Star Wars - Episode 1: There's Always A Bigger Fish (f/fish)
by Vcry Gunray

Queen Amidala sat at the edge of the Great Ocean of Naboo. She dangled her
feet in the water, reviewing the events of recent.

Within the past few days, she had united her people with the wacky yet useful
Gungans, and in the process sent hundreds of Gungan warriors to their deaths.
She had broken into her own palace and, despite incredible odds and thousands
of deadly Battle Droids, captured the Viceroy Nute Gunray and taken back her
people. She had witnessed the death of the Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn, and
Obi-Wan Kenobi take that boy, Anikan, she felt so special about, as his new

She let her feet dangle into the water, the coolness soothing her pained
feet. This rest was indeed well deserved. Amidala laid on her back, and
continued to reflect on the strain of recent events. She sighed again, using
her thin arms to form a cushion for her head.

She watched the graceful Peko-Peko's fly overhead, swooping down to attack a
pudgy yet surprisingly fast Nuna. She giggled as the Peko-Peko's chased the
creature into a small hole, and immediately flew out, being chased by a hoard
of the Nunas.

As the creatures ran off into the woods, Amidala heard a huge splashing
sound, and she turned to the ocean to see a horrible sight. A giant monstrous
fish, an Opee Sea Killer she believed, had surfaced before her. She screamed
at the sight of the giant creature, it's mouth opened. It propped up as if
beached into the shallow waters.

It grimmaced, it's tongue shooting out from it's gaping maw, wrapping around
the young Queen before she could react. It propped up on it's crab-like
claws, lifting the Queen into the air with it's huge tounge. Amidala
continued to scream as the tip of the tounge tickled her crotch, tugging away
at the flimsy bathing suit she wore.

The tongue's tip slowly wormed up her vagina, the slimy probe wriggling
about inside her. Amidala's scream's quickly turned to moans as the hideous
monster's tongue went deep inside her belly, stuffed inside her, as if it
would burst her into pieces at any moment.

The monster laid her on the ground with his powerful tongue. Amidala began
to enjoy the experience, sliding her hand down and caressing the long, gooey
tongue. She shuddered in pleasure when suddenly, the tongue sharply retracted
and a huge splash and a great roar was heard. Amidala looked up to see a
titanic Sando Aqua Monster crash it's mighty jaws down on the Sea Killer.

The young Queen screamed again, frightened as the Sando tore her grotesque
lover into two pieces, gulping down it's soft innards. Bloody puss and purple
goo slammed over Amidala's body and giant waves crashed over her from the
Sando's impact on the water.

The Aqua Monster stood tall above Amidala, glaring down at her from it's
scaley head. Looking her over slowly, it grunted, purple ooze dribbling from
it's mouth. Amidala was stunned. She couldn't move, and she knew that her
last experience would be sex with a giant fish. She panicked, wanting to run,
but couldn't somehow. She lay there stunned.

The Sando moved it's jaws into what loosely appeared an evil grin, and raised
itself into the air, it's massive green penis slapping down next to the
Queen. Amidala gazed at it with awe, it was massive! It was larger than she
was! It lay flopped next to her, wet. She shifted her position and rubbed her
back against it. The creature moaned it's approval.

"You like that, Eh?" The Queen grinned as she stood and inched closer to the
giant organ. Slowly she walked along side the massive penis, trailing her
hand along it's full length. Bits of slobber and the Opee Sea Killer's organs
fell from the giant monster's mouth as it let out a low growl of approval.

Amidala grinned, lifting her leg over the length of the gigantic reproductive
organ and sat along it's length, slowly lowering herself so her stomach
rubbed against the floppy structure. The beautiful Queen wrapped her legs
around the sea creature's massive cock, and giggled as she was hefted into
the air as the monster grew erect from her affections.

Amidala was enjoying the experience almost as much as the Sando, sensually
rubbing her entire body around the creatures erect member. The Monster roared
it's approval, when suddenly there was a flash of blue light from a nearby

Startled, Amidala leaped off the creature's penis, landing with a thud on the
ground just in time to see the young Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi lift his lightsaber
into the air and cleave the creature's member off in one swift cut. The
creature reared backwards and howled in pain, his huge reproductive organ
slamming into the ground with a humongous thud. The monster retreated into
the depths of the Naboo ocean.

"Are you alright?" Kenobi de-ignited his lightsaber as he spoke, looking down
at the Queen.

"Yes..." she panted, "Yes, I'm fine, I..."

Kenobi nodded, "You'll be alright. A Medical Team is on it's way. You're
lucky Leutenant Maivia here was on patrol and saw you, or you may have ended
up as this thing's next meal, or, uh..." he grinned sheepishly at the girl's
revealing state, "... or worse!"

"I..." she spoke through heavy breaths softly, "I never knew they could get
so big! Can they get any larger?"

"Oh," Kenobi grinned to himself, "There's always a bigger fish." With that
the young Jedi Knight turned and walked back towards Theed Palace.

"I wasn't talking about the fish..." Amidala muttered to herself and slowly
rose to her feet.



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