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Star Trek - Voyager: Voyager Blue Part 2 (MMMFF,MF,F-mast,inter)
by Tracy L Williams

Chapter V

"First Officer's Log, Stardate 48501.3. The Captain has been stricken with
an odd disease that requires her to reach orgasm every five to ten minutes,
and to ingest semen at least every two hours. The doctor is searching for a
cure, but as he does not even know the cause, the outlook is grim. I have
ordered the three crewmen - Tuvok, Kim, and Paris - who were present for the
onset of the captain's illness to not speak a word of the event to anyone.
On such a small ship, the captain could suffer an fatal loss of respect if
word of her hypersensual state got out."

Chakotay sighed and leaned back in the Ready Room chair. It had been forty
minutes since the onset of the crisis, and Janeway had stayed on the bridge,
fingering herself to eight more orgasms and attempting to suck off Tuvok.
She would not listen to reason, and moved from the captain's chair only when
Harry Kim, in an act of desperation, had moved to the far side of the room
and whipped out his dick. Janeway had bounded over in glee and moaned sadly
when Kim put himself back away, having accomplished his task - getting
Janeway out of the range of the viewscreen. Now, at least, if they were to
run into some Kazon, they wouldn't face them with a wildly masturbating
captain in the big chair.

The ready room door beeped.

"End log," Chakotay called out. "Come," he said to the door, then winced at
his use of the word.

Tuvok strode in, looking serious. "The doctor cannot find a cure."

"Tell him to keep trying," Chakotay snapped. "We can't run around the galaxy
with a perpetually horny captain."

Tuvok hesitated, uncharacteristic of a Vulcan. "Sir, we must consider the
possibility that we will not be able to find a cure soon. If this is the
case, we must ascertain that the Captain remains stable. Eventually she will
need to rest. How will she get the orgasms she needs to survive?"

Chakotay smiled wanly. "That's one problem I can solve." He tapped his
commbadge. "Chakotay to Torres. Please report to the ready room."

* * *

"You want me to make *what*?" B'Elanna Torres nearly screamed five minutes
later. "I didn't join the Maquis to be making specialized vibrators for horny
Starfleet bitches!"

"I am afraid," said Chakotay, "that this is a matter of life and death.
Unless Captain Janeway is constantly stimulated, she will die. We need you
to program this neural/sexual stimulator-"

"Vibrator," muttered Torres.

"Whatever you wish to call it, it needs to be programmed to give her utter
pleasure. Perhaps you can even give it different levels, so that we can
experiment with a level that might allow her to function normally."

"This is crazy," snapped Torres. "I don't know why you insist on using me to
help the captain through a dry spell, but-"

Kim's voice, slightly strangled, came over the intercom. "Chakotay to the
bridge. Immediately!"

He shot a look at Torres, and they walked out onto the bridge.

Janeway was slumped against the wall, two fingers still buried securely
inside herself. The doctor, Tuvok and Kim were looking her over intently.

"She has passed out from exhaustion," said the medic. "If she does not
climax in the next four minutes and fifty-one seconds, she will go
experience sensory overload."

Chakotay wasted no time. "Ensign Kim, perform oral sex on the Captain. Tuvok,
lick her breasts."

Both crewmen looked up with surprise at the order, but quickly got down to
business. Kim sank between Janeway's widely spread legs and began to lick,
spending a moment on the labia and going straight for her clit. Tuvok
applied his lips to her nipple, biting down lightly and pulling it, then
sucking lightly for a few moments.

Chakotay and Torres watched silently.

The medic ran a tricorder over Janeway's twitching body. "She requires more

"I'm trying," protested Kim, but it came out more like "I'b trbbbinnbin."
Chakotay realized there was only one thing to do. He dropped his pants and
pulled out his own dick, going behind the captain.

"Don't let me stop you, Harry," Chakotay said, and plunged deep into
Janeway's ass. He was shocked at how warm and tight it felt. Hell, if this
wasn't so serious, he might even be enjoying himself. Then he realized that
he was enjoying himself. He grabbed his captain's firm buttocks and rammed
himself between them, hard.

This finally got her attention. She went rigid and moaned as the three men
desperately tried to pleasure her.

The holographic doctor tapped his foot. "Men, you must hurry. You have only
one minute and fourteen seconds to bring the captain to orgasm."

Tuvok lifted his head from Janeway's breast for just a second. "B'Elanna, you
must help us."

Torres stared at the scene in front of her. She had never been attracted
to Janeway before, but the situation was turning her on- the powerful,
professional leader of the Voyager being fucked, licked and sucked by three
of her inferiors. Chakotay's large, firm dick was gliding quickly in and out
of her ass, Kim's tongue was buried up her twat, and Tuvok's lips- his coolly
logical lips- were wrapped around her tit. B'Elanna felt herself getting wet,
but she could not fuck another woman. Could not.

"Forty seconds," announced the medic.

She had to. B'Elanna dove in next to Tuvok, and planted a deep soul kiss on
Janeway, wrapping her tongue around Janeway's eagerly responding one. Torres
dropped her hand to the breast that Tuvok wasn't sucking and played lightly
with the nipple. She was enjoying this!

Just when Torres felt she was going to need to finger herself, the captain
shuddered and came like a supernova, unleashing a silent scream of pleasure
into B'Elanna mouth. Torres fell back along with the three men. She glanced
around and saw that all three- even Tuvok!- had large bulges in their pants
as they backed off. Not like she could blame them- she was sopping wet

"Torres," wheezed Chakotay, "please get to work on that vibrator."

B'Elanna snuck a quick peek at Janeway again. The insatiable captain was
fingering herself yet again. Unbelievable.

"Yes, sir," she replied.

Part VI

The replicator system was working overtime to follow the order of the ship's
Chef. Namely, it had been programmed to intermix the matrix of the Voyager
Blue drink with every other food and drink matrix in the system. This took
some time, and was complicated by the fact that each food matrix reacted
differently to the Voyager Blue matrix. To compensate, the computer changed
the Voyager Blue matrix slightly for each new food it made - just enough to
preserve the original taste and appearance of the food. Unfortunately, it
also had an unexpected side effect in that it slightly altered the effect it
had on each food - and the effect it had on those who consumed it.

The computer, however, ran into one problem when intermixing the matrixes.
When it hit the original matrix for Voyager Blue - the one only Kes and
Janeway had partaken of - it found the matrixes were too similar to combine.
Therefore it skipped over it. In the end, there were two slightly different
versions on Voyager Blue loose in the replicator system - first, the seperate
one that Janeway had liked, and second, the one that was now programmed into
every single matrix in the system.

It was only two and a half hours before Neelix's innocent mistake began to
have serious consequences.

* * *

On Deck 13, Vulcan Ensign T'Kaa suddenly felt an overwhelming need for
someone to suck her breasts. She ran into the hallway, topless and screaming,
holding her generous bust up with her hands and squealing, "Somebody suck me!
Please, suck me!" It was highly illogical.

On Deck 3, Terran Lieutenant Jason Jacobs began to masturbate and found that
he could not stop. Every time he climaxed, he rubbed his semen into his skin
and started all over again.

In Engineering, B'Elanna Torres' second-in-command, Katelin Walla, began
rubbing her pussy against the hot warp core, shrieking, "Warp core breach!
Warp core breach!"

Somebody had turned Holodeck 2 into a Middle Ages whorehouse. Tens of
Starfleet crewmen fucked tens of holodeck-generated whores.

In his personal quarters, Commander Jameson Tarnn was overcome by one of the
odder side effects of Voyager Blue, a sudden fetish for pregnant Cardassian
females. Unfortunately for him, there were no Cardassian females, much less
pregnant ones, on board the Voyager. Tarnn stared out the window at space and
fantasized about the day when he would go to Cardassia Prime and get into
some hot pregnant Cardi gals.

After tiring Neelix out, Kes had gone to the armory, found a phaser rifle,
and begun to masturbate with it.

* * *

Tuvok watched the scene on the security cameras in his office with a sense of
utter confusion. What had happened to all these people? Even T'Kaa, a good
friend of his, was acting utterly insane. He had no idea where to start or
what to do. Chakotay had to be informed. But first, Tuvok decided, he would
have a quick drink.

Part VII

Kathryn Janeway swallowed.

Harry Kim grunted and gripped his commanding officer's shoulders tightly
as he finished blowing his load into her waiting mouth. The ensign had
been loath to let Janeway blow him in front of Paris and Chakotay, but the
knowledge that she would die without it had allowed him to pull out his
dick. Once Janeway had started sucking, though, he had lost all modesty
and let her do her thing. She was incredibly horny, and had climaxed at
least twice while sucking him.

The medic had suggested that Kim and Paris alternate feeding her, since they
were the youngest of the bridge crew and had the highest sperm count. Paris
seemed pleased by the idea, and Kim could have sworn he saw his friend
checking his chronometer every few minutes to see when his turn came up

With a whoosh, the turbolift doors opened and B'Elanna Torres came out,
holding a large penis-shaped object in her hand. "Here you go," she said,
displaying the object to Chakotay. "When inserted in her vagina, this
should give her constant stimulation. The dial here-" she pointed to a
little dial on the base of the vibrator - "goes from 1 to 100, but I highly
suggest you don't take it over, say, 25 or 30. I've installed an automatic
limiter at 50, since anything over that would probably be too much for full

"Full humans?" asked Paris, looking over the object. "Torres, have you been
testing it yourself?"

B'Elanna shot him a dirty look, but didn't deny it.

Chakotay held up the vibrator with a wry smile. "Does this require an offical
log entry?"

"We're not offical members of Starfleet, remember?" replied Torres.

The big Indian shook his head. "Here we go." He switched the dial to 20, went
over to the half-conscious Janeway, and inserted the object into her vagina.

The effect was immediate and electric. The captain's head flew up, her mouth
fell open, and she sighed, but still appeared dazed.

"Turn it up," suggested Torres.

Chakotay, feeling rather self-conscious about diddling with an object buried
halfway in his commanding officer's crotch, quickly spun the dial to 30.

"Ummmmm," groaned Janeway. "It feels so good..."

It was the first full sentence she had formed since her attack on Paris.
Definitely a good sign. Chakotay turned it up five more notches, to 35.

The captain's eyes lidded over, but she somehow got to her feet. "Wow...
oh... what's happened to me?" she moaned, finally understanding her
surroundings. She looked down at herself. "Why... oohh... why am I naked?"

The holographic doctor answered. "At 1400 hours you crawled out of your ready
room, performing an act of self-pleasuring. Soon afterwards you attempted to
perform fellatio on Lieutenant Thomas Paris. You were restrained by Commander
Chakotay and Ensign Kim at my request. My scans revealed that you are
addicted to semen-"

Janeway fell to her knees, moaned, and shuffled towards Chakotay, who fairly
leaped out of the way. His captain kept following him, though, and for a few
seconds a comical scene ensued as Chakotay tried to stay one step ahead of
Janeway. The chase ended when Paris quietly came up behind her and turned the
vibrator to 40. Janeway shook and nearly fell down, but stopped chasing her
first officer.

The medic finished his report, careful not to make any direct reference to

"How, oh, can I... be... uuuuhhh... cured?" asked Janeway.

The crewmen uncomfortably shifted from foot to foot. Even the medic looked
uncertain how to phrase his reply. "I do not have a solution at this time.

"You don't have a cure," said Janeway unbelivingly.

"No, Captain, I do not. However-"

"I'm going to spend the next 70 years swallowing my bridge officers' semen
and... ummm... masturbating uncontrollably?"

The medic took a stand. "Unless we find a cure, that is your only hope for

Janeway turned her face to the wall, apparently in helplessness, but Torres
could have sworn she saw just the faintest hint of a smile on her captain's


"If there are no other sexual aids you need me to make," Torres said to
Chakotay, "I believe I will go down to the mess hall and have my dinner."

"I'll join you," said Kim eagerly. He had been harboring something of a crush
on Torres ever since they had met on the Array.

Torres inclined her head, and the two entered the turbolift.

"Deck ten," Kim called out, and the lift quickly got underway.

They stood there in awkward silence for a second, and then Kim said, "You
know, B'Elanna, it's really odd seeing the Captain so... passionate."

Torres wondered where this discussion was leading.

"I mean," Kim went on, "that maybe she really is like that under her command
exterior... maybe that disease just brings out the inner self."

"The Betazoid died," muttered Torres.

"Excuse me?" said Kim.

"I said, the Betazoid died. I checked your crew log when I joined the crew,
and I found that the only Betazoid on board died during the energy wave. To
be honest, I was pretty happy. Betazoids piss me off. I don't like people
talking about psyches."

"Oh," said Kim, feeling pretty foolish. "Oh."

Torres felt she had been a little harsh to the kid- as she thought of him-
and was going to say something reassuring when the lift stopped at deck four
and Tuvok entered.

"Hello, Tuvok," said Kim, grateful for something new to talk about. "Good
news. The captain is stable. B'Elanna here..." The Ensign trailed off as he
took note of the odd look Tuvok was giving him. "Sir, what's wrong?"

"It would be... illogical... to copulate with you aboard this turbolift,"
the Vulcan said.

Torres and Kim shot each other a look. "I think 'illogical' doesn't do that
statement justice, Tuvok," Torres said.

Tuvok turned and looked at Torres as if for the first time. "In the event...
that I have been stricken with the same malady as the captain... it would be
logical for me to copulate with you in the interest of self-preservation."

Torres was utterly confused now. "Tuvok, what are you-"

"Halt," Tuvok ordered, and the turbolift's motion ceased. "Please
bend over, B'Elanna."

"Sir!" exclaimed Kim. "I can't... I mean, you aren't... she..."

Tuvok reached out, caught Kim near the neck, and applied a nerve pinch that
quickly and effectively sent the ensign sliding senseless to the floor. In
the same motion, Tuvok grabbed B'Elanna around the waist, pulled down her
pants, and slid into her from behind, while applying his hand to her temple.

Torres opened her mouth to protest, and then realized she didn't want to.
It had been so long... and she was already so excited by the scene on the
bridge... and oh, Tuvok certainly knew how to use his dick...

B'Elanna stuck her firm ass high in the air and bent over as far as she
could, placing her palms against the turbolift doors to support herself as
Tuvok did her doggystyle. She felt Tuvok's free hand tightening on her left
buttock, squeezing and releasing, and it added more pleasure to the act.

Suddenly she thought: This is illogical. Then she wondered why she would
care what was illogical and what was not. That was when she realized why
Tuvok had his hand on her temple. He was performing a mind-meld to lessen
her resistance! Torres tried to wrench away, but Tuvok probed deeper,
knocking away most of her barriers and focusing only on her sexual center.
She responded violently, coming three times in rapid succession, nearly
fainting with pleasure.

Tuvok was confused by her passionate response, and stopped thrusting for a

"Oh, God," Torres moaned. "Why did you stop, Tuvok?"

"I believed you to be in pain. I do not wish to hurt you. Should I resume my
copulatory actions?"

"Yes!" shrieked Torres. "By all means, resume! Resume!"

The turbolift started up again. B'Elanna and Tuvok, lost in their passion,
never noticed it. So in about five seconds, the lift reached deck ten, the
doors opened, and B'Elanna and Tuvok tumbled out together. As they hit the
ground, Tuvok's dick was rammed even further up into the panting Torres,
and the sudden thrust made them both climax fiercely.

When they recovered, they looked up and were shocked to see an wildly
applauding crowd around them, standing outside the entrance to the mess hall.
The people were mostly naked, most with one or more partners, some in the
middle of sex acts that ranged from straight missionary sex to homosexual
interspecies orgies. Groggily, Harry Kim came to his senses and stared with
disbelief at the scene.

The mess hall door opened, and Neelix strode out, with Kes hanging on to
his dragging penis. The alien was smiling widely, and held up a tray of

"Chief Engineer Torres and Security Officer Tuvok! I see you've decided to
join the party. Drinks are on me!"

A large cheer went up from the crowd as Torres and Tuvok cheerfully went to
get drinks.

Behind them, the lift, with a shocked Harry Kim on it, returned to the

The plot thickens!
Will the crew discover the cause of the sickness?
Can a holographic balding doctor get laid?
Why isn't this story called "The Naked Time Now Fascination?"
Stay tuned for the third exciting installment of "Voyager Blue"!


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