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Sailor Moon:Slave Of Her Lust (MF,Bond,Humil,Oral,Anal)
by Sailor

Sailor Venus made a soft groan as she awoke. Her eyelids were bit heavy, but she opened them, to find herself on the big bed. She looked around, finding that she's in some kind of room, looking like a hotel. She was surprised to see that she's dressed in her sailor scout costume.

She had no idea what happened. The only thing she could remember was a fight with a demon that attacked people in the mall. She defeated the beast with ease, but then she suddenly found herself extremely weak. Something overpowered her and she lost her senses.

Room was semi dark and she couldn't see much around. But when she sat, the lamp in the room was turned on, revealing tall man sitting in the chair nearby. He was dressed in dark, navy blue suit. His face was hidden under the hood with a mask, with small holes for mouth and eyes. Minako thrilled. There was something in this man that made her feel unsure.

"Oh, you're finally awaken, Sailor Venus. I've been waiting..."

"What... who are you?"

"My name isn't important actually. I've been waiting till one of you, Sailor Sluts, will appear to fight with my demons. You did good work, actually. Just like I predicted, you inhaled enough of his aroma to lose your senses. I brought you here with ease. Now, we can begin..."

His was was low and deep. Just as he spoke these words, strange aroma attacked Minako's nostrils. It was sweet and overwhelming, she couldn't name it, but she couldn't stop inhaling it as well.

She was about to ask what's going on here, but instead she fell down on the bed. Spreading her long slim legs, Minako rubbed her pussy through the white material of her costume. There was already dark stain there, a visible proof of her arousal.

"Don't fight it, Sailor Cunt. Give in to your raw, primal urges. Sluts like you are always horny, aren't they? That's why you're running around in those revealing costumes. Thanks to my pheromones I can free your primal desires and make you mine."

Sailor Venus wasn't listening him at all, she was already consumed by lust, rubbing her wet womanhood with her hand, while using her other hand to caress her round, perky mammaries. Her moans were long and deep.

The masked man watched blonde haired heroine masturbating for some time, then he stood up and placed a bag on the bed, next to her.

"Time to dress up, Sailor Venus. Try your new costume."

Hesitating a bit, Sailor Venus lifted her hand from her pussy and started to strip her costume, her gloves, heel and tiara. Her put on the new, black collar, with silver word "slave," black, fishnet stockings, crotch-less panties, black gloves and matching heels. There was also black, shining bra with zippers on her nipples. The only remaining part of her old look was the red ribbon in her hair.

Dressed in such outfit, Minako panted as the man undressed himself, leaving the mask on. He approached her and looked into her eyes, seeing submission and desire only. Sailor of love and justice was truly easier to submit. He made a gesture, giving her a sign to serve him.

Sailor Venus crawled to him obediently. Her eyes were already focused on his manhood. Hesitating not, Minako stick out her tongues and started to lick his penis, coating it with a trails of her saliva. Her tongue was sliding up and down the shaft, them moving to his balls and giving them good tongue bath. As she was serving him, Sailor Venus inhaled even more of the pheromones.

Looking at the masked man with with the glistening lust in her blue eyes, Minako took his erected prick between her ruby lips. She slurped deeply and hungrily on his cock, her round, bare-naked ass was up as her head bobbed. Lust consumed her body completely, cutting all the links of the reason and logic in her head. Her saliva coated his penis, she sucked the man, trying to get the his cock as deep as she could, till his balls were hitting her chin.

As she was giving him best head she could, Sailor Venus reached won, moving her hand between her legs and playing with her pussy thanks to the hole in her new panties. She was already wet and soon her fingers were coated with her juices, as she was serving the man she never met before. But she cared not about it.

Man couldn't hide his pleasure as he groaned happily, while blonde haired goddess was kneeling in front of him, masturbating and sucking his cock at once. Her slurping sounds filled the room as finally managed to swallow his entire dick to the bottom of her esophagus. Minako deep throated him, focused on pleasing the stranger. It didn't take a long till he finally came, filling her mouth with his semen.

Minako closed her eyes as she drank his cum. Her fingers worked vigorously on her pussy as she locked her lips around his penis, making sure that she'll milk it till the last drop. She swallowed his load and looked at him with the shining eyes, like a good pet.

Masked man brought Sailor Venus on the bed and to her knees, so he could caress her long, golden hair. He closed his palms on her hard nipples, twisting and turning them, making captured Sailor Scout moaning even louder. Her big breasts quivered in bliss as he played with them in the rough way. Her body was still hot and aroused. Even if she'd be able to understand what's going on, she was too horny to control herself.

He stopped working on her breasts and turned to her round, sexy buttocks. He gave her a solid slap then yanked her thong, pulling it up till it was pressed tightly to her juicy pussy. Minako moaned like a slut in the heat when he spanked her ass till it was all covered with marks of his palm.

He couldn't wait any longer. He put her thong away and licked his thumb, pressing in into her ass, probing her rectum. Minako groaned as he lubricated her tight, anal passage for w while, then pressed his cock to her her shithole. Sailor Venus clenched her fingers over the sheets as he grabbed handful of her long, golden hair.

Man trusted his dick into her tight sphincter, causing Minako to groan loudly, when her virgin ass was fucked for the first time. He continued pulling her long, blonde tresses as he rammed her asshole mercilessly, giving her hard time.
Overpowered by the pheromones, Sailor Venus bucked on her hands and knees, vigorously bouncing her round ass as the unknown man fucked her roughly. Drool dripped down her chin from her open wide mouth, her eyes rolled up in the lustful agony. Juices were running freely down her thighs.

He let go of her hair and reached to her full breasts, swinging beneath her body. Sailor Venus gasped and arched her spine as his hands molested her tits and his cock fucked her ass. Despite the little discomfort at the beginning, enslaved Sailor Scout was taking his dick with eagerness now, like a happy slut.

He fucked her for some more time, occasionally giving her a slap. Her body shone with sweat. Sailor Venus moaned with passion as he he finally blasted her round ass with a load of his semen. Her head dropped between her arms as the unknown man filled her rectum with sperm and soon after tugged his member out of her tight ass.

"Now slut, if you want more, you have to answer few questions first," he smiled. Sailor Venus turned to him.

"Anything you ask, master..." she purred.

Two days later...

Sailor Mercury groaned, as she lied on the bed, with her hands cuffed behind her back and linked with a chain with another set of cuffs on her ankles. She was stripped off her clothes and equipment, safe to her tiara. Her small nipples had alligator clips painfully clasped upon them. Two big vibrators were stuffed into her cunt, working on her. Tears shone in her blue eyes as she was cumming over and over. Anal plug kept the big number of anal beads inside her ass.

Sailor Jupiter hung from the ceiling, tied to the metal rings with her her hands and legs. She was gagged with a ball gag and fully undressed, save to her green boots. Drool dripped from her corners of her mouth. Her big tits hung down with the chains of lit balls attached to her nipples. Just like Mercury, her pussy was occupied with two buzzing sex toys, giving her unwanted climaxes all the time. Another vibrator, bigger than the rest, was raping her ass.

Sailor Mars and Sailor Moon were leaning against the bed, next to each other. Man fucked Sailor Moon's pussy and fingerfucked Sailor Mars in the same time. Both girls had their hands and handcuffed, their eyes blindfolded and their mouths gagged. He could make them his slaves with the help of the pheromones, but he enjoyed breaking those cunts in the good, old way. Since he learned their real identities from Sailor Venus, he had no problems with kidnapping them, one after another. Now he just needed to fuck any resistance out of them. They won't be any bother for the demonkind anymore. He actually planned that when he'll finish with them, he'll make their mothers join them. More sluts, more cunts to break... He grinned, thinking about it.

Behind him knelt Sailor Venus, licking his ass like a good slave. She didn't care that she actually betrayed her friends and brought the doom upon them. Her master shaved her hair, leaving her head completely bald, with a big "Slave 01" writing, tattooed on her forehead. Her nipples were pierced with iron rings. She had more metal rings in her pussy lips and her mouth. Nose hook kept her nose backwards and slave collard was wrapped around her nexk. Her asshole was gaping wide thanks to the countless ass fucks she received.

Man creamed Sailor Moon's pussy and turned to Sailor Mars, penetrating her already wet cunt. Her gave Sailor Venus an order as she obediently crawled between her former leader's legs and started eating her sperm filled pussy, savoring the taste of Sailor Moon's juices mixed with her new master's semen.


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