by Ninja



The celebration had gone beautifully, for once,
things had gone right for the Gungans and Naboo, for
the first time in maybe a century they were friends
again, allies. No longer on their own concerning the
world of Naboo. When Queen Amidala handed Boss Nass
the Globe of Peace and he held it aloft and the crowds
cheered widly, confetti raining down on the masses, she
knew that it was the start of a lasting and wonderful
peace among the two peoples. Her heart was glad. Very

She had revealed inadvertantly to him that she was
in fact the Padmè he had fallen in love with, and he
took it pretty well for a boy. They shared with
each other that their feelings for the other shouldn't
change at all. But she was doubtful. She wondered how
in the world a queen. No, the ruler of an entire world
could be allowed to love a Jedi in training.

She smiled to herself, sitting on a soft throne
surrounded by her handmaidens as she watched servants
and a few Gungans rushing this way and that trying to
clean up the confetti, the streamers, some silly string,
and excrement from the animals they rode in on. She
grinned broadly at this thought, almost an unqueenly
grin. So what, she thought to herself.

Her smile softened as the young boy, Anakin, the
object of her affections, her desires and lusts
approached her throne. Her eyes were full of caring
and compassion for him. Such a young boy, but such
a handsome man, she thought. Softly, she bit her lower
lip briefly before remembering the makeup and released
it hopefully before smearing any of it.

As he got closer, his own eyes lit up and a smile
touched his boyish face and he stopped suddenly, bowing
deeply. She admitted to herself that she liked his hair
longer. She enjoyed that time on Tatooine when he was
asleep, when she softly ran her fingers through his
hair when she was in the guise of her handmaiden,
Padmè Naberrie, but the short kind of spiky version
was even more adorable.

She smiled and nodded as he bowed and he spoke up,
"I didn't have anything really important to say to
you, but I just..." Amidala smiled at him and slowly
shook her head, her eyes never leaving his, "That's
ok, Anakin, come here." She gently patted her hand
against her lap. Smiling brightly, Anakin walked up
to her and hopped on her lap.

"Oh," she began playfully, wrapping her arms around
him, smiling broadly, "you're such a brave boy." He
smiled and then let his head rest against her shoulders.
Amidala inhaled slightly, unsure how to proceed. She'd
wanted to get cozy with Anakin, but, didn't know what
to do when he started. Softly she ran her fingers
through his short hair, smiling to herself, "What
happened to your hair?" she asked teasingly.

Anakin sat up and the queen was slightly dissapointed,
but held her smile. "I have to have it like this." he
informed her, "I'm Obi-Wan's padawan learner now. A
Jedi apprentice. He's going to let his hair grow out
now, but I gotta keep mine short like this. Well, at
least until I become a knight, then I get to do with
it whatever I want. I think I'm going to get it shaved."

Amidala giggled softly, "Gracious! I didn't think
you'd want to lose all that beautiful hair!" Anakin
shrugged, "I don't know, maybe I won't. I haven't
decided yet." The queen smiled brightly at him, hugging
him tightly.

Rabè, one of her handmaidens snickered softly. Amidala
shot a glance at her and the handmaiden ceased her sounds,
but there was no malice in the queen's glance, instead she
was, herself, smiling. In fact, all the handmaidens were
smiling, to Amidala's suprise as she glanced about.

She was suddenly very glad she applied her stage
make-up very liberally since it was currently hiding a
deep red blush.

However, it was Anakin's turn to blush when she looked
back at him. He'd been making puckered-lips gestures at
Amidala while the handmaidens looked on. So that's why
they were smiling, she thought to herself. Anakin quickly
threw a hand over his mouth, looking at her wide-eyed.
"I think I hear Obi-Wan calling me, I hafta go!"

Amidala grinned and began tickling him and he squeeled
with laughter as all her handmaidens began giggling at
this. Yes, she thought, the conflict was over, for now.
Time right now demanded rejoicing, celebration, and
easing the mind of the stress they'd endured. A little
fun was surely permitted.

Struggling, a broadly grinning Anakin had finally
squirmed his way off of her lap and grinned at her,
holding her by her wrists, trying to keep her from
tickling him again. He was out of breath and his eyes
were lit up with pure joy. Her heart began beating a
bit faster as she saw some moisture on his lips and she
wasn't sure why, but she gently pulled him closer and
hugged him tightly before smiling back at him. "Go on,
go to Obi-Wan." He smiled and nodded, racing off
towards the Jedi Knight, looking back over his
shoulder occasionally.

Glancing about to each of her handmaidens who were
all smiling at her, she demanded, "What?"


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