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Note to anal Trekkies like me: after watching the second episode of Voyager,
"Parallax", I now know that our friend the doctor can't appear outside the
confines of the sickbay- and even worse as far as this plot is concerned, all
the replicators are currently offline. Sigh. Oh well, you see the troubles I
must put up with to bring this story to you as quickly as possible. Tell you
what, we'll just pretend this story takes place in an alternate universe
where holography is more advanced and replicators have quadruple redundant

Ahh, who I am kidding? We're all in this for the boffing, right? Right. Let's
get to it.

Star Trek - Voyager: Voyager Blue Part 3 (MF,FF)
by Tracy L Williams

Chapter (I'm Sick of Those Damn Roman Numerals) 9

Harry Kim rubbed the sore spot where Tuvok had snagged him. He had been
nerve-pinched once before by a Vulcan martial-arts trainer back at the
Academy, and it had been no more fun this time than it was last time. Kim
was still shaking off the effects when the lift arrived back at the bridge.

The holographic doctor was standing next to Tom Paris, who was reclining
back in his seat at Conn as the still naked Janeway violently sucked his

"Miss Janeway," insisted the medic, "you do not require another feeding for
another hour and twenty-seven minutes."

Janeway mumbled a response that sounded distinctly like "Mrpappprh agh

Paris amended it through his sighs of pleasure. "Doc, did you take the
Hippocratic Oath?"

"As a holographic representation of a doctor, I did not need to actually take
the oath per se. However, I am familiar with it and abide by its rules."

"What's the..." Tom grunted as Janeway began to deep-throat him, taking him
so far into her mouth that her nose was securely nestled in his pubic hair.
"What's the first rule?"

"First, do no harm."

"Well, is this doing any harm to the captain?"

The medic pondered this, but was finally forced to answer no.

"Well then," Paris said in triumph, "I guess you should just... OH!"

Tom came with a force and quantity that belied the fact that he had just been
sucked dry by the same mouth less than three hours ago. Even Janeway herself
was surprised, and had to swallow quickly to get it all down as Tom spasmed
in her mouth. She wasn't quite fast enough, and little white lines of Tom
Paris were running down her chin when she stood up and adjusted her vibrator,
sighing a little as she increased the output.

"Conference," she said dreamily. "This situation cannot be allowed to

'Escalate to what?' wondered Kim as he followed Janeway, Chakotay, Paris and
the doctor into the conference room.

* * *

"So it's not just me," Janeway said, still in that dreamy voice, when Ensign
Harry Kim finished explaining what had occured on the turbolift and at the
mess hall.

"It doesn't appear to be, no." He made a wiping motion at his chin.

Janeway frowned. "Excuse me?"

Kim gave up the subtle approach. "Sir, you have semen on your chin."

The captain smiled radiantly. "Oh, I know. I like it there." She looked over
at Tom, who grinned lecherously. Chakotay rolled his eyes.

"Captain, perhaps we should consider that the mess hall is the... epicenter
of this crisis," the first officer said.

"Epicenter," murmured Janeway. "Like an earthquake. Speaking of which..." she
reached down between her legs, moaned, and shuddered as another orgasm hit
her and the officers (except for Paris) tried to focus on their fingernails.
Janeway took a deep, shaky breath and continued as if nothing had happened.
"Right. So what would that mean?"

Chakotay stroked his chin. "Computer," he called out, "how many people are
currently onboard."

The answer was quick and clipped. "One hundred ninety-four."

"How many people are in the mess hall right now?"

"Working." Short pause. "One hundred thirty-nine."

Chakotay turned to Paris and Kim. "That seems to be a strikingly large
percentage. Now, from that, we can assume that all these people either
went to the mess hall after they got the disease, which seems unlikely,
or they were already in the mess hall when hit." Pleased with his
deductive reasoning, he asked rhetorically, "Now, what's in the mess

"Lots of fucking." Janeway smiled. "Maybe we should go down there."

"What *else* is in the mess hall?" asked Chakotay.

Janeway tried to think, but the large throbbing thing in her pussy was not
making it easy. Suddenly she brightened. "Tables!" she exclaimed. "The tables
in the mess hall are controlling our minds. Quickly, Kim, lock on to every
table in the mess hall and beam it into space. We'll destroy them with the
photon torpedos before they have a chance to react!"

Chakotay looked close to tears. Kim jumped in.

"Captain, I believe the commander is referring to the food dispensed in the
mess hall. Specifically, the replicator system."

Chakotay looked at the ensign gratefully. "Yes! That is exactly what I was
trying to say. Everybody on board has to eat. Perhaps if the replicator was
corrupted in some way, it would explain why some people are falling prey to
this disease faster than others-"

"The drink!" exclaimed Janeway. "I had a drink before it happened."

The medic leaned in. "Miss Janeway, what did you drink? Think. This could be
very important."

"I think it was-"

Janeway was interrupted by Neelix's panicked voice. "Neelix to that
holographic doctor thingabob! Medical emergency in the mess hall. Lots of
medical emergencies! Hurry! Hurry!" There was a loud thumping sound in the

Neelix's voice was cut off by two arguing female voices, and then the link
was lost.

The officers in the conference room looked at one another. "Paris, Kim,
Doctor, get down there and find out what's going on. Report at once."

The three men got up and hurried out.

Chakotay turned back to Janeway and was surprised by the ashen look of
surprise on her face. She answered the question on his face.

"The vibrator died," she whispered.

Chapter 10

"'Holographic doctor thingabob,'" sniffed the medic, as he rode the turbolift
with Kim and Paris. "How insulting. I suppose it is to be expected. After
all, I-"

He stopped in surprise as the lift doors opened and the men stared through
the open doors of the mess hall. Bodies were strewn across the room, most on
the floor, some lying across tables. There were at least thirty unmoving
people in all.

"Poison!" gasped Kim as they entered the room. "The disease is fatal!"

The medic demurred. "I do not believe so." He opened his ever-present
tricorder. "All of these men are still alive. They are simply unconscious.
They-" He stopped again, this time in confusion. "I am reading a conscious
lifeform behind the counter."

Paris and Kim turned. "Okay," announced Kim, "we know you're back there!
Come out!"

A shock of blond hair poked up over the counter. It was Neelix.

"Thank the stars!" exclaimed the little alien as he clambered over the
counter. He seemed not to notice Paris' envious stare at his two-foot penis.
"I feared you were that Klingon woman!"

"Why would you fear the Chief Enginner?"

"She went absolutely wild in here just thirty minutes ago! I mean, insane!
She ripped her clothes off and just... mauled the man closest to her - I
think it was the Vulcan. She exhausted him in under five minutes - and I've
heard Vulcans are strong! Then she just attacked every other male. Nobody
could handle her for more than two minutes. She finally saw me and tried to
take me - but I'm a committed man, you know, so I beat her back with my
penis." He winced at the memory. "It was the only large weapon that came to
hand. Finally, Kes came in and tried to subdue her - but the Klingon just
knocked her out and dragged her away. I haven't the first clue where they
are!" By the time Neelix finished, he was gasping for air.

"Shit," said Kim. "If B'Elanna has it, we're all in trouble."

Paris seemed more confident. "I still haven't found a woman I can't handle.
Computer, search the ship for Ocampa lifesigns."

"The only Ocampa lifesign on board is on deck 4, section 3."

Paris nodded. "B'Elanna's quarters." He was already on his way out the door.
"Don't worry, guys. I'll take good care of Torres."

Kim watched him go. "Better clear your schedule, doc."

* * *

"Come on, you rubber-eared bitch!" screamed Torres. "Lick me!"

Kes was lying on her back on B'Elanna's bed in her quarters, trying to
breathe. B'Elanna was straddling her head, pinning her securely to the bed,
and forcing Kes to perform oral sex on her. Never having done it to another
woman before, she was not very good at it.

Unfortunately, Torres was not very understanding.

B'Elanna reached down to Kes' mop of hair, pulling her up and forcing her
to rub her face into her crotch. Kes tried to protest, and only suceeded in
getting a mouthful of pubic hair. She must have also done something right
by accident, though, because B'Elanna shrieked in pleasure. Encouraged, and
hoping that the Klingon might let her go if she managed to bring her to
orgasm, she reached around Torres' waist, clamped her hands onto her firm
buttocks, and buried her face into B'Elanna's pussy.

"I knew you could do it!" shrieked Torres, and began to play with her nipples
in a way that looked positively painful to Kes- pulling them, twisting them
around, and scratching her fingernails over them in a way that would have
left a lesser woman - like a human, or an Ocampa - screaming for mercy. As it
was, Torres seemed to be enjoying herself.

Kes put her full attention to sucking B'Elanna's clit. The wiry Klingon
began to buck and heave, practically fucking Kes' face. The Ocampa hung on
to Torres' buttocks for dear life as she unleashed a banshee scream that
hurt Kes' sensitive ears. Torres' orgasm seemed to last for minutes, as she
quit playing with her nipples and tried to slam poor Kes even further into
her crotch. At last, just when Kes thought she might pass out from lack of
air, B'Elanna released her head and fell back gasping.

"Can I go n-" Kes started hopefully.

She was cut off as B'Elanna swung into the 69 position, spreading her thighs
over Kes' face. The little Ocampa once again tried to protest, and then
groaned in pleasure as Torres sunk her face into Kes' crotch and violently
ate her out. Kes tried to continue her pleasuring of Torres, but B'Elanna was
so unexpectedly talented with her tongue that she couldn't think straight.
The Klingon had managed to sink three fingers in her while continuing to eat

"Damn, you've got a big pussy!" said Torres. "Damn, you've got a big pussy!"

"Why'd you say it twice?" Kes managed to get out.

"I didn't," replied Torres. A cymbal crash rang out. Kes lost all rational
thought as Torres removed her face and replaced it with most of her right
arm. Neelix had tried this tactic on her before, but since his arm was
shorter than his penis, it hadn't been all that effective. B'Elanna, on the
other hand, was much taller than Neelix and therefore was able to do what
nobody else had ever done to her - namely, reach up far enough to digtially
manipulate her clit. Kes groaned loudly.

B'Elanna was amazed. Ocampas sported a clitoris larger than some species'
penises. While still grinding her own thighs into Kes' face, she licked her
fingers and began to lightly stroke the clit, as if she was giving some guy
a hand job.

Kes went crazy, bucking and screaming through the most intense orgasm of her
short life. When it was finally over, the little Ocampa stared glassy-eyed at
the ceiling, panting, utterly oblivious to B'Elanna's entreaties to contiune
licking her. Torres finally gave up trying to waken her and stumbled to her
feet, ready to find another partner. This one had lasted all of nine minutes
- better than the rest, but not good enough. She had to have more.

At that moment, the door to the room slid open, and Tom Paris strode
confidently in. He took in B'Elanna's naked, sweating body appreciatively.

"Here's what you're been looking for," he said suavely, as he stripped off
his pants. "Come and get it."

B'Elanna leaped at him.

Chapter 11

"Help!" cried Tom Paris over the intercom. "Security team - medical team to
Torres' quarters! Help!"

It had been exactly three minutes since he entered the room. Torres had gone
down on him violently, sucking so hard he feared his penis would come out at
the roots. He had come in under a minute, unable to hold back. While he tried
to catch his breath, B'Elanna had grabbed his hair and forced him to suck on
her breasts. Paris couldn't breathe, and when every other way to get free had
failed, he bit down- very hard- on her nipple.

It only turned her on more. He got a long, bloody scratch down his back for
his trouble.

With her other hand, Torres had gone back to his penis and jerked it -
painfully- to another erection. Once he was completely hard again, the
Klingon mounted him and jackhammered her thighs onto his, seeming to be
constantly in orgasm. Every time she came down on him, his breath was
forced out again, and he could hardly talk.

"Help!" he gasped again. "Help!"

* * *

"What do you mean, the vibrator died?" asked Chakotay cautiously, back in the
conference room with Janeway.

"I mean, it died," she repeated, in disbeliving shock. "Oh... I feel so...
empty..." She pulled herself onto the table and crawled across it, towards
the increasingly fearful Chakotay. The vibrator fell out of her pussy with
a clunk, rolling off the table to the floor. "You... have... to help...
meeeee..." She drew out the last word as she replaced the vibrator with her

"Captain!" Chakotay snapped, trying to will away his growing erection. "You
were going to tell us what you drank before you were affected!"

"Oh, yes, I was going to do that... ooooh..." The captain fell onto her back
on the conference table, moving both hands to her crotch. "But I... I...

She was quickly losing the ability to form sentences, Chakotay realized.
"Captain! What did you drink!"

Janeway drew in a long, ragged breath. "I'll tell you... if you fuck me..."
She rose to her knees and cupped her breasts suggestively.

For the sake of the ship, Chakotay told himself, and dropped his pants.

Janeway cooed appreciatively as she saw his uniform slide over his erection.
Chakotay climbed onto the table and firmly pushed his captain onto her back.
She spread her legs widely, and Chakotay mounted her, entering her quickly
and smoothly, fucking in a workmanlike fashion. It was good enough for
Janeway. She wrapped her legs around his waist and ran her fingers through
her hair, moaning quietly at each thrust. He was larger than Paris, and had
much more control, trying to bring Janeway to a slow, satisfying climax
rather than a quick one. She let her head fall back and enjoyed it as the
big Indian went to work.

* * *

The doors flew open, and the medic and Kim raced into Torres' quarters.

"Tom!" Kim cried. His friend was bouncing on the floor like a rag doll as
B'Elanna continued to ride him mercilessly. The Klingon looked up for a
second as the two entered the room.

"Ha!" she snarled. "I fuck thirty men and a couple women in an hour, and they
send me a balding hologram to keep me entertained? I don't think so!" She
stood up, leaving Paris to gasp for air and clutch at his sore genitals.

"Hey, B'Elanna, give him a chance," Paris sputtered. "They say good things
come in unlikely packages."

"As if you would know," she spat, but then gave the medic a serious
once-over. "Say... just how good are you, anyway?"

The doctor answered honestly. "How good do you want me to be?"

B'Elanna raised an eyebrow.

* * *

"Mrrrrrrrrroowwwwwwwwwaaaaaaa!" screamed Torres, thrashing in the throes of
her fourth orgasm. The doctor, having modified his strength and size, was
pretty much having his way with Torres. She loved it. After having exhausted
half the males on the ship, it was practically heaven being with somebody who
could keep up with her. Even if he wasn't actually real, he sure fucked like
he was real.

The doctor had her pinned up against the window, and her breasts pressed
against the warm thick glass as he powerfully fucked her from behind. Her
quick gasps of breath fogged up the windowpane, and she licked it clean in
blind insane lust. He reached around, cupped a breast in his hand, and bit
her left ear hard. Torres orgasmed again, almost immediately, and her knees
buckled as she tried to stay on her feet. The doctor plowed into her again,
still stronger, and did something that totally took her by surprise: he
adjusted the size of his holographic penis while it was still inside her.
The shock and the pleasure combined to make her cum again, and she lost the
battle to remain standing; B'Elanna fell to her knees, and then flat onto
her face. Surely the doctor would stop now. She couldn't take any more
pleasure. She also couldn't form the words to say so. In the back of her
mind, though, she didn't care- she did not want him to stop.

The medic didn't disappoint her. He grabbed B'Elanna's hair and pulled back
lightly on it, like he was grasping the mane of a horse he was riding. The
act was painful but also incredibly erotic to a woman with Klingon blood,
and, as the doctor knew she would, she came again with an explosive cry. She
shook and shuddered and convulsed for nearly a minute, and finally, with a
very un-Klingonlike whimper, she passed out, a satisfed smile on her face.

Tom Paris, Harry Kim, and Kes watched the doctor climb off the shell-shocked
Klingon with a mixture of disbelief and respect.

"What are you all looking at?" asked the doctor peevishly as he pulled his
pants back up. "We must return to the bridge at once." He hit his comm badge.
"Doctor to Janeway. We have remedied the situation."

"Oh my God," was the groaned reply. "I'm coming again... oh God, I'm

The doctor frowned. "That will not be necessary. We will go to you. Doctor
out." He stood there looking at his new fan club for a second. "Well, now
would be a good time, gentlemen."

The four crewmen headed off to the bridge.

Can the crew reverse the disease?
If they do, will Tom Paris ever get laid again?
Will the Doctor become nothing more than an interstellar dildo?
The saga continues in Part IV (that's 'four' in English!) of the most rushed
story of all time, "Voyager Blue"!


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