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Sailor Moon: Boy's Toy (MF,NC,spank,oral)
by Sailor

Makoto Kino could only blame herself for being way too kind with her friends. She simply couldn't say "no" when they asked her for something. And this time it was no different.

"You know, we're leaving for two weeks and Shingo will be home alone" Usagi was saying through the phone "He's a teen boy, right and you know how careless such boys can be. My mom and dad trust him, but I'd be grateful if you could go there one or two times and see if everything is ok. My brother is so stupid, you know."

"Ok, Usagi, no problem..."

"And since you're such an amazing cook, it would be nice if you made something healthy for the brat? I'm sure he'll be eating pizza and instant ramen all the time"

"Yes, of course..."

"Oh, Mako, you're such an amazing friend! Thank you, thank you so much!"

They were chatting for a little while and when they finished, Makoto sighed. Really, she had to learn to disagree with someone's pleas. It had been a few years since they fought as Sailor Scouts and all five girls had become good friends. But Usagi was shameless when it came to asking them for help. Well, after all, it wasn't a big deal to walk to Usagi's house one or two times. Baking a cake wouldn't be a problem either. She had barely seen Shingo for years. Usagi was always mad at her younger brother, but Makoto wasn't sure if he was really that bad. Well, she never had a sister or brother.

A few days after she knocked at the Tsukino's house. Dressed in her long, green dress and holding a bag with a freshly baked cake, she looked around. She was aware that a young boy left home alone might cause some troubles, but she couldn't hear any loud music or any other signs of troubles. Finally, the door went open and Shingo welcomed her.

He hadn't changed much. He was a bit taller, but not much, and his hair was still short and messy. His round face was still a bit childish. Makoto grinned softly, wondering if he really wasn't aging.

- Hi Shingo - she said, smiling.

- Oh! Hi Makoto! - Shingo's eyes went wide. It had been years since he last saw her. And not only had she become a pretty young woman with amazing shapes, he had also become older and he was looking at girls in a very different way to before. Years ago he hated his sister's pals, just like his sister herself. And though he still couldn't get along with Usagi, her friends were something different. They were all hotties - cute Ami Mizuno, sexy Rei Hino, bimbo Minako Aino and his favorite, busty Makoto Kino. He often fantasized about them. And Makoto was the most frequent guest of his wet dreams.

He asked her in instantly. Makoto looked around, trying to notice any signs of troubles. She smiled, seeing nothing suspicious. She expected to see empty bottles, cigarettes, dirt, pieces of meals and so, but everything looked ok. So, maybe Usagi was just overprotective? Shingo lead her to the kitchen, where she put the cake on the table.

"Wow, Makoto, its amazing!" he said "Please, go to the saloon, I'll make a coffee and we can taste your awesomeness!"

"I think I'll go now..."

"Oh, please, stay for a minute!" he asked, making puppy eyes as best as he could.

"Ok, ok..." Makoto sighed and walked to the saloon, sitting on the sofa and waiting for the promised coffee.

Shingo wasted no time. This was his one and only chance, probably the only one in his entire life. The most beautiful girl he had ever seen was in his house and they were all alone there. No matter how much he hated his sister, he was grateful that Usagi asked Makoto to look for him. He quickly made coffee but before carrying it to the saloon, he put a pill in her cup. It was a sleeping pill, his father was using them. Nothing hard, just something that helped him to sleep.

Trying to act normally, he carried a tray with two coffees to the saloon, taking great care with making sure that Makoto got her "special" coffee. He cut down a piece of cake for her and for him and sat beside her. It was hard to take his eyes of her beautiful body. Makoto was a bit more adult now. Before she was just a curvy girl, slightly tomboyish yet very pretty. Now she was almost in the full bloom of her womanhood.

For Shingo it was most important to keep her there until the pills started working. He was asking her about thousands of things, her studies, her life, telling her about his high school problems and complementing her cake. Makoto was answering with politeness, thinking it was time for her to go. She didn't have anything important to do, but it was always something better to work on than sitting there and listening to Shingo. Everything was ok, so she would phone Usagi just when she'll be back.

Finally, Makoto felt kinda odd.

"I think I'll go to the toilet..." she said and rose from the sofa. She made step, then another and everything around started to spin like crazy. Her eyelids became heavy and she was asleep before she hit the floor. Shingo almost jumped from the sofa and quickly appeared next to her. He carried her on the bed and started to look at the beautiful, helpless woman. She was sleeping like stone. With trembling fingers, Shingo started to undress her. It wasn't easy for the unexperienced boy. Finally, after a long struggle he managed to take her dress and jacket off, then her blouse and left her in the black, satin lingerie that cupped her perfect shapes. Taking his camera, he started to shoot some photos from all angles, thinking of it as great fap material. Just a view of Makoto in her bra and panties was enough to make him hard as rock. He was about to dress her back up and wake her up, when suddenly, he heard the front door opening. Damn, he forgot that he invited his pals. Before he was able to do anything, two guys came into the room.

Tori was two years older than Shingo and he was known as a notorious delinquent and bully. Shingo prized their friendship because thanks to that, none dared to fuck with him. He wasn't tall, but well built and strong. Hiroshi was the same age as Shingo and a bit nerdy, but he was also intelligent and skilled in math. Both guys opened their eyes wide when they saw Shingo standing above most beautiful girl they had ever seen.

"Yo, Shingo! That's amazing!" Tori was first to say when Shingo finally managed to explain the whole situation to them.

"Yep, you had an amazing idea, this bimbo is hot as hell!"

"We're gonna have loads of fun with her, aren't we?" Tori was already eager to fuck the girl.

"I'm afraid she'll wake up soon" Shingo stopped him "So you'd better do nothing..."

"Oh, so we have to stop her from running, that's why!" Hiroshi left a saloon for a while and run to the bathroom. He returned with a pile of rope that Shingo's mom used to dry the laundry. He used it to tie Makoto's legs together tightly and then her hands behind her back. Shingo frowned, finding the tied up Makoto even sexier than before. But it was getting out of control.

"Now she won't go anywhere" grinned Tori, looking at the bound beauty "You have a camera, don't you, Shingo?"

Once again camera went to work, this time documenting tightly bound Makoto. Shingo was sure that the bound tomboy was probably the sexiest thing he ever saw. But he was afraid that she'd wake up. What would they do then? She'd surely yell at them, kick the shit of them and probably call his mom to tell bad things about him.

Sudden discomfort made Makoto open her eyes. She couldn't move. It was somehow a bit cold, although she was laying on something soft, probably on a bed. She tried to move once again. To her surprise, she found herself bound! And what was worse, someone had taken all her clothes away, leaving her in her lingerie. Her eyes went wide from sudden shock. She saw boys around, taking photos of her.

"What the hell is going on!" she cried "Release me now, you bastards!".

Shingo jumped when he heard her angry voice. He was about to panic and do what she told. But Tori was controlling the situation. He walked up to the helpless girl and slapped her face. Hard.

"Ouch!" she cried.

"Listen now, you slut! You're in our hands now! You'll do what we tell you!"

"Like hell, you sick fuck!"

"It seems you're a stupid ho that needs to learn her place" Tori smiled with sadistic glee and turned the bound girl on her chest. Smiling, he rose his hand up.

SLAP! His palm landed on her round butt. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP!

Makoto's ass was about to become red from hard spanking. She tried to keep silent, but she eventually gave up and made a loud cry of pain. Tori spanked her a few more times, just to make sure she'd get this lesson well.

"So" Tori grabbed Makoto by her ponytail and turned her on her back again "Do you understand your position, you big busted slut!? Or you want another lesson?"

She answered nothing, tears of humiliation were mixing with tears of pain.

"So, you're a spanking manic, aren't you?" Tori smiled, preparing for another round.

"No, please!" she said "No more!"

"So, you'll be obedient and good?"

She hesitated. But Shingo was there too. He looked a bit unsure, but since they were in his room, she was sure that nothing really bad might happen. Those boys were probably doing some naughty jokes. She promised herself that she'd give them a lesson when they released her. But she wasn't in any position to struggle now, so she decided to let them have some feeling of victory now.

"Yes, I'll be..." she said.

"See, guys? Nothing better than the good spanking. Now, let's see those treasures you're hiding here" he said, yanking her bra off and revealing her magnificent tits in their full glory.

Shingo was confused. At the beginning he was about to protest, to defend Makoto from Tori's brutal actions. But now he couldn't take his eyes off Makoto's tits. Hiroshi was still taking photos. Makoto's face went red from embarrassment. It was odd to be bound and stripped bare naked by a bunch of boys younger than her. She groaned when Tori groped her full breast, kneading and massaging them in his hands.

"Damn, what a huge pair of fuckbags" he said, enjoying this touch.

"Please, stop..." she said, feeling that her body was responding to his actions. She found that being bound was surprisingly arousing, despite the whole situation.

SLAP! Was Tori's answer. She became silent. Tori's aura of manliness was overpowering. She was always strong and independent girl, ready to talk with using her fists if needed. And this boy could silence her with one slap.

"Wanna feel them?" Tori asked his pals. Hiroshi didn't need to be asked twice, he walked closer and started to fondle Makoto's big tits. Shingo hesitated. He had problems with his hard on, but still, he was afraid of doing anything bad to Makoto. She'd turn his life into hell if she told his mom about it.

"Let's see your other goods" Tori grinned, yanking her panties down and revealing her fine pussy with small patch of brown hair above. Makoto blushed, feeling that they were going too far. Groping and fondling was one thing, but...

"Oh, she's already wet! What a slut!" Tori smiled, noticing the moisture "She already wants some fucking, I bet!"

"No..." whispered Makoto.

"When a ho says no, it means yes" he said, but Hiroshi stopped him.

"Wait a bit, man. It'd be rape. Rape is a serious crime. You don't wanna put us all into prison, do you?"

"Damn, I'm already hard. Look at her! You wanna leave her untouched?"

"I never said anything like that. Just listen..."

The three boys walked a few feet away and Hiroshi revealed his plan. Even Shingo, who had bad feelings about this before, decided that there was logic in Hiroshi's words. So after a minute of hesitating, he joined their plan.

The boys positioned Makoto on the bed and Shingo took the camera, while Hiroshi and Tori revealed their already stiff cocks. They stood next to her face, so their dicks were poking her cheeks. Makoto was too afraid to do anything. She hoped they'd finish their naughty fun soon. But the scent of their manhoods was so strong and intensive. Moving in the bondage was almost impossible, but it was turning her on, despite her best efforts. Soon, Hiroshi changed with Shingo and it was now he who revealed his dick. Makoto almost gasped, seeing how big his erection was.

More photos were taken. Makoto with dicks around her, Makoto with dicks on her boobs, Makoto with dicks just an inch from her lips, Makoto with her hair wrapped around dicks... She could see it was getting harder for them to keep their urges under control. But she had same problem. She was getting horny.

"Now, slut" said Tori with a voice that made her feel uneasy "We have loads of photos of you in very naughty situations. You could guess what would happened if we'd reveal them. You'd be marked as a cock loving whore for the rest of your life. I don't think it's far from your real self, after all. But here's the deal. We can simply fuck you stupid in all you slutty holes and reveal these photos online. But we can keep those photos for ourselves. In return, we'll free you and you'll let us fuck you willingly. So, no rape, no beating, you'll be a happy slut and everything will stay in the family. What's your choice, dumb bitch? A like anal or B like boobs?"

"...B..." said Makoto after long moment of silence. She'd stay silent forever, but Tori's eyes were on her and she had problems withstanding those eyes. No one had ever looked at her like that. She just hoped they'd free her. She knew she was strong enough to beat those three punks and take the camera back.

"Very good. But first, Shingo, go to your room and upload those photos into your mailbox. Just to make sure you won't cause any troubles" he said, looking at her and noticing hope vanishing in her big, green eyes. A few minutes after, Shingo returned. Hiroshi proceeded with untying the ropes. Makoto stretched, finally feeling free. Her first idea was to run with fists on them, but she remembered about the photos. They were out of her range now. She had to do what those brats wanted.

"Since you already meet our dicks, it won't hurt if you get to know them closer" said Tori, ordering her to kneel on the floor. The boys approached her with their cocks revealed. She knew what they wanted. She opened her mouth slowly and reluctant, but Tori just grabbed her by her ponytail and forced his dick inside. Shingo and Hiroshi took her palms and placed them on their cocks.

"Mhhhmm!!! Ghmmmppphhmm!!" she groaned, gagging on the hard dick. But the overpowering, dominating aura of manliness and the stench of cocks was working like an aphrodisiac. Her fingers were running up and down their shafts, while her mouth polished Tori's spear. Despite the whole situation, she had problems with controlling her urges. There was a familiar wetness between her legs and her nipples were getting hard.

"Gouuhhhh!!" she gasped, when Tori let his cock out and changed places with Hiroshi. She took the younger boy's dick to her mouth and started to please Tori with her palm. Hiroshi was less brutal so she could relax a bit. It was the first time she gave head. She found this position full of male domination. Her on her knees, like a mere slave and servant to their cocks.

After a short while it was Shingo's place. His huge cock filled her mouth almost completely. Shingo placed his palm on her head, taking control of the rhythm. He came first, filing her mouth with his semen. Having no choice, Makoto gulped, swallowing the thick, salty load. Hiroshi was next, he loaded his sperm on her face in three, rich shots. From all of them Tori remained the longest. He grabbed her head once again and forced his cock as deep as he could, and shot his cum right into her throat. Makoto almost choked, but somehow managed to swallow his entire load.

The blowjobs had increased her arousal. Her pussy tingled, asking for release. When the boys lead her to the bathroom, she walked quite eagerly, fully aware that she was about to say good bye to her virginity. Her dream was to stay a virgin until marriage, but now she was about to lose it with three disgusting young boys she never liked. When they walked in, she noticed that there was a big jacuzzi inside. Shingo already turned the water on and they walked into the nice, warm bath.

Makoto was trembling from anticipation and Tori noticed that. He stood behind her, caressing her full breasts and kissing her neck. Shingo broke out of his shame and started to probe her womanhood with his fingers, doing it nice and slowly, causing her to moan even louder. Hiroshi caressed her long, slim legs. Their actions were raising the tension, making the big breasted girl groan. Tori smiled, aware that she was already horny as hell. His goal was to fuck her first, but he wanted to make the whole thing even hotter. Sitting in the bath, he presented his hard cock to her.

"You want it, don't you?" he smiled lecherously.

"Yes..." Makoto blushed. No matter how much she wanted, she was still fully aware that this was blackmail, they forced her to do it.

"So... beg for it"

"May I... sit... on... this...?" She was confused.

"No, no... do it nicely and sexy... free your inner slut..."

Shingo grabbed her from behind, kissing her neck.

"Can I fuck you... master? May I be your slut?" she said, blushing heavily while calling herself "slut".

"Oh yes, you can..." Tori couldn't wait anymore "And remember to address us "masters" from now"

Makoto waited no more. She slowly sat on his lap, guiding his big cock right into her wet, willing pussy. She winced in pain when her hymen was torn, but she was so horny that it didn't take long before she was fully enjoying his hard pumping. Tori embraced her with his arm and moved closer, making her big tits rub against his chest. She was taller than him, but he doesn't mind. His dick impaled her. Tori was feeling like the king of the world. The most beautiful woman he had ever seen was straddling his lap. He kissed her roughly, in a very demanding way and found that she answered his actions. She was his slut, with mind and body.

Tori was keeping himself off from cumming as long as possible. He wanted Makoto to remember her first sexual experience. His goal was to fuck her hard, to fuck all the thoughts of resistance off her head. So he was doing his best to fuck her with long, hard thrusts. When he finally came, she orgasmed as well. The climax rocked her whole world. She forget where she was, who they were and why she was doing this.

Next was Shingo and while she was riding him, she was serving with her mouth to Tori and Hiroshi. She made them cum just a moment before Shingo filled her pussy with his semen. Hiroshi was next. He made her lean against the wall and forced his dick roughly inside her defenseless pussy. He slapped her round butt a few times. Finally, he came as well, giving her pussy the third load of the day.

Makoto fell to the jacuzzi, spent, but still horny despite three rounds. Luckily for her, boys were still far from finished. This time they took her all together. Shingo took care of her mouth, Tori fucked her pussy, while Hiroshi pushed his fat cock into her tight butthole, stealing her anal virginity. It was even more painful than losing her hymen, but she endured it. She soon had two more orgasms and received three more warm loads of semen inside her.

Finally, the boys were spent and left the jacuzzi. They wiped their bodies and Tori told Makoto to make them some sandwiches. She wanted to go home, but he just said:

"You're our slut and we're your masters. Sluts do what their masters tell them to"

They let her wear her panties only. With her huge boobs revealed, Makoto went to the kitchen with her head down. The previous excitement was gone, she had returned to her senses and understood that she was under the power of those three disgusting freaks. She'd had sex with them and lost her precious virginity. Moreover, she was acting like someone else. It wasn't in her nature to be docile and do what others told her.

In the saloon boys were talking about the possibilities that the situation gave. Finally, Hiroshi left the house and when Makoto brought sandwiches, walking with her bare tits jiggling, only Shingo and Tori sat there. They told her to sit next to them. While the boys were eating sandwiches, Makoto looked nervously for her clothes. They were gone! Were they hiding them somewhere? What was their plan now? She finally dared to ask.

"Oh, those... See, we found them inappropriate for you, slut. But don't worry, Hiroshi will be here in no time, he'll bring you new ones... much better for sluts like you" smiled Tori, while he rose his leg under the table and made its way between Makoto's bare legs, rubbing the front of her black panties with his big toe. She gasped, having a bad feeling about these "new clothes". She just wanted to leave this place as soon as possible and forget about it.

"Oh, right, slut..." Tori paused "I think I forgot to ask about your name... Not that it's important, 'cos sluts like you have holes and no one cares about their names, right?" he asked, looking at her.

"...yes... master"

"Yes, what? Answer with a full sentence, slut", Tori's voice became familiarly commanding. Makoto couldn't stand it. Trembling, she opened her mouth.

"Sluts... like me... have holes... and no one cares about their names, master" she answered, swallowing her pride.

"True indeed. So you don't mind if we just call you slut? It will be easier for the pea brain of yours?"

"Yes, master, I don't mind if you just call me slut. It will be easier for my pea brain"

"See Shingo? She's a fast learner. I guess she isn't as dumb as she looks. Now, tell me slut, whose cock pleased you the most today?"

"Yours, master. Your big cock pleased me the most" she answered, hoping to not anger him.

"I'm not surprised", Tori was rubbing her pussy with his feet all the time, noticing the embarrassment on her face, "We fucked all your holes today, slut. Tell me now, do you prefer giving head, having your fuckhole stuffed with semen or being ass fucked? What turns you on the most?"

Makoto's pussy was wet again. She wasn't sure if it was a result of being called "slut" all the time, the humiliating nature of those questions or Tori's big toe poking her panties. Probably all of them mixed together.

"It's giving head, master. I think it turns me on the most", she finally answered. She hoped it would be a safe answer.

"So, you just love the taste of cum, slut? You're a sperm drinker?"

"Yes... master, I love the taste of cum. I'm a sperm drinker"

"Tell me more about it"

"I love to wrap my lips around your dick and suck it all long and nice, till you reward me with your fresh, warm cum, master", Makoto hated herself for saying such offensive words, but she hoped to keep the situation under control and not anger the brats.

Tori was about to ask about something else, but then the doors went open and Hiroshi walked in with a full bag.

"You were asking about clothes, slut" said Tori, looking at the bag Hiroshi brought "Here they are. Dress up, we'd like to see you"

Makoto walked to the bag and checked the contents. She was expecting something naughty, so she wasn't surprised... much. She found a short leather skirt, a string bikini top with just enough fabric to hide her nipples, fishnet thigh high stockings with garters and pumps with five inch heels, all in midnight black. But There was something else that made her shiver.

"You like them?" asked Hiroshi, grinning when Makoto held leather made chastity belt with steel padlock on the front of it with steel padlock on the front of it. She looked unsure.

"Come on, get dressed. Now!", said Tori with his bossy voice. Shivering. Makoto undressed her panties and put the leather thing on. Hiroshi approached her and locked the thing around her pussy. It had small holes to make pissing and shitting possible, although there was no way to have sex in such a thing. It wasn't very uncomfortable though. Makoto hesitantly dressed remaining clothes. When she finished, she found herself looking like a some kind of street hooker. It was embarrassing to walk outside like that.

"Here's a deal, slut", said Tori, looking at the confused girl, "You can go home now. This belt will keep your pussy off dicks and fingers, so no fucking, and no masturbation for you from today. Hiroshi has a key. If you manage to keep yourself off sex for the whole week, we'll release you, delete all the photos and forget about everything. But if your slutty nature prevails, just call Shingo and tell him you need your fuckholes stuffed with our dicks. But this will mean you lose and we mark you as our cumbag forever. Now, get the fuck out of here" he said, opening the door and pushing the helpless Makoto on the street.

"You really think she won't be able to stay a week without sex?" asked Shingo.

"You bet" answered Hiroshi "My dad is a pimp. This wasn't an ordinary chastity belt. It's made from a special kind of material that makes sluts horny. Dad uses it to punish his hoes. I'm giving her two days and she'll be back here, begging us to fuck her."

Three guys laughed, feeling that they'll have more fun with Makoto soon...


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