Here goes my new Sailor Moon story, this time contains Sailor Mercury only. That's first part, of course, next parts are on their way. Thanks a lot for JD for proofreading and some ideas.

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Codes: MF, reluc, blackmail

Sailor Moon: Ami-Chan First Fuck Part 2
by Sethite

Ryo Mutsufumi had a free day. Since morning he had been walking nervously around his home. He was afraid that Ami could go with all the stuff he gave her to the police or school principal. This would surely finish his career and throw him into some serious trouble. It might even end with jail. But he had a premonition that he could trust Mizuno.

Ami was shy, silent girl who always wanted to be good for others and do whatever people asked her to. She hadn't the guts to go to the police and accuse him. It was always a danger that her secret identity could be revealed. He was drinking wine from a bottle to hide his nerves and the bottle was half empty when the ring of the doorbell sounded. He went quickly to the door and looked through the peephole, wondering if it's police or...

On the other side stood top student from his class, eighteen years old Ami Mizuno herself. Her blue haired head was trembling; she clenched her book bag in her shaking hands. On her face fear and despair was painted, the emotions were clearly visible even through the peephole. Ryo breathed with relief and satisfaction. So his plan went fine, after all...

Ryo opened the door fast, let Ami in and quickly closed it, hoping that no one saw his unusual guest. When she came in, he looked at her back with hungry eyes, licking his lips while staring at the schoolgirl's legs. She was tasty, even clothed. When she removed her slippers, he smiled widely, trying to hide her embarrassment.

"Hi Ami," he said, "Come into my room and make yourself at home." Then he showed her the way with his hand. Ami, still trembling, entered his room and looked around.

"Please sit," Ryo pulled up the chair to her. Ami left her book bag on the ground and sat, resting her hands on her knees and trying to stop them from shaking.

"You'd like a drink?" he asked and offered her the half finished bottle of wine, but she shook her head and refused. Ami never drank alcohol.

"Ok, but feel free to drink if you want to. Now, let's get to the point. Did you see the movies I gave you?"

"Yes," she said quietly, nodding.

"Just like I thought. Good girl. Do you like them?"

Mercury murmured, she wasn't sure what to say. Yes, she liked them, but saying such a thing out loud to an inappropriate and adult man....

"I asked you something, Ami," said Ryo, with a teacher's little anger in his voice, "You were always good in class and always answering questions when your teachers asked you. So I repeat: Did you like the movies I gave you? Did you enjoy watching them?"

Ami was still confused. She knew clearly what he wanted to hear from her, so after a few seconds of inner fight she forced herself to speak these few humiliating words:

"Yes, sensei", she finally confessed, but it wasn't easy to say "I liked them."

"I knew it! I knew it without doubt. So tell me, did your pussy become wet while you were watching the movies? Did you touch yourself and masturbate?"

Mercury's face instantly went tomato red. Memories of her last night, watching porn movies and masturbating, hit her and floated before her eyes. It was something she'd like to hide from the entire world. Humiliation and shame closed her mouth for good this time. She wasn't ready to say such words. Ryo guessed it quickly as well. He decided to not pull the string. Not now.

"You don't have to answer Ami, I can see it in your pretty face. Your eyes and your cheeks are telling me everything. Good girls can't lie. You touched your body, your sweet little fingers were playing with your breasts and pussy. I hope it was pleasurable. Let's go on to the next point: do you have the lingerie I gave you?"

"Yes, sensei," Mizuno answered mechanically, though she was happy that he did not ask her for details of her masturbation.

"Then show me. I can't believe your words."

Still ashamed, Ami stood and heaved her blue, pleated skirt to let him see her red panties. She knew that through the fabric her blue pussy hair was visible, but there was nothing she could do about it. Next, she unbuttoned a few buttons of her blouse and showed him her red bra, as red as her face was now. Then she sat again, dressing herself back as quick as possible.

"Very well, Ami-chan. We're so close, I'm sure you don't have anything against it if I call you Ami-chan, will you? You have everything pretty much correct but it seems you forgot about last thing I gave you. The handcuffs?"

She had hoped secretly that he forgot about them, but it seemed he had not. Ami reached to her bag and after few minutes of searching she brought out the pair of handcuffs and handed them to him with a little reluctance.

"You're a good girl, Ami-chan, you didn't forget about them. So, let's use them, ok?"

Ryo approached Ami and made her stand. He took her hands and cuffed her wrists, feeling her tremble under his touch. "She is ashamed, trembling and handcuffed while still in her school uniform. She is delicious and, most important, she is mine," he thought to himself. His plan went better than he expected.

"Could you sit here?" he asked her, patting a place near him on the sofa. Without a word Ami came close and sat on the soft material, right beside him. He turned on the TV. On the screen appeared a young girl in a costume similar to senshi uniforms. She was lying on the bed, tied to it with her wrists and ankles. She was shaking and trying to break free, but soon three men approached her. They began to undress the helpless girl, ripping her outfit, playing with her body then finally began to rape all three of her holes in unison with her cries and screams for help. Their large cocks slowly tamed her and after a few minutes the girl only moaned softly, expressing her pleasure.

"Do you like it, Ami?" asked Ryo, looking at Mercury's face, "I found it in the web and thought you might find it interesting. You like porn stuff, don't you?"

Ami's face turned red and her cheeks burned like wood in the fireplace. She watched the move with changing emotions. Seeing a girl dressed just like sailor senshi being raped was frightening, but only at the start. Soon she could feel the moisture between her legs and her breathing becoming heavier. She tried to stop it but in this fight her chances of success were about zero. Suddenly she felt Ryo's hand on her leg. His other hand embraced her and moved her closer to him. She could feel his aftershave aroma.

"Mmmm, Ami, look, you're all wet here," he whispered in her ear, licking it with his tongue and smiling when soft moan left her lips. His fingers were caressing the front of her panties, arousing her with every stroke. He was rather gently, not taking any offensive actions but rather brushing the front of her panties with the tips of his fingers. But it was enough to awake her body. Now, it was time for his decisive move.

He moved his mouth near Ami's and gave her a kiss. He forced his tongue between her small, red lips and inside her mouth. He put one hand behind her head and pressing her face against his as he probed her sweet mouth with his tongue. Ami's first thought was to resist and escape, but she knew that she couldn't. Her wrists were cuffed and the door was locked and more, she was afraid that resisting Ryo would make him hurt her. She still believed that Ryo only wanted to tease her. He was her teacher, after all, so he couldn't hurt her.

Finally Ryo broke the kiss, his hand still on her crotch, leaving the poor girl almost at the edge of climax. He could feel her arousal, but decided to keep her unsatisfied as long as possible. It was tempting to make her cum, but he had different goal. The more aroused she was, the weaker her further resistance would be. He never wanted to rape her. It was his long time fantasy, but he was aware how dangerous it would be. And eventually it would turn her against him. No, Ami needed some training to become his willing sex toy. And playing with girl's emotion wasn't a pushover.

Long trail of their mixed saliva hung from her mouth and fell on her breasts, leaving a wet stain on the material of her blouse. Ami trembled, her breath was getting faster. Ryo was sure that her nipples were already hard. He'd love to check it, but it was too early to go that far now. It was important to play carefully with her body and mind. She had to know that he wasn't her enemy. Her superior, her master - right, but not someone who would like to hurt her. Ryo looked deep into her eyes.

"Was it your first kiss, Ami-chan?"

Ami nodded.

"Was it nice?"

Ami nodded again, even though she found it disgusting.

"So you should thank me for it, shouldn't you?"

"Arigatou gosaimasu," whispered Ami, "Arigatou, sensei."

"Only these few words? Oh Ami, remember, if someone did something good for you, you should do something good to him in return.'d like to strip for me? Yes, take off all your clothes, my little Ami-chan. I wish to see your beautiful body in full glory."


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