Star Wars - The Force Unleashed: Redemption For Two (MF)
by Big Red Dope ([email protected])

With her pet bull rancor dead and finding herself at Starkiller's feet Maris
accepted defeat. "Okay, you've won. The senator is yours. There's no need to
kill me."

"You are a slave to the Dark Side. I'd be doing the galaxy a favor,"
Starkiller snarled.

"It's not my fault. Shaak Ti abandoned me here," Maris began as she got to
her feet. "This planet is evil. It corrupted me. You... you saved me. Just
let me get away from here and I'll turn my back on the dark side." When her
opponent said nothing she started to walk towards the dense jungle.

"You can't just let her go," Senator Organa protested. "She's dangerous."

"Don't move Jedi," Starkiller finally said. "Senator Organa return to my ship
immediately. Rancors destroyed yours and there are urgent matters we must get
you to, but first there is something I must finish here."

"Be quick. There are herds of rancor roaming around in the area. Without her
control over them they're bound to be wild again."

"I've had to kill plenty to find you. I can handle anything that comes my
way. Now quickly get back to my ship. Follow my path and you'll get there
without any problems." Starkiller then removed his communicator from his
pocket as the senator disappeared. "Juno, I've found Senator Organa and he's
on his way back to the ship. There is something I must do first before we can
leave. I'll return shortly."

"No you can't. You must accompany him. We need him alive and this planet is
too dangerous for him to be on his own."

"He'll be fine as long as he stays on my path. I'll send Proxy out if you

"No, if you say he'll be fine I trust you. What are you up to though?"

"Just some unfinished business." Starkiller turned off his communicator and
returned it to his pocket.

"Who was that?"

"No one of concern to you. You'll be dead momentarily." Maris' guard shotos
lit up as she readied for another battle. "Why do you choose to fight me
again? You are weak and you don't possess the skills or ability to defeat me.
You're only delaying the inevitable."

"Why must I die? I gave you want you want. Let me go."

"I gave you your chance to leave and you refused. You are a Jedi with no
master and you've turned to the dark side once already. You are a danger to
everyone and once the Empire finds you they'll kill you."

"Train me then. Make me your apprentice so I can become stronger with the

"Would you be so eager for me to train you if you knew I was the reason Shaak
Ti disappeared?"

"What do you mean?"

"She didn't abandon you. I killed her."

"No you didn't. She's too powerfu."

"Not powerful enough."

"Raah!" Maris screamed as she leapt towards Starkiller with lightsabers
ready to strike.

Starkiller easily caught her with force hold and threw her across the
clearing slamming her body into a tree. Maris grimaced as her body slumped to
the ground. She slowly climbed to her feet only to be thrown back across the
clearing into another tree.

"Without your rancor you are too weak to fight anyone of worth," Starkiller
growled as he stalked Maris.

"Train me... Make me strong--- Raargh!" The Zabrak screamed as her body was
jolted by force lightning.

"I have no need for you and I have no reason to keep you alive."

"Wait... stop..." Maris gasped as she tried to get to her feet only to be met
with more force lightning. She hit the ground hard screaming loudly as she
writhed in agony. "Please... stop..." Maris begged getting to her feet. "I-I
have something for you."

"You have nothing for me," Starkiller replied as he started to charge up his
force push attack.

"I give myself to you," Maris offered falling to her knees after tearing off
the thin strip of cloth that covered her breasts and using her lightsabers to
burn her pants from her body.

"What are you doing?" Starkiller asked stopping the charge as he looked the
naked Zabrak in front of him up and down.

"Shaak Ti initially refused to train me as well and this was all I had to
offer her."

"Is that so? No Jedi master would agree to train you just for the taste of

"Hiding and being alone takes it toll on you after awhile. She wanted the
companionship I needed the training."

"She didn't train you well enough."

"But you can. I never saw Shaak Ti struggle with anyone or anything or go
into a battle she didn't know she could win. Yet you were able to defeat her.
Train me, make me more powerful than she ever was and I'll give you what we
all crave."

"Stand up Zabrak."

Maris rose to her feet and expected the worse as Starkiller used the Force to
fling her into the belly of her dead pet. Death on this day was seemed not to
be coming as Starkiller advanced towards her disrobing his combat gear one
piece at a time.

He looked the naked body of Senator Organa's kidnapper up and down knowing he
should just kill her now and be done with it. There was no way she could be
allowed to leave Felucia alive, but Maris was right. The life of a Force user
was a lonely one even when surrounded by people. Juno wasn't the first female
pilot Starkiller had ever had, but due to the nature and secrecy of his
missions he couldn't do with her what Maris was offering.

Maris looked on as Starkiller seemed to hesitate. In her travels prior
running into Shaak Ti, Maris found that with the exception of Twi'leks most
humans stuck to their own kind when it came sex. Now she wondered if today
would be her last alive as Starkiller continued to stare at her.

Then without a word the human pulled the Zabrak against his body and kissed
her square on the lips. There had only been one other time Starkiller was
able to have a warm body pressed up against his and that was long ago. The
Zabrak smiled and was relieved as she felt the excitement flow within the
human. While Shaak Ti had always been there for her when the need arose it
had been awhile since Maris had last been with a male.

Maris couldn't help but to smile when their kiss broke. Starkiller looked at
the peculiar expression on her face and she took notice. "What? You've never
seen my kind smile?"

"Not often. Most Zabraks seem to want to kill me more often than not."

"Not this one," Maris coyly replied as she dropped to her knees in front of

He grunted as she took hold of his cock and began to gently stroke his
length. At this moment as Starkiller looked down at his once adversary there
was nothing to indicate a violent nature within her. Though his ability to
read the thoughts of others wasn't very strong Maris' ability to block those
trying to read hers was still very weak. Maris had no immediate desire to try
and kill him again. She had told the truth in saying the planet corrupted
her, but her feelings for his master and the Empire and her reason for
wanting to become strong became evident to Starkiller, but he would deal with
that later.

Maris looked up and caught him staring at her as his manhood continued to
slide back and forth within her hand. "What?"


"Are you sure?"


"Fine then."

Starkiller closed his eyes and let out a sight of relief as Maris took his
cock into her mouth and wrapped her lips around it with just a bit of
pressure. She liked hearing Starkiller moan as her lips began gliding back
and forth along the length of his shaft. Her tongue tickled his member as it
slithered it's way around it. Maris couldn't remember the size of the last
male she had been with, but Starkiller was more than adequate as the tip of
his cock pushed against the back of her throat before sliding down inside it.

Starkiller couldn't help but groan loudly has he experienced the most intense
sexually pleasure he had received in a very long time. His dick ached as
Maris continued to bob her head back and forth over it, but he nearly lost it
as her lips left his privates and her hand took hold of his member once again
before she took his right testicle into her mouth. Precum spurted out of
Starkiller's peehole as the gentle pressure of Maris tonguing one side of his
scrotum for a bit before switching to the other side worked in tandem with
her hand as it softly stroked his penis with enough force to make it throb.

Maris then licked the stickiness on Starkiller's cock before standing up to
fully give herself to him. He had a different idea though. Starkiller used
his force powers to stack the dead rancor's legs one top of the other before
lifting Maris from the ground and floating her to the top of the legs and
setting her down.

She knew what he wanted and almost eagerly spread her legs for Starkiller as
moved towards her. Maris gasped the first time his tongue touched her slit.
He teased her letting his tongue slither up and down her opening never
letting it push too far inside. Starkiller could feel Maris quiver every time
he licked to the top of her pussy and his tongue flicked itself across her

Maris completely forgot the fact that Starkiller had killed her pet rancor
and Shaak Ti as he licked her cunt. She moaned loudly when he finally spread
he pussy apart and his tongue darted inside. It rubbed against her insides
sending jolts of excitement throughout her body. Maris reached down between
her legs and began to finger her protruding clit as it emerged from it's
hood. Within minutes of eating out Maris as she fingered herself Starkiller
could taste precum from the Zabrak on his lips.

"Please... fuck me now..." Maris begged eagerly fingering her clit. Her body
was writhing with excitement and she needed penetration now.

Starkiller with his throbbing erect penis needed no other encouragement. He
stood up and took hold of his manhood leading it towards Maris' pussy. She
gasped when she felt the tip press against her opening and with a swift
thrust Starkiller was buried deep inside her. He then picked her off of the
rancor's legs as she wrapped her legs around his waist and carried her
towards the rough underbelly of the beast.

When she was pressed against the animal's rough hard skin it almost felt like
her back was rubbing against a rock, but Maris didn't care. Hugging
Starkiller's body with her arms and legs Maris bit her lip as he began to
thrust into her. Having his long thick shaft plunge into her pussy with a
deeper and harder push each time was extreme bliss for her. It was as if
Maris was having really good sex for the first time again.

Starkiller's thoughts and emotions were void except for one as his cock was
enveloped by Maris' opening. Recently obsessed with hunting down Jedi and
bringing his master's enemies to justice his mind was now consumed with lust
and carnal pleasure. Starkiller rode Maris hard driving his cock deep into
her pussy getting more wild and excited with each thrust.

The pleasure and delight Maris was experiencing couldn't last long enough as
her cunt clamped down on Starkiller and she cried out coming as she did so.
Her body shuddered and shook violently as she orgasmed for much longer with
more intensity than she ever had with Shaak Ti. Maris laid her head down on
Starkiller's shoulder and smiled contently as her body recovered. Her pussy
was soaking wet and her body felt exhausted, but she was content almost to
the point of being happy.

Starkiller continued to wildly piston in and out of Maris even as her pussy
hugged tightly onto his shaft and her cum completely lathered it before
dripping onto his body. He let out one last animalistic grunt planting his
dick deep inside Maris as it opened up and his seed start squirting out.

"It's been awhile for you hasn't it?" Maris asked as she felt large shot
after large shot of Starkiller's semen fill up her womb. There was even a
long string of it hanging from Starkiller's cock after he set her feet on the
ground and pulled out of her.

"Yes," Starkiller replied as Maris licked his dick clean.

When she finished she stood up. "I've got a few things to get from the hut
Shaak Ti and I lived in before we leave. I'll be back in a few minutes."
Without a word Starkiller began to pick up his gear and redress. "Is
something wrong? You had plenty to said before and after we fought. Now I
can't get two words out of you." Suddenly Starkiller's lightsaber leapt from
the ground to his hand and ignited. "What are you doing? We had a deal,"
Maris protested.

"I never agreed to anything. You made an offer and that was it."

"Why you-"

Maris didn't have time to finish her sentence as Starkiller's lightsaber came
flying at her. She had just enough time to use the Force to pick up her guard
shotos and defend herself. Though she was able to deflect the first attack
Maris was unable to do anything about the second. She instantaneously fell to
the ground screaming and writhing in pain as force lightning engulfed her

Starkiller stopped his attack to retrieve his lightsaber from the ground then
he walked to where Maris' prone, naked, beat up body lay on the ground. He
lit up his lightsaber and raised it directly above her head as he readied the

* * *

"Why exactly were you looking for me?" Senator Organa asked as he sat in
Starkiller's ship with Juno and Proxy.

"I don't know," Juno replied. "I was asked to fly us here because Felucia was
where you would be found."

"Juno I'm afraid I must report you to Master Starkiller. We were ordered not
to talk about our missions with anyone."

"His name is Starkiller? That seems rather ominous. Is that his real name or
one given to him?" Senator Organa asked.

"Under orders from my master any questions you have must be directed to him."

Juno turned to the ship's control panel when it started to beep. "Seems we
have two figures coming from the north. Starkiller can you hear me? Have you
turned on your communicator?"

"Yes Juno. Is there something wrong?"

"I don't think so... the scanner is picking up your presence, but it's also
showing there's someone there with you."

"I'll be back at the ship shortly. I'll explain what's going on then."

"What's he doing?" Senator Organa asked perplexed. "Doesn't he know she's a

"What's going on?" Juno asked.

"You two only assumed he killed Shaak Ti's apprentice," General Kota smirked.

"But why would he do that?" Juno asked.

"Ask him," General Kota said as Starkiller and Maris boarded the ship.

"Ask me what?"

"Why did you let her live? She's a danger to you, to us---" Senator Organa

"With all due respect senator," Starkiller interrupted, "If anyone truly
desires to form a rebellion and fight the empire then we will need all the
help we can get. Let's get out of here. We have much to do."


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