How many people have seen Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Clones, yet?
Just about everyone I guess. Well the very sexy Natalie Portman was back in
it to play Padme Amidala, along with another new actress Bonnie Piesse who
plays the young Beru Whitesun, who was the aunt of Luke Skywalker in Episode
4. Now Beru is young in Episode 2 and she is hot! Both Natalie Portman and
Bonnie Piesse are the hottest girls I have ever seen! After seeing the movie
I came up with this fantasy that really turned me on, of Padme and Beru in a
lesbian act that incorporates all my patent leather shoe fetish. Because of
some complaints I have decided to tone down the level of scat that I will
have in this story, so sorry for all those who are scat fetish lovers.

This story takes place on Tatooine right after Anakin goes off to search for
his mother. Hope all enjoy reading. Any comments please write to:
[email protected]

Star Wars is a trademark of 20th Century Fox and the story and characters are
produced, directed, and owned by George Lucas.

Star Wars - Episode 2: The Fetish Girls Of Tatoooine
by Adam Smith (F/F,solo,shoe fetish,ws,fist,messy)

It was a typical hot afternoon on the planet Tatooine. Anakin Skywalker and
Padme Amidala had come to the Lars home in search of Shmi Skywalker, the
mother of Anakin. There they met Cleig Lars, who had married Shmi, and also
his son Owen and his girlfriend Beru Whitesun. Cleig Lars told Anakin about
how the Tusken Raiders raided a group of moister farmers and kidnapped his
mother, and how no one was able to rescue her. After Anakin heard about this
he raced off to find her himself. Right before he left the Lars home he
hugged Padme outside their home.

Anakin: Padme stay here with these people you will be safe.

Padme: I will stay.

Anakin: I will not be long I promise.

After that Anakin sped off into he desert wilderness on his speeder bike in
search of his mother. After Anakin left Padme she felt very lonely, and it is
very easy to get lonely when you are on a desolate desert rock like Tatooine.
Owen Lars went off with his father to work on the moister vaporaters, which
left a lonely young Beru by herself as well. Padme and Beru spent the time
together to comfort each other's loneliness. Since Beru spent most of her
life on Tatooine among family of moister farmers, she has not seen most of
the galaxy, or had the exotic life of Padme. So needless to say she was very
fascinated with Padme's life, and she wanted to know all the exotic stuff
that Padme has done.

Beru: So Padme I hear that you were a queen before you became a senator?

Padme: Yes you are right. I was a queen for two terms before I had to give
the position up.

Beru: I heard the people of Naboo really loved you and they did not want you
to stop being their queen?

Padme: Yes they even tried to fix our constitution to let a queen go for a
third term, but it did not go through, and I had to step down.

Beru: So how did you become a senator?

Padme: Well the new queen asked me to be the new senator representing Naboo
for the Republic.

Beru: So you must have worn all sorts of exotic clothes and gowns?

Padme: As a matter of fact I did, I loved wearing all those pretty and dressy
gowns. As a matter of fact I still have to wear them for formal occasions as
my role as a senator.

Beru: Padme I really envy you. I love all those kinds of closes, and I
always wished that I could do something special, and wear formal gowns. But
unfortunately I have been on this planet all my life and I have only had
these humble clothes you see me wear.

Padme: Beru I have some good news for you I have a lot of formal gowns in my
Nubian ship that I could let you try on, so you can fulfill your dream.

Beru: You would really let me do that!?

Padme: Sure I would. It will be a girls bonding night for us.

After that Padme and Beru headed off to the Nubian starship that Anakin and
Padme came to Tatooine in. Padme led Beru into her room and then she opened
her closet to reveal her entire wardrobe that she had on board that ship.
When Beru saw Padme's wardrobe she got really excited and her mouth opened
in surprise and amazement at all the pretty and sexy gowns that Padme had.
Padme had Beru try on some of her formal gowns, and for that time Beru felt
like she was not on Tatooine anymore, but that she was a queen or senator of
some planet. Padme tried on some of her gowns as well. Padme had Beru try
on her formal tight black gown with the black gloves that she had worn when
she had dinner with Anakin on Naboo. Both girls went prancing around in
formal wear that was only meant for a queen or a senator for a formal
event. Both felt very giddy and like they were schoolgirls not taking life
seriously. Then Beru went into Padme's closet to look for other clothes that
she might be able to try on. By accident, and to her amazement, Beru found
at the bottom of Padme's closet a pair of very shiny white patent leather
Mary Jane schoolgirl dress shoes, the kind with buckle and strap. Beru just
sat their in amazement and fascination, because since she has not seen much
exotic cloths before, she had never seen a pair of shiny shoes before,
especially none like the sexy pair of white shiny shoes that she was holding.
Beru started to immediately develop a sexual fetish for those shoes that she
was holding. She was trying to cover up and hide her fetish from Padme. Padme
did notice that Beru was holding her white shiny patent leather shoes, and
was fascinated by them, and she felt compelled to tell Beru about them.

Padme: Those shoes are from my childhood, I wore them when I was a little
girl with my formal wear, and to formal events. I can see that you are
fascinated by them.

Beru: Yes Padme, they are so pretty.

Padme: Yes I agree, that is why I have kept them from my childhood.

Beru: I wish my parents bought me shoes like that so I could wear them.

Padme: It is a shame that you could not have grown up somewhere else since
you like to wear exotic gowns and pretty shoes. It is getting dark now and we
best be getting back into your home now so we can get some sleep.

Beru: Yes Padme you are right. Lets go.

After that Padme and Beru cleaned up the room on the starship and put all the
clothes back including the little girl patent leather shoes. Then they left
the ship and went back inside the Lars' home. It was night and the entire
family, including Padme and Beru, went to bed. Beru could not get any sleep,
for the whole time she was lying in bed she kept thinking about those shoes.
Her young pussy was getting very wet thinking about those shoes to the point
that she could not get any rest from being so horny. Beru could not take it
any longer and she decided to sneak out of the house and back onto the Nubian
starship so she could look and feel those shoes again.

After Beru snuck out of the house and into the starship she made her way
into Padme's room. She went for Padme's closet and searched through all the
clothes until she came to the bottom of the closet. Once she came to the
bottom of the closet she found exactly what she was looking for, and that
was the very shiny pair of white patent leather Mary Jane shoes that Padme
used to wear as a child. Beru immediate got excited and her heart began to
beat a mile a minute. Sweat began to role off of her and her pussy began to
get really wet.

Beru then took both of the white shiny shoes that glistened under the
starship lights in the room, and she began to lick them all over. She ran her
tongue all over those shiny white shoes until her saliva complete covered the
shoes from head to sole, even including the shiny strap. Beru even stuck the
shoe into her mouth and tried to swallow as much of the shoe as could fit
into her mouth. Beru, still excited, then lifted up her peasant skirt, then
pulled down her panties, spread her legs wide apart, and then took the right
shiny white patent leather shoe and began to rub her pussy with it. Beru
stuck the shiny shoe in-between her pussy lips and masturbated herself with
the shiny white patent leather little girl shoe. When she rubbed the shoe
against her clit that is when she went crazy with excitement and she began
to moan loader and loader, until she was screaming from sexual lust and
stimulation from the shiny shoe against her pussy and clit.

Beru's screaming woke Padme up and she followed the noise to her Nubian ship.
Padme went in the starship to investigate only to catch Beru in the act of
masturbating with her white shiny little girl shoe. At about that time Beru
was so sexually excited from rubbing Padme's little girl shiny shoe against
her pussy and clit that Beru immediately had an orgasm, and then her girl cum
shot out of her pussy and all over the white shiny patent leather shoe. When
Beru came down off of sexual excitement she then noticed Padme standing at
the door with a shocked face and very supprised.

Beru: I am sorry Padme, I have no idea what came over me. I will never let it
happen again.

Padme: I had no idea that you had a sexual fetish for shiny patent leather
little girl shoes.

Beru: I had no idea myself until I saw that kind of shoe today. I never saw
shiny shoes that looked so pretty and sexy like these ones.

Padme: Yes and they were very expensive for my mother to buy, and I have kept
them because there were special to me.

Beru: Padme I am so sorry. I feel so bad about it. I wish I could make it up
to you.

Padme: Well maybe there is a way.

Beru: What is it? I will do anything you want me to.

After Beru said that Padme reached out to grab her right white patent leather
shoe from Beru's hand, the same one that Beru used to rub against her pussy
and masturbate with. Then Padme took the white shoe covered in Beru's sticky
girl cum and put it to her nose and smelled it, and did it stunk.

Padme: PEEEUUUU, your pussy really stinks Beru!

Beru: I am sorry Padme, but my pussy really stinks probably because being on
this desert world all my life I have not had a lot of chances to take a bath
or shower. I have not had a chance to clean my vagina lately, and that is the
reason why it smells so bad.

Padme: Well we are going to have to take care of that aren't we?

Beru: I will do what ever you want Padme to make up for the mess on your

After that Padme led Beru to the part of the ship where there was a bath just
big enough for one person to take a bath. Padme told Beru to strip of all her
cloths, to which Beru was more than willing to comply. Padme filled the tub
up with warm soapy water, and told Beru to get in. After Beru got into the
tub Padme gave her a wash cloth and told her to clean her pussy really well.
While Beru was washing herself Padme left for a couple of minutes then
returned. When Padme returned she was completely naked except for the fact
that she was wearing a pair of knee high shiny black patent leather high
heeled boots.

When Beru saw that Padme was wearing those sexy shiny boots it got her really
sexually excited again and her pussy started to get really wet again. Padme
then went over to Beru, who was in the tub washing herself and staring at
Padme's shiny high heeled boots, and then Padme finished washing Beru, and
even took the wash cloth and soaped it up really good, and put it in-between
Beru's legs and washed and cleaned her dirty and stinky cunt until it was
clean. While Padme was washing Beru's pussy it got her excited every time
Padme would rub the cloth against her clit. Beru thought she was going to cum
again in the bathtub.

After Padme felt that Beru's pussy was clean enough she stopped washing her
down there, and Beru did not cum or get a release. But what Beru did notice
after she was able to come out of her sexual trance, and after she was able
to notice anything else other that Padme's shiny high heeled boots, she
noticed that Padme's pussy was clean shaven, and it was completely bald and

Beru: Why is your vagina bald Padme?

Padme: Because Beru I love the look of a little girls vagina, and since
little girls do not have pubic hair I decided to make my pussy look like it
is a little girl and that is why I shaved my cunt. I think that you are ready
to get out of the bath now so stand up.

With that Beru stood up in the bath and stepped out of it dripping wet. Padme
then took a towel and dried Beru completely dry. After that Padme reached
down and went for Beru's now clean and dry pussy. Padme did not touch Beru's
pussy but just felt the pubic hairs on her cunt.

Padme: Beru do you want me to shave your vagina as well and you could be bald
like me, and your vagina will look like a little girl?

Beru: Sure Padme I would love for you to do that!

With that Padme called for R2-D2 to come into the room, and the little droid
came in with his mechanical razor. Padme instructed Beru to sit down and
spread her legs, and relax. Beru did just that and then R2-D2 went over the
young girl and shaved her pussy clean and hairless. After R2-D2 was finished
shaving Beru, Padme ordered the droid to leave the room so it would not
witness what was about to come next.

Padme: Beru your pussy is so clean now, and it is so bald and hairless like
mine that you look like a little girl now.

Beru: Thank you Padme, I feel so sexy now.

Padme: Would you really want to expand on your little girl look with your
hairless pussy and try on those pretty little girl white patent leather shoes
that you were masturbating earlier with?

Beru: Sure Padme I would love to try them on.

After that Padme went to her room and got the white patent leather Mary Jane
shoes, and a pair of little girl white ankle dress socks to match the shoes.
When she came back into the room where Beru was in she had Beru put on the
socks and shiny shoes. Since the shoes were meant for a little girl to wear
they were extremely tight on Beru, but she managed to fit in them anyway. Now
the both of them were completely nude except for the patent leather shoes
they were wearing. They both looked so cute and sexy as they pranced around
the room modeling their bodies for each other and acting like and looking
like little girls with their bald pussies. Beru especially looked like a
little girl with her bald pussy combined with the little girl white ankle
socks and white patent leather little girl shoes. As they pranced around the
room they both began to feel like schoolgirls again but this time they were
getting each other sexually aroused.

Padme: Beru did you say that you will do anything I want you to?

Beru: Yes Padme I will do anything you want me to.

Padme: Well then get on your hands and knees and lick my shiny high heeled
boots, since I know you like to do that sort of thing.

After that Beru got down on her hands and knees and began to lick Padme's
shiny high heeled black patent leather boots. While she was liking Padme's
boots she smelled the sent of Padme's sweet and sour odor of her pussy on
the leather of her boots.

Beru: Why do I smell the sent of your vagina on your shiny black leather
boots Padme?

Padme: You are not the only one who masturbates with shiny patent leather
shoes. These are my sexiest pair of shiny boots that I have in my collection.
I am turned on by them and I rub them against my pussy anytime I get horny.
The shiny leather brings me to orgasm really quick and I shoot my girl cum
all over these boots, so that is why you smell my pussy on them.

After that Beru went back to licking Padme's shiny high heeled boots. Beru
ran her tongue all over Padme's shiny boots until her black boots were
covered in Beru's saliva. Padme then sat down and lifted her boots up into
the air and told her to suck in the stiletto heals. Beru sucked on both
stilettos shiny heals as almost as if she was giving them a blowjob. After
Beru gave Padme's shiny stiletto heels a blowjob, and covering them in her
saliva, Padme stopped Beru and sat her up.

Padme: I want to give you some pleasure now. Are you ready for it?

Beru: O yes Padme, I really want what you have coming for me!

Padme: Then sit over there in the chair and spread your legs out wide apart.

Beru did exactly as Padme instructed, and Padme got so horny at the sight of
Beru looking like a little girl, sitting there with her blond hair up, her
wearing white ankle little girl socks and shiny little girl white patent
leather dress shoes, and her legs spread wide apart to reveal a bald little
cunt. Padme immediate got down on her hands and knees and put her face up to
Beru's hairless pussy. She smelled Beru's now clean and shaven pussy and it
was such a sweet smell to her. Padme wasted no time and stuck out her tongue
and began to lick Beru's waiting pussy. Padme lapped at her cunt like crazy
and licked in-between her pussy lips. When Padme started to lick Beru's clit
Beru started to pee in Padme's mouth. Padme began to choke and pull away.

Beru: I am so sorry Padme, I should have stopped when I needed to go. But
when you put your tongue on my clit I lost control and pee just spilled out
of my vagina. I am so sorry Padme.

Padme: Do not worry about it Beru, you just caught me by suprise. I actually
liked the taste of it, and I have wanted to explore a pee fetish for a while.
So why don't you release your bladder into my mouth.

Beru: Are you sure you want me to do that? That sounds so gross.

Padme: Yes Beru I am sure, so now just pee in my mouth.

After that Padme put her mouth at Beru's cunt again and placed her mouth over
Beru's pee hole. Beru then let a steady stream of piss come out of her pee
hole and it flowed into Padme's mouth. What ever did not make into Padme's
mouth went all over Padme's face. Soon Padme's face was covered in Beru's
yellow piss. After Beru finish peeing Padme then drank up all the pee that
was in her mouth and then she went back to eating Beru's pussy out again.
Beru held her hands onto the back of Padme's head and ran her fingers through
her brown hair, while pushing her head deeper into her cunt. Padme licked
in-between Beru's pussy lips and sucked on her clit. This drove Beru into a
sexual high and Beru moaned louder and louder and then she screamed and
exploded into orgasm. Beru shot out her girl cum right into Padme's mouth,
and Padme tried to drink it all up. Then Beru calmed down from her explosive

Beru: That was great Padme. You made me feel so great and sexually relieved!

Padme: I am so glad that you are pleased and got an orgasm from me eating you
out. Do you think you could do the same to me and eat me out now.

Beru: I would love to eat your pussy now Padme. Let's do it.

With that Padme got up off the floor and then she sat down on a chair. Padme
then spread her legs out wide to expose her completely hairless pussy to
Beru. This made Beru get all the more hot, especially looking down at her
legs and feet and seeing the shiny black patent leather high heeled boots on
her. Beru wasted no time and she got down on her hands and knees and moved
over to Padme, and put her face up to Padme's cunt and smelled the sweet and
sour odor of her pussy. Beru started to lick Padme's pussy, and she licked
in-between her pussy lips. Then Padme stopped Beru and she proceeded to get

Beru: What are you doing?

Padme: I have to pee. I am stopping so I can go to the bathroom.

Beru: Do you think that you can pee in my mouth like I did to you?

Padme: Are you sure you are ready for that? Do you really want to do that?

Beru: O yes Padme, I really want to experience all your fetishes that you

After that Padme sat back down and spread her legs again. Beru picked up
where she left off and put her mouth over Padme's pee hole like she did to
hers. Beru knew that Padme could not hold on any longer, and then Padme let
out a strong flow of pee. After the pee filled up Beru's mouth the rest
started to spray across Beru's face. Beru really got sexually off at the
sour smell of Padme's pee on her face, and she drank all of Padme's pee
that was in her mouth. After Beru was finished drinking Padme's pee she
continued to eat her pussy out. Padme held her hands on the back of Beru's
head running her fingers through her blond hair, pushing her head deeper
into her cunt. Beru licked in-between Padme's pussy lips and sucked on her
clit. This drove Padme to a sexual high and Padme moaned and moaned, and
then she screamed and exploded into a strong orgasm. Padme shot all her girl
cum into Beru's mouth and Beru lovingly drank it all. Padme then calmed down
from her explosive cum.

Padme: Wow that was the best orgasm I ever had!

Beru: I am glad that you liked it. I am also glad that I was able to turn
you on and give you this great sexual experience by eating your pussy out!

After that Padme pulled Beru up from off the floor and then pushed her face
into Beru's face. Padme then began to kiss Beru passionately like she was
her lover for years. Beru kissed Padme back and the two girls kissed more
passionately than any other lesbian couple in the galaxy. Their passionate
kiss turned into a long french kiss. Their tongues were in each others mouths
swirling and sucking on each others tongues. They started to get really hot
from both the heat from the desert planet they were on and the passionate
lovemaking they were involved with. The heat made them sweat like pigs and
they both could smell the stink that was coming off both of their bodies from
all the sweat and piss on their faces. They held each other more tightly as
the sweat poured off their bodies onto one another, as they continued to kiss
more passionately and french kiss with their tongues in each others mouth
doing a dance. When they broke their long kiss and french kiss the both of
them knew the y had to clean themselves up and clean the stink off of their
bodies by washing the piss off their faces and sweat off their bodies. Padme
led Beru into the bathroom and they stated to clean themselves up with water,
soap, and a wash cloth. As they started to clean themselves up Padme got
another perverted idea to try on Beru.

Padme: So you like the passionate love making we just did?

Beru: O yes, I definitely did. I wish we could do more of it, and our lesbian
love making would go on the galaxies end!

Padme: You mentioned that you were interested in trying and experiencing more
of my fetishes.

Beru: O yes Padme I would love to. Do you have any other fetishes that we
could try?

Padme: Yes, I have a couple more tricks to show you. Why don't we try them.

With that Beru was even more sexually turned on by the unknown expectation of
what awaited her, and what Padme had in store for her. After that Padme then
went into her room and then returned to the bathroom on the starship. When
she returned she had a full bottle of baby oil in her hand. Beru looked at
Padme in wander and excitement trying to think of what Padme was going to do
to her with the baby oil.

Beru: Padme what are you going to do with the baby oil?

Padme: I am going to rub it all over your body until you are completely
smothered in it and all oiled up in it, then I am going to have you do the
same to me until I am smothered in it and all oiled up in it.

Beru: Sounds great. I cannot wait to do it.

With that Padme had Beru lay down. Then Padme opened the bottle of baby oil
and then she poured a lot on all over Beru's body from head to toe. Then
Padme rubbed the baby oil into Beru's body until Beru was oiled up from head
to toe, except her ankles and feet because they were covered with Padme's
little girl white socks and little girl white patent leather shoes. After
Beru was completely covered and oiled up from the baby oil Padme then laid
down herself and instructed Beru to do the same. Beru followed Padme's
instructions and first poured tons of baby oil onto Padme's body from head
to toe. Then Beru rubbed the baby oil into Padme's body from head to toe,
except from her legs down to her feet because she still had on the shiny
black patent leather high heeled boots. After that both Padme and Beru were
completely covered in baby oil, and because they were all oiled up their
bodies glistened and were just as shiny as the shiny shoes and boots that
they were wearing. When they looked at each other and saw that their bodies
glisten from all the oil they both got hot with sexual excitement and both
of their pussies began to get wet again. Their girl cum, combined with the
oil, made their pussies the wettest, glistening, and slippery cunts in the
galaxy at that time.

Padme then instructed Beru to lie down flat on her back. Beru did as she was
instructed. Then Padme lowered herself down onto Beru, with her pussy facing
directly into Beru's face. Padme got into a 69 position with Beru with Padme
on top. Beru was just about to push her face in Padme's waiting cunt when all
of the sudden Padme pulled Beru's ass cheeks apart then began to stick her
tongue into Beru's asshole. This drove Beru crazy with sexual excitement and
she started to do the same thing by spreading Padme's ass cheeks apart and
sticking her tongue into Padme's asshole. This also drove Padme into sexual
excitement. Both were licking and smelling each others stinky assholes.
Because of the baby oil both of their anuses were slipper and wet to the
extent that their puckered pink holes were able to easily open, they both
were able to sink their tongues into each other's assholes and lick inside
each other rectums. Before long the both of them were moaning louder and
louder as they relentlessly kept licking each other's anuses and stuck their
tongues in each other's assholes. This eventually brought both of them to
orgasm as they both screamed and shot their girl cum all over each other's
faces. They both drank up each other's girl cum and then they relaxed from
their explosive orgasms.

Padme: You liked what we did Beru? Didn't you. You loved the way I oiled you
up and stuck my tongue up your asshole?

Beru: O yes Padme, I loved what you are doing to me. I just wish that we
could make love like this forever, and it would never stop.

Padme: Well I do have something else planned for you if you are ready.

Beru: O yes I am ready, so let me have it.

Padme: Are you sure Beru, because it might hurt.

Beru: I do not care. I am not afraid. Let me have what you have in mind. I
want to experience all your fetishes Padme while I make lesbian love with

After that Padme reached down to Beru's feet and unbuckled both of Padme's
white patent leather Mary Jane dress shoes that she wore as a little girl,
and then pulled them off Beru's feet. Padme tossed one of the shoes back
to Beru and she kept the other. Padme instructed Beru to follow her in
everything she does to her, and to do the same back. Padme then took the
one shiny white patent leather shoe and began to rub Beru's pussy with it.
This made Beru go crazy with sexual excitement when Padme rubbed her clit
with the shoe. Beru tried to immediately follow Padme's example as she
instructed and started to rub the shoe that she had into Padme's pussy.
This also made Padme go crazy with sexual excitement when Beru rubbed the
shiny white shoe over her clit.

Then Padme was ready. Padme took the shoe and pointed the toe end right at
the entrance of Beru's pussy and shoved the shoe all the way up her cunt.
This made Beru scream from both extreme pain and extreme sexual pleasure at
the same time. Padme reminded Beru to follow her example and Beru with all
her strength pointed the toe of the shiny shoe at the entrance of Padme's
pussy and shoved the shoe up into Padme's cunt. This made Padme scream for
she also felt extreme pain and extreme sexual pleasure at the same time.

After they both got over the immediate shock and pain of this new experience
of having a shoe shoved up their pussies, they started to push the shoe they
each had in and out of each other cunt's, like it was their dildo they were
using on a lesbian lover. They used Padme's little girl white patent leather
shoes as a sex toy. As they continued to push the shoes in and out of each
other's pussies at the same time they both began to moan loader and loader
until their moan turned into a scream of orgasm. As they had an orgasm
together at the same time they both shot their girl cum all over the shiny
white patent leather shoes that was stuck up their pussies. They both then
pulled the shoe out of each other's cunts.

Before Beru could calm down from her explosive orgasm Padme spread Beru's ass
cheeks apart again, and then she took the white patent leather little girl
Mary Jane shoe and pointed the toe right at Beru's anus and shoved the shoe
up into her asshole. Beru screamed again not ready for that sexual treatment.
Again Padme instructed Beru to do the same, and Beru took all her strength
she had in herself and spread Padme's ass cheeks apart and took her shiny
white patent leather shoe, then pointed the toe at her anus and shoved it
into Padme's asshole. Padme screamed from the pain and sexual pleasure she
experienced at the same time. Again they both used the shoes as an anal
dildo, pushing in and out of each other's assholes, and up their rectums. It
did not take long before they both started to moan again loader and loader
until they both screamed and exploded into orgasm together at the same time
again. Then they shot their girl cum into each other's faces, and tried to
drink each other 's girl cum. Then they calmed down from their explosive
orgasm, and then they took the shoes out of each other's assholes. Both shoes
were covered in each others shit since they were up in each other's rectums.
Both shoes were covered in brown stained stinky shit.

Padme: Well did you love that Beru?

Beru: O yes I did Padme, even though it was just as painful as it was
pleasurable. You caught me off guard when you stuck the shoe up my asshole.

Padme: I have to admit to you that it was the first time myself that I had
a shoe up both my pussy and asshole. I found it to be both painful and
pleasurable at the same time. That is what is great about a fetish when you
do not know what is coming and you experience a new fetish for the first

Beru: Yes I agree with you. That was some experience we both had with a shoe
up our pussies and assholes!

After that both Padme and Beru got up and went into the bathroom on the
starship to take a shower together. Padme took off her shiny black patent
leather high heeled boots, and Beru took of her white little girl ankle
socks. They both got in the shower together to clean themselves up from all
their messy oil and lovemaking. While in the shower they cleaned themselves
up, but they also made out with each other in the shower as they kissed each
other passionately and also french kissed each other.

After they were done their shower they cleaned up in the rooms where they had
their lesbian sex in. Padme picked up all her cloths and her shiny patent
leather high heeled boots and put them back in her closet. She then took her
shiny white patent leather little girl shoes she wore when she was a child,
which were completely covered in girl cum and each others brown stinky shit,
and she pondered what to do with them. She had originally kept them as a
collector's item to remind her of her child hood at formal events in the
Republic and Naboo while all dressed up in formal wear. But she is now going
to keep them as a reminder of her and Beru's lovemaking when Anakin and
herself fly far away from this hot desert planet. She put the shoes in
her closet in a safe space where no one will find them, except herself.

Then after that Padme and Beru jumped into bed with each other completely
naked, still extremely sexy and horny looking at each other's hairless
pussies. They both began to kiss each other passionately while lying in bed
with each other. Their passionate kiss turned into a frensh kiss as they
probed each other's mouths with their tongues, and they did this until they
both fell asleep in each other's arms. They stayed asleep in each other's
arms until morning.

When morning arrived they both got up and got dressed. They left the Nubian
ship and greeted Gleig Lars and his son Owen. Gleig and Owen both asked the
girls what they were up to last night. Padme and Beru looked at each other
and then they just laughed, but they did not tell anything of their lesbian
lovemaking or fetish experiences to Cleig or Owen, for they decided to keep
it a complete secret between the both of them. At about that time all four
of them saw Anakin come back to the Lars home on his speeder bike, but with
Shmi's dead body on the back of his bike. Padme and Beru's happy and very
sexual experience the night before was immediately forgotten by the current
tragedy of Shmi's death that they saw Anakin bring home.


If you saw the movie you know the rest of the story. If you have not seen
the movie yet then go out the theater and see it, for it is awesome!!


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