Star Trek - Voyager: Voyager Uncensored Part 1 (MF,FF,MF-mast,voy)
by Anonymous

"Set our course back to the Delta Quadrant, Mr. Paris," Kathryn Janeway
commanded from her captins seat aboard the starship Voyager.

"You've been on duty for almost 24 hours Kathryn, why don't you take off and
get some rest. We'll be fine," commented First Officer Chakotay.

"You're right, the bridge is yours Chakotay, I'm off till tomorrow. Good
night," she said as she left the bridge, heading for her quarters. Finally
getting there, she entered and layed down on the bed with out touching

"Damn, I gotta get some better rest..." Kathryn thought as she realized she
had slept for almost five hours. She unwillingly pulled herself up to finish
up some work at her personal computer, take a shower, and finally hit the
sack. After about an hour of work, she finished up the last of her important
forms that had to be filled out. Kathryn got up and headed towards the
shower. She unzipped her uniform from the back and pulled it down, past her
hips, down to her feet. She stood in the bathroom in the standard issues
black bra and panty set, staring at herself in the full length mirror. She
quickly looked around to reassure herself no body was around, then proceeded
to unsnap her bra, releasing her full sized breasts, and then went down to
her panties, hooking her thumbs inside and pulling them down to her feet. As
she stood in the middle of the bathroom completely naked, she was becoming
aroused from the sudden rush of air to her pussy. Kathryn closed her eyes
and tilted her head back while she started pinching her now fully hard
nipples, and touching the outside of her dripping wet pussy. She suddenly
snapped out of it, wanting to prolong her inevitable orgasm, and jumped
inside the shower. She was more than careful not to spend too much time on
her breasts, pussy, or ass, and finished quickly. She got out, dryed off and
headed out of the bathroom for that fun she was waiting for.

She untied her robe and layed on the bed, spreading her pussy lips with her
right hand, and massaging her breasts with her left. Hearing someone walking
outside, she suddenly stopped and sat up on the bed. As the sound grew
weaker, she looked down at her hand, now covered with pre-cum.

"God, I need more than a hand," she thought to herself. She finally got an
idea, and headed over to her own personal replicator.

"Replicate a dildo.", she whispered into the machine, low enough so no body
would hear, but high enough for the machine.

"Object not in database, please specify," the machine answered, in a
considerably louder voice than Kathryn had used. She quickly lowered the
play back volume and began to describe the object.

"About 2 inches in diameter, 9 inches high, cylindrical in shape, with a
mushroom shape at one end, and black in color. Similar to a male human's
penis," she said with an almost lustful voice thinking about it.

"Object entered into database, and replicated," the machine spat back.

Kathryn took the newly created 9" dildo and walked back to her bed. She laid
down and parted her pussy lips with her right hand, moving the dildo in and
out and an ever increasing pace. After only a few strokes, so started bucking
her hips against the movement of the dildo, lifting her hips off the bed in
rythim with it, moaning "Ohhhhh god, FUCK!!" louder and louder.

As Kathryn was doing this, Officer Harry Kim was walking by her room on his
way to dinner. He heard the Captin moaning, and thinking she was in trouble,
he ran over the door to open it...although it didn't since Kathryn had locked
it. He leaned over and entered a special override command into the console to
give manual control over the door. He then pushed half the door open ever so
slowly. Pushing his head in, he looked first to his left, and seeing nothing,
he looked to his right. There he saw Captin Janeway feverishly humping a huge
black dildo and moaning extremely loudly. Harry didn't know what to do or
say, he just stood there, with out her knowledge, and watched her. After a
few minutes, he could no longer ignore the now fully erect cock in his pants,
so he very quietly sliped in the door, closing it behind him, and sat in a
nearby chair. He then unzipped his pants, and started to pull them down his
waist, lifting himself off the seat to get them down to his ankles, setting
his massive 11" cock free from his pants. Harry took it in his hand and
started to stock its full lenght, watching his captin hump a dildo.

Janeway started screaming out louder and louder, bringing both her and Harry
closer to their orgasms. With one last and hard shove, Kathryn hit her
climax, soaking the dildo in her white love juices, and sending pleasure to
every nerve ending in her body. Wathcing this happen sends Harry over the
edge along with Janeway, causing him to grunt and groan in please, with his
white stream of hot cum shooting clear across the floor, hitting the
unsuspecting Janeway right in the face, and again across her chest with his
second powerful stream. Coming down from their highs, they both realize what
has just happened.

"Oh... god, I'm extremely sorry Captin, I, uhhh..." Harry mumbled while he
pulled his pants up and started out the door.

"No, it's ok Harry," Kathryn said, getting up from the bed with his cum still
sticking to her face and chin, and dripping off her massive white breasts.
She walked over to him, and leaned in to kiss him on the lips, covering his
suit with his own cum.

"Captin, I can't, I..." he whishered, trying to pull away although his whole
body told him to do the complete opposite.

"I haven't had a man for years Harry, and since I'm already covered in your
cum and you've seen me fucking myself with a dildo, why don't we just keep
going?" she said in her most sexy voice, grabbing his ever harding cock
through his suit while she did. This was all he needed, as he pushed her
against the wall, grabbing her tit and ass, while their tounges intertwined.
They broke the kiss and moved towards the bed, Janeway undressing him on the
way. He threw her on the bed, and bent over her, align his cock with her
pussy, and gently pressing foward.

"Ugh...yea...common," Harry whispered inbetween moans, while he gradually
pushed his hard dick deeper inside Janeway with each thrust. Janeway couldn't
believe the deepth which Harry's cock could reach, touching parts of her she
never even knew exsisted. Harry quickly pulled out, and crawled up over
Janeways tits, pushing his twitching cock inbetween them, and commanding her
to push her breasts together. She did as he commanded, and he started tit
fucking her. With only a few pumps, he pulled his dick up and, starting at
the base, began to stroke his cock, up and down the whole lenght, making his
hand a blur. With a final grunt, he shot his load right into Janeways waiting
mouth. After this, he collapsed onto Janeway, and with the last of his
energy, he started to rub her pussy, along with her cilt. A few seconds of
this, and Janeway sucummed, and came hard, squirting her cum all over Harry's

They both laid together in a sweaty clump for hours as the slept, and
continued to touch and fondle each other. The following day, they both
showered together, and dressed for work. Harry left Kathryns room first,
and she followed 10 minutes after, as not to draw any attention.

* * *

"Doctor?" Seven Of Nine said as she entered the sick bay.

"Oh, um, yes?" replied the doctor, noticibly starteled. He felt quite clever,
editing his programming to alow himself to feel human emotions. If anyone
should ask, it's so he can feel more emotions for his patients, but secretly,
it was so he could experience an orgasm which he has read so much about.

"I'm having some problems," she continued, "While recharging the other day,
I had a dream."

"Well, thats not at all uncommon as you become less of a Borg."

"Yes, I know. I've been having dreams for quite some time, but nothing like
these. I dreampt about a male. No body aboard the ship, completely made up
from what I can tell. Is there anyway to stop these dreams? They're
disrupting my recharge process," she explained.

"Ah, I see. Well, these types of dreams are commonly refered to as 'wet
dreams' by humans.", the doctor began, "They continue because you have some
hidden sexual feelings, and they have to be brought out to make the dreams
stop. When was the last time you had an orgasm?"

"An orgasm?" Seven asked with a puzzled look on her face.

"Yes, of course. An orgasm. Didn't I teach you about these when we converted
you to your human form?" questioned the doctor.

"No, I have no knowledge of these orgasms," she replied.

"Well, this is a private matter, not to be discussed in public," he began as
he walked over and locked the door. She looked at him strangly, "Just to make
sure that no body accedentaly walks in," he explained. "An orgasm is bough on
by multiple ways. Such as sexual intercourse, which needs another person, or
masturbation, which only requires yourself. I can show you how to masturbate,
and how to have sexual intercouse if absolutely needed."

"I know of sexual intercouse, and no male on this ship meets my requirements,
so I won't be needing any instructions on that. I also know of masturbation,
although I have no idea how to actually preform it, but it interests me, and
I'd like to know how.", she said in her stern, borg-like voice.

Great, this will be the perfect oportunity to try my new programming out,
thought the docotor, with a devilish grin on his face. He guided Seven over
to the main examining table.

"OK Seven, please start by taking off your suit," instructed the doctor.

Seven complied right away, unzipping the back of her suit, and gently guiding
it down to the floor. It was a semi-hard rubber type material, so it easily
supported her ample breasts with no need of a bra, and she had yet to even
become wet in her groin area, so she wore no panties. The doctor stood there,
stairing at her body for a moment, when Seven interupted him.

"Doctor, is something wrong?"

"No, not a thing Seven. Please lay down on the table so I can check you over
quickly, and then we'll begin."

Again, she complied, and jumped up onto the table, swinging her legs over
and laying down on her back. She layed there staring at the ceiling, when
the doctor quickly moved over to the table. He started by using he usual
instraments on the implants in Sevens head, then he checked her heart and
blood pressures, noting they where above normal (and he knew why). After
the usual part which he rushed through, he laid down all the instruments,
and walked over to his medical instrument cabinet, and removed a covered
container. He brought it over by the table and laid it down on a near by
cart. He again leaned over Seven.

"Now Seven, I want you to know that this will give you feelings you've never
had before. Good feelings. OK?", the doctor questioned.

"Yes, I understand. Shall we begin now? I'm getting a bit chilly," Seven
replied. The doctor noticed the goose bumbs all over her body, but knew that
what they were about to do would warm her right up. The doctor reached over
and took Seven's hand, and guided it to her right breast.

"Now Seven, start pinching the nipple, and role it around inbetween your
thumb and forefinger. They use your whole hand and kneed your breast,
swiching as you wish.", the doctor instructed. Seven took the nipple into
her thumb and forfinger, and started to pinch it. It grew harder and larger,
and Seven began to gently moan.

"Great Seven, now...", the doctor took her other hand and guided it down to
her fairly dry pussy, "use this hand and begin rubbing your pussy lips. Since
you are familure with the female anatomy, I want you to start rubbing your
clitoris like you are with your nipple. That's it, keep doing it, speeding up
when you want...". Seven was now moaning loudly, and her pussy was extremely
wet, with precum driping down her leg onto the table.

"Do you like this Seven?" the doctor asked.

"Oh god yes...ohhhh....fuck", she moaned. The doctor stood there and smiled.
He finally realized that his new 'programming' was kicking in, and he now had
a tent in his suit from watching Seven masturbate for the first time in her
life. Seven was now at the point of screaming while she pinched her nipples

"OK Seven, now start sticking a finger or two into your vaginal opening. Yea,
great job Seven. Keep going until you feel satisfied...", the doctor moaned
out as he rubbed his ragging hardon through his suit. Seven took the advice,
and slipped a finger into her pussy, doubling the loudness of her screaming.
After a few strokes, she slipped a second finger, then a third into her
pussy. Meanwhile, the doctor had slowly unzipped his holographic suit, and
pulled his 8" dick out, which he began to jerk off. He jacked off for almost
ten minutes, when Seven finally looked over and saw him.

"Doctor!?" she stopped. "How did you get that penis?"

"Dick, Seven, another name for a male penis is a dick, or cock, and I
programmed it in myself, thats what you saw me doing when you came in", he
moaned as he continued to masturbate.

This only made Seven hornier, and she started to masterbate again at an
extremely fast speed while watching the doctor. After about another two
minutes, Seven screamed very loudly, and stuck her three fingers as deep
as she could into her soping wet pussy, and lifted her perfectly crafted
ass up off the table. This set the doctor off, as he started pumping even
faster, and finally grunted one last time and shot stream after stream of
hot, holographic cum onto Seven, covering her stomach, breasts, and even
her pussy. He fell foward onto Seven, and then down onto the floor. They
both layed there for almost an hour, then the docotor got up.

"Well Seven, that should more than fix your dreaming problem. Do this once
or twice a day in private, and you should be fine. Might I also suggest
re-charging in the nude tonight to help with the problem. Come back in a
week and we can repeat this treament, OK?", the doctor said, with a grin
on his face. Seven picked this up, and agreed to meet him in a week for a
repeat treatment. Before leaving, the doctor gave Seven a crash course in
french kissing, and they parted. Seven was completely drained of energy
from the previous activity, but it gave her so much pleasure she didn't
care. Since she had the next day off duty, she decided to go recharge while
she had time.

Seven headed towards the storage bay where she recharged everynight. She
entered the room, and as the doctor had did, she locked the door behind her.
She entered her alcove to recharge, and after a few minutes, she remembered
what the doctor had suggested, that she recharge nude. So she stepped back
out, and unzipped her suit, bringing it down to her feet. She still had the
previous incounter fresh in her mind, and thinking it over, started to get
her pussy wet. Seven was not completely satisfied, so she walked over and
hoped up on a crate in the cargo bay, and laid back. She did just as the
doctor had showed her previously, pinching her nipples, rubbing her pussy
and clitoris, and sticking three fingers into her pussy. After only five
minutes, she reached her climax and had an increadibly strong orgasm, making
her come drip down onto the crate, and then down to the floor. She rested on
the crate for a few minutes, she sat up and saw the white colored cum laying
on the crate. So she reached down and scooped up some in her hand, then moved
it close to her nose to smell it. Its smell reminded her of the fish dishes
that where prepared in the gally. Being still more curious, she put the tip
of her tounge into the little puddle in her hand. She really enjoyed the
taste, so she began to drink the rest of it, licking every last drop from
the crate and her pussy.

Now she was drained of energy from two of her first, and most intensive,
orgasms of her life to the point where she had trouble walking back over to
the alcove to recharging. Seven finally managed to get to the alcove, and
pull herself up into it, and quickly fell asleep.

* * *

"We need two more plasma manifests," said Chakotay while trying to fix a
malfuntion on the main control panel of the ship. "Harry, why don't you get
them for me, they're in Cargo Bay 2, thanks." he added.

"No, I'll get it for him Chakotay, I saw him playing tennis last night and
he must be exahusted," Captin Janeway said as she smiled at Harry so that no
body whould see her do it. Janeway headed towards the main elevator.

"Level 3," she spoke to the elevator, as it swooped downwards to the level.
Janeway stepped out and headed down the cooridor to the cargo bay. When she
stepped infront of it to open it, it didn't open. She touched her com badge.

"Chakotay, is Seven recharging? Cargo Bay 2's door is locked down. Do you
really need the plasma manifests tonight?" she asked.

"Yes, she is in there, and yes, I do need them tonight. Thanks," he replied.

So Janeway walked over to the doors control panel and entered her special
captin's code that can unlock any door of the ship incase of an emergency.
The door opened, and Janeway entered. She didn't bother to look over at
Seven, but headed right to the plasma manifest cargo box, since she had
just gotten one the other day. As she rounded the corner to it, she saw
there was some sticky substance leaking down the edge of the box to the
floor. She smelled the substance, and automatically knew what is was. She
smiled to herself as she thought who could have done it. She snapped back
into reality, and opened the case, grabbing two plasma manifests. She
started back towards the cargo bays door, but just as she started to walk
out, she heard a moaning sound coming from the back of the room. She stopped
to listen, and decided to see what it was. She set down the equipment on a
nearby table, pulled out her phaser, and began to cautiously walk to the
back of the room. She crouched behind a crate to listen again, and she saw
Seven Of Nine's suit laying on the floor. Thinking she might be in trouble,
Janeway quickly popped up from behind the crate with her phaser in hand.

She almost fell to the ground when she saw what was there. Seven Of Nine was
completely nude, standing her alcove, moaning and rubbing her glistening
pussy. Janeway figured she must have been having a wet dream, but as to why
she was naked, she had no idea. Janeway put her phaser away, and began to
walk out the door in shock, but she decided to explore the fantasy she has
always had about making love with another women, and from her encounter with
Harry Kim the other day, she has been in a constant state of arousal. She
decided that she would definately try it, and that Seven was perfect, no
only because of this situation, but because Janeway knew she had neve did
this before so they'd both be new to it. So Janeway disabled the
communications to the cargo bay, and had her auto messanger report that she
had went to bed for the night and not to disturb her. Janeway unzipped her
suit and took off her bra and wet panties, and headed towards Seven
completely nude, and increadibly horney. She looked up at the alcoves
control panel, and it showed that Seven had been recharging for 12 hours,
so Janeway figured she had one hell of a night. The control panel also
showed that she only had about 10 minutes to finish her recharge, so she
sat down beside the alcove to rest up. Janeway dozed off for a few minutes,
and was woken by a gasp coming from Seven.

"Captin, what happened?", she asked, forgeting she was naked herself.
Janeway stood up, and spoke gently to Seven.

"Seven, it's OK. I saw you rubbing your pussy in your sleep, and I know that
you were masturbating on that cargo box over there. I want to do it with you,
and to you. I've never done this before, but I want to learn with you..."
she said in a very gentle voice. She reached out and took Sevens hand in
hers, and leaned in to kiss her. Seven's sexual side took over, and stuck
her tounge down Janeways throught, catching her by surprise. The continued
to kiss for several minuets, as the layed down on the floor, touching each
others breasts. Janeway wanted more, and took control of the situation as
she usually did. She climbed up on top of Seven. Janeway leaned down and
started to suck on Sevens nipples, making Seven moan loudly. Janeway started
pinching the other nipple, then started moving down to her pussy, kissing
and licking her stomach on the way down. Janeway finally reached her pussy
and started to flick her tounge out and lick her clitoris, while she
feverishly rubbed her pussy with one hand, and stuck two fingers in Seven
with the other. Seven was now screaming with intense pleasure, and couldn't
stand this assault any long with out coming. Janeway could sense she was on
the edge, so she quickly stuck a cum soaked finger in her mouth to taste
Seven, then reached behind and stuck it deep in her ass hole. This sent
Seven way over the edge, never knowing this was pissible. She screamed so
loudly, other people on the deck thought it was from the med lab. Seven came
hard, shooting small streams of cum out into Janeways mouth. Janeway never
let up the assault though, and kept tounge and finger fucking her all the
way through her orgasms, drinking down her cum and the same time.

"I didn't know it was possible to experience this kind of pleasure, Captin.
Thank you so very much, and I hope to repay the favor", Seven said in her
panting, out of breath state. Janeway just smiled, and let her new lover
lay still for a few minutes to regain her strength. When Seven was ready,
she crawled down to Janeway, and started sticking her tounge down her
throught again. They kissed for a few minutes, when Seven broke the kiss
and kept crawling down to Janeways pussy, where Seven started to tounge and
finger Janeway's pussy just as she had did for Seven. This time, however,
Seven rolled Janeway over, wanteing to try something new out. Seven stuck
all her fingers into Janeways pussy to get them nice and wet, then stuck
one into Janeways ass hole. She started moving it in and out, when Janeway
jumped with excitement, Seven put another finger in to spread her cheecks,
then put her tounge into Janeway's asshole and started licking.

"Oh god Seven, this is great, finger my pussy too!!", Janeway screamed.
Seven listened and stuck her free fingers into Janeways pussy, and began to
finger fuck her. Janeway lasted only another minute when she started moving
her ass up and down from the intense pleasure, pussing her face right in
front of Seven. Seven took the advantage and stuck her tounge into Janeway's
pussy. Janeway screamed for all she was worth, not being able to stand the
intense pleausre. They both layed there for more than five hours, in a sweaty
heap of human skin and bones. They continued to touch, finger, and fondle
each other the whole time, orgasming another two times each. They both then
took their clothes, and sneaked down the halls naked to Captin Janeways
quarters where they took a shower together to clean the cum and sweat off
themselves. They then left to continue their duties aboard Starship: Voyager.


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