Star Wars - Episode 1: Padme Amidala - Sith Mistress (M/f)
by PJ

The Imperial Palace was a riot of activity before the Emperor's latest grand
ball. Servants scurried everywhere, caring for the varied needs of guests,
preparing the dining hall, and polishing the Imperial Court until it gleamed
like molten silver.

Padme Amidala stood before her vanity mirror, combing out her long, dark
brown tresses. She pouted to herself, the Scar of Remembrance bright red upon
her lower lip. She smiled at the sight of the Scar, it conflicted horribly
with the ornate red Sith markings painted around her left eye. She licked the
scar with her tongue, she found the mark deliciously irreverent.

Padme draped her sleek, black cloak around her scantily-clad frame and strode
out of her bedchamber. She hurried through the crowded halls, the Emperor had
commanded her to be at his side throughout tonight's festivities.

* * *

The Imperial Court was filled to capacity by representatives from all the
Empire's worlds. Palpatine sat back within his throne, garbed in thick, black
robes, his glowing eyes raking across the ranks of his subjects.

"There they are," hissed Palpatine, his dark lips curling into a smile.

Padme followed the Emperor's gaze, spotting a mature woman with curling,
golden hair standing next to a tall, well-built young man. Woman and man
were both dressed in pristine white, the woman in a filmy gown, the man in
tight breeches and a flowing tunic.

"Who are they?" inquired Padme curiously.

"Queen Ta'a Chume and her son, Prince Isolder. Chume rules the Hapes

"The Consortium is a powerful realm," nodded Padme appreciatively.

"Yes, it could be a threat to the Empire. Chume is dragging her feet in
negotiations. I'm reluctant to use the Fleet, the Consortium maintains an
impressive fleet of its own and losses would be high if we engaged them. I
can't afford to weaken the Imperial military needlessly."

"What do you want me to do?" guessed Padme, flicking her bright eyes at her

"Seduce Isolder. If you marry him, you will be Queen Mother of the

"It shouldn't be difficult," smiled Padme wantonly, running a palm over her
bare belly.

"You have learned much, young Padme," smiled Palpatine. "I know you will not
fail me."

Without another word, Padme left the throne and descended onto the Court.
Courtiers and ambassadors parted for Amidala silently, like an ocean before
a mighty warship. Padme draped her dark cloak over her left shoulder,
offering her bare breast and stocking-clad leg for viewing.

Isolder noticed Padme immediately. The boy's eyes widened, drinking in
Padme's sensual body and scant clothing. Chume's expression darkened when
she beheld the Emperor's pet.

"Queen Mother Chume, Prince Isolder," greeted Padme, offering a graceful
curtsy that tantalized Isolder with sleek thigh and ripe breast.

"Lady Amidala," grinned Isolder, taking Padme's right hand and tenderly
kissing her knuckles.

Chume didn't even nod in greeting, she merely stared daggers at Amidala.

"I've heard much about you, Prince Isolder. You are considered a rising
star at Court," said Padme in a warm, adoring voice.

Isolder blushed deeply, his eyes never leaving Padme's bare left breast or
her smooth, slender left thigh. Black garters held up sleek, black stockings
that encased Padme's sultry legs to her stiletto-heeled shoes. Padme drew
close to Isolder, slipped her right arm into his left.

"Perhaps you would like a tour of the Palace? I know many interesting
sights," purred Padme, licking her moist, painted lips.

"I would enjoy that very much, Lady Amidala," replied Isolder, his body
rubbing against Padme's.

"My son, there are other guests to speak with, do not forget your duty,"
warned Chume acidly.

"I was instructed by the Emperor himself to see to the Prince's pleasure.
You would not want to offend the Emperor, would you?" asked Padme innocently.

Chume nearly bit her tongue in half. "No, I would not want to offend him."

"Let's go, my Prince," smiled Padme in triumph, leading the smitten boy out
of the stifling Court.

* * *

Isolder leaned back against the wall-length window, panting while Padme knelt
in front of him, sucking ravenously on his stiff cock. The painted young
woman looked up at Isolder as she licked the underside of his shaft with her
tongue, her white lips wrapping around the knobbed head of his prick, sucking
intently on the shivering tip. Isolder ran his hands through Padme's brown
hair, grunting as he shoved his cock into her mouth. Padme sucked in every
inch, massaged the entire, throbbing length of meat with her tongue. The
young woman's head bobbed erotically, her lips slurping over and over on the
gasping prince's member. Padme grasped the base of Isolder's cock, gently
squeezed while she licked the oozing head. She rubbed the swollen penis over
her cheeks and lips, then slid it into her mouth again, sucking until her
white-painted cheeks were taut.

Isolder grabbed Padme's shoulders, stood her up, and pressed her belly first
onto the cool glass. He unclasped the young woman's long cloak and let it
fall to her feet. The prince raked his nails over Padme's bare back, knelt
before her firm buttocks. He pried Padme's buttocks apart before burying his
face in her ass, licking her soft cunt. Padme moaned with pleasure, her tits
crushed against the window glass, her hips gyrating as she pressed her ass
against the prince's face. Isolder caressed Padme's stocking-covered legs,
licking her tender clit, sliding his tongue into her moist vagina. Padme
shuddered, her open palms stroking the smooth glass, her pussy trembling
while drops of honey escaped to splash on Isolder's handsome face. Isolder
slowly licked each of Padme's buttocks, her flesh sweet against his tongue.
The blonde prince stood up, wrapped his strong left arm around Padme's thin
waist, and used his right hand to reach down and unfasten the black loincloth
covering the young woman's crotch. The piece of fabric fell, and Isolder
stroked Padme's cunt, his long fingers running up and down her slit. Padme
leaned her back against the tall prince, rubbing her ass over his crotch,
moaning while he fingered her pussy, his agile fingers sliding into her
vagina, probing her tightening hole.

The Dark Side smoldered within Padme's eyes, transforming them into dull, red
orbs. The flushed young woman grasped Isolder's erect cock, slid her closed
hand back and forth along its quivering length. Isolder rubbed his right
thumb over Padme's small patch of dark brown pubic hair. Padme shivered in
ecstasy while the young prince caressed her fuzzy curls, his fingers never
leaving her cunt, stroking, fondling her wet cunnie flesh.

"Take me, my prince," begged Padme, her breasts heaving, her breath sultry
and hot against Isolder's angelic face.

Isolder grasped Padme's shapely hips, groaned as he gently pushed his thick,
wet cock into the young woman's clenching pussy. Padme moaned softly, leaning
forward into the glass with her open palms, thrusting her ass onto Isolder's
penetrating shaft. Isolder hugged Padme's waist with both arms, pumping
through her cunt, grunting sharply with effort. Padme's moans filled the
dimly-lit room. She rode the prince's cock, tossing her long, dark hair as
she fucked the young man behind her. Isolder slid his hands over Padme's
slick thighs, thrusting into her ass, her cunt sucking hungrily upon his
shuddering pole. Padme smiled when she felt the prince's cock swell within
her, threatening to explode with orgasmic force.

Padme slipped off of Isolder's aching prick and knelt before him. She grasped
the swollen, purple organ and started sucking on it with her pale, soft lips.
Isolder supported himself on the window, pumping into Padme's tight mouth,
her tongue flicking over his meat, driving him wild with lust.

Padme removed her mouth from Isolder's shivering member, saliva trailing from
her lips to the engorged head of the prince's cock. The young woman arched
her back, presenting her round tits to the gasping Isolder. The prince
climaxed, his whole, lithe body quaking while white milk squirted from his
penis onto Padme's naked body. Padme moaned, grinning as sticky cum rained
down upon her face and breasts. When the prince was done, Padme kissed the
tip of his cock, coating her white lips with his warm cream. She licked the
prick head clean, her moist lips suckling on the bulbous knob.

* * *

Queen Mother Chume's face was a barely concealed mask of rage as she boarded
the waiting Hapan transport. Prince Isolder waited impatiently at the foot
of the boarding ramp, his posture stiff.

"I shall miss you, young Padme," said Palpatine, fondling the young woman's
left breast idly. "But your work is more important, you will conquer the
entire Hapes Consortium without having to fire a single shot."

"The Queen hates me, Master," whispered Padme, leaning against the Emperor
while he stroked her inner thighs.

"You will have a guardian to aid you if you require him."

"Lord Maul?" breathed Padme excitedly.

Palpatine merely smiled, bending back Padme's head and savoring her young,
tender lips.


Padme picked up her bag and left in a swirl of black cloak. Moments later,
the Emperor watched the Hapan transport blast up into space, the arrow that
would pierce a kingdom's heart.


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