Star Wars - Episode 1:
The Slut Of Naboo Part 1 - Rape Of The Queen (M+f,ncon)
by Pyro

The celebration after the parade in Theed continued, and seemed to have no
end in sight. Everywhere people were still cheering with the parties only
growing in numbers. In the Royal Palace, the grandest party of all was
taking place. All members of official Naboo and Gungan leadership were
there, including many offworlders, such as members of the Jedi Council. The
Queen was making an effort to expand her knowledge of the Gungan government
and it's infrastructure first hand, taking the time to meet all of the
high-ranking Gungan officials. Among these people was General Hars, a legend
in Gungan culture for his unparalleled bravery in the battlefield and his
infallible skills as a military leader.

Leaning over the wide assortment of appetizers, the General was careful not
to give away the fact that he had no idea was he was supposed to do. A large
rectangular table covered with platters, which in turn were covered with
small pieces of food. Each piece of food, no larger than two square inches
were intricately designed with all sorts of useless leaves, creams, cheeses
or whatever. In his culture food was to be eaten, not decorated. Why would
you want to each a dozen or so appetizers of fish when you could just each
the fish whole. Pulling away from the table the General sighed, yearning for
a normal meal.

"General!" Hars turned to see who called for him and saw the Queen Of
Naboo heading toward him through the thick crowd. "General, if I may have a
moment." A sudden wave of regret washed of Hars; he wished hed stayed with
the appetizers. The General had a great distaste for the Naboo and especially
their leader, whom he saw as a fashion statement who cared more about looking
royal than about helping her people.

General Hars bowed humbly before the Queen "Wesa honored to have served da
cause, Queen of Naboo. Mesa men died knowing it was for da greata good. Da
greata good of yousa people," he struggled to continue, "...and mine."

"Please, we are humbled by your sacrifice," the Queen responded quickly,
noticing that the General was still very emotional about the battle. "We
could not convey our sorrow for your loss but I thank you on behalf of my

The General forced a smile and bowed his head as the Queen moved away,
probably scouting for more Gungan officials to suck up to, he thought. After
letting out a sigh he looked down into his drink, thinking about everything
that had happened as of late. Peace had just been won for Naboo, at least for
the moment, but were the Gungans not at peace before the cowardly Naboo ran
to them for help? Were not hundreds of Gungans killed in the battle that
ensued? For what? What did those hundreds of brave soldiers die for? A race
of spineless hypocrites that preach equality while at the same time driving
his people back, further into the wilderness and eventually into the sea,
hidden from all. His men knew why they were fighting and knew it was wrong,
they hated it as much as he did, but they fought for him, not for the Naboo.
But what did he fight for? Boss Nass? A fat, greedy and completely moronic
politician. Boss Nass didn't join the Naboo in the fight because the Gungans
might be the Trade Federation's next target. No, he joined because he knew it
was an opportunity to expand his power by uniting with their ancient enemy,
the Naboo. General Hars shook his head in disgrace. His men followed him
because he was noble, brave and a great leader, but why did he follow Boss
Nass when he was none of these things?

The General now had next to nothing. Only five of his loyal men, the best of
the Gungan's elite military forces, remained out of the hundred he had led
into battle. Boss Nass insisted his men be on the front line; the fool had
no idea what they were up against. Thousands of heartless Trade Federation
battle droids along with dozens of powerful tanks and destroyer droids, and
all the Gungans had were energy balls and small shields. In General Hars'
mind, this battle was not a victory, but a terrible defeat for the Gungan
people. He had to win back his honor, not for himself but for his men.

* * *

As the weeks went on the General formed a deep understanding of the Naboo
people, not out of curiosity, but because he was researching them, finding
out what they needed and wanted in a leader. What made Queen Amidala so
special to them and what could make her so terrible to them.

One thing that struck him early on was the prim and proper attitude of the
entire culture. It wasn't just a particular area or class; it was everyone.
Yes, they had a class system, but the class-stereotypes that usually follow
did not apply, for everyone generally behaved the same and believed in the
same things. To commit a taboo here would surely mean your undoing, not with
death but as an unwelcome member of Naboo society for sure. And the taboos
of such a culture are innumerable.

The General knew what he had to do. It was simple. His men lost their honor
because of Boss Nass, who himself had no honor. The Naboo will lose their
honor once the Queen loses hers. He would humiliate her; drive her very soul
into the ground, turning her into the very thing the Naboo have worked so
hard to escape. To accomplish this, he would need help. His five remaining
soldiers were completely loyal to him and would most certainly help in his
cause, even if it meant betraying Boss Nass.

* * *

After a long day of deliberation between Boss Nass, Queen Amidala and their
advisors, the Queen was more than ready to go to bed. Making her way down
the corridors of the large palace in her heavy throne room gown with her
handmaiden, Rabe, she took note of how relaxed and satisfied everyone in the
palace now seemed, as if they had just gotten out of a hot bath or something.
While she was happy for them, such a lax in behavior could lead to problems.
But it was late and she could worry about that tomorrow. As Amidala
approached her living quarters she noticed that the two guards outside her
room where slouched, leaning against the wall with their blasters hanging at
their side and not in their hands as they should be.

"Excuse me," the Queen spoke with a firm, commanding voice. "We may no longer
be under the threat of the Trade Federation, but that's no excuse for the
both of you to neglect your duties. Stand up straight, pick up your guns and
stay attentive."

The guards snapped to attention and did what she told them. The Queen let out
a sigh and, without saying another word, pushed open the double doors leading
to her chamber and continued on in with Rabe close behind.

The guards outside also let out a sigh once the doors were closed and after
a moment one of them whispered to the other, "Man, she can be such a bitch
sometimes, especially for someone so young."

The second guard responded, "It's been hard on her lately, so go easy on

"Hey, it's been hard on us too. We were doing all the fighting while she was
doing all the political crap. She owes us." He realized that his voice was
getting too loud so he lowered it before continuing, "Look, nothing is gonna
happen tonight. There are already 200 soldiers guarding the palace and I'm
tired. Let's go back to the barracks and get some sleep."

The other guard, who almost fell over from exhaustion, caught his balance,
"Ah...what? You wanna leave?"

The other guard just looked at his friend and said nothing, grabbed him by
the shoulder and they left for the barracks for some long-needed rest.

In her large bed chamber the Queen sat in chair facing a large mirror hung
on a wall. Finally the Queen was able to relax. This was the only time during
the whole day that she didn't have to do anything and didn't have to worry
about anything, though that proved difficult at times. Rabe worked with
steady hands as she removed the elegant headdress from atop the Queen's head,
causing Amidala's hair to unravel into its full length, longer than the
Queen's height. Rabe then carefully folded and twisted the Queen's hair back
into another elaborate design. The young handmaiden began to remove the
Queen's red gown, piece by piece, starting with the top part that lay over
her shoulders. After twenty minutes the Queen sat there completely naked,
waiting for Rabe to finish wiping away the white makeup from her face.

Staring at her body in the mirror across from her, Amidala began to run her
fingertips along her chest, down her belly but stopping before reaching her
crotch. She was beautiful and she knew it just as everyone else did, and she
liked that fact. She never acted on it, never seduced anyone, though the
thought had entered her mind. She just liked knowing she could do so whenever
she desired.

Once Rabe finished cleaning her face, Amidala slipped into her sleeping gown
and gave Rabe a kiss goodnight before her handmaiden left the room and the
Queen got into bed.

Outside the palace, a group of three Gungan warriors made their way up the
large cliff atop which the Royal Palace lay. Gungans were agile creatures,
in the water and on land, as all amphibious creatures are. It was an easy
climb for them and most of the Naboo guards posted around the base of the
palace were either asleep or just not at their posts. If anyone did see
them, it would be easy for these highly trained Gungans to deal with a few

As soon as they were on top of the cliff they made their way into and across
the courtyard of the palace, encountering no resistance. Getting inside the
palace was easy but their destination was on the second floor. They headed
for a far corner of the darkly lit palace, one that would face away from the
city and wouldn't have many, if any guards on patrol tonight. One of the
Gungans opened a large window at the end of the hall and used grappling guns
they had stolen from the Naboo to get up to the second floor. Being a cool
night, it was easy to find an open window on the second floor. Though there
were more guards on the second floor, they were just as relaxed and careless
as the others. Some were even sleeping at their posts. Slipping past the
sleeping guards, they arrived at their destination: the Queen's bedchamber.

As a further testament to the carelessness of Naboo Security tonight, there
was no one even standing guard outside the Queen's room. Looking around just
the make sure it wasn't a trap, the Gungans opened the door, moved inside,
and shut it behind them again. The three stood in the chamber for a moment,
surveying the room and already planning an escape route. One was easily
found -- the laundry shoot. It was big enough for all of them and would lead
to the basement, which would surely be uninhabited at this time of night.
Two of the Gungans headed for the Queen's bed where she slept.

As they approached, the Queen stirred in her sleep and then slowly opened her
eyes. A hand with a rag bathed in a Gungan sleep toxin came over her nose and
she was out again. Removing the rag and putting it into his back pocket, the
Gungan warrior picked up the Queen and put her tiny body over his shoulder as
he headed for the laundry shoot. Another of the Gungans went first down the
shoot, then after securing the Queen on his back the second followed, and
then the third and final Gungan. All three pressed hard with their large feet
against the sides of the vent to slow their drop. Eventually the three landed
softly on the hard cold floor of one of the sublevels. From there the
kidnappers made their way out from the basement, back down the cliff and into
the swamps with young Amidala in tow.

* * *

Slowly the young Queen regained consciousness and opened her eyes, though
soon she wished she hadn't. Sitting on a patch of wet, soggy moss in the
middle of some swamp she looked around her to see three large muscular
Gungans, all wearing soldier uniforms, and all with emotionless expressions
on their faces as they stared at her. After a moment of silence she slowly
spoke, stuttering at first out of fear, "Wwwwhat's going on?"

A response came quickly from outside the circle of Gungans she was trapped
in. "Why Queen Amidala, wesa want yousa to enjoy dis!"

Amidala looked about trying to find the source of the voice, which she
recognized by its dialect to be Gungan. "What? Who are you?" Amidala quickly

"Da questions an' answers will come later, much later," said the voice. "Now
wesa justa plant da seed, and let time do it's work."

The Queen was more confused now than ever, but before she could utter another
word the Gungan continued, "Remember Queen, thisa all bein' recorded."

Amidala looked about for a holo-camera and saw one above her suspended in the
trees. The Gungan continued, "Little Queen, wesa got to yousa once and wesa
can get to yousa again, so yousa better be thinkin' twice before tellin'
anyone about dis. After all, bein' raped is a humiliatin' experience and all
of da Naboo would know!"

"What!?" Amidala blurted out as she tried to stand and make a run for it, but
the Gungans easily overpowered her and she fell back to the ground. Off in
the distance she could here the Gungan laughing as he walked away and the
three other Gungans started to form wicked smiles on their faces. The Queen
couldn't move she was so terrified, realizing that these awful Gungans were
going to have their way with her. She couldn't even scream, the fear was so
overwhelming. How was she going to do this, how could she handle this?
Despite her fear, she promised herself she'd never once shed a tear during
this. She was a ruler, a Queen, not a frightened little baby.

The Queen sat motionless on the mushy ground, her eyes looking around at
the Gungans, waiting for the first to make his move. Was she supposed to do
something? What if she was? What if she didn't? Would they kill her if she
didn't? Two of the Gungans unfastened and removed their leather pants, the
other one soon followed. Amidala was mesmerized by the size of their thick
cocks, at least a foot long each with a scaly texture along the shaft ending
with a smooth rounded tip. She had never seen a man's penis before in person,
but was sure that no human's penis could be this long or thick.

The Gungan standing directly in front of her gripped his cock in his right
hand stepped forward and waved it in front of Amidala's face. Amidala finally
managed a scream as she turned away from the huge prick only to be met with
another hitting her face as all the Gungans closed in on her. The virgin
Queen panicked and tried to hide her face in her arms but she was too slow as
a Gungan grabbed her by the hair pulling her head toward his erect cock.
Before she could react the giant penis was forced into screaming mouth. She
shut her eyes as her face was pushed down onto the cock though little more
than the head could fit into her small mouth. Amidala pushed violently at the
Gungan, trying desperately to remove the cock but the two Gungans standing on
either side of her took control of her flailing arms and placed her hands on
their dicks with their hands over her's. With one hand keeping the Queen's
secure the Gungans began to lubricate their dicks with the massive amounts of
pre-cum they were ejaculating. With more than enough for lubrication they
rubbed the remaining fluid on the Queens face with the tips of their cocks.

Struggling to breath with a thick cock in mouth Amidala tilted her head up to
clear more space underneath her nose but inadvertently created a clearer
passage for the dick to travel down her throat. Seizing to opportunity the
horny Gungan did just that, or at least tried. Slowly he began forced in dick
past the back of her mouth and into her tight throat. As Amidala felt what
was happening she gasped which made it even easier for the cock to slid deep
into her. She could feel the cock head go down into her throat till it was
too tight to go any further.

With their cocks smooth with pre-cum the two Gungans on either side of
Amidala began to jerk off with her hand held on. One of the Gungans made eye
contact, gave her a stern look and said "play alonga and tings will go moch
easier Queeny, " with that he and the other Gungan released their grip from
their cocks with Amidala's hand still on, though she immediately let go and
tried once again to push away the Gungan in front of her. He was much too
strong and big for her to make any difference. As punishment he forced
another 3 inches of himself down her throat, Amidala couldn't take it, the
width was so great it hurt so she put her hands back onto the cocks and
started to jerk them off. The Gungan in front of her withdrew his tool till
his cockhead was at the back of her mouth and then forced it back down again,
repeating the motion with ease, as Amidala wasn't fighting it any longer. The
Queen could feel the pre-cum oozing out of the cock and onto the walls of her
throat and making the oral raping easier and more enjoyable for her
assailant. Using both hands the Gungan gripped her head and began to face
fuck the Queen, brutally; it was obvious that he was nearing an orgasm. He
slammed Amidala's head up and down on his cock so fast it was almost a blur.
The Gungan let out a deep moan as his cock became rock hard and started to
ejaculate. He pulled out slowly to savor the feeling and make sure Amidala
got a couple cum shots inside her. After pulling out completely the Queen
quickly shut her mouth and swallowed some semen accidentally in the tense
moment before the barrage of cum started. The Gungan immediately started to
jerk off, sending fat streams of cum onto the Queen's young, un-blemished
face for a solid minute leaving it covered in thick semen along some loads
getting shot in her hair. As soon as the first pause of cum shots came
Amidala opened her mouth to spit out the remaining semen but instead the
Gungan grabbed her head by the lower jaw and forced his member back into her
mouth where he continued to cum. With the cock head completely filling her
mouth the teenage Queen had no choice but to swallow all the cum, which
proved to be difficult because of the large amounts of it. The sight of this
was too much for the other two Gungans she was jerking off as they began to
cum all over her upper torso. The range of a Gungan cum shot is three feet,
which made her face the prime target, which took most the blasts. The
intensely erotic scene that was happening before their eyes only made the
Gungan perform even better. For 2 minutes the 14 year old Queen of Naboo,
still a virgin and who never even kissed a boy was jerking off two 12 inch
Gungan cocks that were ejaculating streams of cum onto her face while sucking
on the cockhead of another Gungan who was cuming in her mouth as she
swallowed it all down.

The Gungan in front of Amidala let his cock slide out of her mouth. The two
other Gungan let their last few streams of cum fly before going limp. Feeling
the cocks soften Amidala let go, figuring that it wasn't necessary to jerk
them off anymore. As soon as she began to wipe her face clean she knocked
back flat on the ground where the two Gungans she had just beat off held her
down. The Queen was able to clear away enough sperm to see the Gungan in
front of her as he began to force her legs open. It was obvious to the Queen
what they were going to do now. Kneeling between Amidala's outstretched legs,
the Gungan easily ripped away her thin thong panties. The sight of her tight,
bare pussy was more than enough to make him hard again. The Queen began to
whimper and beg for him to spare her virginity. Though usually a master of
diplomacy all she could manage was a heartfelt 'please'. The Gungan didn't
even look up he gripped his cock and pressed the head against the slit of her
pussy. Amidala saw it was futile and let her head fall back and rest against
the ground while looking up into the holo-camera and preparing for the pain
that was sure to come. The Gungan between her legs began to rub his pre-cum
on her pussy with his cockhead, making sure it was well lubricated before
entering her. Amidala spread her legs as far as possible with her knees
tilted up to allow the most unhindered and least painful entry.

The Gungan between her legs placed his left hand on her belly to help control
his intrusion and with his right hand on his cock he began in enter her
pussy. Amidala bit her lower lip as she felt her vagina being stretched and
his cockhead wasn't even halfway in. The Gungan continued to press against
the tight opening, force more and more of himself into her though he had
hardly entered pussy. Seeing he wasn't getting anywhere fast the Gungan, with
great force, drove his cockhead into Amidala tight pussy. The Queen let out
bellowing moan as her back arched. She couldn't believe the feeling, have
something so big inside her, she wasn't getting off on it for sure but it was
a totally new experience that sent her head reeling. Amidala lifted up her
head to see her bald, swollen pussy lips being stretched wide to accommodate
the giant cock inside her. She let her head fall back again and shut her
eyes, hoping it would be over soon. The Gungan began to move his prick
further into the Queen, loving the tightness of her pussy and suction it
created on his dick. It didn't take long for him to reach her hymen, still
intact of course. He decided to make this as enjoyable as possible. Slowly he
began to pull out and start to fuck Amidala but without breaking her hymen,
he wanted to make her looser and build up a good rhythm before so. She just
lay, sliding back and forth as she was fucked. She could feel the cum on her
face move with the motion of fucking. Soon the Gungan was ready to
breakthrough, she was looser now and he'd be able to continue on fucking
without pause. Pulling almost completely out the Gungan let his entire body
weight fall back down sending over half his dick into Amidala. Her eyes shot
open along with her mouth but nothing came out and in a split second she was
un-conscious, the pain was too much. The Gungan continued on fucking her,
sliding more and more of his dick into her. After about 40 minutes Amidala
woke up and for a moment with her eyes still closed and not yet remembering
what was going on she loved the sensation she was experiencing. Then her eyes
opened and it all came back. And she started to cry, even though she promised
herself she wouldn't. She looked down and saw a Gungan pistoning his cock in
and out of her pussy at a tremendous rate. She could see the cock in her
belly as it went through her, all 12 inches of it. She was astonished that
she could take all of it and more astonished that it wasn't ripping her
apart, though in those 40 minutes her body must have become accustomed to
it's size. Soon the Gungan fucking her was ready to cum and drove all of it
in and she could feel his cock ejaculating and the sperm inside, again like
when she first got the cock forced in her it was a feeling that was all it's
own. The Gungan pulled out his cock and continued to jerk it off onto her
body; Amidala didn't care anymore she just lay trying to look away from what
was happening to her. After the Gungan finished unloading on her he stepped
away and exchanged positions with a Gungan holding down the Queen.

For the next 3 hours Amidala was fucked by these rogue Gungans who never
seemed to run out of sperm and never tired of a tight 14-year-old pussy. Once
they were finished having their way with her they knocked her out again and
cleaned her up completely leaving no sign of rape. As a reminder one of the
Gungans kept her panties and shot a couple loads of cum into her mouth that
would surely get her attention in the morning. Once she was back in her
bedroom chambers and sound asleep, the three Gungans returned to the swamps
where they would wait till they were ready to execute the second part of
their plans.


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