Warning: This story contains sexual material. It is to be read by adults
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MC T.V. - Sweet Valley High 1 (m/f,mc,solo,ncon)
by Yenoc

Welcome to Sweet Valley High, Trent thought to himself. He was here for the
two sisters, Liz and Jessica Wakefield. The girls were 16 years old they were

Trent arrived at their abode that afternoon. A quick mental scan told him no
one was home. He entered the structure and waited for the girls to return.

Liz Wakefield was the first sister to get home. School had let out early and
Liz went straight home to study for some upcoming exams. She entered the
house and ignored Trent as he watched her. He had put up a mind field and Liz
was unaware of his presence.

Liz was a shy and reserved girl. She was the smart twin and did well in
school. She worked on the school paper and she always ready to help out a
friend. She dressed conservatively and liked to solve her problems logically.

She and her sibling had terrific bodies, but Liz didn't flaunt her looks like
Jessica did. She was a virgin and sexually naive. Jessica had some experience
with sex but Liz was uncertain of how things were done. She knew about
masturbating of course but she was clueless when it came to having sex with
a man.

Liz went into the living room and dropped her book bag on the coffee table.
She was going to get a fast snack and then hit the books. Trent shut down his
mind shield and Liz was startled when she saw him in the house.

* * *

"Who are you" Liz asked him alarmed. "I'm Trent." he replied. "What are you
doing here?" she inquired. "I am here for you and your sister. You two are
destined to be my sex slaves." he answered.

Liz was scared now. This guy was an obvious nut and he meant to do the
sisters some harm. She slowly backed away from him and tried to make for the
kitchen so she could escape out the back door.

The teen turned on her heels and ran for the kitchen. But she never got that
far. Trent glared at her and with his grey eyes and concentrated. His mental
abilities kicked in and a beam of white energy shot from his eyes and entered
Liz's head.

She stopped on the spot and turned back to face him. She had a blank
expression on her face and her eyes were both glazed over. Trent was inside
her mind and he'd put her into a trance and effectively shut down her
personality. Trent travelled through her mind and made alterations to the
girl so it would be impossible for her to resist him.

He reprogrammed the girl so she would do his bidding and would perform any
deed he wished her to. Trent erased her ethics and moral restrictions. His
journey brought him to Liz's inner flame, which burned hot and red at the
center of her being.

The flame was her very essence, her soul if you will. It would've been easy
to extinguish flame and turn Liz into a mindless robot, but there was no fun
in that. Instead, he sent his mental commands and instructions into the flame
and his thoughts became part of her person.

Liz was still in a zombie state and she started to strip off her clothing.
Trent wanted her naked. She took off her blouse and skirt without flinching.
And her prissy bra and panties came off without a moment's hesitation.

Trent admired the girl's sleek trim body. Liz was tall and curvy. She had
a nice figure and slender hips that led to long tapered legs. Her mound
consisted of light blonde pubic hair and her vaginal lips were thin.

Her breasts were soft yet firm. Liz had a pair of decent sized tits. They
were creamy white and unblemished. Her pink nipples were erect. Trent cupped
her supple breasts and rubbed the two globes.

He flicked her erect nipples and Liz moaned in pleasure. He fondled and
massaged her tits until she was breathing heavily and shaking in arousal. He
was the first man to touch her innocent body. Trent took her nipples into his
mouth and sucked the nubs tenderly. His tongue lapped the hard tips and Liz
groaned excitedly.

Trent made Liz think she was alone in her room and she was suddenly horny
and needed to relieve the tension in her loins. Liz laid back on the couch
and stretched out alluringly. She sighed happily and opened her legs.

Liz's cupped her left tit with her hand and began to massage the ample
breast. She gingerly rolled the hard nipple between her fingers. Her other
hand slowly slid down her stomach and nestled between her legs. Liz lightly
stroked each boob and purred contently.

Her other hand moved closer to her virginal hotspot. Liz lightly teased her
churning vagina. She was on fire, her desire flooded her system. Her middle
finger then slipped into the folds of her slit. Liz stroked her clit and it
made her shiver with lust.

Her pussy was wet and Liz was hot to the touch. She was going mad with need.
Liz anxiously slipped her fingers into her burning furrow and explored her
sex. Ripples of passion fluttered through her belly as she sawed her fingers
in and out of her pussy.

Liz suddenly tensed and went rigid. She rapidly stroked her clit and dove her
fingers into her damp channel. She tossed back her head and quaked as she
brought herself to climax. She had just made herself cum in front of a man
and she didn't even know it.

Trent undressed and stood before her naked. His large penis bobbed in the air
in front of her face. Without her knowing, Liz reached upward and wrapped her
small hand around his throbbing member. She gripped the cock securely and
started jerking her fist up and down the thick shaft.

Liz opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around the big pole. Her mouth was
stretched as she proceeded to give her first blow job. Trent had implanted
the knowledge into her mind so she knew how to suck his cock.

Trent groaned as Liz wrapped her sweet lips around his staff. Her blonde head
began bobbing up and down on the organ and she licked around its girth. Liz
pointed the spear of her tongue into his piss hole and she drank his fluids.

Then she swallowed the length of his manhood and took him into her mouth. Liz
reached for his balls and gently massaged the hairy sacs. Trent felt his rod
slip into her throat.

Liz gagged as he entered her throat but she relaxed her neck muscles and was
able to accomodate the huge dick. She took the entire shaft into her throat
and wanted more. He intended to cum in her mouth and make Liz gulp down his

Liz sucked his dick with more pressure and lapped along the organ's sides.
Liz could sense he was going to cum and she egged him on. Trent stiffened and
he began to cum in the virgin's talented mouth.

Liz gulped down his spend without hesitation. She pumped her hand on the
shaft and formed a tight suction around the penis with her mouth. Trent
dumped load after load of cum down her throat.

He pulled his cock from her mouth and Liz licked the jism from her lips. She
looked up at him with a naughty face and licked her fingers clean.

At that moment, Trent released some of his hold over her and Liz got her
mind back. She screamed in horror as the memories of what she did flooded
her brain. She was naked and had just sucked his cock and eaten his vile

Liz nearly lost her sanity as she was overwrought by the perverted deeds she
had committed. She was naked and had masturbated in front of him. Her fragile
mind was on the verge of shattering but Trent's mind control forced her to
hold it together accept her fate.

Liz looked at him in terror. What kind of monster was this man? The girl knew
she was in dire peril and helpess before his awesome might. Trent had a hold
on her and Liz was under his evil spell. He could make her do anything.

She tried to plead with him to release her but she could not speak. Trent had
forbid her to talk or communicate unless he willed her to. Liz knew she was
in hell and there no hope of rescue.

Trent told her to stand and she obeyed instantly. Liz knew he meant to fuck
her next and take her precious virginity. He walked to the stairs and started
up them. Liz obediently walked behind him, as if she had a choice. Liz and
Trent went to her bedroom, where Liz knew she was going to be deflowered.

* * *

Lying frozen to the mattress of the bed because of her hypnotized state, Liz
watched Trent climb onto the bed. His hands held her knees apart as he moved
between her legs. Liz couldn't stop staring at his huge cock as it jutted out
from his crotch.

Trent enjoyed the look af terror on the girl's face. "Don't touch me." Liz
squawked at him. But she found herself secretly wanting him to fuck her
virgin cunt with his staff. Liz had to wonder how she was going to take the
monster inside her trembling body.

Trent lowered himself between her splayed thighs and aimed his penis at her
chaste vagina. Liz flinched and tried to pull away from him but her body
wouldn't move or obey her. Liz was a prisoner in her own body and there was
nothing she could do to stop this violation of her body.

Her legs and arms flailed wildly under Trent as he put his cock to the
entrance of her unprotected loins. He shoved his hips forward and parted the
fleshy lips of her cunt.

"NO! PLEASE! Don't do this! I'm a VIRGIN! Stop!!" Liz pleaded desperately.
She felt the harsh pressure of his rod against the opening of her vagina. Liz
had never felt so helpless and subjugated in her life.

Trent pushed forward with his hips. "AAGGGHHHH!" Liz wept as she was
violated. "NNNOOOO! PLEASE! You're hurting me. Take it OUT! It's too big!"
His cock cruelly stretched her tight cunt mouth. Liz felt like she was being
split apart.

Trent kept up his abuse of the innocent girl. He had a sadistic grin on his
face as he watched Liz squrim under him. He was enjoying the degrading
penetration of her vagina.

He grunted and made a final powerful thrust, sliding his throbbing cock up
into her helpless pussy. Liz shrieked in pain as his cock lunged into her
virgin slit.

"OOHHH GOD! NNNOOOO! UUUGGGHH!" the girl bawled in torment as she felt his
cock rip through the thin membrane of her maidenhead. Trent sank into her
raped cunt to his balls. His whole prick was buried in the cringing girl's

Liz sobbed in despair as she realized she was no longer a virgin. The young
blonde had never felt such intense pain in her life. Liz was filled with
humiliatin and dread as he plunged in and out of her trounced cunt.

Liz twisted her face to the side and pressed it into the mattress. Tears ran
from her puffy eyes. Trent's dick was planted deep into her belly. Liz was
afraid he would move and cause her more agony. How she wished she had control
of her body so she could flee.

She felt Trent start to move his rod in her cunt. Liz groaned in anguish,
"UUUUNNNGHHHH!" Her pretty face was contorted from the sheer torture of his
brutal entry.

Trent reamed his cock in and out of her battered hole. "Tell me you like it."
he said. Liz bit her lip so she did not have to answer him. But his mind
control was too strong and his commands had already been engrained into her

"OOHH! YES! I like it. Yes! I like it." she spat out to avoid more harm to
be sore vagina. Trent sank his cock still deeper into her snatch. Liz was
fighting with the last of her strength and courage to keep from finally
surrendering to him.

"I - I want you to do it to me." Liz said, hoping to sate him. Trent flexed
his organ in her belly and flashes of suffering raced through her quivering

Liz felt the last traces of her will and resistance fading away as she was
forced to give herself to him body and soul. He had already used and debased
her, making the teen do perverted things to herself and him. Trent wanted
her totally broken.

Her hips bucked upward to engulf more of his cock. Liz slowly started to
undualte her pelvis up and down on his stabbing meat. The words were forced
from her mouth. "Fuck me. I want you to fuck me with your cock." she
whispered in a husky voice.

Liz was surprised by the outburst and she felt her cunt grow wet with need.
The lewd comments from her lips seemed to ease her pain slighty. Her body
involuntarily reacted to the savage impalement of her loins.

"OOOHHH MORE! Fuck me!" the teenager said with more conviction in her voice.
Suddenly, waves of lust flooded thrugh her aroused body. Liz unconsciously
began making circles around his cock with her moist cunt.

Liz was lost and she knew it. She had passed the point of no return and
there was no going back. All her hard work, studying, and intelligence meant
nothing as she thrashed beneath Trent like a common whore. And she was
starting to like acting like a slut.

This tall, strong, handsome stranger had taken everything from her and Liz
was grateful to him. She had never known such pleasure. All that mattered to
her was getting fucked. Her subjugation was complete. Liz was converted and
she willingly gave her self to Trent.

Trent knew her resistance was gone. He fell forward on her naked body and
pounded his cock in and out of her twat. Liz's sensuality had awakened and
she was overcome by her dark sexual desires.

Liz reached up with her crotch and fucked him back. She moved in time to his
thrusts. Liz felt full and complete now. Waves of pleasure surged through her
body. Her pelvis rippled up and down as she humped his raging cock.

She moved suggestively under him. She set up the rhthym and countered his
moves with her pelvic thrusts. Liz was aghast at how she was acting but she
had to fuck Trent. That's all that mattered to her.

Trent drilled back and forth into Liz's plundered cunt. He would pull out and
then slam back into her pit. He fucked her with long smooth strokes and Liz
spasmed him as she came on his cock.

He increased the tempo and hammered his pole into her slick pussy sheath.
"FUCK ME!" Liz urged him. She was going crazy with lust. Liz reached down
with her hand and began massaging her clit while her other hand went to her
breasts and fondled the swollen orbs.

Liz pulled and tweaked her erect nipples as she squeezed her tits together.
Liz moaned as she matched him stroke for stroke. The innocent young girl was
falling further under Trent's power.

Her mind was incapable of dealing with the depravity of the situation and
Liz acted purely on instinct. "Fuck me harder! Harder!" the insatiable teen
demanded. Her cunt clasped his cock and squeezed the staff snuggly.

Trent slammed harder into the wanton girl's cunt. Liz shook and convulsed on
the bed as she neared her very first orgasm brought on by a cock. Liz felt
irresistable sparks of ecstasy ignite in her loins. She quivered as she
pulled her legs up against her chest.

Trent was getting close to cumming and he knew Liz was about to climax as
well. He quickened the pace as he rode her like a bucking bronco. Liz
wantonly pumped her hips up and down on his cock as she sought to bring
herself off.

Liz suddenly thrust her pelvis sharply up at him. Her back arched and she
bucked up and down fiercely. Trent rammed his cock faster into her milking
cunt. Then it happened.

"OOOHHH YES! I'm cumming! Fuck me, please! Oh, God - fuck meee! AAAAGGHGGHHH!
AAARRRGHHH! YESSS!" Liz screamed at the top of her lungs as she was wracked
by a powerful orgasm.

Trent lunged over and over into her clamping pussy. "Here it comes little
girl." Trent croaked as his balls exploded. He groaned and shot wad after
wad of hot sperm into Liz's hungry cunt.

Liz came insanely as she felt him cum in her pussy. His cock spit boiling
semen deep into her womb. Liz felt the searing cum flood her cunt and she
screamed in joy as she was finally satisfied.

"Yes! Cum inside me! I want it! Give me your cum! Fill me with your seed!
AAAAGGGHHH! Yes!" she howled as she climaxed violently and flounced about on
the bed. Her vagina clasped onto his discharging prick and she orgamsed again
as all her primal urges were unleashed.

Trent lunged into her pussy one last time and spewed the final loads of his
cum into her shuddering body. He filled her with his jism and fell on top of
her writhering body as Liz continued to climax.

Gradually, the girl became still, her legs splayed out to her sides. The last
ripples of her orgasms flickered and died away. Along with them died the old
Liz Wakefield. A new and improved Liz had emerged to take her place.

Trent pulled out of her stretched vagina and Liz felt empty. She had never
known that sex was so good. It would be impossible to live without cock now.
Her cunt still hungered for his big cock.

He got out of the bed and stood. But Liz wasn't about to let him off that
easily. She vaulted from the bed and positioned herself between his legs. Liz
lowered her head over his flacid penis and took the organ into her mouth,
where she started sucking and licking it to hardness.

Liz soon had him hard again and they went into the next round of fucking. She
swallowed his cum into her belly and learned how to suck cock. She proved to
be quite good at it. Trent even fucked her up the ass and she discovered she
like anal sex.

* * *

Liz pledged herself to Trent for all eternity. She could not concieve of a
life without him. Her past life was forgotten as she pronounced her love for
him. Liz was his to command and she would obey him without question.

She was excited by the idea of helping Trent ensnare her twin sister,
Jessica, and bringing her under his control too. Liz felt her pussy grow wet
as she thought about fucking her own sister. It would be fantastic.

To be cotinued.


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