Star Wars - Episode 1: Sole Survivor (f/droid,ncon)
by PJ

Queen Amidala and the handmaiden Rabe stood in the jungle clearing, waiting.

"What's taking the Gungans so long, Majesty?" demanded Rabe, pacing back and
forth behind the young Queen.

"It could be anything. Just be patient, Rabe," smiled Amidala, hands clasped
in front of her.

"Our alliance with the Gungans is too important to jeopardize with

"Forgive me, Majesty," bowed Rabe, halting her pacing.

The two girls waited in silence, a warm mist gathering around them, the air
humid and filled with strange jungle scents. Small animals called to each
other in the distance, and the light became fainter and fainter as dusk

Amidala sighed. "Call the transport to pick us up."

"Yes, Majesty," acknowledged Rabe, reaching into a jacket pocket for her
small comm-link.

Something approached through the dense foliage, snapping branches as it

"Did you bring a blaster?" asked Amidala nervously.

"No, I didn't," replied Rabe with a violent shake of her head.

The mist was torn aside, to reveal a single hunch-backed droid with blaster
arms leveled at Amidala and her friend.

"A Destroyer!" gasped Rabe, hands raised against her slack mouth.

"Split up! Keep calling the transport when you get a chance!" ordered
Amidala, stumbling to the left in an ungainly sprint.

Before disappearing into the jungle, Amidala saw Rabe run across the length
of the clearing, the Destroyer giving chase in a stumbling waddle.

Amidala wheezed for breath after running nearly non-stop till nightfall. The
jungle was cloaked in darkness, the once comforting animal sounds becoming
shrill and ominous. Resting against the trunk of a wide, towering tree,
Amidala jerked when she heard blaster fire echoing through the jungle. There
was a loud tearing sound, the sound a tall tree would make as it fell. The
sound stopped, and silence quickly replaced it once more.

"Rabe," murmured Amidala, her eyes becoming hot with grief.

Choking back her sobs, the young girl tore off her long, mist-damp robes.
Dressed only in a thin white undershirt, panties, and white stockings,
Amidala unbound her intricately coifed hair and let it flow freely down her
back. The slender girl resumed her flight from the Destroyer, proceeding
deeper into the thick vegetation. Amidala walked hour after hour, until her
legs felt weighed down with lead and her eyes threatened to seal shut at
any moment. The beautiful Queen stopped walking to examine her immediate
surroundings. Spotting a nice, sturdy branch that wasn't too far up, Amidala
gingerly climbed the rough-skinned tree to the desired branch and settled
herself in the nook between branch and trunk. Sighing contentedly, Amidala
let her eyes close, sleep almost instantly claiming her.

The tree shuddered beneath Amidala, then slowly began tilting towards the

Amidala jolted awake, looking down in horror as the earth rushed forward to
meet her. She leapt from the branch just before it was shattered by the
massive weight of its parent tree. Crouched on her bruised knees, Amidala
panted for breath, slowly raising her head to see the Destroyer droid
scrabbling towards her.

Due to her close proximity to the advancing droid, Amidala noticed that it
appeared to be heavily damaged, with its left blaster arm dangling from a
few frayed wires, its reactor bulb scorched from laser fire.

Amidala attempted to push herself to her feet, but the Destroyer moved with
snake-like speed, tripping her with one of its claw feet, pinning her to the
soft earth with its working blaster limb.

Trapping her on her stomach between its slender legs, the Destroyer slid its
blaster limb inside the right side of her panties, ripping the delicate
garment away. It rubbed its weapon hand between Amidala's ass cheeks, hissing
as it fondled her. Amidala tried to pull herself away from the droid, but the
Destroyer had her neatly caged, she was trapped underneath the machine's

Amidala heard a whirring noise that forced her to crane her head back as far
as she could. The girl's eyes widened in horror when she beheld the Destroyer
extending a shaft-like power coupler from its torso housing. The shiny metal
probe stretched down to Amidala's small bare butt, nuzzling into the prone
girl's crack. Amidala screamed, pushing up against the Destroyer with all her
feeble strength while the droid inserted its cold coupler into her tender
pussy. Amidala closed her eyes, tears sliding down her painted white cheeks
as the Destroyer burrowed deeply into her vagina, the slick metal making the
walls of her hole shiver reflexively. The droid began a lewd pumping action
with the extended coupler, ramming itself into Amidala over and over. The
helpless Queen moaned, biting her lower lip, her flat belly rubbing against
the soft, moist ground.

The Destroyer manipulated its weapon arm underneath Amidala, rubbing the
barrels of its twin blasters in-between the young girl's still growing tits.
Amidala moaned, the cool metal sliding up and down the warm flesh of her
cleavage. She grasped two of the droid's legs with her hands, holding them
tightly as she rocked underneath the Destroyer, her body writhing in time
with the thrusts of the droid's plunging coupler.

The Destroyer increased the speed of its limb, the gleaming metal rod ramming
harder and harder into Amidala's dripping cunt. Amidala grunted from each
shove into her vagina, her thighs shivered, her breath came in harsh gasps,
her fondled breasts ached as her orgasm gathered within her flushed body.

The droid removed its coupler, the entire length of the rod oozing with
Amidala's honey. It plunged the rod back into the moaning girl's slit with a
loud squish, juices splashing across the Destroyer's bloated abdomen. Amidala
squeezed her eyes shut, her mouth hung open, drool trickling down the left
side of her mouth as her body rocked from the force of the droid's thrusting.

Amidala screamed in ecstasy as she climaxed, her ass trembling while bursts
of nectar leapt out of her pussy and splashed over the looming droid.

The Destroyer gracefully side-stepped off of Amidala, positioning itself in
front of her, its long power coupler dipping down so she could reach it with
her mouth. As Amidala tentatively reached forward to savor her own pussy
juices from the cum-slick shaft, there was a crash of foliage behind her.

"Remain still, your Highness!" shouted the Royal Guard, raising his blaster
rifle and firing a sustained burst at the Destroyer.

The droid screeched in agony, flopping onto its right side, legs wriggling

The Royal Guard walked into the clearing, firing his blaster at the
overturned Destroyer.

Bits of metal flew everywhere, small explosions rocking the droid as laser
bolts tore into its inner workings.

Before it died, the Destroyer reached out to Amidala with its one functioning
weapon arm, a request for one last caress.

Amidala placed her right palm over the droid's blaster barrels, sliding her
hand down to the blackened muzzles.

The droid chirped softly once, its eye ports fading, then it died.

"Your Highness! Are you hurt?" asked the Guard, kneeling at Amidala's side.

"Just a bit sore," groaned the Queen, allowing the strong Guard to help her
to her feet. "Did you find Rabe?"

"Yes. We heard her comm-signal and came as quickly as we could. She was
trapped beneath a fallen tree; her legs were broken, but the doctor says
she'll be dancing in a week."

"I'm glad," smiled Amidala weakly, glancing briefly at the fallen Destroyer
before following the Royal Guard to the waiting speeder transport.

The End


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