Sailor Moon: Sailor Sex (FFf, ff)
by Hornball Piglet

"I can't wait to have my own place," Mina said as she flopped onto Lita's
bed. "You are so lucky, Lita. You can do whatever you want and not worry
about what anyone says."

"Well the neighbors get a little upset when I play the music too loud," Lita
said, sitting on the edge of the bed. "You know you can stay here whenever
you want, you could even move in if you want."

"You said that last time I was escaping my house, my parents said no way."
Mina sighed. "I mean I practically live here anyway, I'm always over. Maybe
once we graduate high school they'll consider it." She propped her feet up
on the wall next to the bed and crossed one foot over the other. Her skirt
fell around her hips, leaving her long legs bare. Lita didn't say anything
about it being unlady-like, she wasn't one to talk, but it got her thinking
about something that she'd wondered about occasionally.

Mina noticed Lita staring at her legs and asked, "What is it?"

"I was just thinking, with all the times we fight outdoors, near a crowd or
even just a few people, and given the length of our skirts when we're
transformed, it's a wonder we don't always have guys coming up to us after a
battle asking for our numbers."

Mina giggled. "Don't you ever stop thinking about boys?"

"No," Lita said seriously, then she laughed too. "I build up so much energy
during a fight that afterwards there's excess, and I'm often frustrated."

"Yeah, I know what you mean. A lot of times I have to release it somehow, so
I go to the gym for some volleyball...or other things..." Mina blushed a
little when she saw the look Lita was giving her. She just shrugged and
smiled slyly.

"Yeah, sometimes I come home and play with my toys," Lita said. Mina gave
her a questioning look, so she explained, "one more perk to living alone,"
she said, winking.

"Lita! Are you serious?"


* * *

Sailor Mars hit the wall hard, almost dislocating her shoulder. She lay there
still for a moment, trying to collect herself. Though her eyes were still a
little blurry from being swung around and thrown into a brick wall, she could
make out the form of Sailor Moon continuing the attack. This monster was
tough, but they were fairly sure they could defeat it without having to call
on the others.

Sailor Moon punched it in the nose, then spun around and kicked it in the
gut. The monster reeled, but came back only more agitated. It grabbed onto
her and slammed its forehead into hers, sending her to the ground. "So much
energy," it sneered, "I'm sure you pretty soldiers could come up with better
uses for it." The monster kneeled over Sailor Moon, almost straddling her.
It ran one clawed hand up her thigh, under her skirt. Sailor Moon tried to
push the monster off of her, but the creature grabbed hold of her wrists in
one hand. It bent close to her and licked the side of her face with its long
tongue. Sailor Moon cried out in disgust and tried vainly to kick the monster
off. Its sleazy hand stroked her face where it was wet, then slowly moved
down her body, cupping her breasts, stroking her stomach, then going back
under her skirt.

"Mars Fire Ignite!!" The fireball hit the monster sidelong and it went
flying, landing a dozen feet away. Sailor Moon's skirt was caught on its
claws and was torn away instantly, leaving her costume torn across her
middle, the bottom part barely hanging by a thread. Sailor Mars rushed to
help her stand.

"That's a sexy look for you, Sailor Moon," the demon growled. "I'd love to
see you girls go at it, I'm sure you do all the time."

"What are you talking about, you creep!" Sailor Moon said defiantly.

"Oh come on, those short skirts of yours, your young ripe forms crammed into
these tight, tiny outfits, always working up a sweat together. You can't tell
me you girls don't put in a little sailor overtime, if you know what I mean."

"I'll burn your filthy mouth off!" Sailor Mars cried and rushed the monster.
She punched it hard in the side of its head. The monster barely flinched, and
it grabbed the front of her costume and ripped her bow off, tearing her
leotard and exposing her breasts. It extended its lengthy tongue again and
tried to lick her there, but she grabbed the tongue instead and pulled hard.
It extended from the creature's mouth and Mars wrapped it around its own
neck. The creature tried to scream in pain, but it was gagged around the
throat. Sailor Mars screamed, "Mars Celestial Fire Surround!", and the
monster was immediately engulfed in a huge prison of fire, screaming in
agony. Sailor Mars backed away and turned to her partner. "Do it, Sailor

Sailor Moon produced her magic wand out of thin air and spoke the command,
sending a stream of positive energy straight into the creature, destroying
its evil nature. Its final cry faded away, and the inanimate object that
spawned it returned to normal.

Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars looked at each other, each half-naked from the
battle, and quickly tried to cover themselves as they rushed inside the

* * *

Mina stayed in the bedroom while Lita went to answer the door. As soon as
she saw Amy standing on her front porch, she smacked her hand to her forehead
and said, "Oh Amy! I completely forgot we had a study date today, come on

"Are you sure? We can reschedule if you need to."

"No, what I need is for you to help me get out of Trigonometry alive." Lita
led the way into the living room. Her mind was still on the conversation in
the bedroom, the direction it was headed in. She tried to put it out of her
mind, but it was difficult. Amy was wearing her blue vest and matching skirt
with the white button down shirt, an outfit Lita always secretly thought
looked sexy on her meek friend.

"Well, if you can show me how to bake a cake without giving it the
consistency of a brick, I'll pass Home EC, we'll all graduate together, and
you and I will consider it even," Amy said as she began setting up math books
on the coffee table. She wasn't aware that Lita was still staring at her in
a most unusual way. She was bent forward finding the correct pages in the
books, and Lita had a nice view of her relatively small yet perky breasts in
a tiny lace bra beneath her shirt. Lita tried to look away, but she just
couldn't get her mind away from where it was, and she was getting warmer
thinking about it.

Amy sat down next to her and began explaining the equations and theorems.
Lita was barely listening, but she tried to make it look like she was. Amy
could tell she was distracted.

"You are having trouble concentrating," she observed.

"It's nothing, just a conversation that Mina and I were having earlier, kind
of stuck in my head." Lita then remembered that Mina was in the back room,
probably scouring her room for her toys, knowing Mina. She smiled at the
thought as Amy went on explaining things. Lita watched her neck muscles as
she talked, and slowly her eyes drifted down to her smooth legs, neatly
folded together under her. She shook her head unnoticed and really forced
herself to concentrate on the books. How would it look if she were caught
staring at her tutor like a sex-crazed prepubescent, and besides, she really
needed to study for this class.

Somehow Lita managed to listen to Amy, and they did some practice problems
until Lita was comfortable with the material. Amy got up to stretch, and
Lita's eyes were once again drawn to her body, moving gracefully under the
fabric of her clothes. Lita felt herself getting flush again. She took a
deep breath and stood as well. She put a hand lightly on Amy's shoulder.

"Thanks, Amy," she said.

"Anytime, Lita, any time you need help, with any subject..."

"Oh not just the tutoring. Thanks for being friend enough to put up with
trying to get me to understand this mess." Her hand moved tentatively to
Amy's face, stroking it lightly. Amy blushed and glanced down at the hand,
not sure of what was going on. She was obviously uncomfortable, so Lita
quickly withdrew her hand.

"I'm sorry," she said quickly, "I didn't mean anything..."

"It's alright," Amy said. She was silent for a moment, just looking at Lita
carefully. "Is that why you were having such trouble concentrating?" she

"Yeah, like I said, Mina and I were talking, and...well, I always liked that
outfit on you," Lita said, blushing a little herself now.

Amy laughed a little. "It must have been a good conversation."

"Are you angry?"

She smiled. "No, not angry. In a way I'm flattered that you would think of
me that way."

Lita smiled, and took that as her cue to be brave. She moved close to Amy and
put her hand back to her face. She traced her features, staring into Amy's
big blue eyes. She bent down and kissed her lightly. When she looked again
Amy's face was beet red, she was still so uncertain. Lita kissed her again,
more fully this time. She felt Amy's tongue slip tentatively into her mouth.
It was so new and exciting, and Amy felt so delicate pressed against her. She
kept kissing Amy quite passionately as she slipped her blue vest off her
shoulders and began unbuttoning her blouse. Then suddenly Amy broke away.

"I'm sorry," she said, "I'm just so nervous. I've never done anything like
this before."

"Believe it or not, neither have I." Lita saw her trembling a little. "We can
stop if you want to, I'd never say anything."

Amy smiled. "I know you wouldn't." Amy's mind was screaming at her that this
was wrong, socially, genetically. But then she recalled that deep kiss, and
feeling her skin warm and tingle as Lita removed her blouse. She decided to
ignore her brain for once and let her emotions take over. "I don't want to
stop," she said decidedly.

Lita grinned and scooped her up in her embrace. She kissed Amy like before,
then moved her kisses down Amy's neck. Amy felt her legs grow a little weak
as her shirt fell to the floor, and then her bra. Lita held her up with one
hand on her back, and massaged her small breast with the other. Amy's
breathing was heavy now, and little moans were escaping her lovely throat.
Lita managed to work the zipper on Amy's skirt and it too found itself on
the floor. Lita rubbed Amy's ass through the matching lace, almost lingerie
panties. She ran one finger underneath the elastic. "These are sexy," she

Amy smiled and said, "Well, I always liked that outfit on me too." She tugged
at the tight green turtleneck that Lita wore, eager to see the famed largest
tits in the Sailor Scouts (save possibly for Uranus'). Lita helped her a
little with that, then undid her own tight jeans as Amy took one ample breast
in her hand and brought it to her lips. She flicked her tongue over the
nipple, erecting it instantly. She licked the entire circumference of the
breast and slowly spiraled inward until she was sucking on the nipple like a
baby. She glanced up to see pleasure and also surprise on her friend's face.

"Where'd you learn that?" she asked.

Amy smiled slyly. "Just because I've never done it doesn't mean I haven't
seen more than my share of educational videos." Lita laughed, and Amy
continued on to the other breast, keeping the first nipple erect with her
fingertips. Lita held the back of Amy's head as Amy's tongue tenderized her
skin. Soon Lita wanted to move onto something else, and she gently pushed
Amy backward onto the couch. She knelt on the floor before her and raised one
leg onto the couch, and pushed the other leg off in the opposite direction.
She looked up at Amy and smiled, and though she was still blushing a little,
Amy nodded and smiled back.

* * *

Sailor Mars closed the sliding door to her room behind her. Neither of them
was seriously injured, but Sailor Moon sat on the bed rubbing her new
bruises and whining. Mars stood near the door with her back to Sailor Moon,
dismissing the whining as usual. She looked down at her torn uniform, her
plump, dark breasts exposed. She felt sexy in a kinky pornographic kind of
way. The monster's words echoed in her mind and sparked her imagination.

"Well," Sailor Moon said, interrupting Mars' thoughts, "I guess we can go
ahead and untransform."

"Wait," Mars said, turning to face her finally. She moved to the bed and sat
next to Sailor Moon. "What the monster said..." She trailed off, knowing she
shouldn't say anything about this, but she couldn't stop her imagination.
The sight alone of their torn uniforms hanging loosely on their well-formed
bodies made her horny as hell. "We're left with so much excess energy after
a battle...and..." She ran a finger over the tear in Sailor Moon's costume,
lightly grazing her skin. Mars looked up at her and saw total confusion on
her face. She also saw her trying purposefully not to look at Mars' exposed
tits. She leaned forward and smiled a little deviously, "haven't you ever
been curious, Sailor Moon?"

"I, um..well, er, um..." Sailor Moon stammered. Her eyes drifted down to
Mars' dark, perky nipples, almost begging to be sucked. She stared at them
for a moment silently, a small smile creeping onto her lips at the thoughts
forming in her mind. Suddenly she looked away and blushed. "Oh, we just
can't," she said quickly.

"Why, it'd be fun," Mars said.

"For a million reasons! What about Darien?"

"Come on, Sailor Moon," Mars said in her usual admonishing tone, "it's not
like you'd be cheating on him." She lowered her voice to a seductive whisper
and said, "nothing we do here will change your destiny. I know you're just
as curious as I am." She touched the tear again, then moved her fingers up
and down Moon's bare thigh.

Sailor Moon looked down at Mars' hand, causing shivers to run all through
her. She allowed her gaze to drift back to Mars' breasts, and she felt that
same desire to taste them as before. Mars saw her staring at them and liked
the look on Moon's face. Sailor Moon looked into Mars' eyes seriously and
said, "I just don't know about this, Raye..."

"Shhh," Mars said, putting one finger on Moon's lips, "call me Mars, it'll
be easier when we're around the others." She moved her hand to the back of
her head and brought their lips together. Sailor Moon was surprised by how
much more delicate Mars' lips were compared to Darien's. She decided right
away that she liked it, and they stayed lip locked for quite a while, their
tongues dancing together, until Mars broke away.

"I want you to lick my breasts, Sailor Moon," she said.

"You giving me orders, Mars?" Sailor Moon said.

"I know you want to, but would you have done it on your own?" She gently
pulled Moon's head down level with her chest. "Do it," she commanded. Sailor
Moon's tongue moved to obey, striking out tentatively to moisten a nipple.
She darted the tip of her tongue all over it, and when it was sufficiently
hard she ran the flat of her tongue over it slowly like a cat. Mars cooed
with delight, and Moon continued licking, then sucking and nibbling. Mars
thrust her chest into Moon's face, her entire left tit pressing deep into
Moon's mouth. She played with her right tit in the mean time, bending her
head down to try and lick her own nipple. She couldn't quite reach it, so
Moon took up that one next, leaving the first covered in saliva. Mars blew
gently on it and the nipple got even harder. She stood suddenly, causing
Moon's teeth to graze the nipple roughly. She stood in front of Moon,
between her legs. "Tear the bottom of my costume like yours. I want to be
wearing only the collar and my gloves."

"It's a good thing these are magical," Moon said as she moved to comply. She
removed the rear bow and the skirt, then slowly stripped away the entire
white leotard. She gobbled up a breast again as she caressed Mars' naked
form. She ran her hands all over Mars' body, over her back, her ass, rubbing
her other breast and stomach. She moved her hands up the inside of her
thighs until she reached the top. She rubbed her hand over Mars' neatly
trimmed bush, and slowly allowed her fingers to trace down and find her
clit. She grasped it between her thumb and forefinger and gently twisted
back and forth.

"Oh yes, Sailor Moon," Mars breathed, "touch me just like that, yes." She
spread her legs wider and moved her hips with each twist of Moon's fingers.
She tried to maneuver her hips to get Sailor Moon's fingers to slip inside
her, but Moon was being very careful not to allow that to happen. She stayed
near her clit on purpose, even though she could tell Mars wanted more.
Moon's gloved fingers were already soaked through with Mars' juices. Mars
felt so sexy, naughty, she moved like a porn star.

"Oh, please Sailor Moon, finger me. I can't stand the teasing anymore. I'm
so wet, please finger fuck me."

Sailor Moon smiled. She liked hearing Mars beg for it. "Not just yet," she
said, continuing to massage her swollen clit.

Mars pushed Sailor Moon backward onto the bed suddenly, roughly. She grabbed
Moon's soaked hand and positioned her finger over her pelvis, to point up
towards the ceiling. She climbed up on the bed and straddled herself over
the finger and slowly lowered herself onto it. Moon allowed her to do it,
and kept her finger steady and stiff as Mars began to gyrate.

"Yes, that's it, finger me, Moon!"

"Yes Mars, just as you told me to." She watched as Mars moved back and
forth, pleasuring herself on her hand. She moaned and cried out as Moon felt
the walls of her pussy contract around her fingers. But Mars wasn't done
yet. "Add a finger, Sailor Moon, fuck me!" Moon did as she was told. She
wiggled her fingers briskly, and Mars cried out, "oh yes!!" She twisted and
bounced all over, crying out over and over. Sailor Moon added a third
finger, and Mars went wild. She came so violently Moon was afraid her hand
would be broken, and she feared the same for her eardrums as Mars let out a
final passionate cry as the waves of pleasure drowned her. She collapsed on
the bed next to Sailor Moon, drained and sweating, but for now, satisfied.

* * *

Mina heard Amy's voice from the other room but didn't go out to greet her.
She figured she ought to let them study. Besides, it would give her a chance
to see just what kind of toys Lita had been hinting at. First she looked in
the closet, but there was nothing fun hidden under the pile of junk on the
floor. She checked all the dresser drawers, still nothing. Finally she looked
under the bed, where amongst the usual junk she found a plain shoebox. She
peeked inside and smiled. Jackpot.

She discarded the lid and removed the top item, a see through bra and panty
set, sheer and dark pink. She held the bra up to her chest, but it was
obviously too big for her. She set them aside and picked up a strange looking
item. It was rubber, and had two finger-sized prongs on one side connected by
a ring on the opposite side. One of the prongs was slightly smaller than the
other. Mina had no clue what it was for, it was too odd. She set it aside,
along with some other strange things.

She removed from the box a cylindrical object wrapped in a velvet cloth. She
allowed the velvet to fall away to reveal a decent sized rubber cock. She
knew exactly what this was for. She could smell the residual of sex on the
dildo, and Mina imagined it being thrust in and out of Lita's pussy. She
wrapped her fingers around its shaft and began stroking it like she would a
real one. She brought the head of it to her lips and gave it a little taste.
Rubber and sex. She looked in the box and saw a leather belt under where the
dildo had been. Mina removed it and held it up to see that it was the belt
that attached to the dildo to create a strap on. Mina wondered just on whom
Lita was using this.

Mina took the belt and dildo and lay on the bed as before, with her legs
propped up and bare, but uncrossed this time. She examined the belt and
affixed the dildo to it. She held it up to her pelvis and had to laugh, it
was a little funny looking if she thought about it. She lifted her shirt and
bra and lay the dildo between her tits, with the head facing her. She
pressed her breasts together to grab the phallic object, and she laughed
again as this rubbery one-eyed monster stared back at her. She moved it
jerkingly towards her lower area like an anteater sniffing out a colony. She
giggled and set it aside with the other items, before she got too silly with

She picked up the last item in the box, a small notebook. Inside it was
filled with scribbles in Lita's handwriting, describing in exciting detail
various positions or techniques that she found favorable. There was also a
section describing her more vivid fantasies. Mina almost couldn't believe
what she was reading. These were some of the most erotic words she had ever
read, describing her friend's most secret and forbidden desires. It told of
scenes she'd played out in her mind and in her bed, with her numerous
boyfriends, people at school both boys and girls, even the other Sailor
Scouts, even herself!

Lita had described these scenes so well that Mina found herself too turned
on to be mad or embarrassed. She noticed suddenly that her hand had found
its way to her private area, her fingers had maneuvered their way under the
rim of her panties to work diligently at her moistened pussy. She kept
reading, kept getting more and more aroused. Finally she set the book down
and paid more attention to her body. She closed her eyes and brought to life
in her mind what she'd just read, her fingers steadily rubbing her clit to
life. She became lost in pleasuring herself, but was awaken from it by a
moan that surprised her. It wasn't her, it had come from the living room.

She opened the bedroom door a crack, and her jaw dropped in total shock. She
saw Amy on the couch naked, writhing in pleasure as Lita ate her pussy. She
held the back of Lita's head with one hand, roughly pushing her face into
her pussy with each thrust of her pelvis, nearly smothering her. Her other
hand was grabbing hold of the couch violently, and she was moaning
exquisitely, trying to contain her screams. Lita's head was bobbing as her
tongue worked hard to please Amy's needy cunt. Her legs were also spread,
her own pussy wanting some attention, and Mina could see her juices flowing
down the insides her legs, dripping onto the carpet.

Mina watched them through the crack of the door, awestruck. Lita had wanted
this, she remembered reading about it in her diary. Mina had never pictured
Amy as the sexual type, but watching her there at the total mercy of Lita's
tongue, Amy looked extremely sexy. Mina's hand found its way back to her
pussy, and she stood there masturbating, watching them, for a long while.
Amy was getting close, and then suddenly lifted her ass off the couch and
cried out so loudly that it scared Mina and she quickly closed the door.

She sat back down on Lita's bed and looked at the dildo. She was so horny
now, she needed desperately to get herself off. She removed her shirt and
underwear and leaned back on the bed. Her pussy was dripping, and the
phallus slipped easily inside her. She tilted her head back and closed her
eyes, her blonde hair flowing around her shoulders as she moved the rubber
cock in and out, slowly at first, then gradually building speed. She twisted
it around inside her and thrusted it roughly. She remembered the sight of
Amy cumming and felt her own orgasm approach. Her pussy squeezed around the
rubber and Mina gasped loudly. She let go of the dildo and let it sit inside
her. She held very still, enjoying the sensation of feeling her racing pulse
in her pussy.

"You look like you enjoyed that," Lita said from the doorway.

Mina jumped, surprised by their presence and a little embarrassed to be
caught like that, even though both Lita and Amy were still naked. She removed
the dildo and sat up quickly. "I'm, uh, sorry for going through your things
Lita, and um, for using..."

"Mina, shut up," Lita said smiling. They all looked at each other for a
moment, and then just laughed.

Amy sat down next to Mina. "I saw that you had been watching us, just as you
closed the door," she said. She reached around and unhooked Mina's bra. "Did
you like what you saw?"

"To be honest, yes," Mina said. "You're always so serious, Amy, it was good
to see you having some fun for a change."

Lita sat on the other side of Mina and kissed her, and Mina could smell and
taste Amy's juices on her lips and tongue. Mina lapped them greedily off of
Lita's face, then turned to Amy and said, "and you taste good too." Amy
giggled, "let me try," she said, and she kissed Mina and licked her own
juices off as Mina had with Lita. Lita lay down on the bed behind them and
watched them make out, absently playing with herself.

Mina broke away from Amy's lips and looked at Lita. "Amy," she said slyly,
"Lita hasn't gotten hers yet."

"You're right," Amy agreed, "and we owe her big for the fun we've had today."
Amy leaned down and began sucking the life from Lita's left tit, and Mina
crawled around to the other side to do the same to the right. She also
grabbed hold of Lita's hand so she couldn't masturbate, and indicated for
Amy to do the same. They licked and nibbled at Lita's huge, sensitive
breasts, and Lita squirmed under their grasp.

"I want to taste myself again," Amy said, and Mina obliged her, kissing her
hovering over Lita's tits. "Oh, god, this is too fuckin' sexy," Lita said as
she watched them. "I don't think I've ever been this horny in my life." Mina
told Amy, "go kiss Lita, she's got more of you on her than I." Amy licked
Lita's lips, she sucked on them, before engulfing them with hers.

Mina watched them kiss as she sucked on her nipple, then she slowly licked
downward, past Lita's stomach, and over her completely shaved pussy. She
flicked her tongue over Lita's clit, and her hips shot up instantly, begging
for more. Mina kept flicking, hearing muffled moans coming through their
kisses. She worked her tongue in, out and around the folds of Lita's cunt,
smearing juices and saliva all over it. She slowly inserted a finger deep
inside Lita, and used the flat of her tongue to rub Lita's clit. She stroked
each crevice of Lita's inner self affectionately, lapping at the sweet
liquid that was free flowing from Lita's throbbing pussy.

Lita reached under between Amy's legs and brought her higher up on the bed.
She buried her face in Amy's bosom as she had between her legs. She slipped
her finger into Amy's pussy and roughly fucked her as she covered her
breasts with saliva. She soon added another finger, and Amy's expression
reflected pure bliss. Lita transferred all the erotic pleasure she was
getting from Mina into what she was doing to Amy, which slowed her own
passion so she could enjoy it longer. She reached out with her other hand
and put two fingers into Mina's pussy, and the tip of her thumb into her
ass. She heard Mina gasp from between her legs, but soon she found she liked
it, and was gyrating on Lita's hand almost violently.

Both of them were, and Lita tried to watch them all, tried to picture what
it would look like from the other side of the room. What she saw was too
kinky for words, and she felt herself building towards a massive explosion.
She tried to hold it in as long as she could, but finally it was just too
much, and her entire body shuddered as she came over and over again,
screaming profanities so loud she was almost crying. Her oversexed outbursts
set off a domino effect in the others. Mina's hand was smothered in the
pressure, and she bounced hard on Lita's hand until she was also screaming,
feeling the muscles in her pussy and in her ass contract around Lita's
fingers. Amy was kneeling upright over Lita's left hand now, massaging her
own clit as Lita's fingers worked stiffly inside her. She watched Mina's
orgasm consume her as she felt her own wash over her, seizing her as
violently as before, and she too cried out in exquisite pleasure.

They were all completely exhausted. They lay in a naked heap together trying
to catch their breaths, until the finally fell asleep, smiling contently.

* * *

"Now you will do for me, Sailor Mars," Moon said. She turned to lay straight
on the bed, and demanded that Mars rip the rest of her costume bottom off.
Mars did so, revealing Moon's golden blonde pubes, and exposing just the
bottom of her breasts. "I want you to lick me until I cum," she said,
spreading her legs. "Make my pussy feel good."

"Yes, my princess," Mars obeyed, lying flat on her stomach between Moon's
legs. She started by blowing gently on her already soaking wet pussy,
sending chills up Moon's spine. She licked the inside of her thigh, slowly
up to her clit. She made small circles around it with the tip of her tongue.
It was teasing, turning Sailor Moon on even more. She was breathing heavy,
and her desperate moans told Mars she wanted more. She slurped Moon's
swelling clit up between her lips and sucked on it, pulling on it. She held
it securely in her lips and licked it repetitively.

"Oh yes, Mars, set my pussy on fire!" Sailor Moon pleaded. Mars pressed her
tongue down hard on the little bead and moved her head. She rolled it around
under the pressure of her tongue, and it made Sailor Moon buck and cry out.
"Oh, uhh, oh yes, lick me, yes!!" she moaned, her volume increasing. Mars
kept it up, holding Moon's swollen pearl between her lips and massaging it
with her tongue. She had to keep her head moving in time with each thrust of
Moon's hips. Sailor Moon's cries were somewhere between profane and
unintelligible, but rhythmic as she became lost in her pleasure. Sailor Mars
released Moon's clit and dove her tongue deep into her sopping hole. She
pressed her nose to the clit and continued moving her head to please it. She
busily lapped at Moon's juices before they had a chance to escape.

"Oh god, Mars, oh make me cum, oh, yes!"

Mars smiled devilishly and completely buried her face in Moon's wanting
pussy. She darted her slender tongue in and out briskly, and then began to
hum simultaneously, gently at first, then slowly building until she was
buzzing like a trumpet player. Moon's moans of pleasure soon became shrieks
of pure ecstasy. She thrust her pussy one final time into Mars' face as she
came, shooting wave after wave of sweet nectar into Mars' mouth, so much she
almost drowned.

Sailor Moon's ass landed back on the bed with a flop, and she lay squirming,
her orgasm still controlling her, not giving her a chance to even catch her
breath. Finally the intensity of it began to die down to a pleasurable
pulse, but Sailor Moon was nowhere near recovered. She lay on the bed, her
eyes fluttering in her sexual delirium, sweat drenching her entire body.
Mars licked her lips clean and rest her head on Moon's thigh, smiling.


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