Author's Note: Classic case of the game not offering several options for
completion except the option that I would have taken, this is what I would
have done. =)

Author's Note 2: In my game Outcaste is a female and a blonde.

Star Wars - Knights Of The Old Republic 2 (FF,ds,humor,rom)
by Hamster ([email protected])

It was one of the things that the Outcaste was getting used to. Everywhere
that the beautiful former Jedi went people hounded her who wanted help. And
to her mentor Kraya's annoyance the Outcaste kept getting involved. Grumpy
old one-armed woman Kraya was especially grumpy when Outcaste decided to
stick her nose in Harra's business. The Twi'lek had lost his girlfriend,
Ramana, in a game of Pazaak. Now she was being forced to dance at the cantina
to earn credits for her new owner. Harra had begged the Outcaste to get
involved and help get Ramana back so the Outcaste had agreed to help.

"What, are you going to stop and help EVERYONE in the galaxy who has a pet
whomp rat stuck up a tree?" Demanded Kraya.

"Will you please relax? This won't take long besides the poor girl isn't to
blame because her boyfriend is a lousy pazaak player." The Outcaste said.

"You should be asking yourself, what do I have to gain from all of this."
Kraya said.

"I will keep that in mind." Said the Outcaste.

Outcaste made her way to the Cantina alone, muttering to herself what a bitch
Kraya could be.

"...Really needs to get her dusty old pussy laid." the Outcaste grumbled as
she stepped through the door.

She made her way into the Cantina and strode towards the back where the
dancers were. Her eyes were almost immediately ensnared by the pretty blue
Twi'lek that was front and center. She had dancers legs, beautiful sexy
breasts and a gorgeous face. The outcaste just stood and watched her body
movie. Fuck she's hot, thought the Outcaste. The dancers body moved with
sexual grace that was making the Outcaste crazy. Outcaste knew that she had
to talk to this vision.

"Hi, you dance very well." Outcaste said.

"I'm sorry but I cannot speak. Doton demands that I dance constantly to earn
him credits." The dancer said with a frown.

"Wait is your name Ramana?" Asked the Outcaste.

"I am." She replied.

"I'm hear to get you back for Harra." Said Outcaste.

"I see that you like my Ramana. May I congratulate you on your good taste."
Said a sleazy looking Twi'lek man who snuck up on the Outcaste.

"You, Doton Het?" Outcaste asked.

"I am indeed." Said the man. "How may I help you?"

"I want Ramana." Outcaste said simply.

"I can tell." Replied the Twi'lek. "However the young lady is valuable to me
financially so you must be expecting that I will wish to be paid for her."

Outcaste was already annoyed with the smug bastard and if she had a working
lightsabre he'd already be missing an arm. But she figured it would be best
to just do things his way.

"What do you want?" Demanded Outcaste.

"2,000 credits." Doton said.

"A bit steep." Said the Outcaste.

"Tell you what we can play a game of Pazaak. If you can put me in the hole
for two grand, you can have the girl. Of course I keep whatever I win from
you." Doton said.

"Deal." Said the Outcaste immediately.

Three minutes later...

"What are you some kind of Jedi? It's like you knew what I was holding."
Doton said angrily. "Take the girl and get out of my sight."

The Outcaste approached the Dance stage and bid Ramana to join her on the
floor. Doton nodded to her.

"I suppose Harra sent you. I guess that I should be grateful, except that I
am not so sure that I am better off with Harra." Said Raman.

Outcaste looked in her eyes. "Don't worry."

Later, at Harra's apartment...

"You did it! You got her back for me." Harra said as he ran up to hug Ramana.

Outcaste stepped between them.

"Sorry Harra, it's not going to work out quite the way you wanted." Outcaste

"What are you talking about?" He demanded.

"Well I won Ramana from Doton in a game of Pazaak, I've been talking to her
a little and guess what? I think I'll keep her." Outcaste said.

"What but..." Harra began to protest.

"Save your words." Ramana said. "If you really cared for then you would not
have wagered me. The Outcaste is my owner now and I am better off with her
than I ever was with you."

"You will pay for this Outcaste." Harra said.

"Don't make threats you cannot make good on Harra. If you bother my crew or
me or if I just pass you on the street and I'm in a foul mood, then it will
be you who shall pay.

Later aboard the Ebon Hawk...

Outcaste entered her cabin with Ramana in tow. Ramana was still dressed in
her dancer's outfit, which consisted of red leather one-piece that showed
plenty of cleavage and red leather boots.

"I am your slave, you may use me as you wish." Said Ramana downcast.

Outcaste lifter her chin so that their eyes could meet.

"You are much more than that Ramana. You are a cherished treasure." Outcaste
said as she leaned in and kissed her.

One hand rested on Ramana's ass and squeezed it affectionately as the other
hand roamed up to Ramana's large round tits. Outcaste liberally felt up
Ramana's body. Outcaste gently eased her down onto the bed and kissed her.
Outcaste pushed her hot, wet pussy down onto Ramana's equally hot, wet pussy
and started grinding against it. The friction of the two women's' sex filled
them both with pleasure. The two women's' tits were mashed against each other
and their tongues danced against each other. Ramana had never made love to
another woman before and she never knew that it could feel so incredible.
Outcaste slid down her slave's body and began to noisily lick and slurp at
her pussy.

"Oh master...yes..that feels wonderful." Ramana moaned.

The Outcaste ate her out until she was rewarded with some girl-cum. The
outcaste stood and then spread her legs and covered Ramana's face with her
hot, wet cunt. The outcaste ground her pussy into the beautiful aliens face
and mauled the other woman's big juicy tits at the same time.

"MMMMM yes I'm cumming gooood slaaaave YES!!!!" The Outcaste cried.


"So you decided to help a complete stranger again." Said Kraya critically.

"Yeah but I got something out of it." The Outcaste said.

"It's all I ask." Said Kraya.


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