Sailor Moon: Demonic Encounter (Mf,inc,BDSM,demon)
by Blas Padrino

Night has already fallen on the little shrine cared for by Rei Hino and her
grandfather. Dusk having ended a few minutes ago their day was over and they
did not expect to have any visitors. Rei's grandfather lingered outside to
welcome the stars arrival when a shadow darted past the corner of his eye.
"Eh? Daree ka? Who's there?" There was no answer. Just my imagination he
thought Not paying it much more mind he turned away. As the shadow began to
creep closer it went unnoticed until it entered his own shadow. For one
second he protested until the invading presence took complete control of his
mind. His eyes shone red in the darkness as the new occupant began to proceed
with its foul plans.

* * *

Rei was in the room of the fire, gazing into its everchanging form. So intent
was she that she scarcely noticed her grandfathers presence.

"What are you doing Rei?" Startled she turned around. "Ah...oh its you jisan.
Don't go sneaking up on me like that!" Annoyed she began to return to her
meditations until she saw that he was staring at her with a look she found
disturbing. "What are you looking at jisan?"

With a slight leer he spoke slowly. "Why...I'm just admiring you Rei.... your
body has become most." he wiped away a trickle of drool. "exquisite..." Rei
was slightly startled at her grandfather. He'd always been such a hentai yet
this was more brash than his usual snooping. As he began to move around to
her left side she sat almost frozen. "Yes...I think you've matured quite fact even under these robes..." he lashed out a hand and before
she could stop him he'd succeeded in pulling it away to reveal her round

"Even under these robes your proportions are apealing to me..."Rei
immediately smacked him away and recovered herself. "Jisan what are you
doing? Whats wrong with you?!" As he picked himself up he began giggling

" granddaughter....this is what I've raised you I can
fuck you to my hearts content....." At that he laughed and once again threw
himself at her. This time she was more prepared and managed to deflect his
small frame. Yet with the fluid grace of a cat he rebounded off the floor
and once again tore at her robes this time tearing it off to expose her full

"Jisan yamete!!" Rei yelled. She gasped as he began to mutate and enlarge.
His body twisted and elongated until he towered over her. His skin tore away
revealing a hideous dark grey flesh tone. Tentacles shot out from his back
and crotch and began hovering about.

One of the Dark Kingdoms youma! Rei thought to herself and immediately began
to transform herself.

"Mars Power! Make UP!!" Rei transformed and her priest robes changed into
the red miniskirt of her sailor fuku signifying her as Sailor Mars. After the
long repetative transformation sequence everyone has memorized had finished
Mars struck her pose.

"Evil youma! I will destroy you!" The monster laughed in response.

"Go ahead and try it granddaughter. I will fuck you no matter how hard you
resist!" With that the monster leapt at her. Mars dodged to the side and
began to concentrate.

"FIRE........SOUL!!!!" she screamed and sent forth a blaze of fire at the
beast. The monster teleported out of the way and reappeared next to her.
Before she could react she let out a gasp of surprise as the monster smacked
her to the wall, slamming her with so much force that the impact nearly
knocked her out.

"Heh....all too easy....." the monster snarled and began to advance on her.
Sailor Mars kept her poise and pretended to be knocked out. She held her
breath and tried not to react as the monster's slimy tentacles began to feel
her legs. Their slime oozed and droplets of it fell on her long smooth legs,
repulsing her. At the last possible second she lifted up and threw her
magical ward at the youma. It found its mark and she began chanting. The
youma screamed in pain as his powers were sealed away. He shrank somewhat
and was only about as tall as Rei. It cowered and crouched, turning its face
away from her. She stood up and looked at it with disgust. She prepared to
incinerate it with her power when the youma suddenly revealed her
grandfather's face.

"Rei....onegaii.....don't...kill me....." he sputtered. Rei hesitated. By
killing the youma she might also kill her grandfather! While she deliberated
she failed to notice that it had been clawing at the talisman, removing both
it and pieces of its face. The few seconds that Rei had paused gave it enough
time to tear it off. Its tentacles immediately wrapped her arms and bound her
tightly. She felt as though her arms were being torn off and yelled in pain.

"Hah!!! You sentimental baka! I'd already devoured your grandfathers soul.
He's in hell now where he can live his perverted fantasies. Just as I am
about to inflict them on YOU! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha" He laughed madly as
his tentacles flailed and began to wrap about her legs and body, excreting
foul slime on her body. Rei struggled and tried to resist.

"Temee! I won't let you......!!!" Her words were cut off as a tentacle
slapped her face, stinging it like a thousand needles. Tears welled in her
eyes against her will.

"Uruseii!!! Your ward was strong and it hurt to tear that off. Now shut up
and stop this meaningless resistance." He took one talon and tore the fuku
down the middle. It gave way and was immediately ripped to shreds by his
tentacles. Excepting high heels Rei was now completely naked. Her lovely
features were fully exposed as was Rei's embarrasment. Her face went red
at the feeling.

"IYAA!!! Yametee!" she screamed. He ignored her and opened his mouth. Sharp
teeth glistened and his saliva dripped as he extended his tongue. He began to
lick her breasts and rubbed his tongue all over her chest. Rei gasped at the
horror and shock of this feeling. Both shame and small sparks of pleasure
coarsed through her. Shame at both her predicament and the pleasure she was
feeling. Her breasts were like fire and her nipples hardened as his tongue
began focusing on them. She closed her eyes and tried to deny her rebellious
body's urges. After several minutes of licking her breasts its tongue
focused downward and began to lick its way to her clit. Rei's eyes opened in
realization of where it was headed. Before she could raise her voice in
protest his tongue had already begun to taste her warm cunt. He spread her
legs further and the tentacles tightened around her legs so tightly they
almost cut off circulation. Rei began to gasp as the youma licked her pussy
making it thru!

Each time his tongue probed further inside and licked deeper, bringing out
some of her own warmth as well. Rei caught herself enjoying it and scolded
herself. She would not give up.

"Your cunt is like any other. Look already its so wet to allow me passage.
You may not want this but your body has been aching for this with so much

"Iya! I don't want this! I detest your stinking presence!"

"Hmph. We'll see." With that the monster pulled her arms and legs back and
pinned her so that her stomach was sticking up and exposing her cunt freely.
Another tentacle grabbed some of the candles from a shelf and lit them with
the great fire. It thrust her closer to the fire and she winced. The heat was
unbearable. She twitched to get away but no matter where she turned the heat
reached her body and her tender nipples and clit were being scalded.

"Yamete! Onegaii! Please stop this! Itai!! Itaaaaiii!!!" she screamed, her
eyes flowing with tears. The youma pulled her back a little and held the
candles close to her.

"I thought you liked playing with fire." He then tipped a candle over and
the melted wax dripped on her. Her body tensed and flinched as the pain from
the wax dripped slightly down her breast before softening and then cooling
down. He dripped countless droplets of hot wax onto her body and each time
she let out a slight cry of anguish. The wax dribbled over her pussy and set
it afire with something not quite akin to pain. Rei could not help it but the
pain ebbed and began to excite her. Her will broke with every droplet until
the wax began forming small sculptures around her nipples and clit. She
continued to cry out at each drop and her cunt became more moist until the
heat began to match the heat of the candle wax.

When the youma had halted his torture Rei was panting exaustedly. It then
reached out with its tongue and ate the candle wax off her body. Everytime
his tongue slipped over her pussy she cried out and became further excited.

"Iya.."she gasped. "Damee yo...onegaishimasu....hanase.." She continued to
resist with her voice but she'd already resigned herself to his desires. He
pulled her face next to his and exhaled foul noxious fumes from his nostril.
Rei became dizzy and coughed. As she opened her mouth it forced its tongue
inside and to her throat. Rei moaned and gasped. She couldn't breath while
his tongue probed her mouth. He released her and she immediately struggled
as she began coughing again. His tentacles spread her arms upward and her
legs wider until her wetness could drip out freely.

"Look at you. You pathetic girls think you can challenge the Dark Kingdom.
I've raped warriors far more powerful than you...."

With that he mercilessly shoved two fat tentacles inside her pussy. Rei's
eyes flew open and she threw her head back in a scream. Her raven hair
flailed as her body convulsed with pain. The tentacles gave no quarter and
crammed themselves with little regard as to whether she could physically
accomodate them, much less mentally. Trickles of blood flowed from it as
her virginity flowed out from between her legs. The tentacles wrapped about
her legs and body pulled her down and lifted her slightly in rhythmic motion
as the tentacles inside her continued to press onward. Her inexperienced
muscles flexed vainly to try to accomodate such girth. The pain welled up
and was released in the screams Rei gave each time her body was thrust
downwards. Her body trembled and she felt a slight trickle of pleasure
deeply embedded within the pain that she was encompassing her. She couldn't
bear this pain much further and her mind began reaching for the pleasure
hidden under it all.

The youma grinned a wicked smile and then thrust a tentacle inside her mouth.
Rei moaned as her face was being fucked as viciously as her pussy. The
tentacles inside her cunt began to spasm and she felt more excitement as she
gave in further to the pleasure she was feeling now. More and more of the
pleasure started to flow as the pain began to recede. Her cunt flowed in a
river of her own juices as well as the tentacle's slime until finally he came
and sent rushes of cum deep inside her, overflowing and then finally pouring
out, dribbling down her legs. Rei's mind panicked at the notion of having
this beast cum inside her. Though helpless she thrashed in vain as the
tentacles continued pumping more of its foul seed inside her. She felt the
tentacle in her mouth thrash until finally it too came in a humongous spray
of sickly yellowish cum. She struggled harder to breath until finally the
tentacle retreated from her mouth only to spurt on her face another gush of
cum. She turned away too late and got blasted wholly in the face. The cum
dripped down her face, mixing with tears before it dribbled down her chest
joining in a pool beneath her. Rei could only moan.

"Hmf. I take it you enjoyed that, didn't you bitch?" When Rei didn't answer
his tentacles began constricting and started twisting her arms in the wrong
directions. She screamed out and when he stopped he asked her again. "You
DID enjoy that didn't you Sailor Bitch?"

"Y..yes.....I..did...." she muttered. His tentacles again pulled her, almost
shattering the bones in her arms.

"Louder! I want you to tell the world. Let everyone know how much you like
getting fucked!"

In a haze of pain she screamed his confirmation. "YES! Dammit YES! I enjoyed
it! Please fuck me more! Just fuck me so hard! I want to COME!!!"

He loosened his grip and turned her around. Now he had her bent over with
her ass sticking right at his face. He began licking it all over and his
hands grabbed her breasts tightly. She yelled out as his talons pinched her
nipples savagely and his tongue went all over her back. He thrust a tentacle
in her face and rubbed it all over the cum stains left there.

"Suck it. Suck it with feeling bitch. I want you to lick it."

Rei paused and his tentacles released her arms. She reached out and grabbed
his member. It pulsed at her touch and she began stroking it gently and then
licking it. She felt a desire in her to take this and jam it in her mouth to
pleasure it. Rei shook her head at such alien thoughts but they remained and
drove her to begin opening her lips and take the member inside her warm

The youma smiled and squeezed her tits tightly. He then brought another
tentacle around to her asshole and began fondling her with it. She jerked
her head back in apprehension but could not tear herself away from her
current occupation of pleasing his tentacle. As she sucked it further his
tentacle began wedging itself and finally thrust firmly inside her tight
ass. Rei gave out a muffled cry and her eyes welled up with renewed tears
as the pain in her ass continued to build up. With every inch the tentacle
entered, the more the blood would flow from her ass. Her delicate tissues
tore as the intruder continued pumping harder inside. Joining in that
rhythm came another tentacle, bigger than the other two, that entered her
pussy. Already every tentacle moved in foul harmony and rei struggled to
keep up. She felt both pleasure and pain as her ass burned while her pussy
throbbed. Her muscles tensed and she felt a climax build up within her.
She tried to hold it but the tentacles didn't halt until she came

Her body jerked about and the pleasure at having an orgasm sent shivers down
her body. The youma continued pumping her and she felt as though she was
tearing apart as both tentacles in her ass and pussy punished her with
pleasure. She sucked the tentacle in her mouth hard and it began to quiver
until it too felt its climax and spewed its contents inside her mouth. Almost
instinctively she swallowed all of its seed and drank it greedily. She
continued licking the tentacle as it receded from her face. The youma thrust
her harder and Rei felt such a rush of pleasure that she moaned lustily.
After several minutes of feeling pleasure at her assailants motions she
suddenly felt a pang of guilt and shame. She began crying as she thought of
her friends and how ashamed she was at enjoying being raped. She cried out in
pleasure despite her sobs. "How can I ever face the others? I've shamed the
Senshi......failed to defeat a youma....and in fact begun enjoying being
fucked by this thing...."

Smiling he redoubled its efforts until Rei began clawing at the wooden floor
while screaming her lust. Her previous thoughts were dashed and she could not
bear it longer. She climaxed again and then again. Each orgasm more intense
than the previous. His tentacles pounded her mercilessly, driving her further
and further to her limits. Rei could not think of anything else now except
how good this felt and how much she wanted more.

"Now then...I think your ready..." he muttered.

With that he withdrew all his smaller tentacles and even released Rei from
his grip. Her spirit broken and her body exausted she collapsed on the floor
wondering what other depravity he could possibly have in store for her. She
could only stare helplessy as his crotch split open and revealed a massive
phallus that uncoiled itself and was twice as long as it had been before.

"I'm going to make sure your fucked good and this dick will make sure you
become not only my slave, but the bearer of my child."

Rei's eyes watched him approach and though her mind raced at the thought of
being made pregnant by such a monstrosity her body made no effort. She was
almost completely drained. Yet one thing continued to feel active and it was
her cunt. Almost inviting his cock, it gushed and she felt her wetness
trickle out of her lips as they were parted by his humongous member. Gripping
her waist he then began to imbed himself within her. All manner of foul
curses and cries of pleasure escaped Rei's lips. She felt it travel all the
way up inside to her uterus writhing all fours as his clawed hands drew her
closer to him.

Each thrust was like a measure of eternity from which she knew no beginning
or end. She only knew the intense ecstasy at being reamed by such a
tremendous dick. Rei thought she'd die until finally the youma quickened
his pace and spasmed within her. She felt tremendous excitement as another
orgasm ripped through her and sent her spiraling upwards in her threshhold
of pleasure.

Finally the youma came, shooting so much sperm into her already battered
corridor. The youma stayed inside her and continued flooding her. Rei didn't
care anymore and held on to him as he filled her uterus with so much demonic
sperm she could not doubt her being pregnant. Finally he withdrew his spent
penis from her pussy. It dripped spunk until it was returned to whence it
came inside its crotch.

Rei continued to heave on the floor, laying in a pool of cum she gathered
what little sense remained and watched the youma return to her grandfather's

"Now you are mine...."

Rei rose to her knees and felt her stomach. She could amost sense something
had begun its new life within her. Something dark and evil. She grinned evily
alongside her new master.

Three days later....

"She hasn't been around lately. I wonder if she's alright?" wondered Makoto.
She looked up at the stairs leading up to the small shrine that Rei tended to
and began to climb up them.

Somewhere far above a pair of evil eyes watched her and two smiles spread
across their evil faces.

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