Star Wars - Episode 1: Padme Mauled Part 1 (MF,fist,BDSM,ncon)
by Pjurado

Darth Maul was adjusting the wide, black leather restraint around Padme's
small, gagged mouth when the Sith's control wristband chimed. Evaluating his
work, making sure the rubber shaft was firmly jammed down the young girl's
throat, Maul raised his left wrist and confirmed that the primed probe droids
were in proper position.

Padme lay bonelessly against a sandstone wall, her wrists cuffed in front of
her, the stun bands constantly sending a low-yield electrical charge through
her small body, turning her muscles to jelly.

Maul smiled cruelly and touched a silver stud upon his wrist device, a series
of explosions shattered the peaceful desert night, dull, red plumes of fire
flashed in the distance.

"The slaver's dwelling is no more," hissed Maul, squatting before Padme and
grasping her little knees, jerking her short, bare legs apart.

Padme's brown eyes enlarged, her cries were muffled by the stiff rubber
cylinder rammed between her lips.

"Hmm, no underwear, not very proper for a queen," mocked Maul, his red-gold
eyes twinkling with amusement as he flexed his black-gloved fingers and hiked
up Padme's blue tunic, laying his palm against her golden-brown tummy and
narrowing his eyes in concentration.

Padme moaned weakly into her rubber gag, her tummy felt warm where the Sith's
hand touched her, the heat grew, Padme would have struggled, but the stun
cuffs effectively paralyzed her.

"There it is, a rather crude device," observed Maul, removing his gloved palm
from Padme's belly, flexing his slender fingers again while he critically
examined the young girl's naked pussy.

Padme screamed into her gag when Maul jammed his leather-clad hand into her
little cunnie. The Sith gritted his sharp teeth together as he shoved his
arm ever deeper into Padme's vagina, working his way to the opening of her
cervix, then pushing in his limb to the elbow to enter her young womb.

As Padme wept and stared at her captor, Maul bored through the sobbing girl's
flesh with his brilliant eyes that burned with the Dark Side's fire. Heat
blossomed within Padme's quaking belly, the young, bound girl felt Maul tear
something inside her, she squeezed her weeping eyes shut, certain she was
going to die in moments.

Maul pulled out his soaked right arm. With a slurping, sucking sound, the
Sith's drenched, gloved hand emerged from Padme's yawning hole, a piece of
mangled black plastic dripping between his pinched fingers.

"From one keeper to another, eh?" chuckled Maul, tossing away the ruined
explosive device. "The bonds I use upon you will be much stronger."

Padme tried to close her soaked thighs, but they refused to obey her, they
remained splayed apart, her throbbing cunnie gleaming with blood and vaginal

Pulling up the heavy cowl of his black cloak, Maul gathered the limp young
girl into his strong arms and hid her within the thick folds of his
voluminous cape before he left the dark cul-de-sac to walk silently through
the winding alleys of Mos Espa's sprawling warrens.

* * *

Darth Maul carried Padme up the ramp of the Scimitar into its sphere-shaped
hull. As the curved ramp cycled up and sealed, a square bed draped in black
silk emerged from the center of the deck, Maul laid Padme upon the hard
mattress, then crossed the cabin to the banks of flight consoles arranged
in a crescent arc before a single, leather-cushioned chair.

Padme blinked her tear-filled brown eyes and looked around the cabin while
Maul awoke the sleek ship's engines. The domed cabin was very spartan, closed
lockers lined the remainder of the bulkheads. When something jingled above
Padme, she looked up at the domed ceiling, her eyes grew wide, chains dangled
from the gray bulkhead, some ended in leather cuffs, others tapered into
sharp, jagged hooks that gleamed blood-red from the recessed scarlet lamps
that illuminated the Scimitar's flight deck.

The cuffed young girl felt the cabin shudder beneath her when the Scimitar
took to the air. The flight deck was quiet except for the low hum of the
ship's ion engines as it sliced through Tatooine's night sky, ascending to
the cold heavens.

Padme lay on her back, watching the hanging chains sway and dance above her
while Maul programmed the Scimitar's course and prepared it for the jump to
Hyperspace. Padme felt herself pressed into the mattress beneath her when
the dagger-shaped starship lanced into the vortex of Hyperspace, the pressure
eased after the transition was complete, she heard Maul rise from his flight
chair, listened to the rustle of his cloak as he slipped from its heavy

Padme shifted her wet eyes to watch the Sith when he sat to her right on the
edge of the hard bed. The horn-crowned alien leaned over the bound girl to
remove the tight gag from her gaping mouth, the rubber shaft stuffed between
her lips gleamed with her saliva when Maul pulled it from her sore throat.

"We are returning to Naboo, little queen," growled Maul, chilling Padme's
blood with his angry, smoldering eyes. "You will sign the treaty with the
Trade Federation as my master wishes."

"I will not," said Padme, her heart racing with terror even as she defied her
cruel captor.

"So brave, I like that," smiled Maul, running a gloved finger down Padme's
smooth left cheek, pinching her tiny chin, raking his fingers down the young
girl's small chest to her nude crotch.

"You can torture me all you want, I won't sign anything that enslaves my
people!" declared Padme, her eyes becoming more defiant as she steeled

"Were you thinking of your people when you were sucking all those clients'
cocks? Did you care about Naboo when you were snorting Glitterstim and
devouring your sweet little friend's pussy?"

Fresh tears welled in Padme's eyes when she remembered Amber. "I...I did what
I had to do to survive."

"And you will do so again, little queen, little Padme, or you will not live
to see another day. I will kill you if I must, and it will not be a quick
death, oh, no, my young queen, it will not be quick at all," sneered Maul.

The Sith reached for Padme's wrist cuffs, he began to unlock them. "Shall we
begin, your highness?"

* * *

The neuro-whip flashed and sliced across Padme's naked back from right
shoulder to left hip. Padme screamed, the chains supporting her wrists and
ankles writhing above her as she hung horizontally above the flight deck,
her head and unbound hair hanging, her tummy heaving beneath her.

Maul licked his crimson lips and raised the sizzling, violet lash, he slashed
down again, scoring Padme's bare left buttock, adding another glowing red
welt to the generous collection the sweating young girl already possessed.
Padme whimpered and clenched her weeping eyes shut, her cuffed wrists and
ankles ached from supporting her weight for so long, the flesh of her back
and bottom was on fire, hot agony raced along her parted, bruised thighs and
small calves.

The panting, bare-chested Sith approached Padme's hanging, naked body and
stroked her flushed, perspiring skin. "I see that someone else has taken a
whip to you, a client? The welts have healed, but the flesh remembers, does
it not, little queen?"

Padme didn't answer, she sobbed for breath, her limbs hung limply.

Maul gathered Padme's sweat-soaked hair and yanked her face up. The tattooed
warrior kissed the young, hanging girl roughly, sucking upon her tender,
drooling lips, then releasing her small, gasping mouth.

"We have both known pain, young queen," purred Maul, letting Padme's head
fall, his bare, cool palm stroking the young girl's slick spine. "I will give
you pain, more pain than you have ever imagined in your short life."

Padme whimpered softly, bitter tears spilling from her anguished eyes.

Maul licked Padme's bruised left shoulder and returned to his position a
short distance from the young girl's bound feet. The sweating Sith raised the
neuro-lash again, the violet whip snaked out from the handle, Maul's muscled
shoulders tensed as he swung the snapping lash, searing Padme's gleaming,
inner left thigh.

* * *

Padme lay curled in a fetal ball upon the slick, black sheets. The naked girl
couldn't sleep, pain filled her every waking thought, she was stiff, her
muscles taut wires that threatened to snap at the slightest movement. With
trembling fingertips, Padme wiped salty tears from her hot cheeks, Maul was
in his flight chair, making sure the Scimitar remained on course for Naboo,
her home, which she would give over to the Trade Federation when the Scimitar
finally reached its destination.

And she would do it, too. She was prepared to do anything, sign anything, to
keep the neuro-lash away. Maul had hurt her more than Xur had ever done. Like
the Falleen, Maul enjoyed inflicting pain upon her, but it was just an
appetizer to the Sith, Padme knew he enjoyed something else far more, he
wanted to kill her.

Maul returned to the wide bed. The Sith was naked, his lean, muscled body a
swirl of crimson flesh and thorny black tattoos. Maul climbed on top of
Padme, he rolled the young girl onto her back, she winced from her flaring

"Feel like signing that treaty now, little queen?" purred Maul, his strong
hands running over Padme's small stomach, enfolding her budding breasts and
kneading the soft, warm flesh.

"Y...yes, I will," agreed Padme, hot tears swelling beneath her eyes.

"Good girl," smiled the Sith, baring his fangs and playfully gnawing on
Padme's throat.

Maul buried his crimson fingers within Padme's thick, silky, brown hair, he
devoured the young girl's quivering lips, he rubbed his hard erection between
her welt-crossed thighs, the bloated tip pressing into Padme's pert cunnie
mouth. Sliding his hands from Padme's disheveled hair, Maul grabbed her
little knees and yanked her brown legs apart.

"No, please...don't," sobbed Padme, pushing weakly upon the Sith's taut

Maul snarled and slapped Padme across the face, the back of his hand
impacting with a sharp CRACK! As Padme burst into tears, Maul thrust into
her bruised pussy, grunting while he humped between the young girl's
spread-eagled legs. Smashing into Padme's small crotch, Maul snatched her
little wrists and pinned them above her head as he bucked against her
violently, impaling her soft, pink twat with his thick, vein-bulging member.
Padme's parted legs shuddered every time the Sith rammed through her open
vulva, she squeezed her weeping eyes shut when Maul ran his cold tongue
between her small breasts, teasing her engorged nipple buds and soaking
them in saliva.

Yanking his dripping cock from Padme's pouting snatch, Maul roughly rolled
the naked young girl onto her belly. Padme whimpered when the nude Sith
speared his meat into her tiny bung, shoving himself deep into her small
ass. Maul stretched his hot, sweating body over Padme, his slick, crimson
and ebony flesh slid over her welt-adorned, golden-brown skin, he rubbed
the young girl's thin arms, squeezed her small wrists while he humped her
glowing buttocks, flesh slapping sharply upon flesh.

The hard mattress beneath Padme creaked and groaned while Maul rode her.
Wincing from every violent stab through her rectum, tears glittering upon
her cheeks, Padme buried her face in the sleek, silk bedsheets, clutching
the slippery midnight fabric with her clawed fingers while she bucked
beneath the humping Sith, his ebony fingernails dragging over the naked
girl's small, bare shoulders.


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