Star Wars - Episode 1: Padme And The Tuskin Raiders (M+/f,ncon)
by Tal

Padme woke up by a bonfire, dazed and groggy as she looked around. It was
night time, and the fire burned brightly in the center of a circle. Several
creatures sat around, gazing at her intently. Tusken Raiders. She remembered
hearing them mentioned while in Mos Espa.

How did she get here? Where were the others? What did the Tuskens want with
her? She suddenly sat up with a start, looking around for an escape. She felt
a blow to the back of her head, and fell forward, dazed. Looking behind her,
she saw two Tuskens watching over her, muttering in their strange tongue.

She remembered a sandstorm... She had gotten separated from the others. That
must have been when the Tuskens grabbed her. The Jedi would come looking for
her, she knew. Sabe would make sure of that. All she had to do was wait, and
hope they wouldn't kill her.

Padme shifted a bit, then heard a slight clanking noise. Looking down, she
gazed in shock at a chain which bound her ankle to a stake driven into he
ground. She reached down, yanking at it when one of her captors gestured
angrily at her with his stick, growling at her. Padme quickly released the
chain, glancing up fearfully at him. She knew better than to antagonize
them. They were said to be vicious.

One of the Tuskens sitting by the fire rose, walking over to the guards,
mutters and growls exchanged as they talked. He pointed at her, then
gestured again to one of the guards. She couldn't understand what they were
saying, and drew her knees up against her chest, wrapping her arms about
them. She tried to keep warm while she watched the two wondering what they
were talking about. Her, no doubt, but why?

One of the guards then grabbed her, pushing her flat onto her back. She
gasped, trying to sit back up when he grabbed her wrists, tying them together
with thick rope and pulling them back over her head. Squirming, she gazed in
horror at the Tusken who approached her. The guard drove a stake into the
ground, pinning her wrists tightly around it. Trying in vain to free her
hands, she started kicking before the guard slapped her across her face,
leaving her dazed.

The first Tusken knelt down, running his hands up over her slim legs, then
reached up and yanked her belt off, tugging her loose pants down. Padme
gasped in fear, now knowing what it is they wanted. She started to struggle
again, until she saw the guard holding his stick menacingly and staring at
her. The Tusken tossed her pants aside, laying his gloved hands on her legs,
the rough cloth brushing over her skin as he squeezed her bare thighs, then
pulled her panties down along her legs, baring her smooth pussy. She squirmed
again, crying out in shame as she watched the Tusken gaze between her thighs,
his rough hand pressing against her virgin lips. The guard barked a warning,
nudging her shoulder with his stick.

Padme stopped moving, biting on her lower lip as she shut her eyes tightly,
a few tears escaped from the corners. Padme was still a virgin, she was only
fourteen after all. She had been taught about sexual intercourse, but it was
merely pictures and words. She felt her tunic being pushed up, revealing her
small breasts to three Tuskens, her nipples hardening quickly under the cool
night air.

The guard pushed the end of her his stick against her cheek, until she opened
her eyes again, staring in surprise as the Tusken kneeling in front of he
pushed aside his robe, his thick cock throbbing as he moved his hips over
her, muttering to her in his tongue. He reached down, holding and stroking
his cock, guiding it between her legs. Padme tried to close her legs
together, but the Tusken forced her legs apart, rubbing the length of his
hardness against her, then pushing the head in.

Padme gasped, moaning in despair as she felt her vagina being invaded, by an
alien, a barbarian. The two guards watching muttered to each other, and she
could swear she heard them chuckle.

The one between her legs drew back slightly, his rough hands gripping her
small hips, holding her down tightly against the ground. He then rammed the
whole length into her suddenly, making her cry out in pain as he ripped away
her virginity. After the first thrust, he starting pumping into her cunt
energetically, grunting in pleasure, his stiff cock completely filling her
tight vagina. His thick tool stretched her small cunt wide, and she moaned
in pain as he slammed his hips down against hers over and over, fucking her
into the ground relentlessly.

The Tusken let out moans of pleasure, her small pussy tight around his cock
as he raped her roughly, shoving his length in deep. He slowed, enjoying
her young body completely, letting out a small growl. Padme felt relieved,
hoping that he had finished, when she felt his shaft swell inside her, making
her cry out again as he climaxed. He spilled his sperm deep into her womb,
grunting in pleasure as he filled her small body with his jism. Padme
gasped, crying as tears streamed down her cheeks, feeling completely violated
as the beast rammed himself in with short thrusts, pumping his foul cum
further inside her.

Sobbing in relief as he pulled out, she was caught by surprise when he moved
up, wiping his cum-covered length over her face. He smeared his shaft against
her cheek and lips, her tears mixing with his semen. She kept her lips
tightly closed, not wanting to taste any of it, but could smell the musky
scent of his penis.

The Tusken then stood up, covering himself with his robes again as he
muttered and growled to the two guards. Padme gasped for breath, shuddering
as she felt some of the Tusken's cum drip out of her slit. One of the guards
reach over, pulling the stake out from her bound wrist. The other grabbed her
long brown hair, yanking her limp body up. Padme moaned in pain, moving up
quickly as he walked behind her, pushing her to her hands and knees. They
stripped her of her tunic, leaving her completely naked as both removed their
robes, cocks hard and long as they knelt in front and behind her. She gazed
in horror at the prick in front of her, and felt the second one's penis press
against her opening.

The first grabbed her hair, wrapping it about his hand as he forced her head
forward, his stiff length pressing against her lips. He muttered a command,
yanking on her hair as he tried to push past them. The Tusken behind her
gripping her waist, ramming himself into her slit without warning, causing
her to gasp. The first one quickly shoved his cock into her small mouth,
grunting in her pleasure at the feel of her warm lips.

Padme moaned around the prick in despair, shutting her eyes tightly as both
started to fuck her from both ends. Their shafts slid in and out of her, her
pussy unwittingly gripping the cock, sucking on it. She pushed her tongue
against the cock in her mouth, hoping to push it out, but all that seemed to
do was make him pump faster. He growled, staring down at her as he yanked
hard on her hair, making her moan and open her mouth wider. Drool covered the
Tusken's cock as he rammed it down her throat, raping her mouth eagerly.

The second one thrust hard into her vagina, filling her tight slit with his
pole, hips slapping her ass with each thrust. Leaning forward, he reached
beneath her to pinch her hard nipples, fondling her barely developed breasts
as his cock plunged into her again and again. Her body still reeling from the
first rape, she could only kneel there submissively as they raped her mouth
and cunt, the sexual stimulation causing strange feelings to ripple through
her body.

Padme held herself up on her hands and knees, breathing quickly through her
nose. She moaned helplessly, drool coating her lips and dripping down her
chin as she unwillingly sucked on the intruding penis. She felt the constant
pounding of the second one's hips against her body, pushing her mouth forward
over the first one's cock. She felt the prick swell inside her mouth, almost
choking her. She tried to pull back, knowing what it meant, but the Tusken
held his hand hard against the back of her head. He held her tightly against
his hips, burying her face into his robes.

He groaned loudly in bliss as his penis flooded her tight throat with his
semen. He rammed his cock in as far as he could, forcing her to swallow. She
took as much as she could in her small mouth, but some inevitably dribbled
out her lips. He pulled out suddenly, grunting to the second one. Padme
gulped in air in relief, gasping for breath, her mouth hanging open, drool
and cum slipping from her mouth and dripping down her chin. She then saw him
stroking himself off, sending more of his seed onto her face and hair. She
moaned, closing her eyes as his seed landed onto her nose and into her mouth.

The second one, still fucking her cunt violently, pulled out of her to empty
himself all over her back and ass. The Tusken in front of her pulled on her
hair, muttering a command as he pressed the head over her lips. Padme winced
in pain, gazing at the cum-covered prick and then up at him. He repeated the
command, slapping her once. Padme looked in fear at him, closed her eyes,
and opened her mouth for him. The Tusken growled menacingly, and she quickly
stuck out her small tongue, lapping at the wet penis, licking his cum off it
slowly, hesitantly. He grunted in approval, still gripping her hair as she
ran his tongue all over her length, licking the jism until she had gotten all
of it.

He barked again when he saw her try to spit it out, slapping her hard.
Shivering, she looked up fearfully as she closed her mouth, swallowing his
cum slowly. He then ran his fingers through her bound hair, undoing it and
letting her long hair hang freely about her shoulders and down her back.

The two guards grunted and muttered to each other, and the one in front of
her shoved her onto her back, untying her wrists. Padme quickly reached for
her clothes, but the second one grabbed her hair, yanking her back, growling
at her and pointing to the side. She looked over, and saw nearly a dozen
more Tusken standing and watching her. She had no illusions about what they
wanted. She whimpered quietly, drawing back when two more approached her,
their bulges evident even through their heavy robes.

Over the next few hours, she quickly learned what they expected her to do as
they raped her repeatedly. When any one of them offered her their prick,
she quickly took it into her mouth and sucked on it dutifully. Swirling her
small tongue over their hard shafts, she reluctantly sucked lightly on them,
licking their cum from their cocks. She ran her tongue all over it, caressing
it up and down until they either came down her throat or she had licked it
clean of their juices. They forced her to swallow as much as she could, but
the amount of cum emptied into her became too much, and soon they seemed
content to let it just dribble out of her slack mouth.

Some just stroked themselves on front of her face, spraying their thick cream
all over her face and hair. After repeated attempts to shove their cocks down
her tight throat, making her gag, Padme relaxed her throat for them, taking
every cock in as far as she could. Each time a penis was pressed against her
slit, she pushed back with her hips to take it in all the way.

After a few hours of being fucked from both ends on her hands and knees, she
was laid onto her back while they rammed their fuck poles down her throat
and into her vagina, impaling her to the ground. Her body limp from constant
violation, they had no trouble raping her in various positions as she lost
the will to resist.

One Tusken had laid down on the ground, making her sit on his shaft while
another stood in front of her, ramming his throbbing length down her throat.
Another had laid her on her back, making her wrap her legs tightly around
him as he raped her violently, his cock thicker than the others had been.

Her cunt was stretched wide, her mouth hung open as drool mixed with thick
cum in her mouth and down her chin. They never took her more than one or two
at a time, but when one group was done, another quickly took their place. She
never had a few minutes rest before being filled with cocks again.

Padme was raped all night long, and she quickly lost track of how many had
violated her mouth and cunt. By morning, she was covered with cum, the thick
cream drooling out of her abused cunt and along her inner thighs, the taste
strong on her tongue as it leaked out over her lips, and her long brown hair
was stained with it, both dried and fresh.

Would it ever end, she wondered deliriously...



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