Author's note: I have been planning to write a shore leave story for
quite a while and I was going to write one where B'Ela missed her leave
and everyone forgot her birthday, but Cerise got to it first. *:) So I
changed mine around.

Dedication: To my aunt, Sara Lisette Shaw, for no reason at all,
really, just because.

Thanks: To my beta-readers - Audra, Shai, Marianne, Riss, PJs,
Jennifer, Janet and Trisha for encouragement, for being willing. *:)

Summary: Shore leave story. Paris and Torres spend their time alone on
the beach. Set after "Concering Flight".

Warning: Like everything else I write, this is NC-17. Kids, go read
something else. Parents, I don't want hate mail. You should monitor
what your kids are into.

Waves of Love
by Kristina Shelley

Between the grassy meadows, tall trees, and soft breezes, it could
have been any number of places on Earth. Only the purple-tinged sky told
This was Valhalla, aptly named for its Paradise-like scenery, by
Ensign Lars Erickson. They had found the planet three days ago, and after
restocking food supplies, Janeway decided they could all do with some
shore leave....


B'Elanna Torres slowly turned circles, looking all around the long
stretch of Valhalla's beach. "Tom, how did you find this without anyone
else knowing? It's beautiful!"
Tom Paris laughed softly as he slipped his arms around B'Elanna's
slim waist. "I have my ways. And we have three hours, so why don't we make
the best of them?"
"All right, let's get into the water, then."
"You don't need to tell me twice," he smiled. Pulling off his tank
top, which still bore his commbadge, Tom set it down on the
blanket he'd spread out a good distance away from the water. Seeing
her white dress land next to his shirt, he turned--and his eyes grew
wide with shock.
At first, he thought she was naked. Then as she turned slightly, he
realized that she was wearing a modest-cut bikini in a bronze shade that
was only a few tones darker than her golden skin. At the sight of her,
his mouth went dry and his stomach twisted slightly.
"You like it?" she said, pleased at seeing his expression.
He nodded, unable to get anything out.
She smiled and headed for the water. At the edge, she turned back
to him. "Aren't you coming?"
Needing no further invitation, he stepped up to where she was and
took her hand in his. Together they walked into the water.
B'Elanna stopped when the waves reached her waist. On Tom, they
barely lapped the bottom of his hips.
Sighing, Tom let go of her hand and sat down on the sandy bottom.
Even so, the water only reached his shoulders. It was relaxing just to sit.
"Even the holodeck can't compare with the real thing," he thought out
loud. Closing his eyes, he let the waves carry him back inch by inch to
the shore. When he opened his eyes, he realized that B'Elanna hadn't
moved from where she was, waist-deep in water.
"Aren't you going to swim, 'Lanna?"
"Of course."
He got to his feet. "Well then, don't just stand there. Get wet."
"I am."
"I mean, go all the way in the water." So saying, he dove under and
surfaced right next to her.
"Well, I'm not going to go underwater. I don't want to get my hair
Tom threw his head back and laughed.
"What's so funny?" she demanded.
"We finally get shore leave--and you're worried about your hair." He
shook his head. "You're strange, 'Lanna."
"I am not."
"Are so."
"Am not."
"Are so," he insisted, splashing her.
"Stop it!"
"No way," he grinned, splashing her again.
"You're impossible!" she cried, heading out of the water.
"Just where do you think you're going?" he demanded in mock outrage,
following her.
"Somewhere where you can't splash me," she challenged.
"I don't think so." He moved faster.
She threw one glance over her shoulder before breaking into a run.
He dashed after her. "You'll never get away from me!" he called.
"Like hell I won't!" she retorted.
Laughing, he chased her down the shoreline and back, splashing through
the tide. Finally, he got the advantage when she stumbled. Taking it,
he lunged, catching her around the waist. They tumbled to the ground,
with him landing on top of her. She growled and struggled, but she
wasn't really trying and he knew it.
"You cheated!"
"Did not. You slowed down. I caught you. And since I caught you, I
get to claim my reward."
Her eyes widened slightly as she noticed the cerulean of his eyes
change to a much deeper blue. "Here?" she whispered.
"Right here and now."
He bent his head, capturing her lips in a fierce kiss. Tongues tangled
briefly before he broke the kiss, moving to effectively pin her down.
In retaliation, B'Elanna leaned up, nipping at his jaw while again
attempting to break free.
"Down, Torres," he scolded, leaning down himself, biting her shoulder
hard, feeling the skin break, tasting her blood.
Not expecting it, B'Elanna cried out at the sensation. Another small
part of her sensed the water lapping at her ankles, which only seemed to
heighten what she was feeling.
Before she could recover, Tom released his hold briefly, enough to tug
open the tie holding her bikini top closed in front. The knot freed, it
fell open, revealing her breasts. He pulled it off her shoulders,
tossing it aside. Then he bent down, capturing one taut peak between
his teeth, lightly nipping and sucking.
She moaned, trying to break her arms free to hold him. But he kept her
wrists pinned down as he moved to the other breast, giving it the same
loving treatment.
Letting her hands go, he tugged down the bottom of her bikini. As he
tossed it aside, she reached down, dragging his head back up to bring
his face to hers. As their lips locked again, she yanked down his
trunks, and once she'd freed him, flung them out of reach.
He slid down, nipping down her stomach, then moving further. Placing a
tender kiss just above the soft dark curls between her thighs, he parted
them, then leaned down.
Though she had known what he was going to do, she still cried out in
shock when he began tracing his tongue over her intimate flesh. Top to
bottom and back, then within, a prelude of what was to come.
Moaning his name, she clutched his hair tightly, her hips writhing
desperately as he plunged on, pausing only to murmur sweet words of love
to her. The ache continued to build. She was so close--so close. But
before she could reach fulfillment, he rose up, cupped her hips and
entered her in one quick thrust.
She felt his thrust at the same time that a slightly stronger wave
reached shore, the water lapping at her hips. Her soft, high-pitched
cry sounded so beautiful to him.
"I love you," he whispered just before he began to move within her.
B'Elanna was lost. All she was aware of was Tom--the feel of his
beautiful body pressed against hers, his quick, strong thrusts, his
hands tenderly cupping her face--and the waves rising around them.
Tom barely noticed the waves. His mind was already absorbed,
glorifying at the feel of being one with his B'Elanna at last.
The fire began to burn higher and higher, then without warning, she
felt it flare and consume her. A scream erupted from her throat, her
head rocking from side to side. Her climax brought about his, and as he
exploded inside her, a strong wave crashed over them, drenching them
both as they became one.
After the shock had faded, they lay trembling, holding each other
close as waves washed up and around them, then receded and came back
Several minutes later, Tom rose. Lifting B'Elanna into his arms like a
child, he carried her into the water. Once it reached shoulder level on
him, he stopped and they stayed still for several minutes, allowing the
gentle waves to cool them and wash the sand off their skin.
They skinny-dipped for a short time, though pausing often to embrace,
kiss and caress the other lovingly. After tiring of the water, they
both climbed out and put their swimsuits back on. Tom had gone back up
to where he had lain their blanket and was reaching for his shirt when
his commbadge chirped. "Janeway to Paris and Torres."
He tugged it over his head and tapped his badge. "Paris here,
"Neelix had finished the preparations. Are you two coming for lunch?"
"We'll be there in about five minutes. Paris out." He turned to
B'Elanna. "Ready?"
B'Elanna, having put her dress back on, nodded.
"All right, let's go." He picked up the blanket, shook it out, then
folded it and put it over one shoulder and offered a hand to B'Elanna.
She took it, lacing her fingers through his, and they headed up the
beach together.

Legal nonsense. Helmboy, B'Ela, Kath, Voyager and crew are owned lock,
stock and barrel by Paramount (shudder). The story and Valhalla are my
property. No copyright violation intentional. I live for feedback!
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