by Fmail

Queen Amidala walked out of the royal quarters
and down the corridor aboard her Naboo starship.
She was disguised as a royal handmaiden named
Padmé and had just finished "cleaning" the astromech
droid that had saved her ship during its escape from
the Trade Federation. The experience still echoed
through her head as she could not help thinking of
the things that Sabé, her royal decoy, had made her
do. This sudden introduction to these aspects of
her femininity had been quite effectual. She resolved
to pursue these these womanly pleasures, introduced
to her by Sabé, in greater depth.

Meanwhile, the two other handmaidens aboard the
ship, Rabé and Eirtaé, were relaxing in their own
cramped accommodations. Lying upon separate bunk
beds, they were stripped down to their panties and
tank top undershirts that matched the orange-yellowish
handmaiden robes they had been wearing. They were
discussing the recent events. "Could you believe it
when Sabé ordered Padmé to clean that droid?" asked
Rabé from the bottom bunk.

"Well, actually, I could," replied the blonde
Eirtaé from the top bunk. "I think Sabé gets a thrill
from acting as the queen and giving people orders.
And what would make her feel more powerful than
giving orders to the real queen? I know I wouldn't
mind giving Her Highness a few orders of my own, if
you catch my drift."

"Ummm, I'm afraid I don't," said a confused
sounding Rabé.

"Well, aren't there things you'd like to do with
the queen if the two of you were alone?"

"Like what?"

"Well perhaps you could explore her young body
in greater detail. Wouldn't you like the opportunity
for your hands to roam freely over her exquisite
young body?" Eirtaé asked of Rabé.

"Well, maybe I have had such a thought...once or
twice...but I could certainly never act on it!
Besides, Her Majesty would never willingly go along
with such a thing."

"Yes, but just imagine it. Running your hands
down her chest, caressing the undersides of her
small breasts, stroking her nipples." Eirtaé was
becoming quite aroused by her own words. She slid
one hand down the front of her panties. She used
the other to fondle her left breast and nipple
through her tank top. "And then you could put your
hands between her legs and advance upward so you
could explore her lovely snatch."

"Eirtaé! You should not speak of Her Royal
Highness in such a fashion!"

"C'mon, you can't deny you feel the same way as
me, Rabé. I've seen the way you look at Amidala when
styling her hair." Rabé could not deny it. She too
was overcome with desire for the queen. She began
softly brushing her fingertips over her nipples
through her shirt until they stood erect.

Eirtaé continued to finger herself beneath her
panties as Rabé asked, "But do you actually think
something like that could ever happen? That
she would allow us to...pleasure her in such a

Before Eirtaé could answer, the two girls were
startled by a buzz followed by a voice that came
from the speaker next to the door. "It is Padmé.
Please let me in." Rabé's nipples went soft as they
lost the attention of her hands. She swung her legs
around to the floor and stood up immediately. With
her work unfinished, Eirtaé yanked her hand out of
her panties and jumped down to the floor from the
top bunk. Her breasts bounced as her feet hit the
floor. Rabé walked over to the door and hit the
button causing it to slide open. The newly revealed
object of their desire entered the room.

"Greetings, my handmaiden sisters," said Amidala
as the door closed behind her.

"Greetings, Your High...I mean, Padmé," said

"It is good to see you again, Padmé. Did you
finish cleaning that disgustingly filthy droid?"
asked a slightly out of breath Eirtaé.

Amidala spoke with a smile on her face. "Yes,
it took quite some effort, but the queen made sure
that I completed the task properly."

"Yes, Queen Amidala can be quite a slave driver
at times," quipped Eirtaé. Although Amidala was
usually quite reserved, she did allow her humorous
side to come out when alone with her handmaidens.

Amidala giggled at Eirtaé's remark. "Yes, she
can be a real bitch. In fact, she has given me a
new assignment. I am to accompany the others in
the search for repair parts when we land on
Tatooine. She wants me to experience new cultures."

"Of course! You get to have all the fun, Padmé.
You must be the queen's favorite handmaiden,"
Eirtaé joked again.

"She told me that you two would prepare me for
my excursion," said Amidala.

"Of course, Your Highn...sorry, Padmé," frowned
Rabé. "Please allow me to do something with your

"Yes, and I will go find the proper attire so
you can blend in on this uncivilized world,"
declared Eirtaé. Eirtaé grabbed her handmaiden
robes that were hanging on the wall. She slipped
them over her head and down around her hips
until the bottoms touched the floor. Her feet
remained bare, but she pulled the hood up over her
head. "I will be back soon with something appropriate
for you to wear." The door opened then closed behind

After her conversation with Eirtaé, Rabé now felt
a bit uneasy being alone with Amidala. "Shall we see
what I can do with your hair? I'm afraid it will
have to be something simple, by your standards at
least. We wouldn't want an ornate design to give
away your identity."

"Of course, Rabé, I am just a simple handmaiden
after all. Your fancier work is reserved for the
queen," commented Amidala to remind Rabé that she
wished to stay in her guise as Padmé. "I'm
completely in your hands." How Rabé wished that
it were true.

Amidala sat upon a tall stool in front of a
small mirror on the wall. Rabé stood behind and
pulled Amidala's hood down exposing her bare neck.
Her hair was tied in a tight bun. Rabé loosened it
up and Amidala's hair flowed freely down her back.
To Rabé, working with Amidala's hair had always
been a pure joy. It was always gorgeous and felt
pleasing between her fingers. It even smelled
wonderful when she got close enough. She gathered
the long strands in her hands. Rabé's fingers
gently brushed up against Amidala's neck. It felt
good to be touched thought Amidala. In their recent
encounter, Amidala hadn't really been touched by
Sabé. Now, unknown to Rabé, Amidala longed to
experience the touch of another woman.

In about 15 minutes time, Rabé had braided
Amidala's hair into several layers that rested on
the top of her head. Long strands also hung down
her back. "How does it look, Padmé?" questioned
the young handmaiden.

"Superb," replied Amidala. Her task now complete,
Rabé's hands reluctantly withdrew from Amidala's
head. Amidala pondered how she could keep Rabé's
hands close to her. "Rabé, after escaping from the
Trade Federation, I'm feeling a bit tense. I know
how good you are at soothing the queen's nerves...
perhaps you could do the same for a sister
handmaiden." Rabé was trained in massage therapy
and had often given Queen Amidala massages. But
they were always standard stress relieving massages,
never sensual ones. Now that Amidala knew what it
was like to be intimate with another woman, she
hoped that Rabé could possibly give her a more
personal massage. Even though she could use
her position and order Rabé to do whatever she
desired, she was not yet comfortable being so direct.
If Rabé were to submit to her cravings, she would
have to do it as a willing participant.

Rabé welcomed the opportunity even though she
knew her secret yearning would never be satisfied
by the queen. "It would be my pleasure, Padmé,"
responded Rabé. She parted Amidala's hair and
placed her hands upon her neck and started to
massage. The rubbing slowly migrated down to
her shoulders. "I'm sure I could do a better job
if you removed your handmaiden robes," suggested
Rabé innocently.

Amidala had to restrain herself from smiling.
"Yes, it probably would. I need to change anyway
before we arrive on Tatooine." Amidala yanked up
the robes until she had pulled them off over her
head. She was now attired in the same tank top
and panties that Rabé wore. The massage proceeded
along Amidala's shoulder blades. Rabé could feel
the tightness under Amidala's skin. "You are
quite tense, Padmé."

"Yes, I am. A bit nervous about my upcoming
trip, I suppose. Would it be alright if I lie
down on the bed?" Amidala suggested.

"Of course," replied Rabé. Amidala got off
the stool and strolled over to the bunk beds.
Rabé noticed how Amidala's nipples teasingly
stood out under her shirt. She settled herself
on her stomach on the lower bed. Rabé massaged
her a bit more from the side of the bed. "Sorry,
Padmé, I can't really do my best work at this

"Then why don't you get into a better position?"
Amidala said coyly.

"Alright, Padmé." Rabé seemed a bit hesitant,
but she knelt upon the bed, straddling Amidala's
firm buttocks. Rabé's crotch pressed into Amidala's
frame. "Is this position acceptable?" asked Rabé.

"It's just fine with me," replied Amidala as she
felt her crotch press into the bed from the weight
of Rabé on top of her. Rabé stretched out her arms
to massage Amidala's back some more. She pressed
her fingers into Amidala's shirt. "I would much
prefer to feel your fingers on my bare skin,"
suggested the young queen. "Could you pull my
shirt up, please?"

Speechlessly, Rabé complied. She took the sides
of Amidala's shirt between her fingers and gradually
pulled the shirt up her back. Rabé's covered mound
jammed harder against Amidala's seat as she leaned
forward to pull the shirt up. Amidala lifted her
upper torso slightly above the bed to allow the
shirt to proceed forward. She felt the bottom of
her shirt reach the undersides of her small breasts.
It continued upward until it crossed over her
nipples and they were finally freed. The shirt
stopped under her armpits. Her back was now exposed
and the front of her shirt was now entirely above
her breasts.

Rabé's fingers danced down upon the queen's back.
She pressed firmly into the skin that was beginning
to loosen up. Her palms pushed into Amidala's lower
back. "That feels so good, Rabé. Could you move just
a little lower?" Rabé's hand proceeded downward along
the spine until they hit the top of her panties.
"Please, don't stop there." Rabé gently pressed her
fingers down on the queen's rear end through her
orange-yellow panties. "Directly on the skin...if
you don't mind," stated Amidala boldly. Rabé obeyed
and cautiously pulled the panties down far enough
to expose the girl's rear. Her covered crotch now
pressed against Amidala's naked flesh.

Rabé was now in a bit of shock at how far this
massage had progressed as she cupped Amidala's
cheeks with her hands. She pressed her palms down
into the queen's taut flesh. Amidala knew that it
was now her chance. If Rabé wished to give her true
pleasure, now would be the time. Amidala's legs
started to spread apart gradually. Still in shock,
Rabé eased herself into a kneeling position on the
bed between Amidala's spread legs. Amidala then
pulled her torso backward causing her forelegs to
rise into the air until her rear end once again
met with Rabé's crotch. Rabé placed her hands
back on Amidala. She could not believe what she
was doing to her queen. Was her secret desire
finally becoming fulfilled? She could never feel
comfortable doing this with the queen. Perhaps
Amidala was a slightly different person as
Padmé and would be more receptive to her
hidden feelings. Rabé boldy spread apart
Amidala's cheeks so that she could just make
out the lower half of Amidala's lovely slit.
Her hands moved between the young woman's
legs, then began to ascend until they were
grazing Amidala's sweet pussy lips. Rabé was now
massaging the queen's outer lips.

A feeling of pleasure washed over Amidala. She
loved the feeling of Rabé's fingers at work on her
lips. Now if only she would just move them in deeper
allowing for even greater pleasure. Amidala's juices
began to flow onto her outer lips. Rabé felt the
slight wetness on the tips of her fingers. Neither
of them dared speak a word at this point. Rabé decided
to do what now seemed natural and spread the queen's
gleaming lips apart. A bit of the queen's juices
dripped onto the sheets below. Up until now,
Amidala's warm insides had only known the coldness
of a mechanical droid attachment. She hoped that
Rabé's fingers would feel just as good or better.
Rabé's fingers progressed deeper grabbing the
pinkness or her inner lips. She pressed delicately
on the tender flesh as her index finger started its
ascent into the opening between the pink lips. The
motion of her fingers stopped when the door
speaker once again buzzed. "It is just Eirtaé.
I'm back."

Amidala was quite disappointed, as was Rabé.
"I'll have to let her in," said Rabé.

"Of course," sighed Amidala. Rabé got up and
moved towards the door. Amidala pulled her panties
back up around her waist and pulled her shirt down
over her flat stomach. She sat on the edge of the

Rabé let Eirtaé in. She carried some clothes with
her. "Sorry it took so long. I had to look up
Tatooine on the computer and see what people there
are wearing. There really wasn't much information I just had to pick out something
from the wardrobe containers that wasn't too
fancy. I hope it's satisfactory." She held up the
outfit for Amidala to see.

"It will do just fine, Eirtaé," replied Amidala.

"I see you are ready to change, which is good
since I spoke to Captain Panaka and he said that
we should be landing shortly. If you are to
accompany the others, you had better hurry up and
put these on."

"Of course." Amidala looked at Rabé with

Rabé said, "I'm sorry that there isn't time for
you to finish your massage, Padmé."

"Perhaps another time," Amidala replied. She took
the clothes from Eirtaé and headed off to the
adjoining changing room. "I won't be long."

"What was that all about?" Eirtaé whispered to

"I...I...I'll have to tell you when she's gone,"
Rabé whispered back.

The ship began to shake slightly. They had
entered the atmosphere of Tatooine. The sound
of the landing gear coming down reverberated
through their tiny quarters. The young women
held on tight as the ship landed.

Amidala emerged from the changing room. She
wore black pants and a blue long sleeved shirt
with a gray overshirt. "How do I look?"

"Only you could look good in such a simple
outfit, Padmé," responded Eirtaé.

"Very smart...for a peasant girl," voiced Rabé.

"I fear I must now leave you alone, my sister
handmaidens. The time has come for me to get a
first hand taste of the rest of the galaxy. I'd
better hurry or else they may leave without me."

"We wish you good fortune, Padmé," said Eirtaé.
Amidala walked to the door and let herself out.
The door slid closed again. "So what on Naboo
happened between you two?" quizzed Eirtaé.

"You wouldn't believe it. I don't even believe
it," declared Rabé.

"What happened? You must tell me."

"Well, remember what you were saying about what
you'd like to do to the queen...well, that's pretty
much what happened...until you walked in! I was so
close to pleasuring the queen's most intimate of

The doubting Eirtaé responded, "I don't believe
you. You must be delusional. Space sickness surely."

"No, it's true. I mean it started off as a
regular massage and then it progressed further...
I think she would have allowed me to massage her
from the inside. Now, I will never know. Thanks a
lot, Eirtaé."

Eirtaé was intrigued by Rabé's description of her
activities and she was still frustrated by not
being able to finish herself off before. At this
point, she didn't care if Rabé had made the story
up. She had an idea. "Well, you could always pretend
that I'm the queen. After all if she can pretend to
be a handmaiden, I can pretend to be the queen. Why
should Sabé be the only one? Besides, if you ever
get another chance with the queen, you'll want to
make sure you know exactly what you're doing."

"Well, I suppose that's true..."

"Now, my handmaiden," said Eirtaé imitating the
queen's voice, "you will demonstrate your loyalty
to your queen."

"C'mon, Eirtaé, this is ridiculous."

Eirtaé adopted the tone of Amidala giving an
order. "I command you, loyal handmaiden, to do
your duty and please your queen to the best of
your abilities. To show the proper respect for
me, you may begin with my backside."

Rabé was still worked up enough from being with
Amidala, that she needed a way to unleash her
desires. "As you wish, Your Highness," relented
Rabé. She moved to the back of Eirtaé and knelt
down. She lifted up the back of Eirtaé's robes
and pulled her panties to the floor. Her lips
moved in on Eirtaé's bare bottom and began to
kiss it. Eirtaé's robes fell back down
covering Rabé's head. She began to slide her
tongue across the girl's bare cheeks.

Eirtaé was able to reach out and grab onto
the stool that Amidala had sat on. She pulled
it towards her and leaned forward to rest her
bosum on top of it. With Rabé still under her
robes, Eirtaé began to casually spread her legs
apart and declared, "Now the royal snatch
requires your attention."

Rabé got the message. From the darkness
under Eirtaé's robes, Rabé grabbed onto
Eirtaé's ankles and moved her hands up
her legs. She found her target when she
felt Eirtaé's moist lips. She grasped onto
them and started massaging them harder than
she had massaged Amidala's. Then she
continued where she had left of with
Amidala. Her index finger entered Eirtaé's
wet hole and began to slide in and out. She
used the fingers on her other hand to massage
Eirtaé's precious clit.

"Yes, Rabé, now you've got the idea." Eirtaé
found herself lost in pleasure, but she was
still able to issue a command. "Now I want you
to suck out as much of my royal juices as you
can." Rabé was thoroughly caught up in the action
and didn't hesitate to comply. She put her head
between Eirtaé's legs and started to tongue her
lips and clit. After a few minutes of sipping
the wine from Eirtaé's cunt, Rabé turned over
and lay down on the floor. She pulled Eirtaé
down by her legs into a kneeling position.
Still covered by the darkness of Eirtaé's robes,
Rabé's head was now between Eirtaé's bent legs.
Once again her mouth found its way to Eirtaé's
dripping crotch. The juices flowed into Rabé's
hungry mouth. Rabé reached her hands around to
the back of Eirtaé and placed them on her cheeks.
She spread them wide apart, allowing easier
access to what was on the other side. She
lapped up the girl's juices and teased her slick
clit with her tongue.

Eirtaé grabbed onto her breasts, but found it
difficult to fondle them properly through her
robes. Instead, she moved her arms back behind
her searching for Rabé's. She quickly found them
and slipped her hands under Rabé's shirt. She
grabbed the stiff tips and began to pull at each
one in rapid succession. Rabé continued with her
duties, as Eirtaé moved her crotch up and down.
It was hard for Rabé to keep her mouth on Rabé's
slit but she did her best to nuzzle the sumptuous
genitals hovering over her face.

Eirtaé tightened her grip on Rabé's nipples as
her hips began to buck wildly back and forth.
"Yes, my handmaiden. That's it. You're doing a
magnificent job!" Eirtaé reached her climax as
she continued moving her seeping crotch over
Rabé's face. Rabé lay there with her face covered
in Eirtaé's juices. She licked her lips to absorb
what juices she could. Eirtaé stood up and then
helped Rabé to her feet. "You have served your
queen well. I don't think you got all of the
juices out though. We shall have to try again
later, my beautiful handmaiden." She put
her arms around Rabé and kissed her on the lips
tasting her own sweet juices.

Rabé was still overcome with exhilaration but
managed to speak. "Yes, Eirtaé, that was quite an
enjoyable experience. I never could have guessed
what it was like to give such pleasure to another

Eirtaé was in agreement. "Well, I guess we now
have something with which to occupy our time while
we're stuck on this planet."

"But do you think that next time maybe I could
be the queen?" Rabé pleaded.

"I'm sure we'll both need practice if we ever do
get the opportunity with the real queen."

The blonde handmaiden grinned. "That sounds like
a royal idea to me."



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