Trek - Voyager: Voyager Blue Part 1 (MF,F-mast)
by Tracy L Williams

Chapter I

"Ohhhhh," moaned Starfleet Captain Kathryn Janeway as she ran her hand
lightly over her crotch.

She did not look very commanding right now, sitting back in her Ready Room
chair with her legs widely spread and her hand shoved into her pants, but
she really didn't care. All she wanted was to get off as soon as possible.
Janeway had found herself getting more and more turned on all through her
shift, a situation made more difficult by the fact that two first-class
hunks were less than ten feet from her captain's chair.

She kept staring at Lieutenant Tom Paris' dashing good looks, and her First
Officer, Chakotay, made her crotch dampen just by his nearness. She was upset
with herself for being in such a hypersenusal state, but she quickly realized
she couldn't control it. After wriggling around in her seat for almost an
hour, Janeway gave up, handed over the bridge to Chakotay, and walked- oddly-
to the Ready Room.

She continued to rub her pussy, finally starting to get some relief from the
sexual urge that had been rising in her for the last three hours. It wasn't
as if she was going to get laid anytime soon... after all, this ship had less
than 200 people on board. Plus she had to maintain a command image.

Her hands sped up, circling her clit, rubbing harder and faster...

"Ohhhhhhh, God!" she cried out, forgetting where she was. "Coming! Coming!
Come! AGGggggrrhhhhhh..."

Tuvok entered the Ready Room, and saw his commanding officer pitched back
in her seat, legs splayed wide, fingers going at warp speed, lips pressed
tightly together and trembling as she quaked her way through orgasm. His
face registered surprise, but nothing else. He stood there silently until
Janeway finally opened her eyes, saw him, and fell backwards out of her

"Tuvok!" she exclaimed, utterly embarassed. "I, uh, thought I had locked the

Tuvok regarded her with a raised eyebrow. "I am sorry to interrupt your
self-pleasuring. When you cried 'come', I interpreted it as a command and
not a statement. You sounded as if you were in pain. As Chief of Security
I have the authority to override door locks, and I found it logical to-"

Janeway tried to casually dry off her dripping fingers on her uniform but
succeeded only in making a wet sticky mess across her thighs. "Um, yes, of
course, thank you, Tuvok."

Tuvok stood there impassively as she wiped herself off.


He inclined his head. "Captain." Tuvok turned and left.

Janeway fell back onto the couch, completely nonplussed. Her Chief of
Security had just caught her masturbating! At least, as a Vulcan, he would
not gossip about it. It was small solace, but it helped.

* * *

As Tuvok came back onto the bridge, Chakotay quickly stood. "Tuvok! Is the
captain all right?"

Tuvok nodded. "There is no cause for concern."

Ensign Harry Kim looked over from Ops. "Well, for God's sake, Tuvok, what
was wrong with her? We all heard her screams."

Tuvok fixed the Ensign with a firm stare. "I said, Ensign, there is no cause
for concern."

Kim quickly backed down. Tuvok strode over to his post at Tactical and
intently studied his console. Very intently.

Chapter II

The mess hall was empty, save for one odd-looking cook and a glass.

Neelix watched the glass. The blue beverage in it fizzed as he flicked the
side. This had better be good, he thought. The last time he had attempted
his little recipe, Kes had been less than thrillled (she had frowned at the
taste, but was too polite to say she didn't like it).

Dispirited, he had given the rest to the Captain, who had commented on the
great taste and asked for more. Odd. He told her that he didn't have anymore,
but would program the matrix into the replicator at his first opportunity. As
a matter of face, he had just killed some time by programming the Voyager
Blue into the replicator while he waited for Kes and hoped his new mix would
be more pleasing. He would try it himself, but as the chef, he felt his
opinion would be biased.

Kes walked into the room. Right on time. Perfect.

"Kes!" he called. "Lover! Please, have a drink with me!"

The lithe Ocampa strolled over to him. Neelix wondered if she always swung
her hips like that or only around him. Kes kissed him hello.

"I've fixed you a drink. Care to try it?"

Kes looked down and sniffed it. "Smells good," she said, and downed it in one

Neelix watched her carefully. He could always tell if someone liked a given
recipe from their eyes.

Kes finished the drink, and promptly dropped the glass. Her eyes rolled back
in her head and she shook violently.

"Kes! What's wrong?!" Neelix cried, leaping over the bar to hold her.

The Ocampa turned to Neelix and looked at him with glazed eyes.

"Nellxxxxxx..." she slurred.

"Yes? Yes?"

"I want... to fuck you... until you can't see straight..."

Neelix gasped. This wasn't part of the recipe.

"Kes," he protested as the young woman began to tear his clothes off,
"something's terribly wrong, I..."

"Oh, shut up, Neelix, I know you want me, and I know mpphhhmmf." The rest of
her words were unintelligable as her mouth closed over his rapidly swelling
penis. Neelix abandoned all pretense of resistance and enjoyed her mouth.

* * *

At that exact moment in the Ready Room, Janeway was getting up the courage
to walk back onto the bridge. She was incredibly thirsty, though, and decided
to have a drink first.

"Computer, one glass of Voyager Blue." She smiled at remembering the small
sip she had of Neelix's little drink, and retrieved the glass from the
replicator. Bottoms up, and she drank the large glass in a couple of gulps.

It was so good, she decided to have another. And after that, she had two

Chapter III

Lieutenant Tom Paris sat at conn, glancing quickly from his console to the
black Vulcan standing at Tactical.

Of course Tuvok was impossible to read, but Paris still tried. It had been
nearly ten minutes since he had come out of Janeway's ready room, and she was
still inside. Her screams, which the whole bridge had heard, sounded like
those of a woman in mortal danger...

...or, alternatively, a woman in orgasm. In his short career, Paris had heard
plenty of both. He was burning to know which had been coming from the Ready
Room, and Tuvok was giving no clues. In addition, when Chakotay had tried to
go to the Ready Room to check up on Janeway, Tuvok had stopped him.

"The captain," he had said firmly, "prefers to be alone. Sir."

Chakotay had given him an odd look- after all, Tuvok was getting dangerously
close to giving orders to a superior- but gave in to Tuvok's wishes and sat
back down. Every couple of minutes, though, he looked over at the doors.

Paris glanced up at his friend Harry Kim, who caught his eye and shrugged.
Obviously he was just as curious as the rest of the crew.

No answers were forthcoming. Deciding to put the mysterious incident to the
back of his mind, Tom turned back to the conn.

At that moment, the ready room doors opened and Captain Kathryn Janeway
crawled out, completely naked and with a hand busily rubbing her pussy.

Utter silence fell over the bridge as they stared in shock at their usually
professional captain. Her hair, usually up in a tight, severe bun, had fallen
around her shoulders (which, incidentally, did wonders for her looks.) She
was sweating lightly and rolled over on her back, fingers still buried deep
in herself, pistoning her hips towards the ceiling.

The silence was finally broken by Janeway herself.

"OOOOooohhhhhh," she gasped.

* * *

For Kathryn Janeway, the universe revolved around her pussy.

She couldn't remember ever having been so horny, so incredibly turned on. All
she could think of was bringing herself to orgasm as quickly and as often as
possible. She was vaguely aware that she had fallen out onto the bridge while
masturbating for the second time in ten minutes, and that her entire bridge
crew was staring at her naked writhing body, but she didn't care.

Didn't care, that is, until she saw the steadily growing bulge in Tom Paris'
pants. She suddenly had to have that dick, to feel it growing and pulsing and
throbbing and erupting in her mouth... and to feel the milky white come
sliding down her throat...

Still masturbating fiercely, she crawled toward him.

"Captain..." he whispered hoarsely as Janeway approached him. "What's wrong?
What's happened to you?"

As answer, she draped a hand over the bulge in his pants and squeezed
lightly. Tom moaned. "You want me," she whispered, and proceeded to unfasten
his pants.

With amazing willpower (and the fact that the entire bridge crew was
watching), Tom stumbled out of his seat just as his hard cock popped out of
his pants. Embarassed, he tried to put it away, but Janeway was having none
of that. She crawled over to him, grasped him tightly around the waist, and
slowly drew his dick into her wet mouth. Janeway ran her tongue around the
head quickly, caressing his balls with her free hand.

"Oh, oohhhhhhhh..." Tom moaned in spite of himself.

Over at Tactical, Tuvok finally got a hold of the situation. Kim and Chakotay
were staring dumbstruck at the pair, and Paris himself was not trying very
hard to disengage his dick from his captain's mouth.

"Computer," Tuvok called out, "activate emergency medical program!"

The holographic medic materialized in an instant, tricorder in hand. "What
seems to be the problem?" he asked impatiently, as if he had a better place
to be.

Tuvok pointed over to the slurping Janeway and the moaning Paris. "The
captain is, ah, acting oddly."

The doctor quickly strode across the room, bumping into a shellshocked
Chakotay on the way. He stood over the captain, running his tricorder around
her as she obliviously oohed and ahed and slurped and sucked. Finally he
shook his head in disgust. "She is moving too much. Miss Janeway, I require
you to end your act of fellatio and lie still."

Janeway completely ignored him, off in her world of arousal.

The medic turned around, and pointed to Chakotay and Kim. "Men, please
restrain her."

The two men looked at each other, then at their happily sucking commanding
officer, and then back at each other.

"Restrain her!" snapped the medic.

Chakotay got to her first, gingerly removing her head from Paris' dick. She
didn't let it go without a fight, and it finally came out with an audible,
wet 'pop'. Tom immediately started shrinking, both in embarassment and
disappointment. Kim came over and held Janeway's hands, while Chakotay held
her ankles. Janeway writhed and moaned in her sudden helplessness.

"Oh, God, Chakotay," she whined, "at least let me finger myself..."

The medic went back to examining the captain, nodding and biting his lip
in thought. After about three minutes, he snapped his tricorder shut.
"Gentlemen, my diagnosis is that your captain is dying."

"Dying!?" exclaimed Kim and Chakotay at the same time.

"What is the cause?" asked Tuvok, who had walked over from Tactical.

"I was about to get to that," the medic sniffed. "For reasons unknown to me,
your captain seems to have developed a biological need for semen."

At the word, Janeway let out an especially long groan, licking her lips and
thrusting her thighs up helplessly.

Kim blanched. "Uh, semen, as in... uh..."

"Semen," repeated the medic, "as in the ejaculate of the male penis. Don't
you learn these things at the Academy?"

"How do we cure her?" asked Paris, who had finally regained the ability to

The medic looked at Tom as if he was retarded. "Why, you feed her semen, of
course. To keep her stable, she will need to be fed every couple of hours.
Without such treatment, she will go into neural shock. In addition, she will
need to have orgasms quite often to avoid sensory overload."

"Quite often being...?" queried Paris.

"Oh, about every five to ten minutes," was the reply.

Chakotay suddenly realized their mistake. "Kim!" he barked. "Let go of her

The ensign did so. The instant her hands were free, Janeway rubbed her pussy
with a shameless abandon that brought her to a thrashing climax within a

"Well," said Paris, "now wha-"

Janeway reached out and brought Paris to the floor with her, popping his dick
back into her mouth. In seconds Tom was rock hard again, and he squeezed his
eyes shut as Janeway's mouth worked him mercilessly, her tongue, lips and
hands working together to pleasure him.

Tuvok, Chakotay and Kim tried uncomfortably to ignore the scene. The
holographic doctor watched the couple with clinical detachment.

It was not long until Paris grunted out, "Captain, I'm coming!" At this,
Janeway worked a finger between his legs and against the muscle between
his balls and ass. With this added pleasure, Tom Paris' come exploded into
Kathryn Janeway's mouth. She eagerly gobbled down all his milky ejaculate,
not even stopping when Tom was limp and exhausted.

The medic put a hand on her shoulder. "Captain, may I remind you that the
glands can only hold a certain amount of semen. I believe you have exhausted
this young man's supply. Do not worry, though. The amount of sperm you
ingested should keep you stable for at least another hour and a half-assuming
you have constant orgasms, of course."

Janeway rolled over and looked up at Chakotay, her eyes glazed and a dazed
smile on her cum-encrusted lips.

"Mr. Chakotay," she mumbled. "You have the bridge..."

Janeway passed out.

Chapter IV

Many people were curious about the relationship between Neelix and Kes. The
odd, goblin-like, talkative Neelix and the slight, delicate, quiet Kes seemed
like polar opposites- and in fact, they were. There was, however, a very good
reason for their relationship. The Ocampa were the only race within 1,000
light years whose females could accomodate the massive penises of Neelix's
race. In addition to being able to swallow objects down to what passed for
their esphogauses, the Ocampa's vaginal canal was just under a foot and a
half long.

Right now, Kes' canal was giving Neelix a snug fit. He passionately fucked
his lover on the counter in the mass hall, not caring if anybody came in.
Hell, they could all watch him! He had stopped worrying about Kes' odd
behavior long ago, and was now just concentrating on filling Kes up.

"Oh God, fuck me, Neelix," Kes groaned as her ears throbbed.

Neelix tried to change his position, and fell clumsily off the counter. As he
fell, his penis swung around and knocked the original mix of Voyager Blue
into the replicator station.

"Please state parameters for new matrix," the computer droned.

"Fuck off!" cried Neelix as he climbed back onto the groaning Kes.

"Unknown parameter. Please restate."

Neelix ignored the computer as Kes rolled him over and mounted him.

After a ten-second delay, the computer repeated, "Please restate."

"Damnit," exploded Neelix, "leave me alone! Just put it in the damn food or

"There are currently 13,402 different types of nourishments loaded into the
replicator system. Please specify which nourishment is to be modified."

Kes was really ramming her thighs into his now, making rational thought all
but impossible. He would do anything if the computer would just shut the fuck

"I don't care! Any of them! All of them! Just shut up!!!"

"Working," said the computer.

Kes dropped her face to Neelix's and frenched him deeply. "I suppose that's
the end of that problem. Care to help me solve another one?"

What's wrong with Captain Janeway?
Has Neelix inadverently signed the Voyager's death warrant?
Why the hell hasn't B'Leanna Torres appeared yet?
Why is this so sexist?
For all these answers and more, keep an eye out for the second part of the
VERY FIRST Voyager porn fanfic ever, "Voyager Blue!"


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