This is a make believe story about make believe characters.

Checking the story codes below you will see that this story doesn't contain
any happy consentual sex. However, there are two versions to this story, a
Light Version and a Dark Version and this is due to how the story ends. All
I'm going to say is check the story codes.

Star Wars - Episode 2: Geonosian Torture (Light Version)
by Big Red Dope ([email protected])

Obi-Wan's message greatly disturbed Anakin and Padme. He managed to reveal
that it was Viceroy Gunray who was behind the assassination attempts on
Padme's life and that the Trade Federation were going to acquire a droid
army on Geonosis. It was when he confirmed that the Commerce Guilds and the
Corporate Alliance were pledging their armies to Count Dooku that he was
attacked by a droideka and his message went dead. Mace Windu then ordered
Anakin to stay put on Tatooine and protect Padme while the Jedis took care
of Count Dooku and rectified the situation on Geonosis.

Padme shook her head nervously. "They have to travel halfway across the
galaxy. They'll never make it in time to save him."

"If he's still alive..." Anakin replied rather coldly.

"You're just going to let him die?" Padme asked incredulously. "He's your
friend, your mentor, He's-"

"He's like a father to me, but Master Windu said to stay put!"

"He said to protect me. I'm going to help Obi-Wan," Padme said as she
started up the ship they were in, "and if you want to protect me you'll just
have to come along."

* * *

"See those steam columns? Exhaust vents of some kind," Padme said as the ship
flew over Geonosis' terrain and the droid factory came into view.

"That'll do," Anakin said landing the ship on a ledge close to one of the

"Whatever happens," Padme said as she and Anakin departed the ship, "follow
my lead. I'm not interested in starting a war. Hopefully my position in the
Senate can help bring about a diplomatic solution to this mess."

"I've given up trying to argue with you long ago," Anakin replied.

They two walked across a walkway overhanging a pit and found a door leading
inside the large building. It noisily raised up as they approached and they
entered. Anakin and Padme found themselves in a dark hallway and started
down it towards a door on the other end. As they walked they started to hear
low squawking noises.

"Wait," Anakin said stopping for a moment.

They turned around as a horde of Geonosians jumped from the walls. Padme took
off down the hall for the door followed by Anakin who was busy fighting the
creatures with his lightsaber. Once on the other side of the door Anakin and
Padme found themselves on a ledge that barely stuck out six inches from the
wall. The door shut and the ledge started to retract. Padme lost her balance
and fell to the conveyor below. Anakin managed to grab hold of part of the
door before jumping down to the same conveyor.

The platform was being used to flatten metal with larger stampers and while
Anakin was trying to avoid the stampers he was attacked by more Geonosians
this time armed with sonic blasters. As he slashed and hacked the creatures
with his saber further ahead Padme was left alone, but had her own problems
to contend with in the form of stampers.

She had to walk backwards in order to get her timing down so as not to be
pulled under the stampers too early. Padme barely made it past the first
one, but was more careful in negotiating through the next five stampers.
Past the fifth one there was some open space and distance until the next
one, but Padme barely had time to catch her breath before being attacked by
one of the winged Geonosians. The two pushed and pulled testing each other's
upper body strength before Padme was through into a large empty vat below.

The vat then flew through the factory on a rail lining up behind others. In
the distance Padme could hear a loud splashing sound as the vats in front of
her were filled with something. Padme started to panic and fruitlessly look
around for a way out as she felt the heat from the substance filling the
vats. Suddenly everything stopped. The vat she was in tipped over and she
fell to another level below her.

Padme's eyes widened in horror as she regained her bearings and sat up. She
was surrounded by three winged Geonosians and she stumbled as she tried to
get up. The three eyed her squawking at each other in their native tongue.
Padme couldn't understand them, but whatever they were saying couldn't have
been good.

Without warning the three Geonosians dropped their trunks and flew in on
her. Padme screamed trying to get up to run, but one of them pistol-whipped
her with it's blaster and she was knocked back down. Two of the creatures
clawed at her clothing; one at her shirt and the other at her pants. Padme's
body was scratched and bleeding when the last bit of her clothing was
shredded from her body.

"Oh god no! Anakin help me! Please!" Padme screamed her face turned white
when she spied the thick eight-inch long cocks of the Geonosians.

Padme tightly squeezed her legs closed as the creatures walked towards her.
Her body was trembling and she was beginning to hyperventilate at the thought
of the worst happening. As one of the Geonosians stood in front of her it
tried to spread her legs apart, but was having a difficult time with Padme
fighting it. Suddenly another of the creatures jabbed the barrel of its
blaster into Padme's side and she cried out as pain shot through her body and
her legs weakened.

That was the help the Geonosian needed as it roughly tore Padme's legs apart
exposing her vagina. The heat from the factory sweltered around the four and
though it didn't bother the locals Padme was starting to sweat profusely
feeling her body weaken. She had little time to worry about the heat as the
Geonosian between her legs stuck his cock head into her pussy.

Padme gritted her teeth trying to block out the pain as best she could as
the large fleshy staff invaded her box. She then felt one of the Geonosians
pistol-whip her again. Padme's mouth burst open to scream in pain, but not a
sound got out as another of the Geonosian pricks entered her body this time
in her mouth.

Padme looked to her left and saw the third Geonosian standing there with it's
blaster aimed at her almost smiling as the other two defiled her. She could
almost scream as she felt the eight inches of Geonosian dick tear into her
pussy, but her mouth was full and she could not. Padme could feel the member
in her mouth start to slide down her throat and she started to choke as her
passageway became blocked by the bulbous dick which didn't allow air to pass

She was starting to become light-headed and her face started to turn blue.
Padme tried breathing through her nose, but her efforts became futile, as she
just couldn't suck in enough air with the ramming her mouth was taking. And
though she could feel it Padme didn't pay much attention the to Geonosian
prick that was tearing up her twat making it raw and tender.

It was literally do or die time for Padme as the last signs of life left her
body. When the Geonosian bottomed out in her mouth she bit down hard her
teeth tearing all the way through the dick. The creature screeched in pain
as it started to squirt out greenish blood where it's penis used to be. It
started to fly around haphazardly as it continued to scream in pain. The
Geonosian that had been previously watching the threesome blasted the injured
Geonosian once killing it then blasted Padme once in the hip.

Her blood-curdling screams echoed through out the factory as her body
shivered from the pain. The Geonosian with the blaster drawn then walked to
Padme's side and jammed its finger deep into her wound. Once again Padme's
screams filled the factory. The pain from her hip was more excruciating than
the pain pulsing from her raw and bleeding pussy as that Geonosian continued
to forcefully and roughly rape her. Pulling the detached member from her
mouth Padme let out agonizing moans as tears ran down her face and her twat
seared with pain. She looked up at the remaining creature and her heart
dropped as its member pulsed and some sort of fluid oozed from it.

Padme didn't dare fight back this time for fear of death. Perhaps not by
these two Geonosians, but by others. Padme was both disgusted and thrilled
as she felt the creature roughing up her cunt finally blow it's load and
flood her womb with it's seed. Her moment of relax was very short lived as
the Geonosian started fucking her pussy again when it's orgasm ended. This
was not helped at all, by the Geonosian now pumping it's prick deep down
her throat.

When all seemed lost Padme heard a blaster fire twice and the two Geonosian's
fell over dead. She pushed the dead creatures off of her and sat up gagging
and shaking as the full effect of what just happened dawned on her. Padme
looked up to thank her savior, but couldn't believe her eyes.

"NO! NO! ANAKIN HELP ME!" Padme pleaded shouting in vain as terror crossed
her face and filled her eyes.

Holstering his blaster and removing his helmet Jango Fett stalked towards
Padme with an evil smile on his face and lust in his yes. Jango dropped his
helmet to the platform floor and falling to the floor on his knees he lowered
the bottom part of his suit enough to pull his seven-inch dick out. Padme
screamed as Jango leaned forward to kiss her so he grabbed her by the throat
choking the life from her as her pressed his lips to hers.

"Damn Geonosians! Such primitive and insensitive creatures. You're pussy's no
good to me now," Jango sneered fingering Padme's cunt causing her to whine in
pain. He pulled his finger out and taunted her with the blood on it before
shoving it into her mouth to lick it clean. "It's a good thing they left your
ass alone or I would have had to slaughter a whole bunch of them."

"No! Don't! Stop please!" Padme cried on deaf ears as Jango flipped her onto
her stomach.

Jango took his gloves off so he could fondle Padme's ass with his bare hands.
She had such a soft squeezable one at that. Jango spread Padme's ass apart as
his hands continued to squeeze and massage her butt. With her blaster wound
and raw pussy the Senator got no pleasure as Jango's tongued slithered up and
down her anus. Not that it mattered to the bounty hunter as his tongue darted
in and out her asshole. Plugging her up was all that he cared and her
feelings meant nothing.

It was no surprise then when Jango didn't react to Padme's screams of agony
as she started to full out cry when Jango jammed his cock deep into her ass.
He grabbed a handful of her hair yanking it by the roots cause her head to
whip back towards him. The sudden jerk of her head pained Padme even more
and her screaming and crying only intensified as her ass was split open by
Jango's prick.

Padme soon became lost in her own world of grief and pain. Raped by the
Geonosians and now by Jango Fett Padme became delirious as she lost control
of her body. Her body convulsed and shook violently and though she couldn't
know it her twat began to ejaculate her girl cum uncontrollably. Padme was
barely aware and hardly felt Jango's fingers dig so hard and deep into her
hips that they broke the skin and small blood droplets started to dribble
out. She was barely aware of when Jango snapped her head back by the hair
in furious orgasm as he also filled her womb with his cum.

Padme was in a state of shock and she was numb as Jango dragged her body by
her right arm through the battle droid factory before making his way to the
arena. There with an arena filled to the top with loud raucous Geonosians
Padme's body was dragged out to the center for a public defilement. Four
posts were raised in the center where her arms and legs were bound by chains
and her body was raised four feet from the ground.

At the sound of the crowd going wild Padme looked up as the gate in front of
her opened and a large white nexu bolted out. She closed her eyes waiting for
the end of the road to come when she saw the beast knock a picador off its
orray and eat it. The nexu then turned its attention towards Padme and
bounded towards her. Padme could hear the loud footsteps as it got closer and
she could feel its breath on her body as it circled around her.

Padme cried out and the crowd went wild as the white beast batted her body
with its paw. It was the nexu's claw that tore into her wounded hip that
caused Padme the pain. The nexu circled around Padme sizing up what was in
front of it. It swatted her in the head forcing her already ginger neck to
whip forward. Padme's cries once again got the crowd riled up. Her neck was
hurting bad, and was only verge of breaking with another swat.

Suddenly when Padme thought it couldn't get any worse it did. The nexu
stopped behind her and she could feel it's warm breath blow over her pussy.
Padme's twat was no way in shape to put up with anymore after what the
Geonosians had done to her and she just didn't know how much more she could
take especially if the nexu tried to fit all twelve inches of it's prick
into her small opening like she thought it was going to.

Padme soon found out how much she had left as the nexu mounted her forcing
it's bloated overgrown dick into her cunt. Padme's eyes rolled back and
sounds of pure agony and pain pierced the arena air. She was in a mass of
pain. Her pussy was literally stretching and tearing as the nexu forced six
large inches into her body.

The creature didn't care and the crowd didn't care as Padme's body was
ravaged and her brain was overloaded with the emotion of pure unadulterated
pain. Padme brought her head up and only briefly saw Count Dooku atop the
arena in his seat. The Count had a vicious smile on his face and sat side by
side with Jango Fett and his son. Jango had no sympathy in his heart either
and smiled as the nexu continue to brutally tear up Padme's body as it
viciously fucked her. Even Boba seemed to take enjoyment in the revelry of
the crowd and the mad scene taking place in the arena below.

Padme was barely conscious, as the twelve inches of the nexu finally found
it's way inside piercing her womb. The Senator's eyes were open and she
could see everything that was going on, but her body had long given out on
her. It's cock bloody mess as it pulled out the nexu pushed right back into
Padme's body as it humped her attempting to mate.

Though still alive Padme lost all connection to the outside world as the
twelve inches of the best tore up her insides. She could still see the sun
beating down on the arena, but she couldn't feel the heat. Padme could still
feel the nexu as it slowly fucked her to death, but she couldn't recognize
the pain. Beaten and fucked into a bloody mess and desperately needing
medical attention, Padme felt the white beast as it ejaculated it's load into
her body but it meant nothing even as it's cum filled up her torn womb and
started to spill out her snatch and down her legs.

Several Geonosians came out onto the arena floor when the nexu dismounted
Padme and seemingly lay peacefully on the arena floor. They released Padme
from her restraints on the four posts only to chain her hands together and
bind them above her head to a large pillar. Padme was almost unconscious
barely able to stand up. She only stayed up with the help of the chain
around her hands. A Geonosian walked to her body and shoved some smelling
salts in front of her face. Padme's face twitched and jerked, and though
weak she was awake and aware of her surroundings.

Slowly looking to her left Padme saw Anakin chained to a pillar like she. He
tried to speak, but no words would come from his mouth. Anakin had a look of
shock and dispair on his face, before it turned to anger. His face turned up
to towards Count Dooku. Rage tore through Anakin's head, and the Count smiled
as he sensed it. "Master will be pleased," he thought.

Loud creaking noises erupted as arena doors were opened releasing a reek
and an acklay. Several picadors began to poke and prod the nexu with their
staffs. They were met with death as the nexu climbed back to his feet
irritated with the interruption to his sleep. As the trio of creatures
lurched towards Obi-Wan, Padme, and Anakin screeching and hollering several
blasts shot through the air.

The arena aired filled with Geonosian cries as they ran and flew off in
panic. Seemingly from nowhere Jedis appeared in the stands killing the
Geonosians. The arena quickly filled up with battle droids and drodeikas.
As the droids started attacking the Jedi who made it to the arena floor
two Republic attack gunships flew in firing. The nexu, reek, and acklay
were were caught in the crossfire and died as droids and gunship Clone
Troopers fired at each other.

As Mace Windu's lightsaber sliced through Jango Fett's neck he turned his
attention to the three pillars. Padme's chains had been destroyed by a stray
blaster shot and she lay in a heap on the ground. Anakin and Obi-Wan were
desperately trying to break free from their restraints before they were
accidentally shot.

Mace quickly made his way towards them and cut Anakin and Obi-Wan down.
Anakin immediately ran to Padme's side fearful that what he wouldn't be able
to overcome had come to pass. He was relieved when he found pulse still in
Padme's body.

"Is she alive?" Obi-Wan asked taking cover next to the couple.

"Yes, barely. Count Dooku will pay for his brutality towards Padme."

"We'll get him. Take Padme to one of the ships so they can get her out of
her and get her some help."

"Then I'll get my revenge on Dooku."

"No, Anakin stay with Padme. She needs you right now."

"The medical staff can take care of her. I want Dooku."

"Listen to Master Kenobi," Mace yelled at the trio while fighting off droids
not but a few feet away. "Stay with Padme. We'll take care of things here."

Under the cover of one of the gunships and Obi-Wan's protection Anakin
carried Padme to a gunship. It took off as the two boarded. Anakin wrapped
a blanket around Padme's body and held her as the arena became a distant

"Ani- Anakin..." Padme said coughing.

"Sh, sh, sh, sh! Don't say a word. Just stay with me Padme! We're going to
get you some help," Anakin said nearly crying.

"Anakin... I love... you..."

"I love you too Padme. Just stay with me. It won't be much longer now."


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