This chapter NC-17 for cons F/F/F/F sex, orgy, interspecies (human/Twi'lek)

What is the mystery of Jade Sun? Why is Carth so suspicious of her? The
search for Bastila continues and goes through the arena.

Star Wars - Knights Of The Old Republic: Tales Of The Ebon Hawk Part 2
by Tyval ([email protected])

Carth woke up for a second time that night. His sleep was plagued by his
waking doubts. The woman in the next room could not possibly be her! Why then
did the resemblance bother him? She was at least 10-12 years older than the
young cadet. She only had 8 toes, and at least 3 major scars that the young
woman in the next room didn't have.

Carth had a holocron of Jade's records and studied them. There was nothing
that didn't seem out of place, especially after Jade had voluntarily revealed
so much. Then he compared the other woman's face to Jade's.

'You're just getting old Carth,' Carth thought.

Side by side the differences now looked stark. Age, hardness, maybe even the
encroaching evil made the older woman's face, off somehow. By comparison Jade
seemed to glow with innocence, although Carth knew that she was far from that
image. Her skill and intelligence were uncanny. Her instincts were those of a
combat veteran, not a cadet who had faced her first battle only a few days

Carth shook his head. this nagging feeling had been foolish. The evidence was
not even close. Time to put this to rest and concentrate on finding Bastila.
With a yawn he laid back down and again fell asleep. He failed to put it up,
or even shut it off.

Despite her wins at Pazaak and in the arena, credits were still tight. Carth
excused himself when Jade said she had to do her stretching. Jade's flawless
limber body could make a mummy rise. Jade felt great as they headed off to
Ajuur's cantina. Due to the early hour there was little activity. She talked
to Marl a bit then asked if she could use the gym. Carth decided he could use
some exercise too, provided she kept her clothes on. Jade laughed but agreed.

Lunch was free for them, which Jade was glad of. She did not want to taste
Carth's soup again. Ice arrived, but ignored her. Jade and Carth got their
first look at Bendak Starkiller. He wore lightweight Mandalorian armor,
with a full helmet so no one knew what he looked like. This was mostly to
discourage relatives of people he'd killed from trying revenge. He had the
movement of a killer all right. Even psychotic Twitch stepped aside for him.

"One hundred ninety-nine in the ring," Marl said, "Probably twice that number
outside from wanna-be's, assassins, bounty hunters, or folks looking for
revenge. He's got bounty's on his head from the Taris government all the way
down to the Exchange."

"And he just walks around?" Carth asked.

"Ain't much law on Taris," Marl said, "Most folks are armed and the Sith
pretty much run things on the surface, the Swoop Gangs rule the Lower City,
and the Exchange manipulates from the shadow. Gun control don't work, when
everyone's armed killing's actually go down and the need for law went with
it. The killer's pretty much kill each other. So,everyone figures it's just
a matter of time until someone does manage to take him out. Even with the
current Swoop war there ain't much collateral damage."

"I've heard very little about this 'Swoop War'," Jade said, "Just that it's
going on."

"Then you know about as much as anyone here," Marl said, "News from the Lower
City doesn't seem to matter much around here. No one cares a whole lot about
what happens to the poor and the aliens."

"Yea, I've kind of noticed that," Carth said, "Except it doesn't seem to
matter much in the clientele in this place."

"Folk's ain't as prejudiced as they pretend to be," Marl said, "At least the
ones that come here. Ajuur runs a pretty tight ship, and for a Hutt he's
pretty honest. His machines ain't rigged, he pays the entertainment well,
get's the best acts. He even got the Twisted Rancor Trio to play here once.
He's even freed all those Twi'lek dancing girls. They pretty much stay with
him. Except for Janice Nall."

"Janice Nall?" Jade asked, "Who is she?"

"Janice was sorta different from most of the Twi'lek gals I've met," Marl
said, "She is kind of a genius with droid's. Ajuur spotted her talent after
he bought her. He freed her and helped set her up with her own droid shop,
and she's long since worked off her debt to him."

"A lot of people underestimate Twi'lek girls," Jade said, "I knew several at
the acad-uh dojo. Yes, they're all bi-sexual nympho sluts, but they are also
intelligent and very adaptive."

"You don't have to be so careful around me," Marl smiled, "I knew you were
Republic officers when I first spoke with you. I'm an old warrior, I can
spot a soldier a mile off. I can also tell the difference between Sith and
Republic. Sith have a cockiness to them. A superiority complex, even the
scrubs that make up our local garrison."

"So, what now?" Carth asked, hoping he read Marl right.

"You don't have to worry about me," Marl said, "Way I see it, both sides are
fighting for what they believe in. The Sith side seems to be the bad one, but
if the Jedi council had backed Reven instead of condemning her there wouldn't
be a Sith side, or much of one at any rate. But who knows what they do, or
how they think. It's all over the head of a man like me."

"I was there, and I truly don't understand it either," Carth said, "If the
Jedi had aced in the beginning there wouldn't have been a war at all. And
then, when the Mandalorian's had almost beaten us, they still stood by and
watched millions of people be slaughtered. When Reven and Malak and the
others finally disobeyed the council they changed everything. We won, saving
countless lives, but the Jedi council and the Republic Senate still condemned
them. Reven and Malak left and came back 3 years later worse than the

"Well, politics ain't my subject," Marl said, "This old body needs a good
whirlpool. I'm fighting some Iridorian newcomer tonight after your match with
Ice. Personally, no matter how that ends, I don't think anyone's gonna be
watching me."

"Whoa, you were getting worked up there," Jade said as Marl left.

"We betrayed those who saved us, then they betrayed us," Carth said.

"Admiral Karath?," Jade said rather than asked, "I know a few things about
you, not much, but you were talked about by some of our mutual instructors.
Some of the records I broke were yours."

Jade knew that she had just hit the wrong button. The fury etched on Carth's
face actually made her flinch. But as suddenly as it had come Carth
recovered. Jade had her head down, knowing she had crossed a line.

"It's not your fault," Carth put his hand on her shoulder, "You wanted to
know, now you do. It wasn't just Reven, or Malak, or Tanya, or the other Jedi
that fell. It a men and women I knew, people I trusted that tuned on us. And
Saul, Admiral Karath, his betrayal was the worst. He was my mentor, my
friend, godfather of my son. He turned on us, destroyed my home planet, of
Telos. My wife, my son..."

"I'm sorry Carth," Jade said, a tear in her eye, "I didn't mean to pry that

"I know," Carth sighed, "I've been badgering you with questions since I've
known you, and you've put up with it. Guess I should have expected some

"Wanna start all over," Jade flashed her winning smile and extended her hand,
"I'm Jade Sun, pleased to meet you."

"Carth Onassi," Carth shook her hand.

A delicious smell came their way.

"Nerf steak!," Jade's eyes lit up with pleasure.

"I figured you were a vegetarian," Carth was surprised.

"Not even close! Vegetarian is an old Gamorrean word for lousy hunter," Jade
was in ecstasy.

"Hard to believe that anything that smells so bad alive, tastes so good on a
plate," Carth agreed.

"Who was Tanya?," Jade asked, "If that isn't too personal."

"Tanya Lynn, she was a Jedi that followed Reven," Carth said, "One of the
youngest, but one of the best. She became one of Reven's generals. The war
shattered her. She was the only Jedi to turn herself into the Jedi Council.
She became known as the Exile. I knew her, she was a friend."

Jade thought hard about that. The events of the Mandalorian War were a huge
topic at the academy. Like almost all cadet's Jade supported Reven's side,
and thought that if the Jedi Council had supported her then the current war
wouldn't have even started.

'Come to think about it, even after Reven fell to the Dark Side, all the
atrocities and massacres like Telos were done by Malak after Bastila killed
Reven,' Jade thought.

"Is there a library around here?" Jade asked.

"I think I saw one yesterday morning," Carth said, "Why?"

"There are some things about Reven I'd like to look up," Jade replied, "Plus
I'm bored and I've got 5 hours before I kick Ice's ass."

* * *

On the way to the library Jade spotted Janice Nall's shop 'Droid's by
Janice'. She filed that away for later. Jade's mind was working overtime
with her new theory. A theory she proved after 2 hours of study.

"I was right! Look at this," Jade pointed, "During the time Reven was in
charge, not a single massacre, not a single atrocity, no attacks on
civilian's. Time after time, she attacked only military targets going out
of her way to avoid collateral damage. She may have gone over to the Dark
Side, but it looks to me like Malak's the one with all the innocent blood
on his hands."

"Reven's hand's aren't clean," Carth said bitterly, "If you ever meet Tanya
you'll find that out. A lot of good soldiers died in her tricks and feints
during the Mandalorian War. And just by attacking the Republic she caused the
death of lots of good people."

"My hands are not exactly clean either," Jade said, "What Reven did was war,
what Malak did, and still does is just meaness."

"What caused this sudden interest in Reven?" Carth asked.

"Just a hunch," Jade said.

Jade was now the one keeping secrets. She had indeed found and read Carth's
holocron datapad on the table. As ridicules as it seemed to her, Carth still
seemed to have doubts about her. Jade personally didnt think she and Reven
looked anything alike.

'Plus,' Jade thought, 'I've got 10 toes, NO huge ugly blaster scar on my
right shoulder, NO deep lightsaber scar under my leff rib cage, and I don't
have a 12" long scar on my left leg from a vibrosword! And I'm at least
10-12 years younger! Plus, she liked guys! Yuck!'

* * *

Back at Ajuur's cantina. Jade was nude, and getting a sensuous oil massage
from two of the Hutt's equally nude Twi'lek girls. They were both skilled and

"I'm Rade'," one smiled as she took an interest in Jade's tits.

"And I'm Vina," the other said, skillfully going up Jade's legs.

"Ummmmmm! Pleased to meet you," Jade moaned in pleasure, "I'm Jade."

"You are beautiful," Rade' said, her tongue now lightly darting over Jade's
hard nipples, "They say you are like Mistress Ice and like girls."

"We like Mistress Ice," Vina said, "She give us much pleasure with tongue and
whip. Would you like pleasure with us?"

"Very much so, but only if you wish it," Jade said, "Marl told me that you
were free, so you don't have to do anyting you don't want to."

"Yes, we are free," Vina said, she was back down to Jade's feet and gave a
lick up the sole of Jade's right foot, "And yes we want to. We like girls.
Janice stop by and see us sometims. We like her. She really like girls too."

"We go to great party's with Ice and Janice sometmes," Rade' said, "Some Sith
girls who don't like being soldiers because Sith are bad, but who also like

"Sgt. Sarna and Dia," Vina said, "Sith make them be soldier's, they want to
leave. Ice and Janice no like Sith, want to help them escape."

'So, Ice has a soft mushy spot after all,' Jade thought filing that piece of
infrmation away with all the others she had aquired.

Rade' was now on top of her and the 2 women kissed hotly. The door opened and
a nude Ice walked in. Jade could tell the other woman was as turned on as
they were.

"Okay, who decided to girl fuck without me?" Ice demanded.

Ice and Vina were quickly in each other's arms, kissing. Jade and Vina now
kissed as Rade' and Ice kissed. Jade and Ice then kissed with Rade' and Vina
kissing each other. This turned into 4-way tongue kissing.

"Ummmmmm," Ice hummed, "If we didn't have a match coming up I'd break out the

"Maybe later," Jade said, "If fact, we could visit your friends and have a
real party."

"I doubt you're going to be up for it after I get through with you in the
arena," Ice said, "But if you are that would be great. Janice also mentioned
another girl the other day. Mission Vao. She's a Twi'lek street girl from the
lower levels, just turned 17. Believe it or not she has a wookie friend."

If Jade had never believed in luck before, she certainly did now. The plans
she had been formulating had suddenly gotten a short-cut. Her plan had been
to somehow get ahold of a couple of Sith uniform and maybe find a guide to
the lower regins to search for Bastila. Both of those things had just fallen
into her lap.

All of that could wait though. Rade' and Jade were licking and sucking each
others tits in a semi 69. Vina was licking Jade's hairless pussy while Ice
was sucking Vina's pussy. Twi'lek's had no pubic hair and most human women,
Ice and Jade included, kept themselves that way. All 4 of them had decent
sized breasts. Jade and Vina had 36C, Rade' had 36D, and Ice had 38D.

Rade' and Vina now double teamed Ice's tit, while Jade licked her tasty
pussy. Jade took Ice's big clit between her teeth for a gentle bite which
caused Ice to have a small orgasm. Ice moaned, Rade' offered Ice her pussy
and Ice immediately started sucking and licking the Twi'lek's pussy. Vina
took over licking Ice's pussy, so Jade started lickng Vina's pretty pussy.
It became a full 4 girl daisy chain when Rade' started licking Jade's pussy.

Jade couldn't resist Vina's prety asshole and began licking her from clit
to asshole. Vina followed suit on Ice, who did the same to Rade', who again
completed the circle. The 4 women shuddered under a mutual cum. Vina's
asshole was right in Ice's sight and the red-haired gladiator couldn't resist
as she licked all around Vina's tight hole, then her tongue probed inside.
Jade and Rade' were in a full 69, licking each other from clit to anus.

Jade and Rade' eagerly lapped up each other's girl cum, then kissed, tasting
their own girl juice on each others lips. Ice mounted Jade, kissing her. She
arrainged herself nipple to nipple, lips to lips, pussy to pussy for a slow
sensuous pussyfuck! Rade' started sucking and licking Vina's feet and toes
while Vina sucked and licked Rade's feet and toes.

Jade matched the downward thrusts of Ice with upward thrusts of her own.
Nipples rubbed on nipples. Up and down, slit on slit, clits met and rubbed
again and again. Both women cried out as they came! Rade' and Vina were also
pussy to pussy in the scissors position humping each others pussy together
until they too came.

For a few minutes the 4 women lay panting, but their passion was far from
sated. Jade was roughly kneading and slapping Vina's tits, pulling and
twisting the Twi'lek's nipples. Vina loved it! Ice was spanking Rade's ass,
Rade also loved pain.

"Oooooo! More! More!" Vina begged, "Ohhhhhh! I love it! Please! Spank my

"Yes, yes! Spank my ass!" Rade' pleaded," Spank me! Spank me!"

Jade slapped Vina's tits and pussy and the woman quicky came. Moments later
Rade' also orgasmed from her ass spanking. Four way kissing followed.

"Wish we could continue," Ice said, "But we have a match coming up soon."

"Awwwwww!" both Twi'lek's moaned.

"Just when it was getting good," Rade' pouted.

"We'll pick it up later," Jade promised smiling.
_ _ _

End of Chapter 2.


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