Star Wars - The Clone Wars: The Trials Of Ahsoka Part 1 (f-zoo, oral, exhib, ncon)
by Wonder Mike

Ahsoka Tano and R2D2 were given a task by the Jedi council. The Separatist had just arrived on Celaline and where trying to get a foothold, Ahsoka was to find out who and how far they have gotten. When they made their secret landing, Ahsoka disguised herself as a beggar and headed out to The Castle Rook Bar.

Ahsoka: You stay here and guard the shuttle Hearstfell, the bar tender, has his nose in everything. If the Separatist are here, he will know it.

She entered the Tavern. The lights were bright, but it was empty. She walked across the room straight to the bar and noticed a strange smell and then felt light headed.

Ahsoka: Great I walked right into a trap.

She quickly lost consciousness and hit the floor.

* * *

When she awoke she found herself in a small cage.

Ahsoka: They can't think this will hold me.

It took her seconds to open the lock. She carefully walked across the room and made her way out onto an arena floor. There were tens of thousands of people.

Welcome little one.

Ahsoka looked up into the sky, she didn't even have to turn around to know who it was.

Ahsoka: Hondo, I should have known by the smell.

Hondo: Little one, is that anyway to treat an old friend. I am sorry about the treatment, but this is just a business opportunity. An opportunity for me I am sorry to say.

Ahsoka: Why am I here? No riddles.

Hondo: Of course, of Course, I was able to fill this arena with 10s of thousands of people (at 100 a credit) to see a Jedi in the ultimate contest.

Ahsoka: Contest?

Hondo: Yes, if you win the contest you will be free to go. Two simple events.

Ahsoka: Well, that is good for you, except I'm leaving.

Hondo: Of course, of course, you are free to leave, but one thing... I have set thermite bombs planted throughout the city. If you attempt to leave, my men hidden throughout the arena will detonate them.

Ahsoka: My master won't let you get away with this. You will pay!

Hondo: With the credits I have gotten I suspect I will be paying for a lot of things.

Ahsoka: Okay, lets get this over with.

Hondo: Yes, yes, the audience is getting restless. Bring out the first opponent.

An 8 foot tall Wookie entered the arena to the delight of the crowd, they rose as one to welcome him.

Ahsoka: If you want me to put on a good show, give me my light Saber and I will give you a great fight.

Hondo: You misunderstand my little one, this is not a fight.

Ahsoka: Not a fight? Then what?

She then saw the Wookie grow an erection, it was at least 6 inches.

Ahsoka: Creep, you want us to fuck?

Hondo: Yes, handle all of him and you pass the test.

Ahsoka: I can do this.

Hondo: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome to the arena... Spet Evge.

Hondo: Spet stands at 10 inches 4 inches around when fully unsheaved.

Ahsoka approached the Wookie and grabbed his shaft with both hands, it doubled in size.

One swipe of the mighty Wookie's paw was all it took to remove her top, a second swipe and she stood naked.

Ahsoka: Shit. That's okay I can do this.

She began to stroke it gently at first, than harder, a bulge grew just above the base of the cock there were hooks on both sides of it that jutted out 2 inches.

Hondo: I forgot about the hook. I said you had to take all of him.

Ahsoka: Fuck!

She manged to get her lips all the way around the tip of the cock. It only took a couple of seconds before her jaw began to hurt.

Hondo: Now for the main event, everyone please grab you communicators and select your position.

The scoreboard lit up with the choice. Doggy, Cow girl, and missionary. Doggy style one out with 55%.

Ahsoka bent over and closed her eyes. Spet knelt behind her and entered. She let out a yelp as the engorged cock penetrated her. Spet held still and let out a mighty yell. Ahsoka rocked back. Half the cock had now entered her, she slowly rocked back and forth.

Ahsoka: Yes, God yes.

Spet grabbed her around the waist and yanked her back she slammed back against the knot in his cock. Spet slammed her back and forth, she kept bouncing off the knot. Spet gave another mighty yell and stood up, he was tall and proud, Ahsoka resting in his arms as he bounced her up and down. All the way up and all the way down she went, bouncing on his member.

Hondo: Excellent, excellent, but remember young one, the only way you pass the test is to take him completely.

Ahsoka redoubled her efforts, she straightened her leg and tried to force her way down.

Ahsoka: Fuck, fuck, fuck.

The crowd began a rhythmic clapping, Ahsoka strained to get past the knot in the cock. Spet Grabbed her by both ankles, half of the knot entered her.


Spet gave another mighty tug, this time he did it, the knot disappeared inside of her.


She tried to bounce up and down on his member, she was stuck, she couldn't move. Spet held her around the waist. He then began swinging from side to side. He released her. Ahsoka hung freely trapped on his mighty member.

The crowd roared their approval as Spet swung faster and faster, Ahsoka could not move, she hung limply. Spet grabbed her around the waist again, this time he yanked upward. He yanked her off his knot and all the way off his cock. He held her over his head a cup of her juices spilled from her wide open hole. There was no one in their seat in the arena. The chant of "again" "again" ran throughout. Spet held her with one arm and waved.

Hondo: You heard them.

Spet grabbed her with both hands again and slammed her as hard as he could onto his cock, she slid past the knot easily, he yanked her all the way off held her up and slammed her back onto his cock. Spet slammed her again and again, faster and harder each time. Ahsoka was totally limp with a huge grin on her face.

Ten minutes of Spet slamming her on and all the way off the cock, the crowd roaring with each thrust. He finally leaned over and she slid off the cock onto the ground face first onto a puddle of her own juices. Spet bent down and rolled her over onto her back, he took aim and covered her face and limp body with his load. The crowd threw credits onto the floor of the arena.

Ahsoka rose to her knees, and tried to stand, but it was impossible, she was spent.

Ahsoka: I am not going to make it through another round.

Hondo: An excellent first round, now we take a 30 minute break. Please, see my men and you can collect an instant video of the show for the nominal fee of 50 credits.


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