Star Wars - Episode 1: Padme Mauled Part 4 (FF,drugs)
by Pjurado

Obi-Wan emerged into the moon-lit bedchamber still gleaming from his hot
shower. Draping the damp drying towel over the footboard of the wide,
canopied bed, the young Padawan climbed atop the thick mattress and assumed
a meditating pose, bare legs crossed before him, open palms resting upon his
knees. Obi-Wan took a deep breath, he slowly closed his eyes, let the Force
flow through him.

There was...a disturbance in the Force, something elusive, yet definitely
malign, dark. Obi-Wan furrowed his brow, he stretched out his Jedi senses,
attempted to find the source of the darkness.

Someone knocked sharply upon the bedchamber door. Obi-Wan grunted and opened
his eyes, he climbed from the bed, looked around for one of his robes.

The person at the door knocked again, even more insistantly.

"If you're that impatient...," growled Obi-Wan as he marched across the dark
room to the door and flung it open.

Padme stared up at the Padawan with wide, frightened eyes, she shoved past
him into the bedchamber, then spun to face him.

Obi-Wan had barely closed the door when Padme blurted, "You're in danger,
Master Kenobi, you must leave Naboo."

The young queen didn't seem disturbed by Obi-Wan's nudity at all, she seemed
not even to notice it. Blushing hotly, Obi-Wan finally found an empty brown
robe draped over a chair by the tall bedroom windows, he shrugged into the
robe and belted it before meeting the pensive girl's gaze.

"Something's going on in the Royal Palace, isn't it, your Highness?" prodded
Obi-Wan, his eyes piercing Amidala.

"Y...yes," nodded Padme, her cheeks burning. "You have to go before someone
tries to kill you!"

"The Neimoidians?" suggested Obi-Wan, crossing the space separating him from

"No," frowned Padme. "Someone else...someone worse!"


There was a knock upon the bedroom door, a gentle rapping.

"She's here!" gasped Padme, her eyes huge as she stared at the closed door
with horror.

"Who's here?" sighed Obi-Wan, taking Padme's small shoulders and forcing her
to look at him.

"Eirtae! She belongs to him! You mustn't let her touch you!" hissed Padme,
clutching the Padawan's arms.

"You're not making much sense, your Highness," frowned Obi-Wan, squeezing the
young girl's shoulders. "Take a deep breath and try to tell me what's going

Eirtae knocked on the bedroom door again, measured, patient.

Padme slipped out of Obi-Wan's grasp and went to the door, she yanked it
open, Eirtae stared at her in surprise.

"Your...your Highness!"

"I won't let you do it, Eirtae!" snapped Padme, her brown eyes flashing.

"This was very foolish of you, your Highness," smiled Eirtae coldly, her
right hand dipping into her wide left sleeve. "Go to your apartments, the
other Handmaidens will see to your every desire."

"No! I won't let you hurt Master Kenobi!"

"The Sith do not tolerate betrayal, little queen," hissed Maul from the
shadows of the hallway as he emerged into the dim moonlight.

"Sith!" exclaimed Obi-Wan, stretching out his left hand, summoning his
lightsaber and snapping it to life.

Eirtae lashed out with a finger needle wet with glie poison, the needle
burned across Padme's left cheek, the queen staggered back as the handmaiden
tackled her to the floor.

Maul ignited his own scarlet lightsaber when Obi-Wan leapt over the two
struggling girls to chop at him with an azure blade. The two lightsabers met
in an explosion of red and blue sparks, Maul slashed out at Obi-Wan, the
Padawan performed a spinning back-flip, landed lightly on his feet, then cut
at the black-robed Sith, who easily parried.

Eirtae cruelly slashed through Padme's embroidered robes, painfully
scratching the young girl's skin with the poisoned needle. Padme could feel
the glie poison spreading through her bloodstream, freezing her muscles,
paralyzing her, leaving her at the possessed handmaiden's mercy.

"All you had to do was be a good little girl, our Master would have given
you all the Glitterstim you wanted, and he would have ravished your sweet
body till you begged for more," purred Eirtae, rolling Padme onto her back,
straddling the twitching queen's body, leaning forward to lick Padme's
feverish right cheek. Eirtae tossed her long hair and pouted, "Now I have
to kill you, you're just not a reliable pawn anymore."

Padme blinked tears from her eyes and gritted her teeth together. Curling a
left leg that could barely bend, Padme smashed her heel into Eirtae's tummy,
shoving the leering handmaiden away.

"You little bitch!" snarled Eirtae, crouching low to the floor, her furious
eyes completely black, consumed by the Sith poison she had been force-fed.

"I'm sorry, Eirtae," wept Padme before she dove at the hissing handmaiden.

Eirtae caught Padme across the forehead with the poisoned finger needle.
Padme's open palms smashed into Eirtae's chest, the handmaiden was propelled
backward across the bedchamber, and through the tall bedroom windows.

Padme fell to her knees, blood pouring down her weeping face as she listened
to Eirtae's fading screams.

* * *

Maul slashed open Obi-Wan's right thigh. The Padawan stumbled, barely
blocking an overhead cut. Grinding his teeth together, Obi-Wan shoved back
Maul's growling, crimson blade and slashed at the Sith's mid-riff, Maul
jumped back, then launched himself immediately at the gasping boy, smashing
his lightsaber on the young Jedi's upraised weapon.

Maul stiffened when something bit into the base of his spine. He retreated
from the barely standing Padawan and reached for the irritant, he jerked a
needle from his flesh, it gleamed darkly with his blood and glie poison.

The Sith glared hatefully over his right shoulder at the young girl stretched
out in the open doorway of the Jedi's bedchamber. "You...!"

Agony flared in Maul's stomach, he stared down at his torso, Obi-Wan's azure
lightsaber was nestled inside his body, reducing his internal organs to
melting goo. The Padawan slid out his humming blade, Maul collapsed wide-eyed
onto his back, limbs splayed out, his scarlet lightsaber flickering, then
dying as its master expired.

* * *

Obi-Wan opened the tall chamber door and limped inside. The enormous
bedchamber was bathed in warm, golden sunlight, Padme was sitting up against
the gilded headboard of her huge, four-poster bed, the veils drawn back to
let in the bright, morning sunlight, her small frame enfolded by several
gigantic, fluffy pillows.

The wincing Padawan sat gingerly on the edge of the bed to Padme's right, he
smiled at the young queen, who looked up from a report she had been engrossed

"Are you feeling better today?" inquired Obi-Wan, critically examining the
bandage over Padme's forehead, then the dressings upon the girl's other

"Yes, much better," nodded Padme, smacking Obi-Wan's fussing hands away. "Did
you cure Sabe and Rabe?"

"I did, your Highness," smiled Obi-Wan, Padme sighed with relief. "The Jedi
know ways to counter Sith poison."

"The Neimoidians?"

"They left at dawn. A Republic task force will escort the Trade Federation
off-system, as well as arresting their slaver associates on-world."

"I'm glad the Senate decided to void the treaty the Viceroy coerced me to
sign," grinned Padme.

"Supreme Chancellor Palpatine got the measure passed in half an hour, a
record for the Senate, I believe," smiled back Obi-Wan.

Queen and Jedi both laughed, Obi-Wan's smile faded slightly. "Your
Highness...Padme, if you need to talk about your time on Tatooine, if there's
anything I can do...?"

Padme's smile died. She shook her head, "No, there's nothing you can do.
I'll...I'll be fine."

Obi-Wan grasped Padme's small right hand, he squeezed her little fingers.
"I'm staying until you're completely healed, let me know if you require

"I will," smiled Padme wanly, slipping her fingers out of the concerned
Padawan's hand.

Obi-Wan stood and left Padme alone in her sunlit bedroom, closing the door
behind him. Padme stared at the portal, she wiggled her toes beneath the
heavy covers.

"Is he gone?" hissed a tentative voice.

"Uh, huh," grinned Padme, tossing aside the boring report.

Rabe peeked up from the left side of Padme's bed, she climbed to her feet and
brushed her loose red robe off.

"They really need to dust underneath your bed better," complained the dusky
handmaiden, shrugging off her unbelted robe and climbing into bed with the
giggling queen. "Now, where were we?"

"You had something for me," replied Padme, her cheeks flushing.

"That's right," grinned Rabe, digging beneath one of the enormous pillows to
draw out a tiny crystal vial.

Padme licked her lips eagerly as she watched her naked handmaiden snort some
of the powerful Glitterstim. Rubbing her nose, Rabe handed the open vial to
Padme, her eyelids drooping as the young queen pressed the open vial to her
left nostril and loudly snorted up the remaining spice.

"Mmm, I feel so good, so hot...," smiled Rabe languidly, lightly stroking
Padme's left arm. The nude handmaiden giggled, "Do you want to know a

"What's that?" sighed Padme, spreading her legs apart underneath the heavy
covers, reaching beneath them with her right hand to caress her trembling

"I don't think Master Kenobi cured me completely from the Sith poison, I
still feel so horny!" giggled Rabe.

Padme giggled too, she leaned against Rabe, the two girls shared a long, wet
kiss. "I won't tell if you make it worth my while."

Rabe licked her queen's soft lips, she looked down at Padme's crotch where
the young girl played with herself. "I know just the thing to do."

Padme watched Rabe slip beneath the bedcovers. Padme's eyes enlarged and she
moaned in ecstasy when Rabe nuzzled between her open legs, gently sucking
upon her swollen, hot labia. Padme Amidala leaned back into her soft pillows,
her upraised knees quivering while her eager handmaiden devoured her young,
tender sex.

The End


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