Star Wars: Hot Desert Night (M/f,voy,alien)
by PJ

Padme halted in mid-step, turning to see what had become of Qui-Gon Jinn
and Jar Jar. She planted her hands on her hips when she saw Jar Jar on the
ground, pinned in place by an ugly, gangly creature holding a dead frog.
Padme sighed, wondering why she had let the Jedi bring the clumsy Gungan
along on their journey to Coruscant. Shaking her head, Padme looked around
the street, at the bustling aliens going about their business and the small
flying droids zipping through the air. Idly curious, Padme took several
long, leg stretching steps to the mouth of a narrow alley.

Checking to see if Qui-Gon was still busy with Jar Jar, Padme entered the
alley, hands crossed behind her back. She moved stealthily down the sunlit
passage, stopping when she reached the end. The passage opened into a small
courtyard, other alleyways leading off into different corridors. The
courtyard was currently occupied by a robed Quarren and a human girl about
the same age as Padme, her slim neck adorned with a thin metal collar that
marked her as a pleasure slave. The Quarren pushed down on the girl's left
shoulder, forcing her to her bare knees. The girl opened the alien's robe,
reaching in to fondle the tendrils of his genitalia.

Padme watched wide-eyed and slack-mouthed as the slave girl opened her small
mouth and let a long, slimy phallic limb slip between her soft, pink lips.
The girl moaned softly, looking up at the Quarren as she sucked on his prick,
her delicate tongue caressing his shaft. A second tendril slithered around
the slave girl's neck, while yet a third uncoiled to stroke the teen's smooth
left cheek. The Quarren slid his long-fingered left hand through the girl's
gleaming auburn hair, petting her while she rubbed her mouth down the side of
his main shaft, her lips dripping with his cock slime.

Padme felt her skin grow hot from the lewd exhibition in front of her. She
had never seen such a brazen display of sexuality in her entire short life.
She pressed her right index finger against her lower lip, wondering how the
alien's cock would taste in her own mouth.

The slave girl licked up the underside of the Quarren's member, her cheeks
gleaming with his excretions. The alien stood the girl up and moved her to
the wall behind him, pushing her against it. The girl rested her tiny palms
on the warm stucco, thrusting her small ass towards her master. The alien
raised up her short skirt, then fondled the girl's tight, tanned buttocks,
sliding one long finger up and down her crack. He pressed his crotch against
the slave girl's ass, his secondary tendrils petting and stroking her round
buttocks while his primary member writhed into the girl's pussy. The slave
girl moaned loudly, biting her lower lip as her master shoved his prick deep
inside her. He grabbed onto her hips, pounding into her, grunting from each
powerful thrust.

Padme felt her own pussy becoming wet. She panted softly, sweat beading over
her beautiful, young face.

The Quarren reached underneath the slave girl's plain green tunic, fondling
her young, still-forming breasts as he humped her little ass, rivulets of
slime flowing down the girl's narrow, brown legs. The alien pumped faster
and faster, his cock squishing deeply through the girl's cunt. He groaned,
shoving forward one last time, his seed flooding the slave girl's vagina.
The girl panted heavily, her sides heaving while her master covered himself.
He stood her up, caressing her cheek affectionately before taking her hand
and leading her down one of the alleyways along the far wall of the

Padme leaned her back against the alley wall, breathing deeply, her face
flushed with excitement. She could feel her juices over her crotch, staining
the fabric of her panties. She wiped her sweat-covered brow, letting her body
cool down before she re-joined her companions out in the boulevard.

* * *

Padme lay in the cot provided by Shmi Skywalker, a light blanket draped over
her shoulders to protect her from the cool, desert air. The girl waited until
she couldn't hear Qui-Gon in the living area anymore. She glanced at Shmi,
who slept peacefully in her bed nearby. Padme carefully removed her blanket,
her body still dressed in the clothes she had worn that day. She tentatively
stood up, left Shmi's bedroom, and tiptoed across the living area to the
front door. Padme made sure no one was watching, then opened the door,
gritting her teeth, hoping Qui-Gon wouldn't hear her.

Padme cautiously closed the door, then leaned against it and sighed with
relief. She looked around the slave quarter, at the darkened windows, empty
streets, and the clear, star-filled sky above her. She eagerly ran down the
street, towards the star port, and the wonders it offered.

* * *

Rabe sat on the boarding ramp of the Nubian, chin resting on her small, brown
hands as she watched the young Jedi, Obi-Wan Kenobi, run through his exercise
routine. The young man's blue lightsaber hummed with each graceful, easy
lunge and dip. Rabe grinned while she admired Obi-Wan's strong, bare chest
and handsome face. She especially liked his small pigtail of light brown
hair that dangled over his right shoulder. Obi-Wan performed a double flip in
mid-air, landing lightly on his feet and slashing his lightsaber horizontally
in front of him. Rabe clapped appreciatively, lovely mouth smiling widely.
Obi-Wan bowed gallantly in her direction, winking his right eye at her. Rabe
giggled, blushing furiously and fleeing up into the ship. She walked quickly
through the various compartments, finally arriving at the Queen's cabin. Rabe
tapped in the door code that only the handmaidens and the guard captain knew,
then quickly went inside when the metal portal hissed open.

"Hello, Rabe," greeted Sabe, sitting before the Queen's dressing mirror and
combing out her long, brown hair. "Since Padme's in Mos Espa, I guess we get
the bed all to ourselves tonight!"

"Maybe we can have a guest," suggested Rabe in a husky purr.

"Rabe!" gasped Sabe, staring at the handmaiden in shock, then bursting into
a fit of giggles.

Rabe laughed with her friend, moving to sit next to Sabe on the small bench,
leaning against the girl's right shoulder.

"Have you seen the young Jedi, Obi-Wan? He's sooo hot!" gushed Rabe.

"Maybe I noticed," replied Sabe coyly, smiling from the corner of her mouth.

Rabe poked Sabe in the ribs, eliciting a squeal.

"So... want me to catch him?"

"Why not?" grinned Sabe, her eyes gleaming mischievously. "A servant cannot
refuse his Queen."

Rabe kissed Sabe on the cheek before leaping to her feet and running out of
the cabin.

* * *

The star port quarter was loud and chaotic, an overwhelming war of sound and
light that blasted over Padme and left her breathless, her heart pounding.
The girl tried to take everything in, the garishly lit brothels, the roaring
taverns, and the street side booths that sold exotic wares from all across
the galaxy. Padme bought a transparent sky blue silk scarf and wrapped it
around her neck. She rubbed the fabric against her cheek, and the cloth
seemed to warm her skin like living flesh would. A group of dancing Jawas
wove around Padme, one offering her a mug filled with spicy purple liquid.
Tentatively, Padme sipped the beverage, and felt liquid fire flow down her
throat into her belly. She swayed against a passing Dug, who took the
opportunity to grope her ass. The liquor was sweet, Padme drank more as she
stumbled down the street, her vision blurring, her skin sweating profusely.

"Whoa there, miss!" laughed a tall man when Padme crashed into him.

"Excuse...excuse me," burped Padme before she broke into a fit of giggles.

"Are you okay?" asked the man doubtfully, his eyes glancing at Padme's empty

"I think...I think I'm drunk!" giggled Padme. "I don't know, I've never been
drunk before!"

"I see," nodded the man, taking Padme's arm and guiding her towards one of
the nearby taverns. "Let's get you off the street before you stumble into

Padme let the strange man take her inside the dark, stuffy tavern. The reek
of noxious fumes and unknown drugs filled Padme's nose, she became even more
unbalanced, leaning heavily against her guide. The stranger picked an out of
the way booth in a far corner of the bar, sitting Padme down and motioning to
a serving droid. The man ordered two drinks, then lowered his gaze to the
limp girl next to him.

"What's your name, princess?" murmured the man, his right hand lightly
stroking the girl's hot right cheek.

"Padme, and I'm a Queen!" declared the girl emphatically.

"Yes, you are," smiled the man, rubbing his right knuckle against Padme's
throat. "My name's Paxon."

"Hi, Paxon," hiccuped Padme just when the droid brought their drinks. Paxon
set a mug in front of Padme before taking his own and swallowing deeply.
Padme reached forward, making several attempts before finally managing to
seize the evading mug. She raised the cup, drinking deeply, the liquor
warming her blood and exciting her loins.

"You like it?" whispered Paxon into Padme's right ear before he kissed her
soft cheek, his right hand rubbing her small belly.

"Uh, huh," nodded Padme sleepily, rubbing her nose against Paxon's as he
licked her lips, his hand sliding beneath the waistband of her trousers
towards her crotch.

Paxon leaned over Padme, kissing her hotly, his right hand squeezing her
pussy over her panties. Padme groaned softly, letting the man overpower her,
her cunt melting from the touch of his warm hand.

"You're so hot," purred Paxon, nibbling on the side of Padme's neck, his hand
moving inside her trousers to caress each of her creamy thighs.

"Don't stop!" panted Padme, her blood boiling with liquor and lust, the
memory of the slave girl sucking the Quarren's cock still fresh in her mind
as Paxon pushed aside the front panel of her panties and rubbed the entrance
of her pussy.

"My little Queen wants more," chuckled Paxon, kissing Padme again, his tongue
exploring her mouth while his probing hand fondled her quivering clitoris.
Padme moaned into Paxon's mouth, she draped her right arm around the strong
man's shoulders and lowered her left hand to rest on his right arm, the arm
attached to the hand that was fingering her wet cunt.

Paxon removed his hand from Padme's trousers so he could help the girl pull
off her blue tunic. Man and girl worked together to remove her trousers and
panties, leaving her naked at the man's side. Paxon stroked Padme's sleek
brown hair, kissing her deeply, sucking on her tender, young lips. The man's
right hand covered Padme's small right breast, he squeezed it, then covered
the sensitive nipple with his mouth, licking it to hardness while he sucked
on the soft, warm flesh. Padme sat back bonelessly in the seat of the booth,
her body a single mass of burning, sex-starved flesh. Paxon switched to
Padme's left tit, sucking loudly on it as he replaced his right hand upon the
young girl's pussy, rubbing her labia lips, scratching the opening of her

Padme slowly moved her right hand to rest on Paxon's crotch. She could feel
his cock through his dark pants, growing, throbbing, yearning for her. She
closed her small fingers around the quivering shaft, rubbing it, fondling it
to greater levels of excitement.

Paxon unzipped his black trousers, letting his stiffening prick flop out into
the open. He replaced Padme's warm fingers upon it, groaning with a smile as
she stroked it, her hand massaging the engorged veins beneath its skin.

"I want to taste it," begged Padme, her eyes half-closed and glazed from
drink and the smoke-filled air.

Padme slid off the booth's curved seat, kneeling between Paxon's legs
underneath the table. She covered Paxon's cock with her tiny mouth, sucking
hungrily on the warm meat stick, her lips caressing every inch of its length.
Paxon groaned deeply, closing his eyes in bliss, his hands resting on the
surface of the seat while the young, naked girl between his legs bobbed her
head up and down, sucking intently on his prick. Padme ran her mouth up and
down the sides of Paxon's shaft, leaving trails of saliva across its surface.
She rubbed her pert nose against the underside of Paxon's member while she
sucked on his balls, her tongue licking and stroking each aching orb of musky
flesh. Paxon grabbed the edge of the table in a death grip, jarring the empty
mugs as Padme let his cock slide deep into her throat, her tongue writhing
over it, basting it with her warm saliva. Paxon climaxed, and Padme pulled
her mouth away, allowing thick gobs of white cream to splash across her face.
Padme giggled, licking the sticky milk off her lips.

"I'm not done yet, little Queen," grinned Paxon, grasping Padme's bare
shoulders and setting the young girl on his lap. He positioned his still
hard cock against Padme's cunt, then pulled her towards him by the hips,
impaling her pussy with his shaft. Padme groaned loudly, arching her back,
her cunt widening to accept the thick cock pressing into her. Paxon wrapped
his strong arms around Padme's waist, slamming into her, thrusting deep into
her young belly. Padme hugged Paxon's neck, her small breasts crushed over
his face, her naked body glistening with perspiration as she rode the strange
man's penis. Again and again Paxon shoved into Padme, his long cock
surrounded by Padme's tight, slick vagina. Padme felt her pussy shiver, then
she orgasmed, a long, heart-stopping explosion of ecstasy that detonated in
her cunt and spread to her legs, stomach, and brain.

"Where are you staying, little Queen?" whispered Paxon into Padme's ear.

"Slave quarter...Shmi Skywalker…" murmured Padme before she fell into an
exhausted sleep.

* * *

Paxon stood over Padme's limp body, which rested comfortably on top of a
large cargo container behind the Skywalker residence. A short distance away
rested a half-complete pod racer covered by a dirty tarp.

"Good-bye, my little Queen. Sleep well," smiled Paxon, leaning forward to
kiss Padme's smooth forehead. Padme smiled in her sleep, moaning softly.

* * *

"The Queen requests your presence in her royal chamber," announced Rabe.

"Right now? It's rather late," replied Obi-Wan, wiping his face with a clean
white towel.

"The Queen requests it," repeated Rabe, a little more emphatically.

"Very well," sighed Obi-Wan, draping on a clean tunic before following the
handmaiden up the loading ramp into the belly of the Nubian. Rabe led the
way, glancing at Obi-Wan out of the corner of her eye, grinning cunningly.
She tapped the door code, standing aside so the young Jedi could enter first.

Sabe stood at the foot of the Royal bed, her face and body painted white, a
long, flowing red sleeping gown covering her young, lithe body. Sabe had
fashioned her long, brown hair into a ponytail that arched before falling
down her back. The ponytail was adorned with golden wire and a scattering of
precious, multi-colored jewels.

"Kneel before the Queen," demanded Sabe, winking at Rabe while she stabbed
at the deck with her right index finger.

Obi-Wan sighed loudly, carefully lowering himself and bending his right knee.

"We demand that you pleasure us tonight, as well as our loyal handmaiden,"
declared Sabe, barely stifling a giggle that fought to escape.

"What?!" exclaimed Obi-Wan, his eyes huge, his mouth gaping open in surprise.

Rabe couldn't hold back any longer, she broke out laughing, holding her sides

Sabe hissed at Rabe, grinning briefly before restoring her imperialistic

"I think Her Majesty needs to go to bed like a good little girl," observed
Obi-Wan while he stood up, glaring reprovingly at Sabe before turning his
back to her.

Angered, Sabe strode forward, grabbing Obi-Wan's right arm and turning him
to face her.

"How dare you speak to the Queen that way!" spat Sabe, slapping Obi-Wan's
left cheek.

Rabe didn't breathe, she stuffed both fists into her mouth.

Obi-Wan blinked his eyes, then looked down at Sabe, who wilted beneath his

"You want me to pleasure you, eh?" smiled Obi-Wan darkly, taking Sabe's left
arm and pulling her towards the large, square bed.

"Your Majesty!" cried out Rabe, rushing forward, then skidding to a halt,
unsure what she should do.

"You! Take your clothes off! I'll get to you after I finish with Her
Majesty!" commanded Obi-Wan before he turned back to Sabe, pushing her onto
the bed then crawling on top of her.

"Obi-Wan! Wait!" stammered Sabe just before Obi-Wan stifled her voice with a
long, hot kiss. He tore open her sleeping gown, groping her small, pale white
breasts while he continued to kiss her deeply. Sabe's groans of protest
stopped, she wrapped her white arms around Obi-Wan's neck, returning the
force of his kiss with her own ardor.

Rabe sighed with relief, slipping out of her own gown and joining her friend
and the Jedi on the soft bed.

Obi-Wan shifted from Sabe to Rabe, embracing the dark-haired maiden wantonly
while running his right hand over Sabe's panting chest, his fingers caressing
the soft mounds of the young girl's painted tits. Obi-Wan pressed his mouth
against Rabe's right breast, biting her nipple as he placed his right hand
over Sabe's pussy, rubbing her tender clit. Sabe arched her back, moaning
loudly with pleasure, her cunt becoming moist, glistening with her honey.
Obi-Wan licked up Rabe's flat belly, enjoying the taste of her brown, warm
skin. Sabe placed her hands on the bed's surface, turning and squirming her
body towards Obi-Wan until her face was just beneath his crotch. Rabe helped
Obi-Wan out of is tunic and pants, then leaned against his left arm, bending
down to lick his left nipple while Sabe enfolded his cock with her mouth,
slurping wetly on his meat pole. Rabe crouched over Obi-Wan's prick, taking
it into her own warm mouth as Sabe sucked on the young man's balls, filling
her lips with his warm flesh. Obi-Wan moaned heavily, closing his eyes and
stroking Rabe's bare back as she and Sabe both covered his cock with their
spittle, their hot young lips massaging his member, making it even more
swollen and stiff. Obi-Wan orgasmed without warning, his squirting jizz
hitting Sabe's stomach, a few straggling drops falling onto her small,
luscious tits. Sabe and Rabe licked beads of cum off of the tip of Obi-Wan's
shaft, their lips covering his cock-head, their tongues stroking the flesh
around the entrance of his prick.

Rabe and Sabe guided Obi-Wan onto his back, his head resting on the pillows
near the headboard as Sabe and Rabe whispered amongst themselves. Nodding
in agreement, Rabe crawled over to Obi-Wan's head, straddling his face,
holding onto the headboard for support as she lowered her ass towards the
prone oung Jedi. Sabe saddled Obi-Wan's crotch, her painted white skin smooth
and perfect as she sucked Obi-Wan's cock into her burning, dripping cunt. She
moaned with pleasure, pressing her tiny hands over Obi-Wan's chest while she
humped his cock, the length of his member ramming up into her belly. Rabe
groaned softly, rolling her hips, rubbing her pussy against Obi-Wan's mouth.
He sucked eagerly on the young maiden's cunt, his tongue lapping the opening
of her vagina, the girl's juices flowing over his chin and cheeks. Sabe
reclined her naked body over Obi-Wan's, her young breasts crushed against his
firm torso as she licked his nipples, then pressed them between her warm,
pink lips. Rabe fondled her own right breast, her pussy shuddering from
Obi-Wan's ministrations. She orgasmed with a shriek, her cunt dumping a
torrent of gleaming nectar into Obi-Wan's parched mouth. Sabe held onto
Obi-Wan's shoulders, her ass pumping up and down in a blur, slamming down
again and again onto the young man's cock until she climaxed, her vagina
clenching around Obi-Wan's pole, streams of her juices glittering as they
fell onto the sheets beneath the lovers.

Rabe curled on Obi-Wan's right side and Sabe snuggled close to the young
man's left. Obi-Wan kissed both girls tenderly, then held them, their bodies
warm and comforting as they pressed next to his.



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