Disclaimer: This story is parody, not for profit. Star Wars owned George
Lucas and Lucas Arts. T-X Terminator owned by somebody. This story is loosely
based on the 2 video games and my fantasies of what a crossover between the
women of both games as I would like for them to be. They have little bearing
with the games save the characters, locations, and various events in the
games. My version of Juhani looks like the more beautiful Tigra.

Some chapters rated NC-17 for F/F sex, orgy, cons. BDSM, alien, A.I.

Synopsis: A small group of adventurers are all that stand between Galactic
tyranny and freedom. A freedom threatened again 5 years later.

Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic: Tales of the Ebon Hawk Part 1
by Tyval ([email protected])

The dreams were coming more frequently to Jade Sun as she tossed in her
sleep. They weren't all nightmares, though some were quite horrific, but even
the others were, disturbing. Jade knew the images. The events were of the
Mandalorian Wars which had ended 5 years ago, others were of things involving
the current 'Sith War' being led by Darth Malak.

Like most cadets Jade didn't understand all the Jedi/Sith details. She had
been first in her class at the academy. In many areas she had even set
academy records; hand to hand combat and swordsmanship especially. Thanks to
the development of personal energy shields, swordsmanship was still very
vital even in an age of blasters, warbots, and hyperdrive starships. In fact,
swordsmanship was very much in vouge these days with many planets even going
so far as to legalize non-lethal duelling again.

Jade had breezed through her courses. It even amazed her how she made perfect
scores and never studied. In fact, her partying style caused a lot of concern
as Jade was openly a lesbian*. She was a stunning Asian* beauty with long
black hair, almond eyes, taller than average at 5' 8", a very nice 36C breast
size, very wiry, athletic build, but not so much as to intimidate others.

She had graduated barely a week ago and, due to the urgent need for both
officers and men was rushed to duty aboard the light cruiser 'Endar Spire'.
It was supposed to be a routine mission, a recon flight over Taris, on the
way to deliver Jedi knight Bastila Shan to Dantoonie. Bastila was somewhat
of a celebrity since she had killed the leader of the Sith, Darth Reven, a
year before. But then again, Reven and Malak had been the greatest Jedi
heroes of the Republic; until they led a fleet against the Republic.

The Republic, weakened after the costly victory against the Mandalorian's,
had been taken by surprise when Reven and Malak had attacked 2 years ago with
the best, most battle hardened veterans backing them. The first year had been
bad, very bad. Reven was a genius in battle. Only her loss to Bastila had
stopped the Sith fleet from a quick and decisive victory.

Under Malak, the Republic fared better. At first, Malak had been totally
incompetent, losing several key battles, and was pushed back from several
sectors the Sith had conquered. But Malak had learned. With the sheer weight
of numbers and with the more battle tested warriors on his side, Malak and
the Sith were again advancing, while the Republic forces continued to be wore

After his set backs Malak was letting the competent Admiral Saul Karath run
his battle fleet. Malak concentrated his own efforts to turning out Sith
knights to battle the dwindling number of Jedi. Some Jedi were defecting and
turning to the 'Dark Side' on their own. This was one area Malak did well in
and it was costly to the Republic.

Taris. Once it had been a jewel of a planet, now it was a decaying shell of
it's former glory. The corrupt government of Taris had allowed the Sith to
build a large military base there while still protesting neutality. Despite
the Sith presence, the Endar Spire was not expecting conflict, and so the
ambush by overwelming Sith numbers came as a surprise.

Jade had been off duty and asleep, having yet another of the disturbing
dreams when exlosions jolted her awake. A young male officer ran into the

"We're under attack, you need to get your gear on and come with me," the man

"Who are you?" Jade asked, grabbing he uniform.

"Trask Ulgo, I'm your bunk mate," Trask said, "We have differant shifts so
it's no wonder you've never seen me."

"I'll bet you've gotten more than an eyeful of me," Jade smiled, co-ed was no
big deal in the Republic fleet.

"Well, uh," Trask stammered.

"Don't worry about it," Jade smiled strapping on a short sword and grabbing
her blaster rifle, "Just for the record, I like other girls, but I'm not one
of the man haters."

"Well, I've seen your service record," Trask said, "Everyone says you may be
the best the academy ever produced. We probably need to get to the bridge.
There's only one reason the Sith would be attacking us like this. They must
want Bastila. And want her worse than we thought."

"Bastila? Oh yes, the Jedi who killed Reven," Jade mused, "Why does she seem
so, familiar? I've seen her face on holo's, but it's more than that."

"Excuse me?" Trask looked puzzled.

"Never mind, we need to get moving," Jade said as another explosion rocked
the ship, followed by the unmistakable sound of boardng tubes.

Trask used his security code and the duo moved out. A message came in on
their personal communicators.

"This is Carth Onassi," the holo of Carth said, "We're being over-run. All
available personel to the bridge!"

"That was Captain Carth Onassi, a hero of the Mandalorian war," Trak said
with more than a little awe in his voice, "If he thinks things are bad we're
really in trouble."

Jade and Trask ran into their first combat in the next corridor. A dozen
Republic soldiers went down under an assault by only 9 Sith.

"For the Republic!" Trask cried out.

If Jade hadn't shot 3 of the Sith, Trask would have gotten himself killed
right there. Jade killed 2 more before Trask got off his first shot. Trask
finaly got it as 2 shots barely missed his head. Jade rolled out of the way
and took out another of the Sith as Trask finally got one. Trask ducked
inside the previous corridor, then shot one of the remaining 2 Sith. The
last Sith had a bead on him, Jade's thrown short sword took him right in
the visor. Out of the 9 Sith he was the only one who screamd as he died.

"Whoa! I see why you were first in your class," Trask said, "I've been in 3
firefights before, but you made me look like the recruit."

"I didn't know," Jade said wiping her sword clean, "They say, they say your
first kills are your hardest. The last one.... C'mon, we need to get to the
bridge to help Captain Onassi, Bastisla, or whoever's up there."

Strapping her rifle to her back, Jade took a long sword off a Republic
soldier. She was good with a rifle, but swords were her speciality. They
headed down into another corridor and Jade took out 2 more surprised Sith
with quick slashes while Task shot another. Down the port side they were
joined by 5 more Republic soldiers coming up from the armory. They passed
out a few gernades then continued on. Right into a mass of Sith troopers.

After a fierce, but brief firefight, Trask and Jade again stood alone amid a
pile of bodies. Jade sighed as she looked around. At least 10 of the dead
Sith belonged to her. Trask tied off a small wound on his leg and looked at
her in awe. She wasn't even scratched!

"Are you okay?" Trask asked.

"It's already too easy," Jade sighed, "Killing I mean. These men may have had
wives, children, and now they're gone. All because some lunatic wants power.
Just like the Mandalorian's, just like Exur Kun. Someone says 'conquer the
galaxy' and they come running. Are we any differant Trask? Are we any

"Sure we are," Trask said, taken back by Jade's musings, "If the Sith win
there wiil be a bloodbath like nothing the galaxy has never seen. That will
be followed by rape, slavery, torture, you name it. The Republic may not be
perfect, but you just have to think about what will happen if we lose."

Jade just nodded and switched to twin long swords. They continued on. The
next corridor had a sight that seemed oddy famiiar to Jade as a young female
Jedi was fighting a true Sith with lightsabers. The Sith looked old, his face
scared and wierdly tattooe'd.

"A Dark Jedi, that's too much for us," Trask said, "We'd only get in her

The girl was good. Jade studied her form as she easiy blocked everything the
Sith could throw at her. If he had't had a height and weight advantage Jade
thought the girl, maybe even younger than her, would have already taken him.
And take him she did only moments later. But fate seemed to be all in the
favor of the Sith this day as an explosion behind her almost ripped her in

"Damn, we could have used her help," Jade said.

"That was the Jedi that came aboad with Bastila," Trask said, "Oh great,and
here come some more of these clowns."

"I've had just about enough of these guys," Jade's anger rose as her sympathy

Jade threw a frag gernade right in the middle of them, killing 6 more and
wouding 2 others. With a primal cry she charged right in the middle of a
dozen Sith. This tme Trask actually split with her getting 6 to her 6. As
he joined her, Jade flicked the blood off her swords.

"Man, a hundred like you and this war would be over," Trask complimented her.

"You're not so bad yourself, once you get going," Jade smiled.

One of the wounded Sith troopers moaned. Jade kicked him and knocked him out.
Sith armor was surprisingly weak. Designed to withstand blasters, a good
blade could cut through it with little trouble. They were close to the bridge
now. Opening the door there were 6 more Sith troopers who were just finishing
off acouple of bridge crewman. They had paid for it, as more Sith bodies
littered the floor than crewmen. Another explosion took out 4 of the Sith and
Jade took out the last 2. She was getting used to killing, but a part of her
still didn't like it.

"This is Carth," Carth's hologram spoke again, "Bastila's escape pod is away,
all personel still alive abandon ship!"

"Discretion seems to be the better part of valor," Jade said.

"We'd better hurry," Trask agreed.

Port side was cut off, and a quick readout showed no more escape pods even if
they could go that way. Again Jade and Trask headed off. The explosions were
getting louder and closer. Trask took lead as they quickly went through 2
sectons. Then a door opened up revieling another Sith knight.

"Go! I'll hold him off," Trask charged through the door and shot the lock,
sealing him and the Sith inside the room.

Jade didn't understand why Trask had done such a foolish act. She had already
proven she was 4 or 5 times the fighter he was. Maybe it was because he knew
that and thought she might be more use to the Republic. Maybe it was male
ego. She didn't know. But what was even stranger was that she somhow knew the
Sith knight's name, Darth Bandon.

Another explosion. This one threw her to the deck. She was up quicky and
moving towards the escape pods as fast as she could. She entered another room
surprsing 2 Sith troopers more interesed in getting off the dying ship than
dealing with her. Jade would have let them go, but they stupidly decided to
start shooting at her. They were dead in 3 moves.

"Be careful," Carth cautioned on the com-link, "Theres a whole squad of them
in the next room."

Jade looked around the link and spotted a compute console. Slicing into it
she remembered a trick one of her Instructors had taught her and overloaded
the power conft in the next room, killing the entire squad. Going through the
door she spotted 2 vibroblades. They were better weapons than regular swords
so she switched out. On the other side she had finaly reached the escape

"Glad you made it," Carth said.

"I'm glad you waited Captain," Jade said in relief.

"Please, just call me Carth," Carth said, "I don't believe in leaving people
behind. Quite frankly, I was watching the monitors over there and I've never
seen a recruit fight like you do."

"Well, if I may be honest sir," Jade said checking her crono piece, "I've
killed over 30 men in less than an hour*, and I can't say I liked it very

"Then we have something else in common," Carth smiled, "And again, Carth, not
Captain or sir. Okay?"

"Yes sir," Jade said, "Uh, sorry."

"That's okay," Carth smiled, "That was a nice trick. I'm betting Mrs.
Robertson's class."

"She's still an old bitch," Jade smiled.

More explosions shattered the inttoductions.

"I think we'd better continue this converstion later," Carth said.

"You don't have to tell me twice," Jade said as she entered the escape pod.

Carth looked sad as he watched the Endar Spire die behind them. Then he
looked at the beautiful young woman on the other side of the small pod.

'Who are you Ens. Sun,' Carth thought, 'Those weren't all academy moves. I
saw Enchani martial arts and Jedi moves in your style.'

* * *

Vision's, nightmares, dreams. Jade could see them all. This was one she had
had before, but never this clear. Bastila, was fighting someone in black.
Reven. It had to be Reven. At first the figure in black was shapeless, then
slowly came into focas. Was it male or female? Focas. Female. Yes, Reven was
a woman. Jade knew that. It was in the academy books after all. Why did she
wonder then?

Jade couldn't see her face. Reven had started wearing a strange mask when
she began her war against the Republic. Someting new.This time she saw the
end of the fight. Reven and Bastila were at a stalemate when an exposion
from behind, so much like the one that had slain the young Jedi girl, sent
metal and plasteel glass flying into Reven's back like shrapnel. Reven went
down. Then it got really strange as it looked like Bastila's pretty face was
right over hers, looking at her.

"What...," Jade cried as she woke up.

She was in a comfortable bed in clean underwear. Carth was on the other side
of the apartment cookng something.

"Good to see you up and around," Carth smiled, "I'm sorry, but you were out
for 3 days and, I hate to say it, you were geting ripe. I've seen it all
before. But I must say, you do look pretty good."

"You know I should kill you," Jade couldn't help but smile as she threw a
pillow at him, "If you've read my service record, and I'm betting you have,
you know that Basiila's more my type."

"Yea, that was in there," Carth smiled catching the pillow, "Along with the
fact that you speak a remarkable amount of alien languages, including Wookie,
and that's really rare."

"What else does my file say?" Jade asked knowing it forwards and backwards.

"First in your class, set academy records in martial arts, swordsmanship, and
also hover and swoop bikes," Carth said.

"Can you keep a secret?" Jade coyly smiled, "Both my parents were martial
arts champions. I had 2 degrees when I was 5. I was also constantly around
sharp pointed objects, so I had a bit of a head start. The rest, well, I got
into languages as a concentration excercise and turns out I had a talent for
it. So, mystery solved. No Madame Vila Oda here**."

Carth seemed to sigh in relief that his mystery lady maybe wasn't such a

"I've got some soup on if your'e hungry," Carth said.

"In a little bit," Jade stretched as she rose, "Is there a shower in here?
My underwear may be fresh, but I'm not."

"Sure, over to the right," Carth said, turning back to his soup.

"By the way, after a shower I need to do some Enchani stretching exercises
to work out 3 days of kinks," Jade said," Enchani styles are done in the

Jade laughed as Carth dropped his spoon into the soup. The shower was
wonderful. Sonic showers aboard ship were okay, but nothing beat old
fashioned soap and water. It had been gradation night since she had last
had one. Ahh, that had been a great night. Jade had been in an all girl
orgy with 4 other human girls and 2 Twi'lek girls. A long soaking bubble
bath would be even better but those were really hard to get.

When she got out, Carth was gone, leaving a note saying he was going
scouting. The soup was on simmer.

'Seen it before, my ass,' Jade thought smiling, 'Chickenshit. Bet he blushed
and tried not to look.'

The Enchani stretching felt great. For the first time in days she felt
normal. Carth had obviously been shopping as she found some fresh clothes.
She ate some soup, well, it was terrible, but she didn't have much choice.
Carth came back a couple hours later. Jade noticed that he had gone out

"No one said anything about those?" Jade asked noticing his 2 pistols.

"Half the city's walking around armed," Carth said, "Sith or no Sith Taris
has a long history of allowing armed citizans."

"Any news about other survivors?" Jade asked.

"None, most of the pods landed in the lower city," Carth shook his head,
"Not a good place to end up. Swoop gangs, Gamorian's, Rakghoul's. But, and
I hate to say this, the most imporant person we need to find is Bastila."

"How can one person, even a Jedi be so important?" Jade asked, "I know she's
the one who took Reven, but, still?"

"Some think that Bastila could be the key to the Republic's victory," Carth
said, "She's mastered a technique called 'Battle Meditation'."

"So, why did we fly so close to a world with a huge Sith base?" Jade asked.

"That battle group that ambushed us wasn't suppossed to be here," Carth
answered, "Intelligence had only a few snub fighters and ground forces
stationed here. This was suppossed to be a routine mission. Instead, it
was like they were waiting for us."

"Sounds like somone wanted Bastila real bad," Jade thought allowed.

"There is one thing I need to ask you," Carth said.

"Ah, you guessed my secret," Jade laughed, unbuttoning a few plas button's
to reveal some cleavage," I'm actually a Hutt in diguise, can't you tell?"

"No, seriously," Carth's stern look brought Jade's teasing to a halt, "It is
a little strange that you were a last minute addition to the crew."

"What? I'm a week out of the academy," Jade was stunned, "But the Republic
needs people so badly my whole class was activated."

"Maybe, but your'e the only one assigned to a combat ship her first week,"
Carth said.

"Hello? Head of the class, record setter," Jade was gettng frustated.

"You were personally selected by Bastila," Carth finished.

"Okay, now that may be a bit weird," Jade said, "Why would a Jedi take an
interest in me?"

"I don't know, I was hoping you might tell me," Carth said, "You were the
only one the Jedi requested by name."

"I'm telling you I had nothing to do with the destruction of the Endar
Spire," Jade said getting angry.

"I'm probably wrong," Carth said, "Your'e a talented woman and I shouldn't
be badgering you like this."

"Well, I've had enough of laying around, we should get moving if we want to
find Bastila," Jade said, "Hopefully we'll find some of the others too. We're
also going to need a ship to get off this planet."

"We're going to need some credits too," Carth said, "It took all I had for
the clothes and some other stuff. I was lucky to find this empty apartment.
No one seems to be looking for us. In fact, the local Sith seem to be about
the bottom of the barrell."

"Not surprising," Jade said, "Taris isn't exactly a hub of commerce anymore.
Used to be though, that's the only reason the Sith would even bother."

"I see you didn't sleep in Mr. Haku's class either," Carth smiled.

"Well, I'll tell you another little secret," Jade said, "In addition to all
the other stuff I had going for me, holographic memory."

"You certainly are full of surprises," Carth shook his head, any suspicions
he'd had about Jade were pretty much out the window.

If she wasn't just fresh out of the academy she would certainly be somone
he'd pick to be on a crew. That still didn't explain why Jedi would take an
interest in her, but that was something that could wait. Since Taris was a
planet that allowed duelling and the open carrying of weapons, they would
hopefully not arouse much suspicion. Taris was pretty xenophobic, but since
Carth and Jade were human that wouldn't be a problem.

Wishful thinking. They had no sooner stepped out the door when they ran into
a Sith patrol harrassing some resident alien's.

"Up against the wall you alien scum," the officer ordered.

"Talk about cliche," Jade whispered to Carth, "He must think he's in a

One of the aliens tried to protest, but the officer was a real asshole and
shot him in cold blood. Carth and Jade both seethed, but since they didn't
want a confrontation, were trying to back away without beng noticed.

"That's how we Sith deal with alien scum," the officer sneered, then noticed
Carth and Jade," Human's in an alien complex? They must be more of those
Republic spies! Get them!"

That was easier said than done. Carth and Jade made very short work of the
entire squad. Jade was impressed. Unlike poor Trask, Carth had kept up with

"Nice shooting," Jade smiled.

"Yea, but now we've got to move out," Carth said looking at the bodies.

"(Thank you for helping us human)," the alien said, Jade could understand
him, "(These Sith grow more vicious every day.)"

"(I'm just glad we could help)," Jade said in his language.

"(Don't worry about the bodies)," the alien said," (We'll take them down to
the undercity. The Sith lose a couple of men down there every day. If they
even find them the Sith will think the Rakghouls or the Swoop Gangs did it)."

A few other aliens gathered and they started carting the bodies off. The pair
explored parts of the city for the next hour just to get a feel for the city.
Even a new recruit like Jade knew that the best place to find out anything
was the top cantina so she wan't surprised when Carth suggessted it.

They were no sooner in the door when the local Pazaak shark tried to get
them into a game.

"Um no thanks," Carth said, but Jade pulled him aside.

"How many credits do you have left?" Jade whispered.

"About 100. Why?" Carth asked.

"Holographic memory, remember," Jade answered, "I haven't played much Pazaak,
but as long as he doesn't shuffle I could clean him out after losing the
first 2 hands. I played some in the academy, and found out I win ever time
after the first 2 hands."

"We're going to need more of a stake than 100 credits," Carth said.

"I'll figure something out," Jade smiled.

The place was packed even though it was only mid aftenoon. Most of the
patrons were openly armed. Signs in seveal languages asked patrons to keep
blaster fire to a minimum. Most of the patrons were human, but Jade spotted
quite a few aliens, mostly Rodian's and Twi'leks. It seemed that the
xenophobia of Taris didn't exist here.

The Bith band was pretty good, a couple of green Twi'lek slave girls danced
with them. It always amazed Jade how good Bith musicians were. A group called
'The Twisted Rancor Trio', that actually had 4 Bith and twin human sisters,
was the most popular group in the galaxy at the moment.

"You notice what I see?" Carth whispered,

"There's a lot of people in here that move like solders," Jade whispered
back," Soldiers move differant than civilians. Better balance, bit more
confdence. Off duty Sith?"

"I see why you were first in your class," Carth smiled, "I'm an old warhound
and you've kept up with me every step of the way."

"You know, a couple of Sith uniforms might come in handy later," Jade said.

"Beauty and brains," Carth smiled at her.

"Captain Carth, are you flirting with me?" Jade flahed him a miscivious

"Well, maybe," Carth grinned, "Really can't help it."

"You're not bad looking, and your'e in petty good shape, for an old guy, but
you do know that my taste is more for those Twi'lek dancers," Jade smiled.

"So what should I call you?" Carth asked.

"How about 'gorgeous'," Jade was enjoying this.

"Works for me, but what are you going to call me?" Carth asked.

"How about 'handsome thug'?" Jade laughed.

"Well, I was hoping for 'most handsome pilot in the galaxy', but it could
have been worse," Carth laughed, "I guess I could have been 'hairless

Both were laughing when a green light came on and many of the patrons headed
for a side room.

"What's going on?" Jade asked a female patron.

"The arena," the woman smiled.

"This might be interesting," Carth said.

Heading into the side room they saw numerous personal view screens, a couple
of betting windows, on a dias in the back center of the room was a large Hutt
with a coupe of tough looking bodyguards. Hutt's looked like giant slugs and
were among the most repulsive races to human eyes. But they were shrewd
businessmen and lawyers. If you were ever accused of something, wanted to
invest in galactic stock, or even just wanting to sell your house, you wanted
a Hutt on your side.

"Why am I not surprised that a Hutt is running this," Jade said softy so that
only Carth could hear her.

"Because they usually are," Carth smiled, "If there's a credit to be made the
Hutt's will find it."

"One thing I don't get," Jade said, "What do Hutt's see in humanoid girls.
We're not even remotely compatable species. Hutt's are unisex with no
external sex organs. It's not like Twi'lek's, Cathar, or Falleen who are
capable of intespecies sex with humans."

"Well, I have heard that as repulsive as we find them, they find humanoid
women attractive," Carth said, "It's strange and I don't understand it

"I can't believe we couldn't get tickets for the match," a nearby woman told
her husband breaking up their conversation.

"Who cares? It's Duncan and Gerlon fighting," the husband said.

"Shhhh. It's about to start," the woman said.

Carth and Jde watched the very short match between 'Gerlon Two Fingers' and
'Deadeye Duncan'. Duncan dropped his gun at the start and Gerlon shot him.

"And to no one's surprise Deadeye Duncan is down again," the announcer said,
"Don't worry folks, he's just unconcious. Our med bot will have him up in

"That's our ticket," Jade said, "If I win some of these duels it'll solve our
credit problem and it might loosen some tongues."

"Then maybe I...," Carth started to say.

"Before you let your male ego get in the way," Jade stopped him, "Number 1,
I'm better with a sword and hand to hand than you are. You might be able to
take me with a blaster. Number 2, you're a decorated war hero. The grunts
won't recognize you, or even most of the officers, but if your face is on a
vid scren some upper echalon might recognize you. I'm nobody. Number 3, I
look better in a bikini."

"Are you sure you're not a 60 year old admiral?," Carth asked in admiration.

Carth was actually being serious. Jade had an instinct and a stratigic mind
that Carth had only seen in Reven back during the Mandalorian wars. Reven was
always 3 steps ahead of everyone back before she turned to the dark side.

'Come to think of it...,' Carth thought, 'Ohh, that's just stupid Carth.'

The room was clearing out. Jade was already talking to a grizzled arena
veteran named Marl. Marl was a friendly older man who'd seen his best days.
He was once even the Taris duel champ. She quickly got the lowdown on the
duelliss. There were 5 professional's and a smattering of part time scrubs.

A Rodian named Twitch was the current champion. Marl told her that Twitch was
psychotic. Marl himself was still ranked #2. A woman named Ice was nipping at
his heels at #3.

"She's tough and popular with the crowd," Marl said, "She's a dyke and
especially hard on any woman who steps in the ring with her. She insists
on publicly raping any woman she beats."

At number 4 was Gerlon Two-Fingers. Marl said he used to be pretty good,
almost a match for him until his blaster overheated and blew off 3 fingers
of his right hand. Deadeye Duncan was ranked #5, but he was terrible. Barely
able to beat a scrub.

"The there's Bendak Starkiller," Marl said, "He's a legend, but he'll only
fight in Death Matches. Every once in awhile some idiot will challenge him.
Mostly only Mandalorian's or Iridorian's are that hardcore."

"Those are pretty tough cultures," Jade agreed, "But you know, I would like
to try my hand at this. I know a thing or two about fighting, and I really
need the credits."

"Well, if you're looking for a match you need to speak with Ajuur the Hutt,"
Marl said, "Good luck."

"And good luck to you too," Jade smiled.

Jade Sun walked up to the big Hutt, the bodyguards had her covered, but Jade
laid her weapons down to show that she was no threat.

"{What do you want human}?" Ajuur asked, shoving something slimy in his
obscene mouth, "{Hmmmph, you pretty one. Maybe you want dance for me? Har
har har. No, you carry weapons, you know how to use them}?"

"I'd like to fight in the dual ring," Jade said.

"{ Ho ho ho. You got good body, people pay good money to watch you fight},"
Ajuur said, "{ You need name so people get behind you. How about Mysterious
Stranger? You Stranger and no one knows you}."

"Sounds great, do you mind if I visit your dancer's dressing room," Jade
said, "I need something that makes me look naked. You'll make more money that

"{ Ho ho har. I like way you think}," Ajuur laughed, "{You think like a Hutt.
Rare for human}."

Jade went backstge and looked around. She finaly settled on a see-thru bra so
sheer her nipples were clearly visable. She added a thong and decided to go

"Why even bother," Carth said as she walked by him, "You might as well be

"Uh huh, and what do you think all of them are going to be looking at instead
of my swords?" Jade said, "Marl's the only one that's professional enough to
ignore how I'm dressed."

"Don't you mean undressed," Carth said.

"Just enjoy the show cowboy," Jade smiled.

Jade walked towards Ajuur when Ice got in her face. Ice was pretty enough,
although her face had a hardness to it, Her red hair was cut short, about
what Carth's was in length and style. She was slightly taller and more
muscular than Jade. She was dressed in a bikini top that seemed to barely
contain her large 38D breasts. Her thong was about as narrow as Jad'es and
she wore black slippers. It was obvious to Jade how she became a fan

"Who the fuck do you think you are?" Ice demanded, "I'm the sex symbol of
this arena slut. If your'e smart you'll go back to the street corner you
came from."

"Sorry, but you're just a stepping stone to me," Jade smiled at her, noting
her stance and checking her body for weaknesses.

"Do you have any idea what I do to smart mouth litle whores like you?" Ice

"Too bad for you that that's my thing too, Ice," Jade licked her lips at
her, "I'll take you on public or private."

"That tongue of yours is going to be in my asshole bitch," Ice fumed, "That's
if you can even get to me."

Ice stormed off, not even knowing she was already beat. Jade went up to

"{Are you ready for a duel}?" Ajuur asked, "{I can put you against Deadeye
Duncan right now}."

"Are you sure he's up to it?" Jade asked, "He fought earlier."

"{My medics checked him out, in fact he's eager for another match atter going
down that fast}," Ajuur said, "{ Don't judge him too quick, he always beats

"I'm ready," Jade said.

Jade entered the arena. She was given a brief run through about the power
dampeners on the weapons, so that they would stun but not kill. All fights,
except against Ice, were to knock out. Deadeye Duncan came in from the
opposite end of the arena. Various weapons were lined on the circular wall.
Duncan confidently holstered a stun blsater. Jade took 2 vibroswords, laid
one down at her feet, the other, she held right under her tits, tapping the
flat in palm of her hand.

'No man with a pulse can stand against that,' Carth thought watching her,
half in shock at her lack of clothing, half in awe of her devious mind.

"Ladies and gentleman," the announcer began, "You've seen him lose night
after night after night! But now he once again steps in against new blood.
I give you the ever persistant Deadeye Duncan!! And in this corner, I give
you the beautful, the vivacious, Mysterious Stranger!"

Duncan never even saw the fist that knocked him out. It was over so fast it
took the announcer a full minute* to make the call.

"It's over! A spectacular one punch knockout! Duncan is out cold!" the
anouncer cried out, "But you're going to have to step up in class to impress
us Stranger."

Jade counted her credits and looked at the Hutt.

"I want to fight again, now," Jade smiled, "That was too easy."

"{People like you Stranger}," Ajuur gave out a silent laugh, "{They bet a
lot, make me happy. If you think you up for it I can have you face Gerlon in
a couple of hours}."

"That would be great," Jade smiled.

Jade went ahead and changed back into the clothes Carth had got her. He
followed her into the Pazaak section. She walked up to the Pazaak shark.

"Double deck, Marl shuffles," Jade said, "Eveyone here will testify to his

"O-okay, you're on," the shark smiled, thinking that he had a sucker even
with a neutral dealer.

As she thought, Jade lost the first 2 hands. The card shark thought he had
her. Jade then proceeded to trounce him 9 times in a row. he shark was
totally pissed. Jade then laid down the 10th hand, it was unbeatable. The
gambler started to rise.

"Before you do somting really stupid, I already know about the vibro knife
in your boot, and the disruptor derringer up your sleeve," Jade smiled evilly
at him," I can unman you before you can pop it. Pay up then get the hell

'Carth old boy,' Carth thought to himself, 'What the hell have you gotten
yourself involved with?'

Marl looked amused as the fuming gambler stormed out. Jade had cleaned him
out of all his credits and took his derringer and knife to boot.

"Stranger, I've never seen anyone beat that man before," Marl said, "Not even
other professional gamblers."

"He cheated, I didn't, I still won," Jade said, "The key was an honest deal.
Check underneath his seat, and underneath the table where he ALWAYS sat."

Sure enough they found cards. A couple of tough looking thugs ran outside,
obviously looking for the man.

"How did you figure that out?" Carth asked.

"I didn't at first," Jade said, "Then I noticed he always sat in the same
chair, seemed very protective even, of what looks like the most uncomfortable
chair in here. On a hunch I slipped a boot off and felt under the table while
he was concentrating on the second hand. That's how I found them."

"You are full of surprises," Carth said.

"Well, I feel like I need a full pedicure, under this table is nasty," Jade
said, then looked at the time, "Ah, time to get ready."

Jade left to change as other Pazaak players stared games.

"You known that gal long?" Marl asked Carth.

"Seems like it, but no, not really," Carth said, "I knew someone like her

"Well son, I've been around the duel rings a long time. I've learned how to
read my opponents," Marl said, "That little gal has got more natural talent
than anyone I've ever seen. If she aint a dyke you'd better watch out, she
will eat you alive and pick her teeth with your bones."

"I set aside those feelings a long time ago," Carth sighed, "But you know,
I think it would almost be worth it."

Jade changed and made her way inside the arena. Again she selected 2
vibroswords, the only differance being the one on the ground was laid
lengthways hilt towards Gerlon midway beneath her legs. Sure enough,
exactly as she planned, Gerlon kept some distance so as to not make the
same mistake Duncan had made.

'This is insane,' Jade thought, 'It's worked in practice against droids, but
I've never tried it against a person before. And if he's gay, I'll have to go
to plan B.'

"Ladies and gentlemen," the announcer started, "In this corner, a man so
tough that even a disfiguring injury couldn't stop him, the former #1
contender, Gerlon Two-Fingers! And in this corner, perhaps a new rising
star, the lovely Mysterious Stranger!"

Jade did an exagerated stretch thrusting her tits out. Gerlon wasn't gay. He
was beaten. Jade kickd the sword on the ground perfectly, striking Gerlon's
good hand as he tried to draw. Gerlon's blaster clattered on the ground as
Jade's foot connected to his face. Gerlon wasn't quite finished as he dove
for his blaster. Jade nailed his good hand again, this time with the flat of
her sword. Gerlon still wasn't finished as he managed to somehow avoid Jade's
thrust. Rolling to the side, he was close enough to the wall to grab a sword
of his own. It didn't help as Jade disarmed him and 2 quick slices later
Gerlon slid down the wal unconcious.

"It's over! The fight is over! The Mysterious Stranger is again victorious,"
the announcer called out," Have Gerlon's injuries finally caught up with him?
Is the Mysterious Stranger for real? We'll find out if she dares step into
the ring wth Ice!"

As for Ice, she again got in Jade's face as Jade collcted her winnings.

"Those schoolgirl tricks won't work with me," Ice said, "I've got a special
strap-on just for you. That's after I whip you raw in front of the whole
crowd and make you suck my toes. If you step in the ring with me it's a rape

"Why honey," Jade said in her best innocent voice, "Don't you know that you
can't rape the willing."

"{Har har har har! So, you and Ice want to go at it tomorrow?}," Ajuur
laughed, "{Make me very happy, Make me lots of money. You good for business

After a good meal at the cantina's resterant, Carth and Jade made their way
back to their hideout/apartment. Carth had been far from idle during the
duels. An old hand at asking questions without arousing suspicion. Soldier's
loved to talk and brag, especially soldier's stuck on a fairly unimportant
planet. Jade had taken another shower and lay in bed nude.

"Modesty isn't one of your virtues," Carth scolded, "Why do you insist on
being naked all the damn time?"

"Enchani fighting remember," Jade said, "I grew up naked and I despise
clothing. If I have to wear clothes I like wearing the most revealing thing
I can find. I don't see why so many people have a problem with it."

"Well, this isn't a pleasure cruise," Carth said, "I picked up a few possible
leads, but we're no closer to finding Bastila than we were this morning."

"Fighting Ice tomorrow isn't important if we can find out about Bastila,"
Jade said.

"I don't know about that," Carth said, "I mean, I hate the way you are
flaunting yourself, but if you win, if you become the champion espcially, a
lot of doors could be opened with that kind of fame. But, I guess that's what
you thought of."

"Your'e pretty smart Carth," Jade smiled, "I'm taking a page out of Mr.
Velmann's book."

"Old man Velmann?! That bastards still alive?" Carth was shocked, "He must
have been 150 when I went through the academy!"

"Well, actually, he died 2 days before graduation," Jade said, "But we'd
already had our finals and everything."

"I hated that old man," Carth said, "About as much a I respected him. What
did you make in his class."

"It was my lowest grade at the academy," Jade said.

"Aha!" Carth shouted in triumph.

"3.98," Jade said.

A hydro-lift couldn't have stopped Carth's jaw from dropping. His 3.1 had
been a record for Mr. Velmann's class. Velmann had once been Brigadier
Velmann, called Velmann the Victorious for his actions during the war with
Exur Kun. He was the only man ever to win the Hero's Cross 3 times.

"I think I'll become an alcoholic," Carth said slumping back in a chair.

Jade laughed and jumped into bed. She was asleep quicky, and this night she
only had pleasent dreams. It was much later, nagging doubts woke Cath up. He
got up and looked in on Jade. She looked like an angel with a slight smile on
herdreaming lips. The nagging resemblance remained, until Carth noted her
feet sticking out from under the sheets. A quick count,10 toes, well that
settled it. No way. That woman was missing the 2 smallest on her right foot.
But there were still some things that didn't add up. She was just too damn

'Who are you Jade Sun,' Carth thought
_ _ _

End of chater 1:

*= Star Wars Equivalent's.

**= Star Wars Mata Hari I made up for this story


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