Star Wars - Episode 1: The Queen's Request (M/f,alien)
By Pyro

Aboard the Nubian-class royal starship as it sped through hyperspace, Queen
Amidala made her intentions clear to Captain Panaka and the Jedi. Once they
returned to Naboo, she would take back her planet from the invading Trade
Federation. Panaka and Qui-Gon Jinn both insisted it would be an impossible
task, given the lack of an army to stand against the Trade Federation's
legion of battle droids. This suddenly gave Amidala and idea...

"Jar Jar Binks."

"Mesa, Your Highness?"

"Yes. I need your help."

Jar Jar fidgeted nervously, stepping out from behind the two Jedi and coming
forward to face the Queen. He had already been through too many dangerous
adventures and wasn't keen on getting into anymore trouble.

"I need to make contact with the Gungans," Queen Amidala continued.

"Oh no!" Jar Jar exclaimed. "Mesa NEVER goin back dere! Mesa was almost
killed last time. No! No way!" The Gungan shook his head, his big floppy
ears swaying back and forth.

"Jar Jar, the Gungans are our only hope. Without their army, we haven't a
chance of defeating the Trade Federation."

"Mesa sorry, Queenie, but if mesa went back to Gungan City, mesa doubt they'd
even listen and even if dey did dey probably wouldn't care."

The Queen was troubled by his response. She hadn't the time for this. They
would be arriving at Naboo within the hour and would need to get in contact
with the Gungans quickly before the Trade Federation learned of her return.

"Master Jedi, what do you think?" she asked Qui-Gon.

Qui-Gon thought for a moment and then answered, "I'd have to agree with Jar
Jar. It seems unlikely he would be able to sway the Gungans enough to help

"Very well," The Queen said somberly, "I need to think alone for a while.
You're all dismissed." Everyone bowed and began to leave the starship's
throne room. "Jar Jar, I want to have a word with you in private please."
Jar Jar halted in mid-step and nervously spun around, afraid the Queen was
going to punish him.

Alone with the Gungan, Amidala began to speak. "Jar Jar, is there really no
way I can get you to at least try and convince the Gungans to join us? It is
our only hope, you know."

"Mesa berry sorry Queenie, but Boss Nass would punish me for sure! And
'sides, the Gungans hate yousa people. Dey would never be helpin' yousa."

"I'd still like the chance to speak with Boss Nass, and you're the only one
who could get in contact with him. What if I give you a reward?" the Queen
offered, trying to bargain with the Gungan. "There must be something you'd
be willing to risk your life for. Wealth? Power?

"Eh," Jar Jar said nonchalantly, "Mesa happy just fine living simply in da

"You must get lonely though. What about a nice home in Theed?"

"Mesa wouldn't fit in well with yousa people, an' a nice home isn't worth
riskin' mesa life."

"What about pleasure... what gives you pleasure?" The Queen was running out
of options and getting desperate.

"Ummm," the Gungan pondered for a moment. "Well, mesa don't get to have much
fun. It's hard havin' fun when yousa all alone, and mesa been alone for a
berry long time."

An idea hit Amidala, one that was bold and would test her moral limits as a
Queen. Suddenly one of her handmaidens entered the room and said, "My Queen,
we'll be arriving at Naboo in 25 minutes," then promptly left.

That settled it. The Queen had to act now. "Jar Jar, please follow me to my
quarters. I need to show you something."

Queen Amidala rose from her throne and proceeded through the ship toward her
private quarters. When they arrived at the entrance, Jar Jar stepped inside
the door just before it closed and waited silently for the Queen, who was
facing away from him, to speak.

Amidala didn't know quite how to word her next question. "Jar Jar, have you
any experience in... making love?"

Jar Jar blushed as his Gungan face turned red, looking down at his giant
orange feet. "Ummm.. no," he mumbled nervously. He was still young for a
Gungan and had never mated with a Gungan female yet, especially since he
had been banished from Otoh Gunga for his troublesome nature. He knew
little about how to have sex with someone else. "But mesa know about doin'
it to mesa self."

The Queen smiled knowingly and turned around to face the Gungan. "You mean

"Sure! It's feels good!" Jar Jar's yellow eyes lit up when he saw that the
Queen understood. "Yousa ever try?" he asked, having no sense about what
was a decent topic of conversation when it came to royalty.

Now it was Amidala who blushed and laughed at Jar Jar's frankness. "Yes,
Jar Jar. But you've never had someone else do it for you?"

"Nuh uh."

Clearly Jar Jar wasn't catching on yet. "It feels a lot better when someone
else does it for you. Would you take a risk for me if I did that to you?"

A light finally went off in Jar Jar's head and a bulge in his pants began
to stir. "Uh, mesa know where yousa goin' wit dis, but..."

"Please, Jar Jar. You're our only hope!"

The Gungan thought for a moment, "Will yousa do it again when mesa get back
from Gungan City?"

Amidala was happy that he was beginning to open up to her offer. "Yes Jar
Jar, I'll do it again after you get me in contact with the Gungans."

"Okey dey! Mesa happy now!" Jar Jar said gleefully.

Amidala started toward Jar Jar. "And we'll just keep this a secret, okay?"

Jar Jar nodded, looking down at the Queen with a big goofy grin on his face,
not quite sure what was going to happen next.

Amidala knelt down in front of the tall Gungan, the layered skirt of her
heavy purple travel gown folding around her on the floor. Jar Jar was
surprised at the Queen's initiative. He never expected a Queen to act like
this, but his curiosity and eagerness to try something new more than welcomed

Carefully the Queen untied and pulled down Jar Jar's leather pants, revealing
long muscular orange-yellow legs with dark brown spots along the sides. Upon
freeing his growing member from it's leather confines, Amidala let out a
small gasp when she saw the size of Jar Jar's Gungan cock dangling between
his legs. It was humongous! At least a foot long already, and it wasn't even
hard yet. Were all Gungans this... big?

Amidala took hold of it in her delicate right hand, though it was wider than
she could fully grip. The Queen was still a young girl, and she knew about
sex and had practiced it alone and with her various handmaidens, but this was
her first time with a male partner. She had seen a few erotic holovids before
and learned from watching them how to please a man's phallus with her mouth
and hands, as well as how to have straight sex. She certainly hadn't planned
for her first time to be with a Gungan rather than someone of the Naboo upper
class, but this situation called for desperate measures.

She lifted the long thick yellow hunk of flesh up to a horizontal level and
began to stroke it gently, immediately sending a wave of pleasure through Jar
Jar. He responded with a soft wubbling sound. Amidala continued her rhythmic
massage of his cock while she began to fondle Jar Jar's massive testicles
underneath. She cupped one in her hand, feeling it's warmth. It was heavy
yet soft with a slight texture. With care, she rubbed her delicate fingers
against his mottled skin. His cock grew even longer in her hand and its
smooth round head emerged from the wrinkled foreskin along with a drop of
clear creamy pre-cum.

Amidala tilted the cock upward and pressed it against Jar Jar's belly. With
a sigh of hesitation, the Queen leaned in and began to lick at Jar Jar's
tightening ball sack. She had seen other women do this to men and knew it
must feel good, and she wanted Jar Jar to feel good too. With her little
pink tongue, Amidala licked at the balls until they were wet enough and then
she began to suck on them. Alternating between either one, they filled her
mouth completely.

As she held up Jar Jar's long shaft with her other hand, she felt a thick
stream of pre-cum oozing down from the cockhead. She let the testicle fall
out of her mouth and then licked fluid from the back of her hand. She
wrinkled her nose at first, finding the taste bittersweet.

Next she slowly ran her tongue from the base of his cock all the way up to
its head, collecting the rest of the pre-cum on her tongue for lubrication
before taking the large head into her mouth. Amidala wasn't adept at oral
sex and couldn't quite fit the head completely in her mouth, so she opted
instead to suck on what she could.

The head was soft and spongy and felt nice to suck on, not un-like the
candy she ate as a younger child, Amidala thought to herself as she licked
playfully. With both her hands gripping the rigid shaft, the teenage Queen
worked the giant Gungan cock with long, full strokes, making it grow further
in size. As she got used to the girth of the cockhead, Amidala was able to
slowly take more and more in, eventually fitting it completely into her
wide-open mouth. She held the head there for a moment and sucked hard and
deeply but found it hard to breath so she removed it. The Queen took a
moment to catch her breath and then looked up at Jar Jar, who had a serene
look of joy on his face.

"Is this good, Jar Jar?" she asked, eager to please him.

"Oh, muey muey! This is bombad! Don't stop, Queenie! Make me go ooey gooey
an' den mesa help yousa."

"Okay, Jar Jar. But don't come in my mouth. Tell me when you're about to do
it, okay?"

"Okey dey, Queenie. Mesa lovin' dis!" Jar Jar was anxious to experience more
of these wonderful new sensations.

The Queen took the cockhead back into her mouth again. This time, a little
more relaxed, she was able to hold it in her mouth and breathe normally
through her nose. After a while of repetitive sucking, Amidala was surprised
when Jar Jar placed his hand on the back of her purple veiled headdress and
forced her head down gradually onto his cockmeat, slowly pushing more of it
into her throat. The Queen was mildly upset by this but couldn't even moan
in protest, instead working her hardest to swallow it without choking.
Positioning her neck correctly, she was able to take a fair amount of Jar
Jar's meaty prick into her expanding throat, which surprised her to say the
least and delighted the horny Gungan to no end.

With nearly a third of Jar Jar's cock buried past her mouth, Amidala began
to slowly pull back off the penis, only to have Jar Jar thrust forward,
sending even more cock than before down her throat. Almost gagging, the Queen
was now deep-throating close to half of the massive Gungan phallus.

Holding her veiled headdress firmly in his large hands, Jar Jar began to fuck
Amidala's face, with each thrust burying more and more of his cock in her
throat. Amidala placed her hands on his hips for support as she devoured inch
after inch of his thick fuckstick. It wasn't long until she felt Jar Jar's
balls slapping against her chin. Jar Jar noticed this too and realized he was
getting carried away with his actions. He let go of her head, allowing his
cock to slide out of the Queen's mouth so she could once again catch her

Though he prepared for the worst, the Gungan got the best he could hope
for as Amidala paused for a moment and then resumed sucking on his cock,
swallowing it down her throat again. She would first pull out almost the
entire cock before working her lips along the entire length, eating it all
up into her eager mouth. Jar Jar was in Gungan heaven, leaning back against
the wall by the room's door, his shaky legs no longer able to support him.
He slowly slid down the wall until his rear hit the floor, and Amidala
followed him all the way down. She re-positioned herself to one side of Jar
Jar and continued her duty. With the foot long Gungan cock sticking straight
up she found it easier to deep throat him. Jar Jar's hips began to buckle
and an orgasm about to erupt.

"Queenie!" he shouted. "Mesa gonna come!"

Amidala immediately pulled off the Gungan cock as the first giant spurt
erupted, splashing against her face and smearing the pale white makeup that
covered it. She opened her mouth to gasp, only to receive another stringy
spurt against the back of her mouth and she instinctively swallowed. The
Queen leaned back as the cum kept shooting from Jar Jar's cock. She continued
to jerk the pulsing cock as the sperm overflowed and covered her hands. After
almost a solid minute of cumming, the Gungan's penis began to shrink and
soften and Amidala let go of his shaft.

Holding a wet messy hand out in front of her and wiping away some cum from
her face with the other, Amidala spoke to the lucky Gungan, "Now, will you
help me, Jar Jar? Will you go to Boss Nass on my behalf?"

Jar Jar nodded and gave her another goofy grin. Suddenly, Captain Panaka
sounded over the intercom.

"Queen Amidala..." he said through the speaker.

The Queen stood and spoke into the comm receiver on the wall. "Yes, Captain?"

"I'm sorry to interrupt, but we've come out of hyperspace in the Naboo system
and our scans show that the Federation is landing more troops on Naboo. It
would be too easy for their carriers to spot us, so we'll have to wait a
while longer before entering orbit."

Jar Jar suddenly looked up with wide yellow eyes, his prick beginning to stir
back to life. The idea of having some extra time with the Queen excited him.
"Queenie, does dissin' mean wesa can have some more fun?"

Amidala noticed Jar Jar's cock growing stiff and upright again, and she
sighed to herself. It would be unfair of her to refuse him and let his
erection go to waste. And this time she'd have to perform more than fellatio
to get this Gungan down.

"Of course we can, Jar Jar," she smiled, walking over to her full-length
mirror and stepping out of her small slippers. She looked over her shoulder
at Jar Jar, who still sat on the floor against the wall, and she asked, "Can
you help me remove my gown?"

Jar Jar leaped to his feet and rushed over to her, clumsily fumbling with the
Queen's elaborate purple gown as they both unlaced it one piece at a time.
Letting the bulky dress fall to the floor, she revealed her young nubile
teenage body to the Gungan, her small perky tits with rosy pink nipples erect
with excitement, and the lacy lavender panties covering her virgin pussy and
ass. Amidala's veiled headdress was too complex and intertwined with her hair
to remove, so the Queen chose to leave it on. Jar Jar stood back and stared
in awe of her beauty as Amidala bent forward and eased the silky panties off
her narrow hips and down her bare legs.

With her body completely naked, Amidala walked over to her bed and called
for Jar Jar to join her. The Gungan walked over with his enormous erect cock
swaying back and forth between his legs.

"Lay down, Jar Jar." the Queen said, patting the bed with her hand. Jar Jar
eagerly complied, flopping over onto his back, nearly knocking the Queen off
the side. With the Gungan horizontal and his foot-long dick lying against his
belly, Jar Jar watched Amidala crawl on top of his legs, positioning herself
just above his long shaft. Amidala couldn't deny the excitement she felt now,
about to feel this giant thing deep inside her. It would surely make her moan
in pleasure like the girls in all those holovids she had seen before.

The Queen pushed herself back so she was on her knees and palms with Jar
Jar's cock pressed hard against her slit. She began to move her body up and
down against it, making herself and the cock wet. Amidala reached below
herself and took hold of the thick phallus and she leaned back onto her left
knee with her right leg up right on the other side of Jar Jar. She began to
rub the cock against her moistening cunt and slowly started to feed it into

"Ooh! Oooooooahhhhhh!" the Queen moaned, as the bulbous head gradually
penetrated her. Having already split her hymen through masturbation when she
was younger, she had never come close to having anything this size enter her
so it was quite a new experience. Amidala pushed down harder, determined to
fit it in herself though her pussy was obviously too small and tight to
accomodate it.

Jar Jar grabbed onto her thin waist and started to force her down harder.
Padme stifled a scream as her cunt stretched open wider. As it entered her,
the Queen was over come by the sensation and bit down on her lower lip.

Outside the Queen's quarters, her two handmaidens Rabe and Eirtae approached
the door, checking to see if the Queen needed them for anything. Just as
Eirtae was about to beep the door to alert the Queen, she and Rabe heard from
inside the room...

"Oh Jar Jar! Oh God! It's so BIG!"

Eirtae and Rabe looked at each other silently for a moment, then smiled.
They turned around and walked back down the hall to the main hold.

Finally the head of Jar Jar's cock was completely inside Amidala's vagina
and she fell forward on top of Jar Jar, out of breath and panting. "Oh, it
hurts, let me get used to this for a moment, please, Jar Jar." The Queen
squirmed and wiggled her lower body around the giant cock as her pussy grew
wetter and wetter until it literally dripped with liquid down the enormous
Gungan prick.

Once she caught her breath, Amidala pushed back with her palms dug into the
bed. The cock slid further into her, causing the Queen to moan at the
wonderfully intense feeling. Jar Jar let out a deep grunt of pleasure at the
incredible tightness of Amidala. He had no idea it would feel this good.
"Oooh, Your Highness. Dis is berry berry good!" Amidala giggled, sharing his

The young Queen continued to gradually take in more and more of Jar Jar's
erect member until nearly six inches were inside her. For the first time
Amidala started to pull off the long fleshy rod, ready to begin fucking it
at a steady pace. She leaned forward, pulling out about 4 inches of cock.
Then she leaned back onto it, taking it back in. She continued this,
gradually increasing her speed as she became looser and wetter. Soon the
Queen was able to just bend her back and rock her pelvis to achieve the
same effect. Amidala placed her right hand on her bottom and pushed down
on herself, taking in another inch of cock and keeping up her speed. She
started to bend her knees as her royal pussy sucked in almost half of the
massive dick.

"Oh, this is incredible, Jar Jar! I'll have to send you on dangerous missions
more often!" the Queen teased. Eight, then nine inches plunged in and out of
her at a quickening speed. Amidala began to grow tired from doing all the
work and Jar Jar sensed this as her speed decreased. Ready to return the
favor, the eager Gungan lifted the teenage girl off himself with his long
muscular arms. She was slightly confused, not knowing if he was stopping or

"Mesa take you Kaadu style now, okey dey?" he said.

"Sounds exciting," Amidala purred, moving up the bed and waiting on all
fours, her pussy dripping with girl juices. The Gungan got on his knees
behind her and easily slid his member deep into the Queen.

"OHHH! More! More, Jar Jar! I need more!" a lust-filled Amidala shouted.

The Gungan pounded harder, moving his hips as fast as he could. Due to the
incredible length of his dick, Jar Jar had to move Amidala's body for her
in order to fuck her fully. Gripping her waist firmly he pushed her back
and forth in rhythm with his thrusts. Ten inches moved like a piston in and
out of Amidala's pussy while her eyes were clenched shut and mouth hung open.
She was almost in shock from the sheer force and ecstasy of it all.

"Oh! It's so deep in me, Jar Jar! Don't stop!" The Queen's body was drenched
in sweat and drops of it rolled down her face, smearing more of her white
royal makeup. Her headdress rocked back and forth with her body, its long
purple veils sticking to her naked backside from the perspiration. Amidala's
found it difficult even to hold herself up with her arms, so she let herself
lay flat on the bed, her small tits pressed against the soft bedcover.

Jar Jar, however, didn't like this awkward position and abruptly pulled out
and flipped her petite body over with ease. Now with the Queen laying face up
on the bed, the horny Gungan held his cock and started to enter her again.
The Queen's legs spread wide apart as he slid his throbbing prick in and out
of her. Eleven inches now managed to penetrate Amidala's cunt and she loved
every inch of it.

"OHHHHHH YESSSS!" she screamed. Jar Jar worked furiously above her. The Queen
put her hands on the back of her legs and pulled them back, spreading herself
even wider, amazing Jar Jar with her body's flexibility. He thrust faster and
deeper into her, finally forcing all thirteen inches of his massive organ
into her sloppy wet hole.

Amidala was on one long wave of orgasms now, her pussy constantly spasming
with each thrust of Jar Jar's prick. She could feel his balls slapping
against her ass and could actually see his cock moving inside her tiny womb
pressed against her flat belly.

Finally achieving his second climax, the Gungan started to come, though not
before pulling out. The young Queen could tell what was happening and pulled
the veils of her headdress away from her chest, ready to receive her pearl

Jerking his cock frantically, Jar Jar spat his cum all the way across the
Queen's body, quickly covering her face and upper body. Amidala giggled and
caught a shot of sperm in her mouth, which she swallowed down without a
second thought. Another hit her check, then above her eye, then across her
lips, which she licked clean with her tongue. Streams of jizz splashed on
her small breasts and she rubbed them and pinched her cum covered nipples.

As Jar Jar's jerking began to subside, Amidala pushed herself up and leaned
in toward his cock. Taking hold of the dripping cockhead, she licked it clean
of the remaining sperm and sucked of it dutifully for a moment before doing
the same to the sweaty, now softening shaft.

Content that Jar Jar's cock was completely spent, the Queen looked up at the
Gungan. "Are you finally done?"

Jar Jar stared wide-eyed at the girl, a look of bliss on his face. Not before
making one solid nod the Gungan fell backward, rolling off the bed and onto
the floor. Amidala scrambled to the edge to see if he was all right.

"Jar Jar! Jar Jar!" she yelled and shook his body. Then the sound of snoring
came from the Gungan and the Queen sighed. "Good idea," Amidala said to
herself and then she took a nap for the remainder of their free time.

She awoke a while later when a chime rang through the room, signaling that
someone was at the door. "It's time to change, My Lady," said Eirtae's voice
from outside. The Queen rolled over in bed and looked about her surroundings,
surprised to find that Jar Jar was gone. It seemed as though he even tucked
her into bed before he left.

"Enter," she said, and both Eirtae and Rabe came into the room. Amidala
crawled out of bed, nude except for her headdress, half-dried cum covering
the front of her body. She felt a trickle of Jar Jar's cum drip out of her
pussy and down the inside of her thigh as she stood up. Before the
handmaidens noticed, she scooped it up with her finger and put it in her
mouth, now finding the taste of Jar Jar's cum mixed with her own juices
rather delicious. The two handmaidens glanced at each other, their suspicions
of what took place in here earlier confirmed.

As the handmaidens cleaned and dressed their Queen, Captain Panaka spoke over
the intercom. "We're entering the atmosphere, Queen Amidala."

Leaving her quarters, now disguised as one of the Queen's handmaidens in her
burgundy and gold battle fatigues, Padme Amidala saw Jar Jar standing with
the others in the main hold of the starship. He was looking over at Sabe, now
posing as the queen in white makeup and a red and black battle gown. Padme
smiled, realizing the Gungan had mistook Sabe for her. Perhaps next time, if
there was a next time, she would introduce them... in bed.



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