Star Wars - Episode 1: Nurturer's Love (Ff)
By Xelbree

Padme sighed to herself as the door to her handmaiden's chamber aboard the
royal starship slid shut. The true queen gloried in this brief moment of
privacy. The girl, clad in orange handmaiden's robes, slid silently to her
wardrobe. She opened the well-oiled door of dark tinklewood and gazed
silently at the assortment of garments within. She let her fingers slip
over each garment: heavy fur-lined robes, elegant embroidered gowns, silky
dresses... each designed to increase her stature and make her more imposing.

Tucked in at the end of the rack, almost like a neglected little
afterthought, was a set of common clothes that looked small and pitiful next
to the impressive royal wardrobe. This was Padme's favorite outfit - the only
clothing in which Padme Amidala could forget about her royal status and just
think of herself as a young girl.

Padme took the outfit off the rack and looked it over. It consisted of a
blue long-sleeved blouse, and woven gray tunic, and loose brown pants. She
reveled at that moment in her privacy, something hardly ever granted to her.
In fact, one of her handmaidens would have followed her into her quarters to
help her dress if she had not quickly sealed the door shut behind her.

The Queen's hands slid down to the belt of her orange robe and untied it,
letting the belt fall to the floor. The velvety orange-yellow robe followed
it to the ground, sliding off of her body with a whisper.

The lovely young girl stared at herself in her large ornate mirror. At
fourteen, she held the weight of an entire people on her shoulders. When she
was younger, Padme was set apart from other children, making her childhood
a lonely and isolated one. Viewed as a prodigy, her educators deemed her
gifted with an unnaturally sharp mind, and promoted her quickly from grade
to grade. School posed so little difficulty for her that she completed it a
full six years early - at the age of nine - and went on to universities to
study with the best scholars that Naboo had to offer. She proved to be a
true genius when it came to social and political sciences. Because of her
abilities, the people of Naboo chose to elect her as their new Queen to
succeed the aging King Veruna. Queen Amidala couldn't have imagined the
difficult road ahead, and the burden of her responsibilities was beginning
to weigh her down.

From an early age, Padme had always had an unnatural clarity of mind: the
ability to see things in complete focus and function perfectly under
pressure. Now, though, her body was changing, and she could feel its effect
on her mind.

Padme understood perfectly what was happening to her, of course. She had
absorbed all the knowledge about men's and women's bodies early on in life.
But to learn and to feel are two very distinct things, and now she was
beginning to feel the effects of becoming a young woman. It had started
with her bleeding, several years ago... a relatively painless process which
her handmaidens helped her predict. The only problem was the hormonal
changes she felt - she feared that the subtle mood swings could affect the
delicate composure she required in official dealings.

Next, the shape of her body had recently begun to change. Her hips widened,
her legs had lengthened, and her young breasts were starting to take shape.
She kept herself in perfect physical condition thanks to an exercise
regimen - her handmaidens also served as personal trainers.

As Amidala looked herself over in the mirror, she scrutinized her body. She
was clothed in a thin, silky orange satin slip. She cupped her breasts
through the fabric, feeling their firmness.

There was another difference, too, something that could dangerously affect
her judgment. She began to feel the basic reproductive need of every living
thing. She longed for contact with the opposite sex, something which she
had been deprived of all her life. In school she had always been much
younger than her classmates because she was always being moved ahead. They
never paid much attention to her. And ever since she had become queen, she
had had absolutely no opportunity in which to meet a young man. All she had
for companionship were her handmaidens, girls who were kind when required
and efficient in their jobs, girls who had been raised from birth to serve
the Queen of the Naboo. But they could not fulfill every need.

And now, Padme sometimes felt the ghost of a warm breeze between her legs,
a breeze that made her warm up into her belly. She knew what it was - it
was the lust that came with puberty. The thing that would drive any normal
teenager in Theed to date and have promiscuous relations with the opposite
sex. But Padme would be denied that. She had tried before to pleasure
herself with her hands, but could never effectively build herself up. She
supposed she could request a pleasure machine, or a stimulation droid, but
she had no idea which channels to go through to fulfill such a request and
if she chose the wrong ones it would be quite embarrassing. In fact, she
was lately starting to feel quite frustrated. The fact that her rigorous
job and lifestyle gave her no time to experiment with such things simply
compounded her frustration.

The door chimed once, breaking the reverie of her thoughts. The smooth
voice of one of her handmaidens slid in through the intercom:

"Handmaiden Padme?" the girl said, "You should be dressed in your common
clothes soon, or the Jedi will leave without you."

"Yes, Rabe, I'm aware of that. I'll be out soon enough."

Rabe withdrew from the door, and Padme worriedly looked at the chronometer.
She rarely lost her lucidity, and almost always knew exactly where she needed
to be at all times. The fact that she had drifted so far into her thoughts
truly worried her.

Padme wasted no time in pulling the slip over her head, shivering as the cool
air of the starship, set to counteract the oppressive Tatooine heat, brushed
over her body. Reflexively, her small rosebud nipples hardened as she
brushed her fingertips over them. She shivered again at the sensation, and
continued getting dressed.

Amidala emerged from her chamber in the stride of a young girl, not with the
regal walk of a Queen. She loved the carefree freedom that she had when she
was Padme. She ran to the ship's aft docking ramp to meet the Jedi. Captain
Panaka accompanied her out into the desert, where she met up with Qui-Gon
Jinn. They were soon on their way to Mos Espa.

* * *

Gritting her eyes against the sand, Padme entered Anakin Skywalker's small
home. Looking around her, she took in the quaint surroundings. As Anakin
introduced the group to his mother, Padme surveyed the older woman carefully.
Shmi Skywalker possessed a worn beauty, a face creased by perpetual worry.
She noticed something in Shmi's eyes as she talked to Qui-Gon - a distant
longing. Padme imagined that he was the first man Shmi had talked to in a
long time.

That night, the sleeping arrangements for the Skywalkers' guests were set.
Padme and Shmi, being the only two women in the home, were to share a room.
Jar-Jar chose to bunk with his new pal Anakin, and Qui-Gon required only
simple accomodations in the main living area of the hovel.

Once she finished cleaning the kitchen after dinner and sent Anakin off to
bed, Shmi headed to her own bedroom. She froze outside the bedroom's door
when she discovered that Padme was getting undressed for bed. Not wanting
to walk in on the young girl and embarass her, Shmi waited outside the
slightly-open doorway.

Peering into the room, the sight made Shmi quietly catch her breath. Padme
slipped out of her blue blouse and then slowly removed her brown trousers.
Clad only by tiny white undergarments, Padme looked uncertain for a moment,
but then continued to remove her undergarments as well. The sheer material
slid away to reveal the girl's young pert breasts. Padme's soft orbs were
small, with delicately curved undersides that sloped gently up to small rosy
pink aureoles. Her small nipples surprisingly stood hard and erect despite
the warm desert night.

The young girl next hooked her thumbs under the supple waistband of her
panties, sliding them down over her hips. As she pulled the waistband to
her milky thighs, the crotch panel clung to her teenage womanhood slightly.
Shmi's mouth watered as she noticed a glint of Tatooine moonlight shimmer
off a patch of moisture on the inside crotch of the girl's panties.

Padme let her underwear fall in a silken heap at her feet and stepped out
of them. She appeared to bite her lower lip for a moment, straining to
hear if anyone was approaching. Then she seemed to make up her mind about

The girl sat down on the bed, the firm cheeks of her ass spreading slightly
with the movement as her legs parted. One of her small and slender hands
slid between her legs, while the other caressed her young breasts. Her pink
little tongue ran over her lips, as she tried to make herself feel good.
She rubbed her virginal pussy while squeezing and kneading her breasts. Her
eyes narrowed to slits as she tried to pleasure herself.

However, Padme soon tired of the action. It became obvious to Shmi that
Padme had failed to make herself feel good, and seemed resigned to go to
sleep in frustration. Then, Padme realized she had no nightclothes to wear.
In a panic, she dove under the sheets of Shmi's bed and pulled them up to
her chin.

Shmi shook her head. She identified with the young girl's plight. As a
female slave, she had very few opportunities to consort with males over
the years. Anakin's conception had been a true miracle, since Shmi had not
had sex with a man for several years before mysteriously becoming pregnant.
Driven to loneliness, the woman had tried many different techniques before
she could skillfully masturbate herself to orgasm. She now relied on
self-pleasuring to take the place of the man she could never have. She
sensed that Padme, somehow, was similarly set apart from the male sex. She
felt compelled to teach the girl.

Satisfied that she could now enter the bedroom, Shmi pushed the door fully
open. Padme stirred under the bed sheets, watching Shmi cross the room to
a small clothes chest.

"Still awake?" Shmi said with a smile, pretending to be unaware of what
Padme had been doing before she entered the room.

Padme nodded, regarding Shmi with some curiosity as the older woman removed
her dress and linen undergarments, folding them and placing them on top of
the chest.

Not showing an ounce of modesty, Shmi turned and walked, completely naked,
from the clothes chest over to a small mirror on the opposite wall where
she proceeded to loosen the tightly-braided bun of her hair. She shook the
long mane of dark auburn hair free, letting it fall over her shoulders and
down her back. Turning to face Padme, Shmi approached the foot of the bed
and looked down at the young girl, smiling warmly like a loving mother.

Padme marvelled at Shmi's nude body, surprisingly in perfect shape for a
woman in her early forties. A slave's daily work must keep her body tone
and slim. Her legs were long and slender, her hips curved beautifully.
Whatever miracle that had allowed her to bear a child without sex had
obviously preserved her body as well.

Shmi's breasts were fairly large, her bosom firm and shapely. The dark
brown aureoles of her nipples were twice as big in diameter as Padme's.
Years under the twin Tatooine suns had given her entire body a rich golden
tan from head to toe.

"What are you staring at, child?" spoke the soothing accented voice of
Anakin's mother.

Padme broke out of her trance-like state from viewing Shmi's body and looked
up at the woman's eyes. "" she stammered. "You're very beautiful."

Shmi gave Padme an odd smile, blushing from the girl's compliment.

"Oh, I'm sorry," she apoligized, as if she just now realized her own nudity.
"I probably should be more reserved in preparing for bed when there's a
guest sleeping in here, but on Tatooine it's common to sleep in the nude.
Even at night the desert heat can get quite hot," Shmi explained.

"I understand," Padme responded. Now she was the one blushing, quickly
glancing away from Shmi. "I'm just not used to seeing..." Padme's words
trailed off from embarassment.

"Don't be sorry," replied Shmi gently. "The body we are born with is no
source for shame."

"I know, but on Naboo, our people aren't as open about their bodies."

"Is it just your society? Something tells me that you are a special case."

Padme's face registered surprise when Shmi's motherly observation hit home.
Was Padme's inexperience so obvious that it registered to a total stranger?
She wished she had more knowledge in such areas.

Shmi walked around to the side of the bed and sat on the edge next to Padme.
Padme looked up at her from beneath the sheets. She saw many emotions in the
girl's eyes - admiration for Shmi's fully developed body, self-consciousness
about her own young body, and... curiosity. Shmi wondered if Padme wanted to
learn how to sexually please herself. She was probably too bashful to ever
ask another more experienced woman for guidance. Shmi decided to test her

Wordlessly, Shmi parted her own legs, never taking her eyes off Padme's
face. Her hand drifted down to the cleft between them, brushing through her
deep-brown downy pubic hair. She began caressing her thighs with the tips
of her fingers, shivering at the torture she gave herself. She let her
fingertips brush over her outer labia, exulting in the slight tingle that
the contact produced. She applied pressure to her labia, rubbing them.
Then she parted them like the petals of a star-flower with the fingers of
one hand. A single drop of dewy moisture collected at the bottom of her
slit, and she deftly caught it on her finger as it fell.

Padme, mouth open slightly, looked in wonder at the musky center of this
beautiful woman.

"A woman's natural musk - there is no stronger aphrodisiac. Even for
yourself," Shmi whispered.

She lifted her moistened fingertip to Padme's lips. Transfixed, the girl
inhaled the aroma and lapped it off with her delicate pink tongue. Shmi
brought the finger down to her open pussy, and slowly slid it into her cunt.
She smiled vaguely as the pleasure coursed from her crotch to her breasts.
Holding herself open a little wider, she slid a second finger in beside the
first. With her other hand, she reached up and began rolling her nipples
between her fingers. The sensation felt like electricity coursing from her
nipples to her cunt to her toes, and back again.

By now, Padme had pulled the bed sheet down to reveal her own body. Shmi
noticed Padme gently rubbing her own young pussy, mimicking Shmi's maneuvers.
The girl's thinly curled pubic hair was matted by all the juice she was
putting out. Padme's arousal was intensely erotic to Shmi, and the woman
began to piston her fingers into herself. Her breasts jiggled slightly as
she lay back on the bed. Her other hand crept down, and began rubbing her
clitoris first gently and then much harder. She began panting as the
pleasure took her, and the bed shook with her body.

Finally, Shmi's exertions reached a fevered pitch and she pinched her
clitoris between thumb and forefinger while jamming her fingers deep in her

"Yesss... She hissed, her body trembling with a delicious orgasm. She
pulled her hand away, covered with rich nectar.

Padme was caught in the spell of the older woman's heady smell of sex. She
took Shmi's glistening hand, and sucked each finger clean. Craving more,
she sat up and repositioned herself so that her head was down between the
spent woman's legs, and buried her nose between Shmi's labia, inhaling

Padme licked at the sopping-moist area, tasting the musk again and again.
Shmi sighed deeply as the girl feasted on the products of her exertions. As
the young girl's tongue probed her outer womanhood, Shmi could feel herself
building again toward a climax. When Padme's upper lip brushed her clitoris,
Shmi's body rippled slightly with an orgasm. She came several more times as
Padme lapped up her cuntal fluids. Once she finally had her fill, the girl
laid next to Shmi.

Padme thought about the way Shmi had pleasured herself, and the blissful look
on her face at each one of her climaxes. Shmi stared into the eyes of the
beautiful nude nymph in front of her. Infused suddenly with a feeling that
could have been either motherhood or sisterhood, she kissed Padme lightly on
the forehead.

Then, noticing Padme's chin glistening wet with Shmi's own juices, she tilted
her head forward and locked her lips to the younger girl's. Their tongues
danced and tried to melt together, and Shmi could taste herself in the kiss.
She let her hand wander down between their bodies and up between Padme's
legs. Her slender index finger slid over the girl's pussy lips, eliciting an
almost inaudible gasp.

Shmi began to push her finger into Padme's tight little vagina, surprised
to find the girl's hymen intact. A virgin? No wonder she seemed so
inexperienced. Well, she would show respect for the girl's physical
virginity. Fortunately, Shmi could still stimulating Padme without breaking
the hymen.

Shmi's thumb brushed the girl's clitoris, bringing and immediate gasp that
was muffled by the kiss they still shared. She began exploring the girl's
cunt with her finger, looking for the internal discovery that would allow
Padme to give herself extreme pleasure in the future. She brushed it gently,
and thought she found the delicate surface. Her fingertip rubbed against
Padme's sensitive G-spot as her thumb rubbed the girl's clitoris in circles.
The response was immediate. Padme broke the kiss to moan, and the juices of
her orgasm dripped out around Shmi's finger. Her face was a mask of pure
bliss, her mouth open to give voice to her moans. Her hips bucked, and her
pussy fucked Shmi's finger. The girl rode her orgasm to the very end, and
lay there trembling.

"I've never felt that before," she whispered. "That was... Godly!"

Shmi smiled. "I suspected you had never felt a climax. Well, now you should
be able to attain them regularly. Let me show you another way to pleasure

She withdrew her finger, and the dreamy look on Padme's face showed a bit of
vague disappointment. Shmi leaned her head down and fastened her mouth on
the center of Padme's right breast. Her tongue teased the nipple as she
sucked gently on the whole aureole. Her hands caressed Padme's other breast
and gently kneaded the impossibly soft flesh. Padme cooed with pleasure,
feeling warmth spread from her chest to her pussy.

Soon, Shmi repeated the action on Padme's other breast, and began to increase
the speed and force of her caresses. She switched her ministrations back and
forth from one nipple to the other, and when she let her hand wander down to
Padme's pussy she knew her actions were having the desired effect. The girl
was flooding with pleasure at the attention to her chest.

Finally, Padme experienced an orgasm from the attention to her breasts alone.
It spread slowly through her body like the warmth of a fine liqueur.

For the rest of the night, Padme discovered herself as a true sexual
creature. She masturbated herself to orgasm with Shmi's loving
encouragement, following Shmi's motherly instructions to ride the waves
of four consecutive climaxes. She watched as Shmi used a vibrating device
on herself. She was fascinated in watching the whirring shaft disappear
between the older woman's labia.

Still, Padme chose to preserve herself from penetration until her first true
act of lovemaking with a man. Yet she found that the vibrating device did
wonders to her clitoris and nipples.

* * *

Shmi and Padme formed a bond that night, the bond of sexual discovery
tempered by the kind of love a mother feels for a daughter. The next
morning, Padme awoke sleeping naked in Shmi's arms under messy rumbled
bed sheets stained with their sweet sexual juices.

For a moment, lying there in Shmi's sleeping embrace, Padme felt sad. She
realized that she would probably be leaving Tatooine soon if Anakin suceeded
in winning the Podrace. She would never see Shmi again.

Later that day at the Podrace, Padme sat next to Shmi in the elevated
spectator's box, comforting Shmi and giving her strength when the woman
showed terror at watching the several near-deaths of her son on the podrace
viewscreen. Throughout the race, the two of them never physically touched
each other, but their eyes met often.

* * *

Padme stared out the viewport of her starship at the endless star-filled
cosmos. She ruminated on the future, the inevitable bureaucracy she would
have to combat in the Senate once they arrived at Coruscant. She felt the
heavy robes of office weighing on her soldiers, and instantly felt much

She let her thoughts wander for just a moment, feeling a sense of loss deep
inside as the ship sped away from the desert planet. She had to leave behind
a new-found friend. No, more than that - Shmi had become like a second
mother to her, as well as her first lover.

Queen Amidala kept promising herself that one day she would see Shmi again,
but deep inside she knew, somehow, that a reunion was not to be. It was not
until much later that she understood what that meant.



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