Crossfire: Crossworlds - Star Wars Episode 1: Force Of Will (f/solo,mc,celeb)
by Arcane ([email protected])

The ambush had gone perfectly.

The convoy, under armed an unsuspecting, had been easy picking for the first
wave of attackers.

They swooped from the hills, trapping the vehicles in the narrow canyon,
blocking their exits.

The guards, certainly not trained for military assault, were made easy
pickings of.

Yes the ambush had gone well.

Up until a point.

Up until the time when a handful of over confident, and over zealous
attackers decided to take the royal transport of their own accord.

Their carelessness was their undoing.

The guards in the transport were the elite.

Not good enough to fight off all the attackers but certainly good enough to
protect their leader.

The attackers charged in, smashing through the rear doors.

What met them was a wall of explosive fire and smoke, blasters blazing.

In the chaos and smoke no one noticed a single figure escaping.

After all, she was dressed in the same uniform as the other guards.

To most of the attacker she would seem like nothing more than a deserter.

They would not recognise her outside of her robes and her finery.

She did not look like royalty but she most certainly was.

Queen Amadalia ran for her life.

She had suspected that the journey would be a danger, but her ministers had
insisted that she travel to the negotiations with the ambassadors of the

She thought it would be a trap.

She had been right.

In the simple grey outfit and helmet, she ran up the hill of the canyon,
scurrying up rock as fast as she could.

Time was not on her side.

It was only a matter of minutes before they found that the queen was not in
her transport at all.

The slopes were not at all steep but the shale kept slipping and they were
certainly high banks.

Her best hope was to make it to the caves on the top ridge.

If she could reach that point then there was a hope of being over looked.

She could make it if she was lucky.

Her luck did not hold.

Below her she heard shouts and risking a glance back she saw a number of
raiders clambering after her.

Perhaps they knew of her identity, perhaps they only suspected.

But it made thing immeasurably harder for her.

No longer could she hide with the ease she had hoped.

Already a ship had been signalled for pick up but it would take several
minutes to reach her, minutes that she didn't seem to have.

She pushed on anyway, hiding behind a large rock, catching her breath and
checking the gun at her hip. It was hardly adequate fire power but it might
lend her seconds.

Seconds were one thing. Minutes would need a miracle.

Then a miracle occurred.

The rock face across from her began to shimmer white.

For a second she suspected it was blaster fire.

The thought was halted when a figure came forward, appearing from thin air
and stumbling.

Amadalia looked at the young woman.

She was her spitting image.

The new Amadalia, dazed, stumbled forward, tripping on a rock and before the
queen could save her, she was rolling down the hillside. She knew there was
only one fate that awaited the girl and that there was nothing she could do.

The queen had no idea what designs the Republic had for her but now it was a
double that would take her place.

As she watched the girl struggle, forced down by the mob, she knew that there
was nothing she could do.

The queen had no real power at all.

* * *

There had been a flash, a fall and a fight of some sort.

That was all she could remember.

Nothing else about where she was or how she had got there.

Natalie Portman was scared.

Boxed in a small grey room with no windows or furniture, she sat on the
ground, wondering what fate awaited her.

Eventually the door slid open.

Natalie watched as a man entered, wrapped in a black robe. His ominous face
stared at her, dark purple eyes filled with a coldness that made her shiver.

For several seconds he said nothing, simply looking at her.

"Greetings queen. I am the Inquisitor."

Natalie shivered at the even tone of his voice, unyielding of any emotion.

"I am sure that you and I will become well acquainted."

"What.. what do you want?"

"What I want? I want the codes to the Royal Palace Vaults."

"What? I don't know what you're talking about? Where am I?"

"You location is not important. But I assure you, you will tell me the

"I don't know any code. I don't know what you're talking about."

"It serves nothing to refuse us those codes. We will get them from you, one
way or another."

"I don't know them. Who do you think I am?"

"Queen Amadalia, do you think you can deny your identity?"

"Amadalia? Are you joking?"

"I assure you queen, I am quite serious."

Natalie put a hand to her head, her mind boggling.

"This can't be real. It's just a nightmare."

"If you make it so, it certainly can be."

Nothing but the straps held Natalie to the chair. Had they not been there
then she might well have slumped forward, falling to the floor of the room.
Certainly she had no control of her own body, a cocktail of drugs running
through her system, making it impossible for her to think.

"What is your name?" the Inquisitor asked again, trying to get the correct

"..natalie.." came the groggy reply.

The Inquisitor snarled. The drugs were not working in the manner they should.
They had been perfectly calculated to reduce Amadalia to a passive state,
unable to lie, yet fully aware. Instead it had made her inert, almost
unconscious. Not only was it more difficult to interrogate her in this state
but somehow she was still retaining the cover she had been given. It was an
absurd story, that her name was Natalie, that she was an actress. Anyone who
knew the queen, which was most of the system, would have seen through it in
a second. But it did mean that he had been unable to get his answers.

The Inquisitor took another hypodermic, injecting another vial of the
chemical into her arm.

He watched as breath escaped her lips, a weak sigh of delirious bliss.

"What is the code to the Royal Vault?"

The girl giggled, rolling her head to one side.

" .i.. don't.. know.."

He growled again, not afraid to let his frustration show in front of an
incapacitated subject. He considered giving her more of the drug but decided
against it. He didn't know why she wasn't reacting as she should and didn't
want to push her too far.

"What is your name?"

"..i.." she began to answer. Her head slumped down, eyes closed.

The Inquisitor looked at the unconscious girl. Obviously, more direct methods
would be required.

"Technician?" he called to one of his subordinates. "Prepare her for the

Natalie's awakening was slow and unpleasant. At first she felt hands and
movement. Then as she became more aware she realised what the hands were
doing, stripping her clothes from her body. She tried to fight them but her
body was too weak and hands restrained her. Before long she could feel all
her clothes gone. Her vision was still blurred but she could still feel them
moving around her.

New clothes were being placed on her, smaller garments.

First came what felt like a bikini, large cups covering her chest. Then
bikini briefs, strapped around her waist, tight between her legs. Then the

Natalie felt in behind lowered over her head, tightening about her neck. Cool
air filled her lungs, the helmet given it's own air supply. She realised that
she could hear and see nothing in its confines.

She could however feel movement, her body being lifted and carried.

She felt herself lowered, down into a warm liquid until she was immersed.



Anyone that entered the interrogation chamber and did not have any knowledge
of the treatments used, would have given little thought to the young woman
floating in the tank. Her head was not visible, encompassed to the neck by a
large helmet which gave no indication of what might be occurring within. She
wore a black bikini top with over large hemispheres encompassing her breasts,
clinging to her torso tightly. Likewise her bikini like briefs had a heavily
padded crotch.

It was an odd appearance but nothing that would strike fear into the hearts
of those that saw her.

They had no idea what was happening to her.

They could not hear the shrill sounds which drilled into her mind, or see the
blazing lights which shone in her eyes.

They could not feel the alternating agony and ecstasy that her garments
applied to her tender regions.

They could not hear her screams.

But she could.

Reverberating within the air tight confines of the helmet they seemed
endless, screams of torment, screams of delight, all echoing over each other,
rolling into one cacophony to further assault her mind.

Her body did to spasm or flail as it hung in the water, disabled motor nerves
meaning that she would drift peacefully, no matter how much she wanted to

There was a lull in the sensations, the lights slowing to a pulse, the sounds
to a steady beat.

Her screams were replaced with the echo of ragged gasps.

"What are the codes to the Royal Palace Vault." the gentle voice asked, a
hiss behind it sounding almost reptilian.

"I.. don't.. know..." she choked the reply.

The Inquisitor shrugged and returned the dials to their previous settings.

The lights became the strobe once more, the screech returning. Her body was
assailed by terrible waves of impossible sensations and she began to scream
yet again.

Outside, her body floated peaceful and silent in the water.

Hours passed, every second an eternity of chaos for Natalie, assailed by the
sensory barrage an unable to answer any of the questions she was asked. Her
screams dissolved to spasmodic whimpers, her body drained of strength.

She had no idea of where she was or what would happen next.

She had no idea that a technician had slowly skulked into the room.

"Sir." he suggested weakly.

"What?" barked the frustrated Inquisitor.

"We.. discovered something of an anomaly in the systems."


"Your.. subject.. This Amadalia is not what she appears to be."

"What do you mean?" he asked angrily.

"Her body chemistry, gene structure it's.. unknown."

"Unknown. But we have biological data on every known species in this area of

"Yes but.. she still doesn't match anything we know."

"A clone?"

"No sir. There is no correlation between genetic data of her and Amadalia."

"Very well. Thank you."

"Should we continue research sir?"

"That won't be necessary. Leave."

As the technician left the room, the Inquisitor watched the figure that
twitched in the tank. She had not been lying after all. She was not Queen
Amadalia. Nevertheless, she certainly could prove to be of use to him.

Natalie felt her body being lifted and bound tightly to a frame. She
gradually regained her senses as it swung into a horizontal position. She saw
the cloaked face of the Inquisitor as he looked down at her. On trying to
speak she found her throat wouldn't respond.

"You are not here to speak girl, but to listen. You are not what we first
perceived but perhaps you will even more useful to us than expected. That is,
once you loyalty has been established."

He moved away and was replaced with a number of technicians.

Natalie watched helplessly as they performed their tasks.

One positioned claws to hold open her eyes, dropping liquid onto them to
prevent drying out. Natalie's head was firmly locked in place by large
headphones so there was nothing she could do.

Another technician was carefully placing a mask over her nose and mouth,
forming a tight seal. Once it was formed she could feel the cool air being
pumped through to her.

One was inserting incredibly thin, painless needles into the flesh
surrounding her nipple, each connected to a wire leading away from the table.

The fourth was attaching an air tight cup to her crotch, making sure that all
the correct wires and pipes were attached.

They were efficient workers and within a minute they were ready.

Everything started at once.

Pin point lasers shot into her eyes, beaming their messages straight into her
unprotected retina.

Hundreds of voices began to speak in unison, droning in her ears.

The air became a thick, sweet gas which filled her lungs.

Shocks pulsed through her breasts, nipples springing to erectness.

A warm gel filled the cod piece, flooding into her body, carrying a vibration
as it went.

For Natalie, silenced and bound, there was no outlet for the sensations she

They were all burned directly inwards.

The pleasure was intense, almost unbearable for her.

Beneath the codpiece the vibrating gel kept seeping deeper and deeper into
her body, it's soft shaking stimulating every millimetre of her internal

The stinging jolts that pierced her nipples were painful but at the same time
sent thrills into her body, flowing through her torso.

Her breasts rose and fell as she inhaled the gas. There was no way she could
consciously fight it, and was instead breathing deeply, sucking the sweet
scent into her lungs. There was no doubt that it was drugged but she had to
breath something.

Just like the touch, smell and taste, there was no escaping the sight or

Hundreds of dull voices, all speaking over each other so that, though they
all said different thing, no one thing could be made out.

It was the same with the lasers, images coming at her so fast that it was
impossible to make them out with any reason.

Natalie began to spasm and gag, a natural response to the intense bombardment
of sensations she was suffering.

The bout of convulsions only lasted a few minutes.

The gas had relaxed her throat allowing her to breath evenly again, and to a
lesser extent the rest of her body. In addition, her sexual stimulation was
releasing natural chemicals to relax her even further.

Once the convulsions had ceased Natalie found herself lost in the peace she

The gas and her own body were keeping her in a dreamlike state, her body
floating on air.

Natalie had her first orgasm of the treatment but such was the state of bliss
she was in it was little more than a gentle surge in her pleasure.

Hours and orgasms ticked by, Natalie's body motionless, her eyes unblinking.

The voices became clearer, more lucid to her.

They spoke of the glories of the Republic, of it's triumph, of the manner in
which it vanquished it's enemies.

Images of the Republic, it's leaders, it's people.

The pleasures of serving the Republic, the joys of obedience and loyalty.

How wonderful the Republic was.

It gave her pleasure to think of serving it, a passion building in her as she
thought of it.

Abruptly the sounds stopped, replaced by silence.

The lights by darkness.

The stimulation of her body ceased.

She felt needles being removed from her nipples, the gel being washed out of
her body.

The gas remained, sweet as ever, numbing her brain.

Standing over the oblivious girl, The Inquisitor looked at her. She was a
perfect duplicate of the queen and though he had no idea of her history, her
present would be glorious.

He took a cloth and wiped away the fluids around her groin, making sure it
was dry once more.

She had undergone four hours of indoctrination, more than enough to turn any

But it was always handy to check.

His eyes flicked to her breasts, nipples flat against the skin.

He nodded to the technician.

The sounds of the Republic echoed in her ears, images of it's glory filling
her vision.

The Inquisitor smiled as her nipples rose to erect peaks, wetness starting to
drip from her crotch.

Love of the Republic had been well instilled.

* * *

She crawled through the air vent, following the small holomap she had been
supplied. The door she was trying to reach would be ahead soon, a high
security door. But she would pass through it unhindered, her retina identical
to the queen, her palm print identical. Then she would be given access to the
queens chambers. Given the chance she would replace her then hand over her
power to the Republic. The glorious republic. The mere thought of it made her
crotch tingle with excitement. She cold only dream of how it would feel when
she signed over the planet to her masters. It would be an orgasm without

Natalie slid out of the vent and down to the metal floor.

The hallway was empty, no security forces allowed this far into the palace.

She placed her palm on the pad by the door, letting the scanner run over her

The door slid open.

Natalie stepped forward into the opulent chamber, elegant decorations over
every wall.

She fumbled for the blaster at her waist, ready for the queen to appear.

No one did.

She walked further into the chamber, looking for her target.

Her eyes locked on a silver box, a hand print on it's lid.

The Codes. Her secondary mission was to find the Codes. They would be sealed
in the box, where only the queens hands could reach them. But she had queens

The placed her palm on the indent, fitting perfectly.

Nothing happened.

Then there was a crackle. Lightning flashed, surging through her body.

Blackness engulfed her.

Natalie awoke to a face.

Her face.

Made up and decorated, but her face no less.

The face of Queen Amadalia.

Natalie instantly tried to go for her blaster.

She couldn't move, limbs bound tightly to the bed upon which she lay.

"I'm sure you don't expect me to let you kill me." said Amadalia calmly. "And
I might also might point out that at any time I could call a troop of armed
guards who would kill you without hesitation. However, I have told no one."

"Why?" Natalie growled.

"Because I suspect you do not truly wish to kill me. I saw you appear in the
canyon. I am well aware what the Republic is capable of doing to peoples
minds. What is you name?"


"And where are you from?"


"Earth? I am not familiar with that place? Where is it located?"

Natalie chuckled. "In a galaxy far far away."

"Really? You are from another galaxy? Remarkable."

The queen sat back and considered her prisoner for a while.

"I will help you." she said at last. "I will free you from your conditioning.
But I must discover what occurred during your captivity."

"I.." Natalie began. Suddenly fierce convulsions run through her, pain
lancing her body. Seconds later it subsided but the memory burned in her

Amadalia nodded grimly. "Deep programing aversion. I may be able to break
through it if you will let me.

"..yes." Natalie replied only to be buffeted by another spasm of pain.

When it stopped Amadalia sat beside her, unbuckling the belt of her black
combat pants, sliding them down to her bound ankles. Seconds later her
underwear followed.

"In out history," Amadalia explained, "there are many things that a queen is
taught. One such thing is an ancient sexual technique, referred to as the
Royal Touch. Only an appointed monarch may learn it, as preparation for the
time when they take a mate. In use it can deliver the subject into a state of
equalled ecstasy, a state in which the inner mind is fully exposed.

Tradition dictates that it only be given to a royal spouse but I intend to
break that rule. I believe you are a kindred spirit to me, thus that trust
is not violated. The technique differs for men and women but as the guardian
of the secret I am privy to them both.

"I will free you."

Natalie felt a finger run up the inside of her leg, gently caressing her. She
was helpless to resist yet somehow she didn't wish to.

Amadalia seemed to want to help her and that made her question her orders.

Back and forth the single finger slid over her skin, around her thighs and
waist, circling in spirals that came ever closer to her crotch. By the time
the finger traced over the patch of curled hair it was already warm and wet.
It ran across, trailing a glistening path over her skin, forever coming
closer and closer until it last it stopped, pressing down and reaching

Natalie let out a gasp as the finger touched against her clitoris, somehow
eliciting a sensation unlike anything she had ever imagined. Her body arched
as much as the tight bond would allow. The single finger began to circle yet
again, slow and deliberate, in much the same manner as it had before,
swirling inside her, strumming the tender insides of her genitals. Every
stroke seemed to send her deeper and deeper into a state of heightened bliss,
engulfing her body with it's touch.

Natalie's breath came in spasmodic twitched, quick gulps of air that briefly
fractured the perfect ecstasy she was in.

"Natalie? How did they brainwash you?" Amadalia asked, still stroking the
young woman.

"They.. strapped me down... made me watch pictures and.. my body.. it felt so
good. So good to obey the Republic."

"What were your orders?"

I.. I can't..." Natalie coughed.

Amadalia pressed her finger firmly against her clitoris, holding Natalie
between pulses.

"You can tell me Natalie."

"I.. I.." she gasped, feeling her mind on fire.

"Please tell me."

"They.. I was to kill you... to .. t .t .tale your place... or.. or.."

"Or what?" Amadalia asked, stroking her finger once more.

"Or gain access to the Royal Vault.. to .. to deliver what was inside.."

Amadalia nodded.

"Natalie, I'm going to try and break your programming now. Do you


Amadalia reached over and took an elegant cloth, bunching it in Natalie's

Then her fingers began their real work.

And Natalie's muffled screams of delight echoed off the walls.

* * *

Natalie shielded her eyes as a cloud of dust blew over the plain.

When it settled she saw the shuttle before her, it's door opening.

The Inquisitor exited, walking down the ramp to her.

She felt her knees go weak at the delight of seeing such a symbol of the

"You have done as asked?" he questioned her.

"Yes." she nodded.

She presented him with the box in her arms.

"I took it from the Royal Vault."

"Excellent." he smiled. "You have served your purpose Natalie. No doubt this
theft will soon be discovered. You will take the blame of course, but you
will answer nothing. This cannot be linked to us. I command that you think
of the Republic every instant from this moment forward."

Natalie gasped, falling to her knees as sexual ecstasy flowed through her.

"You will be this way until you die. A perfect slave to the Republic."

He turned his back on the girl, leaving her in a twitching heap on the

Only when she shuttle had long departed did another figure appear, rushing
to the fallen girl and helping her into her arms.

"It's alright Natalie." Amadalia whispered. "I'm here now."

* * *

In high orbit over the planet, The Inquisitor sat controls of his shuttle.
Things had turned out perfectly. He had the box from the

Royal Vaults and he was perfectly absolved of all blame. He sat back, letting
the auto pilot return him to his ship. For a second he spared a thought for
Natalie, doomed to a short existence of mindless pleasure.

He opened the box.

And almost screamed.

What he had expected was computer files, details of the Royal defences.

Instead it was nothing but a bottle.

A glass bottle filled with wine.

She had failed him. The pathetic girl had taken the wrong box!

The Inquisitor turned to his controls. He would return for her, take her back
and make her pay, make her suffer. She would serve him a a slave for all her

He hurled the bottle against the wall where it shattered, spraying glass and
shards to the floor.

The Inquisitor was so intent on his revenge that he did not notice a sizzling
until it was too late.

The wine was royal stock, centuries old and certainly to be kept in the Royal

And the most fascinating quality of the ancient wines was that, unlike more
recent, lower quality drinks which could be stored in any vessel, the wine
had to be stored in glass.

Because it ate through metal.

The Inquisitor stared in disbelief at the melting holes, eating his shuttle

He screamed as the hull of his vessel dissolved and the craft was blown apart
into nothingness.

* * *

"Your programming was so ingrained," Amadalia explained, "that I could not
break it until you had completed your task. Luckily your orders were to
deliver a box from the royal vault. Once done I could finish the job."

Natalie nodded, looking over the table at the queen, who, without her makeup,
looked remarkably identical to her companion, even down to a mole on her
cheek. Amadalia had managed to avoid the guards and come to this small
drinking post to say farewell to Natalie. In truth the actress had no idea
where she was going, but for the first time since she'd got here, she felt
like she was in charge of her own destiny. With fresh clothes and a healthy
supply of credits on her, Natalie was ready to survive as best she could.

"I want to thank you for all you did." Natalie smiled. "You saved my life..
and my mind."

"And you saved mine. If you hadn't appeared when you had it would have been
me that they captured. In time they would have broken me. You saved millions
of lives."

"I guess so." Natalie smiled then frowned. "I appeared in a flash of white


"Then maybe I can get back the same way."

"I hope so."

"Natalie? I have a question. I never asked where you were from or why you
were here. And I'm not going to. But.. if you know anything that might help
me or my people it would be most useful. The Republic grows stronger every
day and I don't know where it will lead. Do you know anything at all?"

Natalie swallowed. She did know what would happen. To the Republic, to the
Queen, to the planet. But how could she say that the Empire would rise and
dominate for decades, that millions would die. It wasn't her place to change
that future, it wasn't her place to be here at all. But she felt she owed
Amadalia so much, that an answer was necessary.

"I know," she said eventually, "that in the end, good will prevail."

Amadalia nodded. "Thank you. I wish you luck."

Natalie smiled and stood, heading for the door of the bar, the first step in
a journey to her home.

"One more thing." Natalie turned back to Amadalia as she left.


"May the Force be with you." Natalie said.

And she felt as if the words had never been more sincerely spoken.


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