Star Wars - Episode 1:
The Slut Of Naboo Part 3 - New Experiences (ff,MMf,cons,nc-cons)
by Pyro

A lone Gungan moved through the night briskly, never stopping for even a
moment. He was certain he wasn't being followed but that could change at any
moment and he would need as much of a head start as possible. The Queen was
obviously very willing, but he didn't know her or the way she might react.
The entire army of the Naboo could be after him by sunrise for all he knew.

It was deep into night; many creatures were roaming the land and air. Large
herds of Kaadus made their way across the vast fields, grazing in the dense
grass, hardly paying attention to the gungan warrior as he bounded past at
full speed. The moonlight turned his scaly skin a shiny blue tint while
illuminating the dew forming on the plants, making the grasslands look like
a sea of stars.

As he came to the jungle edge he stopped for a moment and turned to look back
at the royal palace, still brightly lit in the dark night, as if it never
rested. He stared at the balcony from which he had jumped off and was caught
in a rush of lust-filled memories; so fresh in his mind he could still smell
the palace room and the Queen herself. A breeze brushed across his naked
body, waking him from his momentary trance.

The jungle was especially warm on this hot night, everything perspired making
it seem as if it were raining. Birds flew low under the dense tree tops as
the small lizards moved about the damp ground in search of insects to eat. It
was a very ancient jungle and most of the rocks were dull now, covered with
plant life and soft moss making the Gungan's journey relatively smooth. At
last he came to a clearing, his destination, the Sacred Gungan Place, where
for generations the Gungans have banded together during times of great need.
For General Hars, this was a time of great need. Finally slowing his pace,
the Gungan warrior walked across the land slowly in respect for the grand
statues that littered the area, most of them overgrown by massive trees that
stretched far into the heavens.

On the steps of a temple stood the General Hars, tall even for a Gungan, very
muscular and even more proud as he always had his head cocked back and his
chin forward. Off to the side of the temple were the other four Gungans lying
on the ground, fast asleep. Though Hars hadn't left the Gungan military, he
was on leave and had no intention of using the army for his means since these
five brave men were all that he needed. The General turned around from facing
the temple and looked at the Gungan as he approached, his eyes peering
downward, his face cold and emotionless. The Gungan warrior snapped into a
military stance, waiting for the General to address him.

"Yousa do as instructed?" The General asked in his powerful voice that seemed
to stir the very jungle itself.

"Yessa, General. Da Queen Amidala actually made da moves on mesa. She was
berry skilled in da oral pleasures, an mesa could not hold out for long."

"Hmm… Dis'in interesting. Seems mesa plan is movin much more quickly den
first anticipated..." the general trailed off, deep in thought. "For now,
wesa will observe. Our presence may not be needed for some time. Tomorrow,
mesa gonna have lunch with da the Queen. Yousa an Gorgal will accompany
while Ton-Gar, Koo-Mul and Chamjo will be about the palace, spreadin rumors
of da Queen's sleeping with da Gungans. Da lunch will have only a few other
Naboo dere; other Generals like mesa. Da Queen hopes to join our two armies,"
Hars paused and let out a bellowing laugh, "Da Queen is only dere to
introduce us so she'll be open for conversation. I want yousa to sit next
to her an play on her emotions. Use what yousa knowin about her to yousa
advantage." He laughed again, more sinister this time, "Wesa gonna have a
grand time wit da Queen! Hahahah!"

The Queen awoke early the next morning, even before Rabe who would always
come to wake her. Lying in her bed, the first thing that came to her mind
was, of course, her extremely passionate blowjob of the Gungan that visited
her last night. It was all surreal in her mind, as it was at the time she
did it. She did it so naturally and without hesitation or thoughts of the
consequences, which was very un-characteristic of her. Upon that reflection
she was reminded of her decision to change and how maybe this was a result
of that. No, she said to herself, this was too drastic a situation. Worse
yet, she got much pleasure from it, and she never received anything sexual
during the encounter; she was the one performing all the dirty deeds.

Amid all her thought of last night, Amidala realized she was becoming turned
on. Her nipples were hardening and she felt her vagina begin to tingle with
excitement. Her hands instinctively went for her crotch, slipping into her
panties and fingering her young hairless pussy. Before going any further,
Amidala threw off the covers of her bed and removed her underwear. Laying
spread eagle on the bed she returned to fingering herself. With three fingers
buried in her pussy, the horny 14-year old girl slid lower onto the bed so
she was completely flat and lifted her legs back, spreading her ass checks
wide. Using her free hand, Amidala reached past her vagina and began to tease
her asshole. She had never taken it anally, not even when she was raped by
the Gungans in the forest, but was intrigued at the prospect.

"The amount of ways a woman can please herself is wonderful", she thought.
Inserting her middle finger in, she wiggled it about inside her warm anus,
fingering her butt hole. Soon she matched herself by having three fingers
penetrating both her holes. Nearing an orgasm, she removed her fingers and
used both hands on her pussy, rubbing hard on her clit and fucking her
sopping wet hole. With Amidala's eyes closed and moans ever increasing,
she didn't notice Rabe enter the room. Rabe was surprised at what the Queen
was doing but became so overcome with passion for her that she jumped at
the opportunity. After all, her encounter with the Queen yesterday led Rabe
to believe she was obligated to please Amidala in a sexual way.

Still in her handmaiden gown, Rabe crawled onto the bed toward Amidala's
vagina, taking care as not to alert the Queen of her presence. Rabe got close
enough to smell the sweet juices that flowed from her Queen's pussy, enjoying
the sight of Amidala's hands working in a fury, her fingers deep inside her
as she worked frantically on her clit. Seeing her puckering asshole, Rabe
reached forward and slipped a finger completely in and started to finger the
tight orifice.

Amidala looked down see Rabe with an intense look of arousal on her face as
she worked another finger into her butt hole. "Oh yes Rabe, shove another
finger in my warm butt!"

The young handmaiden forced in a third finger into her Queen's anus, forcing
Amidala over the edge and causing her to orgasm. "Oh, yesss! Keep it up!
More! More!" The Queen's back arched and her sphincter tightened around
Rabe's fingers, who continued to fuck them in and out of her ass as Amidala
was rocked by another orgasm. Seeing the orgasm subsiding, Rabe removed her
fingers and crawled up the bed further, straddling the Queen's legs and
leaning forward. As soon as her face came into distance, Amidala reached out
and gave Rabe a passionate kiss. As their tongues danced in each other's
mouths, Rabe slid her hands up Amidala's nightgown and began to play with
the Queen's petite breasts. Breaking the kiss, the nimble handmaiden lifted
up the Queen's dress further and began to lick and nibble on her hard pink
nipples. Amidala held Rabe's head there, encouraging her to continue.

The young Queen reached under her handmaiden to grope her breasts, but was
unsatisfied. "It's your turn now," Amidala said as she pushed Rabe away from
her chest, "I want to taste you." The young handmaiden moved off the bed and
removed her nightgown, revealing her firm young body with her handful-sized
breasts. Amidala licked her lips and motioned for Rabe to return to her.
Just as she kneeled on the bed, Amidala lunged out, going straight for her
breasts, licking and sucking on Rabe's soft nipples. Amidala's hands wandered
down behind the handmaiden and played with her pussy lips, slipping in a few

Amidala moved behind Rabe and put a hand on her back, pushing her into a dog
style position. As soon as her handmaiden's hands hit the bed, Amidala had
her face buried between in her thighs, lapping up the flowing juices.
Spreading her lips wide, the Queen dug her tongue in deep, loving the taste
of her handmaiden. Rabe couldn't hold out long as the Queen ravaged her pussy
and soon came into Amidala's waiting mouth, who was quick to drink in all she
could. The Queen did not seem content as she continued to lick and explore
Rabe's pussy, shoving several fingers deep inside her. Eventually satisfied,
Amidala lead a long lick up Rabe's butt crack, licking along her asshole and
gently prodding it.

"Oh my Queen!" Rabe shouted with a startled look on her face as she felt
Amidala's tongue working into her anus, "I never would have thought you were

"Mmmmm...horny." Amidala completed her sentence with a smile and went back to
work, continuing to lick and prod gently. The sight of her Queen giving her a
rim job was too much and sent Rabe through another orgasm. Amidala quickly
removed her tongue from the tight hole and began to lick up the juices as
they flowed once again from her handmaiden's vagina. As soon as the orgasm
subsided, Rabe turned over and met the Queen in another passionate kiss,
sharing in her own tastes. After a few precious moments, Rabe broke the kiss.
"Ohhh, my Queen..."

Amidala looked at her handmaiden's wet lips as they trembled with excitement.
"You taste wonderful, Rabe. I want more." The two moved into the bathing room
where they continued their love making throughout Amidala's morning bath.

Two proud looking Gungan soldiers, each wearing simple yet impressive looking
uniforms used for special occasions, made their way up the vast steps of the
Royal Palace, lead by the heroic General Hars. Waiting at the top of the
stairs was the royal Queen of Naboo, Amidala, accompanied by two Handmaidens,
Eirtae and Sabe. On their way to lunch, being held in a royal dining hall,
Amidala gave a tour of sorts of the palace telling her Gungan guests the
history of Theed and it's cultural heritage.

At about this same time, the second half of Hars' men were arriving at the
main entrance but were stopped by several guards posted there. "Halt! Who
goes there!" shouted one.

The three Gungans looked at each before one stepped forward. "Wesa with Hars
to see Amidala for lunchin."

"Sorry, can't let you trough. Hars already arrived with his men."

"Ya, wesa with him. Wesa just a little late."

"Yeah right buddy. Why don't you get lost," the guard said with a smirk.

"Hey, why won't you let ussin in? You must be hidin somethin in dere,
somethin about da Gungans! Yousa gonna start a war wit us again?" The Gungan
faked a frightened look on his face. "Wesa gotta tell big Boss Nass, hurry!"
he shouted, signaling for his comrades to follow him as he started down the

"Whoa! Hold on, we aren't hiding anything," the guard replied, trying to calm
the excited Gungan down. "Look, we'll let you in but I'm going to take you to
Hars myself. Alright?"

"Okieday," the Gungan said with a smile, now completely calm.

The Gungans followed closely behind the guard who tried to ignore their odd
behavior. The three of them whispered to each other before the first one
stepped up next to the guard. "So, yousa hear da rumors? About da Queeny?"

The guard looked at him from the corner of his eye and said, "What rumors?"
in an annoyed tone.

"Well dey sayin that shesa has a ting for Gungans. In fact, shesa even
screwed a couple!"

The guard stopped dead in his tracks and turned to the Gungan, ready to knock
his lights out. "How dare you speak of Queen Amidala this way!" Just as he
was about to swing his fist, the Gungan held up a pair of panties, red
panties with intricate designs that only the Queen of Naboo would have. The
guard had a look of disbelief and shock on his face, "" he shook
his head. "Never, this could easily be a fake and either way it proves

"Tink about it. These are genuine," the Gungan handed them to the guard for
inspection, "and how elsa could wesa get them? It's not like wesa could just
walk in and take dem. Shesa came to ussin willingly. She even begged for it!"

The guard thought for a moment as he studied the underwear, which was clearly
authentic. He looked up with a smile on his face. "She came to you? Heh, what
was she like?" He was becoming increasingly excited. The dream of all the
palace guards was to fuck Amidala. So beautiful, so young and the fact she
was such a hard catch made it even more appealing.

"Oh shesa fantastic!" the Gungan said as he put an arm around the guard and
they started to walk again. "One ting yousa have to know is that shesa took
all of ussin at da same time."

The guard's jaw dropped open. "Really!?"

"Oh yessin, mesa friend. Really. And shesa couldn't get enough of ussin!"

"I don't know, sounds a little hard to believe... you have any proof besides
the panties?" asked the guard.

"Hey, yousa try her out yousa self. Mesa sure you'll get da chance. Shesa
really horny young Queeny, and mesa sure she'll be makin her rounds through
da entire Naboo palace berry berry soon."

The guard started to laugh. "Heh, that'd be something."

As they approached the entrance to the dining room, the Gungan, still talking
away with the guard, stopped him for second. "Hey, yousa tink wesa could look
around a bit? Mesa mean, if wesa see da Queeny again, mesa don't tink wesa
could contain ourselves." He looked back at his fellow Gungans and started to

"Sure, but first I want you meet some of my buddies, they'll love to hear
about what you just told me," replied the guard.

Back in the Royal Dining Hall, the meal was underway. The Queen had already
introduced General Hars to all of the Naboo High Council members and military
officials, and they were deep into conversation about military matters at the
far end of the table. At the other end of the long dining table, Queen
Amidala was peacefully enjoying her meal when two Gungan soldiers sat down on
either side of her.

"Greetins, Queen Amidala. Mesa name is Joon and dis is Gorgal. Wesa here wit
da General."

"Hello," Amidala said in a soft voice, slightly surprised that the Gungans
would just approach her like she was one of them. "So, tell me," she
continued, trying to look as casual as possible in her heavy Throne Room
gown, "What's the General really like?"

The one to her left, Joon, spoke up, "Oh, hesa great Gungan! Berry brave and
berry intelligent." The other just nodded his head in approval.

"So, Queen Amidala, do yousa have any experience in Gungan culture? Do yousa
know anything about ussing, say... physically?" Joon asked with a wicked

The Queen eyed him suspiciously. "Why do you ask?"

"Well yousa seem like da type that could enjoy da, ah, study of da Gungan
anatomy, especially of da male," replied Joon.

Amidala suddenly recognized him from the night before. "You..."

"Thanks for last night, Queeny," the Gungan whispered, looking her right in
the eyes. Amidala was stunned. She had absolutely no idea as to what she
should do.

The Gungan to the right of Joon, Gorgal, spoke up, "And thanks for da other
night too. Yousa quite talented with yousa mouth!" Amidala gasped and Gorgal
let out an evil little chuckle.

"Oh, shut up Gorgal. Yousa not a mad scientist," Joon scolded his Gungan

"Hey, why must yousa always pick on mesa in these situations? Mesa just want
to be feared."

Amidala grew calmer and started to giggle at their bickering. The Gungan to
right gave her a friendly smile. "See Queeny, yousa have nothin to be afraid

Amidala's amusement faded and she shot back, "Nothing to be afraid of?! You
raped me!" She realized she could no longer continue this conversation with
others in the room, so she stood up at the table. "Excuse me, General Hars...
Council members... you don't need me here at the moment and these
fine soldiers have asked me to show them our... library." The Naboo
representatives nodded and Hars gave his men a knowing smile.

The Queen took the two Gungan soldiers into the library, which was never used
as no visitors were allowed in the palace and anyone working in the palace
were far to busy. Before she could say anything, Joon asked, "Do yousa regret
it? Do yousa regret being made da sex toy of three Gungans? Think long and
hard, what yousa done since then, how much pleasure has come from dat
experience. Yousa loved it!"

"Shut up! I hated it! It was awful and you'll pay for it!" She was getting
overly emotional but quickly calmed herself down. Amidala stared angrily at
the Gungans.

Joon glared back at her with a smirk on his face. "If yousa hated it so much
then why yousa give yourself to mesa so easily last night? Mesa didn't even
say anyding, didn't even make any advances and yousa sucked on mesa cock like
a slut!"

Amidala didn't respond, for she had no argument against that. The Gungan
continued, "So what is it that yousa want now, Queeny? Yousa want more sex,
don't you? How many men have yousa fucked since last night? Or perhaps women?
Yousa have all dese lovely handmaidens. Mesa bettin dey do wonderful tings
for yousa. But I'm sure yousa already know that, right?"

Amidala still had no response. The smile dropped from Joon's face, "Mesa am
sorry, but mesa hope yousa enjoy this." Amidala's eyes lit up in fear as her
mouth was covered by the Gungan's hand. She was carried off to a far corner
of the library, which was so vast and full of huge bookcases her screams
would never be heard.

Gorgal helped hold onto her arms as Joon undid her red gown from behind.
Though it was complex in design, it was easy to remove and would be easy to
put back on without disrupting her headdress. The lower part of the dress
actually hung off her shoulders and closed in the back. Removing the part of
the dress off her shoulders, the rest of the gown fell to ground, revealing
the Queen's nude form, covered only in small lacy underwear. Both Gungans
stepped back for a moment to enjoy the sexy look of the Queen in her tight

Amidala stood there, strong willed through it all, with her arms crossed on
her bare chest and a pissed off look on her face. "Try it you bastards."

Joon pulled out a long piece of cloth and stepped forward. "Now Queeny, wesa
don't want to hurt yousa, so just play nice."

Amidala made tight fists with her hands. The Gungan laughed as she lunged
forward, trying to strike him in the face but he easily avoided it and caught
her hands in the air, tying them up in the piece of cloth. She fought hard
but couldn't break free. Gorgal stepped behind her while Joon stepped in
front. She stopped fighting to get her hands free and gave him an angry
don't-touch-me look. Joon just smiled and knelt down in front of her. Before
she could kick he grabbed onto her legs and pushed them apart. Using his long
snout he pushed down Amidala's panties, revealing her bald pussy.

The Queen's breathing quickened with the tension, "Let me go, you scum!" She
fought against the Gungan who held her from behind. Joon stuck out his long
tongue and slithered it into her vagina. Amidala's yelling immediately
stopped when she felt the tongue work it's magic inside her wet cunt. Her
eyes shut and she let out a slight moan that continued on for several
seconds. The fact that a Gungan's tongue was extremely long and they could
control it very well made oral sex extremely pleasurable for the Queen though
she wouldn't admit it. She leaned back against Gorgal, the Gungan behind her,
as her moaning continued.

"Yousa must be liken dis a lot, aren't you Queeny?" Gorgal asked with an
amused chuckle.

Amidala didn't respond directly but her moaning was as much a response as
needed. Joon removed his long tongue from Amidala, who shivered slightly from
the feeling. He then took a step back and removed his pants, his cock already
standing erect. He stepped forward again and squatted down slightly, as he
was much taller than her, and ran his dick along her pussy lips, getting it
wet before intrusion. Amidala bit her lower lip as she felt the cock head rub
up against the entrance to her vagina, waiting with secret anticipation. The
Gungan gripped his cock and fed it into the Queen's tight hole, causing her
to squirm. Amidala pushed down sub-consciously, taking in the entire 3-inch
wide head and only continued to push down, her pussy sucking in the first 6
inches of the massive cock. The Gungan stood back up completely, lifting
Amidala off the ground, held onto her waist and started to fuck her up and
down on his long meaty pole.

The Gungan behind her stepped back and removed his pants too. Amidala wrapped
her tied hands around the neck of Joon for balance and propped her feet on
the outside of his waist, spreading herself wider.

"Mesa bettin yousa loving dis Queeny, aren't yousa? Mesa bettin yousa want
more?" said Gorgal from behind her. Amidala just moaned softly and Joon
stopped fucking her. "Wesa can't hear yousa Queeny. Wesa need to know if
yousa want us to go on."

Amidala let go of her pride and started screaming obscenities at the Gungans,
"Oh yes, please fuck me! I want it so bad! Just give me all of it! I want
your big hard cock deep in my pussy, please! Stick it in all the way!" Joon
eagerly complied and fucked her harder than before, bobbing her up and down
on his foot long pool, her tiny breasts bouncing to the rhythm. The
14-year-old's cries of passion continued, "Oh yes! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck
me!!!!" Amidala felt the cock of the Gungan behind her rub up against her
ass, "Oh yes please, shove your cock in my ass!" The Gungan teased her,
sliding his dick up and down her ass crack, "Now damn it, I want it now!
Fill my butt with your meat!" Amidala pushed back, rubbing up against the
cock harder, panting all the while. Finally he started to enter her anus,
spreading it wide with his boomer sized cock head. The Queen let out another
deep moan followed by encouragement for the Gungan, "Yes, shove it up there,
come on, up my butt. You like my sweet 14-year-old ass?"

Amidala breathed heavily as her ass was penetrated by the giant sized dick,
causing some pain, but the kinkiness of the situation was the real source of
pleasure for her. With both cocks filling her holes, Amidala only lasted a
few seconds before an orgasm overtook her body. The orgasm rolled over into
many continuous ones as her body was continually rocked by the two Gungans
shoving their meaty fucksticks deep into her body. The spirited nature of the
young Queen made the experience all the more erotic for the two Gungans as
they both came relatively soon, filling her ass and cunt with their potent

Amidala let out a long throaty moan as her orgasm subsided and she felt the
cum splash against her bowels and walls of her cunt. Sliding the Queen off
their cocks, her body became limp as she lay on the floor, caressing her two
recently penetrated holes, both dripping with Gungan semen. The two Gungans
smiled at each other, congratulating themselves on such a hot young fuck.

After a moment the Queen was suddenly filled with terrible shame at what she
had done and she sat up, the look of rage in her eyes. "You bastards! You'll
never get away with this!" She jumped at Joon, catching him off guard and
causing him to fall back against a bookshelf as she pounded against his chest
with her tied hands. "You think you can make me your fuck toy?! You think you
can shove your cocks into me whenever you please?!" She shouted in his face.
Unbeknownst to the Queen, her dirty talk was actually turning the Gungan on
and soon she felt his slippery phallus rubbing up against her inner thigh.
Amidala stepped back, swung her foot back and nailed the Gungan square in the
balls. Joon fell to his knees, clutching himself. The other Gungan ran over
to him, "Yousa alright?" Gorgal turned to Amidala who gave him a disgusted
look and started to put back on her clothes.

"Who're you working for? Who sent you in the first place? Was it Hars? Is he
behind all this?" Gorgal just shook his head, not saying anything. "You won't
get away with this."

"It's a little late for that, Queeny," Joon groaned as he rose to his feet,
"Yousa already submitted yousa self to ussin. Who's gonna rescue yousa now?"

"I don't need rescuing! I'll deal with you myself if I have too." Amidala
fumbled with the cloth binding her hands until Joon walked over and untied
it. She pushed him away once her hands were free and then proceeded to put
back on her gown. Fully clothed, she exited the Library. The Gungans ran to
catch up with her once they got their clothes on as well.

"Look, Queeny..."

She turned and cut Joon off mid sentence, "That's QUEEN Amidala!"

The Gungan continued, "Whatever... Believe mesa, we're doing dis with da best
of intentions."

"What?!" Amidala blurted out, coming to a dead halt.

"Don't act like yousa haven't enjoyed yousa self since our first encounter,
Queen. Yousa may have hated da rape at first, but it's opened whole new
experiences for yousa." Joon held a friendly smile, waiting for a response.

Amidala showed no emotion and continued walking. "Please," she finally spoke,
"Just leave me alone."

Both Gungans stopped walking, shocked by the sincerity and emotion in her
plea. They watched her walk away then exited the building themselves.

On her way through the palace, the Queen became lost in her thoughts. She
had obviously loved being fucked by those Gungans just then and had started
loving sex in general. Ever since her rape, it's all she's thought about. If
she weren't in a terrible state of depression because of the rape, she'd be
having sex. Thinking back on her rape, a smile cracked her lips; the idea of
being the sex toy of a bunch of Gungans was turning her on. Amidala's jaw
dropped open, realizing that she was looking fondly back on her rape. At
first she was disgusted at the idea but she immediately decided she wouldn't
let it ruin her life anymore and accepted her new revelation. Amidala's smile
widened, not only was she free of the torment of her rape but she was ready
to fully enjoy her discovery of sex.

Continued in PART 4...


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