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Star Wars - Episode 1: Celebrity Kids Collection Part 1 - Little Anakin
by Luckin (mb,spank,scat,ncon)


I’m 17 years old. Six months ago, I’d accidentally dropped the remote control
for the TV in my bedroom and smashed it. I decided to go out and buy a new
one at the store. The guy, who regularly works there, Eli, was taken ill, and
this other old, weird dude was there. I asked him for a remote control that
works on a Sony Trinitron; instead, he gives me this very odd-looking remote
control, with all the normal settings, except for this one, big blue button
in the center that seemed to stand out. He said, “If you want to make your
dreams come alive, push the big, blue button..."

What I discovered, this remote had the power to bring the characters in a
film or TV show, alive, into my bedroom! What a power...

Another thing he mentioned, “The Characters aren’t real, it’s sort of like,
just in your imagination, but instead of being in your mind, your imagination
is right in front of you... You can’t hurt it, it might appear to be hurt,
but that’s just what it thinks you think would look like hurt. Don’t think
about it too much, but it’ll look, speak, act and react like a normal living
person. Once you think you’re done having fun, just push the button again and
the character will return to the film as if nothing had happened.”

Chapter 1: Little Anakin

I came home from the store tired. I placed the remote on the dresser, I
didn’t really think about the guy in the store and about what he said. I
slept pretty well for a couple hours, I dreamt that I was watching my
favorite movies and bringing my favorite kid characters alive, I was
hanging out with little Anakin Skywalker, who I thought was a total hottie,
awesome body, cute face, I was about to have sex with him before I woke up.
I blinked a few times before realizing what happened. “Damn”, I exclaimed.
“A second away from having a wet dream with Anakin Skywalker. Well, at least
I could jerk off at the idea. I got up, and put the Star Wars Ep: 1 DVD in
the player and grabbed this new remote. I skipped straight to the part where
Anakin comes in. I started stroking it right then and there, watching him in
that awesome outfit, his tight buns, mmm... About five minutes into it, I
took a quick look at the remote and decided to flirt with my curiosity. It
was the part where Anakin is in the spaceship telling Padme he is too cold.
At that moment I pointed and pressed the blue button.

The screen paused. For a moment, nothing happened. I sighed and lied back on
my bed. I knew it was too good to be true...

Then a voice from the other side of my bedroom, “What am I doing here?”

I sat up and my eyes freaked out at the sight of Anakin Skywalker in MY
BEDROOM! I stood up and walked over to him.

“Um, are you real?” I asked.

“What do you mean?” he asked, confused.

The guy said sometimes they’ll appear scared, simply because that’s what I
expect them to do. I touched his face, real flesh.

“Who are you? How did I get here?”

I wasn’t so sure how to answer that... I knew he’d freak out if I told him
the truth, because that’s what I’d expect him to do, so I improvised, “I’m
King Amidala, husband of Queen Padme Amidala, I uh... brought you here to my
um, palace because I suspect you are trying to steal her away from me!”

He looked puzzled for a second, “You mean, Padme and the Queen are the same

Crap! I hadn’t taken into account that he doesn’t find out ‘till later.

“Yes, she is in disguise! And now, you must be punished!”.

He suddenly had a worried look on his face. For some reason, this really
turned me on, and I was horny as hell. I still couldn’t believe my luck!

“See that?” I pointed at the smoke alarm, “If you try and leave this room,
it’ll vaporize you”.

He was scared, and this excited me.

“You are MY slave now, understand?” he gave a slight nod, wondering what I
was going to do to him. "Okay, close your eyes and open your mouth."

He did so, with no hesitation, what a good slave! I walked over to him,
kneeled down and started sucking his tongue. I saw his eyes cringe as I
French kissed him, my penis shot straight up. I grabbed him, through him
on the bed, and started making out with him, he didn’t kiss back, but at
least he wasn’t fighting me. My hand ran over his crotch and I fondled
his small dick and balls.

“Please don’t!” he yelped while I groped him.

“Hey, you be a good little Jedi and do what I say, ok?”

“Y-Yes sir”.

I backed off him for a while, “Okay, as you were. You've been a bad little
boy, haven’t you Anakin?”

“No sir, I-I-..."

At that I started spanking his butt, “Yes, you’ve been very bad!”



I smacked his ass until he started sobbing. “Bah, stop crying, common! Now,
take all your clothes off and stand on all fours on the bed, NOW!”

He wiped the tears from his eyes and rubbed his butt. He then started to take
off his top, then the undershirt, revealing a nice, young sexy chest, my dick
was going crazy, I thought I was going to cum right there! He hesitated for a
bit, but then removed his shoes then pants. I was so horny, there it was,
9-year-old Anakin Skywalker, on my bed with nothing but a pair of undies on,
“Please, sir, I don’t want to do this!”

I grabbed him by the waist and tore his undies off, “NOW, ON ALL FOURS!”.

He did as he was told, totally unaware of what was to come next; after all,
he was only nine! I took off my clothes and grabbed him by the waist.

“Okay Anakin, this will hurt a lot, but afterwards, if you pass this test,
you get to be a real live Jedi!”

He looked at me and nodded, he was still crying, “What are you going to do?”

At that, I struck my hard penis into his tight young boy pussy in one go.

His eyes shot open and he let out a loud gasp, I was deep inside, “AAHHHHH,

“You’ll do as I say, slave!” I started moving in and out, in and out. He
wouldn’t stop screaming and yelling, I could feel his butt trying to push
out and his asshole clamping down on my dick, it felt so good. “Oh yes,
Anakin! Take it, take it all!”

“I don’t want to, PLEASE STOP, IT HURTS!”

Just before I climaxed, I grabbed his chest from behind and fondled his
nipples as I thrust my cock into his tight little anus.

“AAHHHH, YES, ANAKIN, I’m CUMMING!!” I blew my entire load into his butt
and collapsed on top of him.

He was face down, crying. “Why do you do this? Aah, it hurts; take it out,

I pulled it out and he set out a loud gasp. “Now, there’s a lot of muck on my
dick, it’s mostly yours, so clean it off, with you tongue!”

“But, sir, I-“


He shut his eyes as he cried and lowered his mouth on my shit-covered cock.
He cringed as he was forced to lick up his own turd mixed with my semen off
my dick. I loved it. I took a sniff of his small undies and decided to suck
him off. I grabbed his ankles and spread his legs as I took his entire penis
in my mouth and started moving up and down. Soon enough it went hard, even
though it was obvious he really didn’t want to do this. After about five
minutes his body started to quiver, “Ahhh AAHH OOOHHH NOO NOO I DON’t I

His whole body started bucking and he orgasmed into my mouth, no semen
though, just a bit of salty clear liquid, yum! I fingered his asshole one
last time before I decided to put him back in his place. He squirmed around
a lot, “No! Get it out of there please!”

“No can do, Annie”, I pulled my finger out and made him lick the turd off my
finger, that was so hot!

“Okay Anakin, time for you to go back, I’ll see you later!” he was glad that
I finally decided to let him go, but not so happy about what happened to him.

Oh well, he didn’t really feel all this, just an image of what I’d think he’d
do and how he’d react. I picked up the remote, pointed and pushed the blue
button. A white flash appeared and he was gone, in the screen, his clothes
were gone, and he was back in the film, like nothing had happened, just like
what the old man had said. I lied back in bed and realized I was lying on top
of something. I pulled it out and took a look at it, “A.I. Artificial
Intelligence Widescreen DVD” starring Haley Joel Osment. I smiled at myself
and laughed. I’ll be having some fun tomorrow!"


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