This story is fictional, and not to be taken seriously. It is also an adult
story so do not read if your under 18. Contains (F-solo,MF,cons,oral)

Star Wars - Episode 2: Attack Of The Moans
by MiaIsDaBomb ([email protected])

It had been ten years since Padme Amidala had seen Anakin Skywalker. She was
only 14 back then when she was Queen. Anakin was a slave then, he was 9. She
couldn't explain it but there was some kind of a special connection between
the two of them from the beginning.

Now she got to see him as a 19 year old, and a good looking one at that. He
had become a Jedi knight now and was Obi-Wan Kenobi's apprentice.

"Annie? (his nickname) oh my you've grown!" she said gushing.

He had grown, in fact he was now close to a foot taller than her. His hair
was short and light brown. He was in fact the sexiest guy she had ever seen.
He had certainly became a man as opposed to the boy she once knew. Padme had
changed in her own right as well. She had grown from the beautiful 14 year
old girl Annie once knew to a beautiful woman. She wasn't a queen anymore
like she was years ago when they first met. She had served her two terms as
queen and was now a Senator.

Annie was assigned to be her bodyguard after a failed assassination attempt
on Amidala's life. Padme had to admit she was disappointed at him being a
Jedi, since it meant he wasn't allowed to get married or have children. After
all she had feelings for him. Since he was a Jedi though, she wasn't gonna
make him give up his future for her.

Padme was on her balcony with Anakin Skywalker as they admired the beauty of
her home planet Naboo. The Jedi council had her go back to Naboo while
Obi-Wan Kenobi looked into who her assassin was.

He stood next to her as they watched the sun go down. Padme was nervous being
so close to him. The attraction they had for each other was very obvious, and
she found it so difficult not to act on those feelings. She looked at Annie
as he was admiring the sunset. "God he turned out to be better looking than
I ever imagined," she thought. Annie looked back at her as she admired the
sunset. She had become more beautiful than he ever imagined possible. He
could look at her all night.

Padme turned to look at him again to see that he was staring at her. They
both looked at each other, the corners of their mouths curling up into a
smile. The two looked at each other as they leaned in and kissed softly.
Mouths opened as Padme and Anakin locked lips in a hot french kiss, releasing
the bottled up passion that they had for each other for years. Anakin pulled
her close, he felt his cock grow in his pants as her firm breasts pressed
against his chest. In Padme's long red robe her cleavage was very noticeable
with it being cut so low in the front. Padme wasn't wearing a bra (like many
women didn't in this day and age) so he could see her nipples poking through
the thin robe/dress. His hand caressed her dark brown hair still up in a bun
as her fingernails ran up and down his chest. Padme felt her body responding
"down below" at this moment it was like her and Annie were the only two
people in the universe, nothing else existed only the two of them.

It wasn't until Padme's conscious told her that she couldn't do this, so she
broke the kiss. "I'm sorry Annie I shouldn't have done that, lets pretend
that it never happened," she insisted.

"I'm as guilty as you are Padme, why don't we go back inside."

She nodded and the two went back inside. Padme retired herself for the night
about an hour later.

Once inside her bedroom her mind drifted back to their kiss. The passion he
showed as he held her tight. The hardness in his crotch as it brushed against
her body. Padme dropped her robe leaving her naked except for her red panties
with a lacey white waistband. When she was sure that Anakin was asleep in the
other bedroom she laid down on the huge bed. Padme laid back on the bed, she
imagined Annie's face as she slid a hand into her panties. She remembered
their kiss as she slid a finger into her already wet cunt. Padme slightly
opened her mouth and let out a soft moan as a second finger entered her box.
Her cunt muscles wrapped tightly around her fingers as she worked both
fingers in and out ever so slowly.

She slid another hand in her panties and started ever so softly pinching on
her swollen clit. Her speed gradually picked up as she fingered herself and
spread her legs as wide as she could. She went faster and faster her fingers
going deep in her love tunnel as she imagined Anakin. The thought of their
kiss and her hard working fingers got her body hot in record time. Padme
rubbed her clit harder and rougher as she felt her inevitable orgasm coming
on. Padme's firm tits bounced all over as she gyrated her hips in pleasure
riding her fingers. Padme bit her bottom lip and pinched hard on her erect
right nipple as her body let go a giant orgasm. She fingered herself as fast
as she could. Her panties soon became soaked in her sweet female cream. She
moaned out Anakin's name as her body went limp in the bed.

When she came back down to earth she cleaned herself up and went to sleep in
her bed.

* * *

The next night Anakin and Padme had dinner together. Using the force Annie
floated a kiwi fruit to Padme. She caught it with her fork, she smiled in
awe of how easily he used his Jedi powers.

"If master Obi-Wan were to see me this he'd be very angry, he can be such a
grouch," he told her.

Anakin looked over Padme Amidala, she was incredibly gorgeous tonight, more
so than usual. Padme was wearing a very low cut in the front, black dress.
Only a black scarf that rested between her cleavage kept her from showing a
ton of cleavage to Anakin. Still her breasts rising up and down as she
breathed in the low cut top was such a turn on. Her long dark hair she wore
in a cute bun. underneath the full length black dress she had on black
stockings and 4inch black heels. It was more apparent than ever that Padme
had blossomed from a beautiful teen to a gorgeous young woman.

Anakin was dressed very conservative in black pants and a black shirt with a
black string tie in the front. Padme had met many men in her life but none
were more handsome than the man sitting across the table from her now, Anakin

After dinner the two sat on Padme's huge couch. Anakin felt the need to open
up his feelings to Padme.

"When I left all those years ago Padme, not a day went by that I didn't think
of you. Now seeing you here again, I'm in agony. I'm haunted by our kiss,
that you said we should pretend never happened. I have such strong feelings
for you, your so beautiful. I wanna scream at the top of my lungs at the
thought of us never being together again. You are in my very soul, torturing

There was a long silence before Anakin spoke again.

"Please say something, tell me you are as miserable as I am."

Padme stood up and walked toward the fireplace before turning around to face

"Annie, if we both act on these feelings, it will take us both to a place we
will regret down the road. After all I'm a Senator and your a Jedi. I will
not allow you to throw away your future because of me. Not because of
feelings we both share, no matter how strong."

"So you do have feelings for me?" Anakin inquired.

"What does it matter if I do, acting on those feelings is not an option, not
with the consequences."

Anakin rose up and walked over to Padme, "I think it IS an option!"

With that Anakin pulled Padme into a kiss. Padme couldn't resist and kissed
Anakin back. They kissed passionately as their mouths opened and their
tongues met. Anakin lifted Padme up in his arms, not even breaking their
kiss he took her to her bedroom.

Once in the bedroom Padme helped Anakin off with his shirt. She caressed his
strong muscular chest as his hands roamed to the top half of her dress.
Anakin slid her black dress straps down slowly. Padme helped him by unzipping
the back of her dress, allowing the long black dress to slid off her body.
Anakin was more than impressed by what he saw. Her breasts were perky almost
gravity defying, and her nipples were dark red and very erect. Anakin pulled
her close her entire body exposed to him, except for her high heels,
stockings, and very sexy black panties, almost a G-string do to their

Anakin took one of her breasts in his mouth and sucked on the entire tit.
His hands found her small firm butt and he squeezed both cheeks. Anakin
began to nibble lightly on her nipple causing Padme to softly moan. Padme
undid his pants and took his cock in her hand. She stroked him up and down
as he continued to knead at her sexy ass with his hands. Anakin started
sucking her other nipple giving it little love bites that drove her crazy.
Padme was breathing heavily as she stroked his cock faster and faster. As
Padme breathed heavier she pulled him away from her breast and kissed him
deeply once again. Her barely covered pussy pushed against his exposed cock
as their kiss seemed endless.

When the kiss finally did end, Padme smiled at Annie before dropping to her
knees. Padme pulled her long dark hair out of the bun it was in letting it
fall past her shoulders. She took his 8 inch cock in her hand and slowly
slid it in her mouth. Anakin closed his eyes in pleasure as her warm mouth
engulfed his cock. Padme took her time and slowly worked him in and out of
her mouth. Anakin couldn't believe how incredible she looked, her eyes open
as she looked up at him, her mouth going back and forth on his shaft. She
was so beautiful he couldn't believe this was actual happening. Padme took
all of him in her mouth as he held the back of her hair, helping her swallow
his rod. In a short time he had already got very hot. He certainly didn't
wanna cum this early though so he stopped her.

He removed the rest of his clothes and watched as she took off her heels and
her panties. Anakin helped her slid down her stockings, then climbed into bed
with her. Once in bed they again kissed, neither one of them getting tired of
the others mouth as their kisses seemed more passionate each time. After
Anakin broke the kiss, he kissed on her bare breasts. Then went lower to her
stomach and to her navel. He went lower still to her pussy. It was very
nicely trimmed in a triangle of dark pubic hair. He stuck his tongue out to
her cunt lips and licked them up and down. He teased her pussy as he poked at
it with his tongue, then using his hands parted her lips and started licking
her pretty pink pussy.

Padme started bucking her hips shoving her box more into Anakin's face as
Anakin slid a finger into her as he ate her out. Her leg wrapped around his
neck as he ate her pussy for all it was worth. Padme pinched her nipples
hard as she was eaten out by Anakin. She seemed close to orgasm when she
grabbed his head and said to him, "Make love to me Annie!"

Anakin got on top of her and Padme spread her legs allowing his cock to enter
her. Anakin wasn't surprised at how tight she was, but feeling that she still
had her hymen was something he hadn't expected. He thought surely a beautiful
woman like Padme had at least been with one man before. He was glad to know
that it was gonna be the first time for both of them.

Anakin slowly slid inch after inch into her. Her pussy seemed to grab his
cock like a vice as Anakin felt more pleasure than his wildest dreams of
Padme could ever imagine. Padme wrapped her arms around his shoulders as he
drove his cock into her awaiting love tunnel. Once again they kissed as
Anakin picked up speed at pumping into Padme's virgin pussy. A hard thrust
broke her cherry and took her virginity, at first she moaned in pain causing
Anakin to stop and ask her if she was OK. She smiled and nodded, then
surprised Anakin by rolling him over onto his back.

Padme sat up and began to ride the younger man. She felt his balls slapping
against her ass as she was now able to take all of his rod inside of her. He
grabbed her bouncing breasts and squeezed them as she planted her feet and
rode him harder. Soon the pleasure was too much and she orgasmed all over
him, covering his cock with her sweet juices. Since the orgasm exhausted her,
he grabbed her sexy hips and started thrusting upward into Padme's sexy body.
Seeing her beautiful face, and her breasts bouncing, soon proved to be too
much for Anakin. Pulling her down and close to him he shot his load deep into
Padme. Feeling his warm seed enter her she orgasmed a second time causing
them to both to collapse in the huge bed.

"I love you Annie," she said softly.

"I love you too Padme!"

After that the two drifted off to sleep in each others arms.


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