Star Wars - Episode 1: Padme Mauled Part 3 (MF+,MF,oral,anal,BDSM,ncon,mc)
by Pjurado

Padme gasped when the leather whip cracked across her naked back, the lash
biting into her gleaming, brown flesh, droplets of scarlet slipping down the
curve of her spine. The nude young girl pressed her small body against the
cold, gray pillar, her slim arms ached above her head, locked in tight iron
manacles, the skin around her thin wrists chaffed and raw.

"Master! Whip me!" begged Rabe from the pillar to Padme's right, the
handmaiden's dusky, naked body covered in burning and bleeding welts, her
dark, almost black eyes upraised in ecstasy.

"As you wish, little one," hissed Maul, his naked crimson and ebony body
shining in the torchlight of the secret palace dungeon as he lifted the
dripping whip and lashed Rabe's squirming body two, three, four times in
quick succession. Rabe moaned huskily after every cracking impact, she
clung to the crumbling pillar with her open, trembling hands, honey
spilled down her short, dark brown legs, her little ass shivered in the
flickering firelight.

Padme whimpered when Maul rubbed his body against her raw back and heavily
bruised buttocks, the Sith combed his strong fingers through the young
queen's unbound, slick hair, he pushed his hard erection between her little
slashed cheeks, probing the pert opening of her wet cunnie.

"Your young friend has learned to enjoy our little sessions down here. Do you
enjoy them, little queen?" purred Maul within Padme's right ear.

" know I don't," whispered Padme, closing her eyes when Maul
caressed her slick tummy with his cool palms, groped her little tits and
pinched her nipples sharply until a harsh gasp escaped her quivering lips.

"If I gave you some Glitterstim you would enjoy it, wouldn't you? You'd
scream with pleasure and your honey would flow," murmured the Sith, kneading
Padme's small breasts, his breath hot upon the nape of her little neck.

"Stop...stop it!" panted Padme, her young thighs quaking.

"Mmm, I can smell your excitement, little queen, you're ready."

"What?" gasped Padme, her brown eyes wide as she looked up at Maul over her
bare right shoulder.

Padme squeeked when Maul jabbed his thick prick through her tiny, pert bung.
The naked queen's small ass bobbed up and down while the nude Sith humped
her, his clutching fingers digging into Padme's sweat-soaked tits, his mouth
tasting the warm flesh of her neck and shoulder as he bucked into her rectum
faster and faster. Padme felt her pussy start to drip, she whimpered, hot
tears spilled down her cheeks, her small body pinned against the rough marble
pillar while Maul thrust his veined meat deep into her little ass, kissing
her throat, the creamy, golden-brown flesh of her shoulder and right arm, the
musky crook of her smooth armpit.

Padme let her swaying head fall back, she moaned as the impaling Sith ran his
crimson lips over her exposed throat, across her tiny chin, then over her
tender, moist lips. She groaned inside Maul's mouth while he sucked upon her
sweet, young lips, she started to press her own mouth into the humping Sith's
when he jerked free his engorged cock and spilled hot cream over her
shivering buttocks, pale semen running down her tight crack to drip along her
bruised, flushed thighs.

Padme dropped her chin to her heaving chest, her limp wrists fell when Maul
unlocked the iron cuffs that had bound them.

"Clean yourself up and get dressed, you have a meeting with the Neimoidians
in a few minutes."

Padme kept her head down and gathered up her clothes before heading for the
stairwell back to the Royal Palace. As she started to climb, Padme winced
when she heard the sharp crack of Maul's whip, and the blissful moan made by
her shackled handmaiden.

* * *

"We have been most impressed by your work, Guildsman Contopault," smiled Nute
Gunray, sitting within an ornate, high-backed chair to Queen Amidala's right.
"We wish to utilize your contacts with who deal in the
slave market. The Trade Federation plans to exploit all of Naboo's resources,
and of course one of its most lucrative resources is its inhabitants."

"Generally my associates only deal with slaves in the Outer Rim territories
where the Republic's authority is minimal, Naboo is a Mid-Rim world,"
reminded Shem Contopault before he inhaled deeply from his smoldering roll
of Red Lotus.

Padme caught a whiff of the fragrant spice leaf, her nostrils tickled, she
yearned to take a hit, but concentrated on not squirming in her throne and
drawing the Viceroy's ire.

Rune Haako raised a placating hand at Amidala's left, "Naboo has agreed to
sanction slavery as part of the treaty they signed with us, the Republic
cannot interfere. All that is needed now is a buyer, can you arrange for

Shem smiled beneath his long, salt and pepper mustache and trimmed beard, he
puffed contently upon his shrinking roll of Red Lotus. "Yes, I can assure you
that my associates will be quite eager to acquire healthy slaves from Naboo,
I will begin establishing shipping schedules immediately."

The two Neimoidians rose with the Naboo guildsman and began walking towards
the throne room's tall exit, forgetting about the young queen who sat quietly
within her enormous, oversized chair.

"We have already established several camps along the outskirts of Theed with
prisoners we processed during the initial occupation of Naboo, they could
serve as our initial shipment to your associates," suggested Nute, his long
fingers fluttering with excitement as he walked beside Contopault.

When the smoking guildsman halted suddenly in mid-step, the Viceroy followed
the bearded human's gaze, and inhaled a sharp breath at the sight of the
glaring, robed Jedi.

"What's this talk about slavery? You know slavery is outlawed in Republic
space," glowered Obi-Wan Kenobi, his hands resting upon his hips.

"This is a Trade Federation world now, you are here simply as an observer for
the Senate," snapped Rune.

"And I will tell the Senate about this mad scheme of yours, Viceroy," glared
Obi-Wan, which made Rune back-pedal frantically.

"Tell the Senate what you wish, Jedi, our actions are perfectly legitimate,"
sneered Nute. He turned to address Amidala. "Tell him, your Highness."

Reluctantly, Padme rose from the cushioned throne, she clasped her small
hands together before her. "I do not contest the Trade Federation's decision
to enslave a portion of Naboo's population, it is their right as occupiers of
my world."

Obi-Wan stared at Padme in disbelief. Pressing his lips together, the young
man spun on his heel and marched down the long central hallway of the Royal

As she lowered herself back into her throne, Padme caught Eirtae and Sabe
exchanging glances with each other, the young queen's heart froze with fear
for the well-meaning Padawan.

* * *

The two scarlet-robed handmaidens emerged from the dark stairwell into the
torchlit lair of the waiting Sith. Maul reclined in a black satin-covered
chair, sipping from a silver goblet while he idly watched Rabe hanging
unconscious from her manacles, her mouth slack and drooling, her hairless
pussy soaked in musky cum.

Eirtae and Sabe shrugged out of their robes and crossed the warm chamber
naked to Maul's resting place, they each knelt by one of the Sith's knees,
the young girls reached out to stroke Maul's taut, crimson thighs.

"The Padawan knows the Neimoidians are planning to enslave the Naboo, he says
he's going to report it to the Senate," whispered Eirtae, her dark eyes dusky
as she lowered her head and rubbed her smooth left cheek up and down Maul's
wiry leg.

Maul caught Sabe's small hand, which had begun questing towards his crotch.
"Where is the boy staying?"

"In one of the guest apartments of the Royal Palace," answered Sabe, her hot
eyes locked upon the Sith's hanging cock.

Maul released the handmaiden's fingers, Sabe grinned and started massaging
the Sith's member to hardness. Maul's thin lips curled into a smile when
Eirtae nuzzled her beautiful face between his parted legs, licking the tip
of his growing erection with her gentle tongue. Maul stroked Eirtae's long,
soft hair.

"You will visit the boy, my dear, I have a task for you."

Eirtae looked up into the Sith's bright eyes, then she swallowed the
bulb-shaped head of his prick, moaning with pleasure as she sucked languidly
upon her master's manhood.


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