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Sailor Moon: The Rise of the Demons Part 2 (Mf,f-gang,tentacle,demon,preg,ncon,cons)
by Night Creeper and Sethite

"Oh fuck yes!" Sailor Jupiter moaned loudly as her hands gripped the damp sheets. The broken Sailor Scout arched her back as she kept her legs spread wide while her demon lord fucked her entire body. None would say that she was a demons hunter before. Not after seeing her in the bed with demon that fucked his willing slut.

The demon was about the same size as his father and like his father, he too had tentacles, but unlike his father, his tentacles did not come from his arm. Instead, they came from his chest. In addition, his tentacles also had mouths that resembled the mouths of sea lamprey's with hundreds of small, sharp teeth. Currently, each of Sailor Jupiter's enlarged nipples were inside a tentacle as the mouths feasted on the new mother's milk. The rest of her body was covered in hickeys thanks to the tentacles. However, you couldn't see them thanks to the fact that her body was covered by hundreds of tentacles as two tentacles pumped in and out of her messy pussy and ass.

Sailor Jupiter could feel herself building toward another climax as a tentacle came toward her mouth. The woman's eyes saw the sharp teeth flying toward her lips, where were covered in small nicks. None of them were deep as the demon didn't want to tear his wife to shreds. The broken Sailor Scout puckered her lips and felt the tentacle latch onto them. She stuck out her tongue and licked the sharp teeth while she moaned into the tentacle. There was pure lust in her green eyes.

"Good," the demon smiled as he retracted the two tentacles fucking the woman's pussy. He moved between her legs and rammed his hard cock into her womanhood.

"MMMMMM!" the Sailor Scout moaned into the tentacle as she felt the demon's cock fill her pussy. Her legs immediately wrapped around his torso as she felt more tentacles attach themselves to the bottom of her feet. In fact, there was even a tentacle for each of her toes.

The demon gripped Sailor Jupiter's hips and pulled her close. He lifted her off the bed with her head being the only part of her body that was still on top of the bed. Tentacles connected to her back including the back of her neck. Some even chewed on her long hair while others attacked the palms of her hands as well as her fingers. He watched his bride writhe in ecstasy as he fucked her. Truly, there wasn't much of her fighting spirit inside. Her bravery, willpower and courage were replaced with a lust and obedience. She accepted whatever he was doing to her. Sometimes he thought if the famous Sailor Jupiter was really broken for good, but moments like that were making him sure of that.

Sailor Jupiter moaned incessantly into the tentacle over her lips. The woman's body was covered in tentacles, who were busy kissing and sucking on her flesh. Her whole body felt alive as she thought she was floating in mid-air. The sensation went away as her body exploded. The climax was intense as the woman's eyes burst open and her juices crashed against the cock inside her. However, the cock filled every inch of her pussy so her juices had nowhere to go. She felt pain in her sex, which only multiplied when the demon shot his load into her. The hot spunk pushed her own juices further up her canal. She felt her own stomach begin to swell as her eyes rolled to the back of her head while she screamed with carnal lust into the tentacle over her lips while the other tentacles blasted her body with cum.

When the demon released the woman and retracted all his tentacles, the woman landed onto the wet mattress with a loud splash. Her pussy erupted as the spunk and her pussy juice gushed out of her sex like water from a backed up dam that just exploded. The broken woman's tongue hung from her mouth as her head rolled to the side. Sailor Jupiter continued to pant and moan as untellable pleasure coursed through her body.

"Ah . . . oh . . . ah . . ." Sailor Jupiter continued to pant incoherently even after ten minutes of recovery. Her eyes were still glazed over as the demon laid beside her and brushed her damp, brown hair off her forehead.

"So lovely," the demon spoke as he traced a long sharp nail all the way to her stomach, where he gave it a quick pat. The sharp smack sent spunk flying everywhere as life reappeared in Sailor Jupiter's eyes.

"Master," the woman panted with obedient tone.

"Feeding time," the demon spoke as he picked up a small red demon that resembled giant isopod. He placed it over Sailor Jupiter's left breast. The Sailor Scout watched as the little feet moved happily about as her master placed the isopod onto her breast. The woman immediately felt its mouth latch onto her nipple, where it began to drink. Since she became demon's breeding cow, her breasts grew bigger and were always full of milk. Demon's offspring was gluttonous and sometimes, after a really long feeding her round breasts looked like a two empty, saggy sacks of skin. But in no time they were returning to their previous glory.

"Drink up. Feed, my son," Sailor Jupiter spoke as she rubbed her right hand over the isopod's exoskeleton. If she'd be aware what happened, she'd probably find it ironic. She was fighting the demons all the time and now she was giving life to them.

"Who do you think our son should mate with?" the demon asked.

Sailor Jupiter remembered the last time she saw Sailor Mercury. It was just a mere two days ago. Sailor Mercury was covered in a layers of wet and dry spunk as the demons continued to use her. The demons gave her ample time to rest so that her mind wasn't destroyed. But they never gave her body enough time to recover from the constant rapes. The brave Sailor Scout, who destroyed so many demons was now begging them to allow her to join them, dooming the Earth. She wanted them to let her serve them as a mate. She wanted to breed, which was something that the demons denied her since they wanted to keep on using her. Sailor Jupiter remembered how Sailor Mercury begged Sailor Mars for help. Sailor Mars just smiled evilly, clearly enjoying Mercury's torment. Then Sailor Mercury begged Sailor Jupiter, but she didn't want to anger husband. Instead of replying, Sailor Jupiter begged her master to fuck her. He gladly accepted. Now, she had a chance to save Sailor Mercury. It was the last part of her own self, of the old friendship between Sailor Scouts. Something that even mind breaking sex and rapes weren't able to eradicate completely.

She also heard that demons had more cruel plans when it comes to the Sailor Mercury. Neverending rapes were surly painful, but they weren't the worst. Sailor Jupiter had a chance to eavesdrop while two demons chatted, saying that they're about to bring Mercury to their stables and force her to mate with all beasts inside. They laughed, placing bets if she'll survive it. One of them also said, that Mercury's body might get some kinky modifications. Sailor Jupiter felt shiver running down her spine when she thought what might it means. Last time she saw Sailor Mercury, blue haired scout had big metal rings in her nipples and nose. Demons tend to jerk them, causing more pain to her. She was sure that sooner or later Mercury will meet fate much worse than any other Sailor Scout. So maybe it was the way to spare her such fate...

"I hope you don't feel that Sailor Mercury should be the one who gets to mate with our son. That bitch is unworthy," the demon spoke as he stroked her cheek. He seemed to read her thoughts perfectly. He was her master, after all.

"You're right, master," Sailor Jupiter nodded with a little resignation. She didn't want piss off her husband. Not so long ago she was independent girl, always ready to use her fists when a man tried to do something bad to her and her pals. And now she was shivering from fear. But also, she didn't want him to toss her aside as she realized that she wasn't going to able to save Sailor Mercury from the endless rapes and something even worst. She could only save herself. She wasn't a warrior anymore, just a breeding cow for demons. And because of that, she wasn't ready to worsen her already cruel fate.

"So who? Perhaps Sailor Moon?"

"No. Avoid Sailor Moon. Sailor Mars wants to humiliate her. It's best not to cross your mother and father," Sailor Jupiter warned.

"You are right. So who?"

"I . . ."

"I bet our son would love to fuck you."

"I only want to fuck and breed with you, master," Sailor Jupiter spoke, meaning every word. It was dangerous proclamation, she dared to make a wish. It was easy to anger her master and the broken Sailor Scout hoped that he would never tire of her and toss her to the demon horde. She knew that there were crowds of lower demons who'd love to do lot of cruel things to her. Being fucked by him wasn't that bad anyway. Last time she angered him, he punished her with shackling her to the wall with her mouth wide open. Every demon that passed by, could put anything he wanted inside her mouth and she had to eat, drink, swallow or suck it without any protest. This lesson was enough for her.

"So who?" the demon asked impatiently as Sailor Jupiter wracked her brain until a light bulb went off.

"Sailor Pluto! Her body type is like mine, she has long legs, big breasts and long hair. It's green though. Her skin is little tan too. But she protects and defends the Space-Time Door. It would be quite a coup for you to gain access to the door. Just think of how many demons will be able conquer with your help," Sailor Jupiter declared.

"That is an excellent idea!" the demon roared as he kissed her with his regular mouth. Sailor Jupiter kissed him back, not daring to resist him even though she wanted to cry as she realized she had doomed Sailor Pluto. Truly, Sailor Pluto was powerful warrior, but if those demons managed to beat all five sailor scouts, what chances Pluto had? Even her Dead Scream wouldn't be able to protect her.

Her master left the room to prepare his plans. Jupiter sat on the bed, looking around with a sad eyes. Room looked quite luxurious, but she was a slave here, nothing belonged to her. Still naked, she walked down and crawled on the floor. Like the other scouts, she was prohibited to walk on her legs. Demons claimed that they're lower beings, nothing more than pets and they should always walk on their fours. She moved to the small bowl and sipped some water, than ate some disgusting grease from the other bowl. It was the way she ate since she became demon's property. Suddenly, she turned her head to the window, looking outside the glass. Her eyes were pointed at the moon in the night sky. It was the picture that always helped them in the moments of troubles. But now there was no hope, even from the moon.

* * *

Days Later

Sailor Pluto waited anxiously at the Space-Time Door. The Sailor Scout was stationed at the door to protect it and to prevent anyone from using it. The beautiful, green haired woman was also given three rules or taboos in regards to the door. Unfortunately, Sailor Pluto had broken all three of them and was punished for each violation. Even though she was given another chance, the warning was much dire this time. The Sailor Scout knew she couldn't break any of the rules this time around. That meant she couldn't stop time or jump back in time to prevent the demons from invading Earth. And worse, she couldn't leave her post to help the other Sailor Scouts. In fact, she had no idea how things were going for them. All she knew was that none of them had contacted her since the beginning of the invasion. However, she had an inkling that things weren't going very well since demons were now assaulting the Space-Time Door. At last, she was there and there was good way to relieve her tension.

"Get back!" Sailor Pluto shouted as she unleashed an attack from her staff, the Garnet Rod, a key-shaped staff topped by the Garnet Orb.

"ARRRGGG!" a demon roared as he was blasted and disappeared. The other demons didn't even pause as they continued to charge, even as more and more of their horde disappeared into thin air.

"You will not defeat me! I will defend this door!" Sailor Pluto proclaimed angrily as she fought with even more vigor as time passed. She turned her anger and uncertainty of Scouts fate into will of fight. It was rather poetic since she could control time, but was restricted from doing so. And she did quite well for herself. She defeated wave after wave of demons with her staff. She didn't kill any of them, she merely knocked them out, wasting no time for killing such mere opponents. However, the woman knew she would have to unleash the Death Scream. As the Sailor Scout prepared to deliver it with her staff, the woman paused when she saw a demon with a barely conscious woman. Even though the woman's outfit was damaged and the woman looked different, she could tell it was Sailor Jupiter. Sailor Pluto didn't want to hurt the brunette so she charged with her staff and fought her way to her, driving demons back with just a fury of her attack. She suspected that something wrong happened to her fellow scouts and now she had a proof. Sailor Jupiter probably knew the answers for all her questions. She had to free and protect her at all costs.

"You're a fool to come here, Sailor Pluto!" the demon holding Sailor Jupiter bellowed.

"You're a fool to mess with the Sailor Scouts!" Sailor Pluto growled as she rammed the staff into the demon's face. The demon growled as he dropped Sailor Jupiter. Sailor Pluto ran to Sailor Jupiter. She surveyed the damage to Sailor Jupiter's outfit and shook her head. The woman's chest looked bigger, but Sailor Pluto didn't think much of it as she helped the wounded Sailor Scout to her feet. Questions would have to wait.

"Foolish slut! I should kill you for that! But I may spare you if you return what is mine!" the demon growled as he pointed at Sailor Jupiter. His face, damaged by Pluto's attack, looked even more furious than before.

"You will not touch her!" Sailor Pluto growled as she gripped her staff, ready to fight. Even if he was strong, he wasn't match for her.

"On the contrary!" Sailor Jupiter growled as she thrust her fingers into Sailor Pluto's throat, stunning her. The broken Sailor Scout then chopped Sailor Pluto on the back of the neck, which dislodged the staff from her hand as she fell to the ground.

"Why?" Sailor Pluto asked as she tried to pick herself up from the ground just before Sailor Jupiter kicked her in the ribs. She cried from sudden pain, having no idea what was going on. Was it an illusion or something? Why Jupiter was attacking her?

"Because you attacked a demon, who just happens to be my husband and master," Sailor Jupiter proclaimed proudly as four demons jumped on Sailor Pluto. The green haired woman struggled, but creatures overpowered her with ease. She was hit a few times too, one of the demons slammed his fist right into her belly, while the other slapped her face with his palm. Another one yanked her long hair. They beat her for a minute then they grabbed Sailor Pluto and brought her in front of their leader.

The demons lifted Sailor Pluto to her feet just in time for the woman to be shocked by the sight before her, Sailor Jupiter stripping off her clothes, leaving her boots right before she dropped to all fours and made her way to her demon lord, swaying her round ass and making her big breasts jiggle. Sailor Jupiter pushed Sailor Pluto's staff toward the demon. The brunette then bowed and held the staff over her head. The demon took it as Sailor Jupiter hugged his leg. Sailor Pluto was shocked by Sailor Jupiter's action as well as the woman's body, which was covered in dark hickeys.

"You may want to watch this," the demon spoke as he held the staff and the Space-Time Door opened.

Sailor Pluto gasped as she saw Sailor Jupiter being gangbanged by five demons. She watched for hours as demons used her again and again, forcing her fellow scout to satisfy their most perverted wishes. Sailor Pluto tried to look away, but a demon gripped her head and forced her to watch, grinning evilly. The woman understood why Sailor Jupiter would betray her. None could take punishment like that. Then the image changed to show Sailor Mercury. Sailor Pluto was disgusted by the images. There was no doubt that Sailor Mercury was being sadistically abused by the demons. The woman saw the long needle pierce Sailor Mercury's nipple. She tried to look away, but was rebuffed again. The Sailor Scout watched as the demons pierced Sailor Mercury's nipples and nose right before they used her again. They were even more cruel than before, beating blue haired Sailor Scout between the rapes, forcing her to lick their feet, their assholes and to expressing her gratitude for all that happened to her and her friends. Sailor Pluto had tears in her eyes as watched Sailor Mercury on her fours, jerking demons cocks and saying that all Sailor Scouts are masochistic sluts who wish to be demons breeding cows. Moments later, demons sprayed her face with their semen. Fat globs of demon sperm dripped from Mercury's face.

"Let me go! I will make you all pay for this and what you have done to my friends!" Sailor Pluto threatened in anger and desperation. She knew that it was empty threat but she couldn't just watch the debauchery of her best friends.

As Sailor Pluto was forced to watch, another demon soon stood next to Sailor Jupiter. The demon was the same size as his father, Sailor Jupiter's master. He still had his exoskeleton on his back as he watched Sailor Pluto. The demon knelt down and held his mother's chin.

"Go and fuck her. Break her. Make her yours, just like your father made me his," Sailor Jupiter spoke as the demon nodded and went to Sailor Pluto. Like his father, his tentacles came from his chest.

Sailor Pluto wasn't sure what was going on for a few seconds as tentacles wrapped around her wrists and ankles while the demons released her. More and more tentacles began to grip her as two were lashed against her throat. A tentacle snuck under her shirt and immediately tore it open. Several tentacles then attacked the upper part of her costume, tearing it apart and then destroying her bra as they rubbed all themselves all over her big tits. Sailor Pluto screamed as she felt more tentacles slide under her skirt and panties, where they rubbed against her pussy lips. Her screams were soon stifled by another tentacle that made it's way into her mouth, gagging her. She bit down on it, but her teeth didn't do anything to the thick tentacle. Instead, another one quickly joined it inside her mouth, pushing itself deeper into her drooling mouth.

"Fight all you want, Sailor Pluto. It won't matter. Nothing matters except for pleasuring your new master. I selected you for him. You're strong, you'll carry his offspring with ease. Once you're broken, you will be the perfect mate for my son," Sailor Jupiter spoke.

"HER SON!?!" Sailor Pluto's mind raced as the tentacles tore her outfit to shreds, leaving her tiara, gloves and boots only.

Demons around watched her torment. Some laughed and called her "Pathetic cunt", "Green bitch", "Big titted sow" or "Sailor Slut".

Sailor Pluto was shocked how fast it all happened. Moments before she was kicking their asses and now...

Tentacles circled her breasts and squeezed hard as they lifted her up into the air. A lone tentacle rubbed her pussy as it sawed itself back and forth between her legs. Tentacles of various sizes snaked all over her body, covering it with a light glaze of sticky slime. Three large mouthed tentacles made their way towards her. Two of them latched onto the woman's tits and pleasured her nipples as they sucked on her tits, biting them occasionally. The third one stuck out a long tongue, which licked her pussy. The two tentacles that invaded her mouth, retracted, but continued to glide across her lips and face, leaving trails of slime mixed with her own saliva.

"OHHH! STOP! YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME!" Sailor Pluto screamed as her chest rose and fell. Her gloves and boots were ripped from her body as she continued to be restrained. She was totally naked now. Her tiara was brutally ripped from her forehead and tossed on the floor. One of the demons grabbed it and broke in front of her eyes.

That wasn't the only reason why she was screaming. The Sailor Scout saw that the tongue that was licking her pussy was gone as a cock-shaped tentacle now darted out of the larger one. It aimed at her pussy and within a few seconds, it entered her. She felt her insides being stretched and filled as her pussy was forced to conform to the size of the tentacle inside her. In addition, a fourth large tentacle had a tongue and it licked her asshole with vigor, pushing itself deeper into her anal hole.

"Nooo!" Sailor Pluto shrieked at the indignities that had been thrust upon her. The Sailor Scout was more of a goddess than a human, yet she was being used as nothing more than a fuck toy. Worse yet, Sailor Pluto knew that her body was being forced to react to the tentacles as they violated her body. At least, she was able to keep her tears in check.

"Fuck her my son. Use her for your own sexual gratification," Sailor Jupiter moaned as two tentacles from her son latched onto her tits and began to feed. Jupiter was on her knees, looking with morbid fascination at the tentacle rape of her friend. It was horrible, yes, but it was the only way to spare her. She had to make Pluto a fuck toy for her son, otherwise she'll share the terrible fate of Sailor Mercury.

The demon ran a tentacle back into Sailor Pluto's mouth, forcing to scream and pant against the tentacle in mouth. It basically silenced her wild screams in the process.

"What have they done to Sailor Jupiter? The rapes were horrible, but how could she betray me? How could she present me such an ill fate? Why is my body reacting to this beast? I have to fight. I have to, fight," Sailor Pluto's confused mind asked as pleasure engulfed her while the tentacles fucked her constantly, exploring her body, filling her holes and giving her unwanted yet intensive pleasure.

"Suck it," the demon ordered as he pulled his tentacle out of her mouth. He also released her wrists.

Sailor Pluto wasn't sure why, but her left hand grabbed the tentacle in front of her face and rammed it into her mouth. The woman pumped it in and out her mouth while her tongue licked it. After a few minutes, she pulled the tentacle out of her mouth and jerked it while another one took its place in her mouth. She pumped her hand over the tentacle until several strands of cum splattered against her left cheek. She was confused, but she couldn't stop it.

"Suck this one," the demon ordered as he presented another tentacle to her right hand.

Sailor Pluto grabbed it and rammed the tentacle into her mouth. She slurped it as she pumped her right hand furiously on the tentacle as it pumped back and forth in her mouth, closing her airway in the process. She jerked it for several minutes before it blasted spunk into her mouth. The woman had never swallowed cum before and she wasn't prepared for the torrent of spunk. It burst free from her mouth as bubbles emerged from her nostrils. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as she panted for breath once the tentacle pulled out of her mouth. Demons around laughed even louder that before, commenting that Pluto was a cum bucket.

"You're mine," the demon spoke as it fucked her pussy faster and faster. The Sailor Scout moved in sync with the tentacle fucking her pussy for several minutes before the tentacle unloaded its spunk inside her. The tentacle shot load after load into her pussy before it pulled out and snaked toward the Sailor Scout's mouth.

Sailor Pluto immediately gripped it with her right hand and flicked her tongue over the head. The woman then stuffed the tentacle into her mouth and began to clean it. Sailor Pluto was now engulfed in pleasure and was no longer thinking about being captured by demons. She just wanted to cum and she was willing to pleasure whatever came her way. The woman didn't have to wait long either as she experienced her first climax, which tore through her body like a giant meteor slamming into a planet. The woman's world exploded into numerous lights as she lost all control of her emotions and body. Sailor Pluto soon passed out.

"Drink son. Keep drinking," Sailor Jupiter smiled as she looked at her growing son, who was bigger than his own father now. The broken Sailor Scout knew that her son would be twice as large as her father. Her own husband could grow larger too, but that meant that the main demon would have to stop fucking Sailor Mars long enough to allow him to drink some of her milk. Otherwise, he wouldn't grow as large even though he could. Sailor Jupiter didn't care about that right now though. She only cared about her son growing big and strong, doubling in size and making it easier to conquer Sailor Pluto.

An hour passed before Sailor Pluto regained enough of her senses to realize what was happening in the room. She was nude, but covered in a layer of white sticky mess. Parts of her boots were strewn all across the floor. The Sailor Scout was seated as her back rested on the Space-Time Door, which was now closed. Standing in front of her was a large muscular demon. Next to him was another demon and Sailor Jupiter, still on all fours, rubbing against her master's leg. She looked more like a pet than the warrior now.

Before Sailor Pluto could saw anything, a tentacle burst out of the large demon's chest and began to slide up and down against her pussy. The tentacle then probed her pussy lips for a few minutes before it entered her pussy. Two large tentacles with mouths also burst out of his chest. Sailor Pluto grabbed both of them and placed them on her tits. They immediately sealed themselves on her tits as Sailor Pluto stuck out her tongue and made a stupid face while lust overtook the woman. The tentacle pumped in and out, pushing Sailor Pluto closer to another orgasm.

"Oh! Ah! Oh!" Sailor Pluto moaned happily.

"Pull out son," Sailor Jupiter spoke.

"What? Why?" a confused Sailor Pluto inquired as the tentacles retracted.

"You've gotten a taste of what your future holds with my son. Swear allegiance to him and you will cum again. Of course, you will also have to bear his children and give up the Space-Time Door," Sailor Jupiter spoke calmly, knowing full well that the part she must play or risk disappointing her master and being thrown to the demon horde.

"No . . ." Sailor Pluto panted, trying to be strong. Despite all those terrible things that happened to her before, she still had some of her willpower intact. She couldn't resign from something she believed her entire life.

Sailor Jupiter's son smiled as his tentacles went to work on Sailor Pluto again. The woman moaned and squirmed. Her desire to cum soon became the only thing her mind could concentrate on. That is, until the demon pulled back again.

"Nooo . . ." Sailor Pluto wailed with tears in her eyes. Her tears soon cascaded down her cheeks as the demon repeated the process again and again, bringing her close to an orgasm, only to retract and deny her.

"It's useless to fight. Sailor Mercury fought and look what happened to her. She begs to become a breeder on a daily basis only to be rebuffed. Her life is hell. Spare yourself of that torment. Serve my son and he will let you climax all you want. In a few hours you won't care about it either. Your mind will be gone, but your body will be enjoyed by my son, fucked endlessly for breeding . . . if you're lucky. Otherwise, he will just toss your useless shell away when he is done with you," Sailor Jupiter spoke, "And trust me, you'll soon find that there are worst things that simple death. Sailor Mercury discovers it daily, because of her previous stubbornness and stupidity".

Sailor Pluto understood the words of Sailor Jupiter. She wanted to be strong. She wanted to resist. She wanted to fight. Yet, the woman wanted to cum even if it meant sacrificing everything. She just couldn't quite bring herself to say it.

"Forget it, son. I was wrong about her. Toss her to the lower demons and have them fuck her senseless. I hear the stables need another toy," Sailor Jupiter spoke.

"NOOO! Fuck me! Impregnate me! Let me cum! Just don't toss me to the monsters like Sailor Mercury!" Sailor Pluto screamed as the images of Sailor Mercury's fate was just too much for her.

"Why?" the demon asked.

"I need to be fucked by you! I need to serve you!" a frantic Sailor Pluto screamed.

"Aren't you a goddess?"

"No! I'm a slut! I'm your breeding slave!" the Sailor Scout screamed as tears flowed freely from her eyes, "I'm a sow! Big titted bitch! Make me your fuck toy, I beg you!" she cried, spreading her legs wide for him.

The demon smiled as his chest opened and tentacles flew front his chest. Within seconds, tentacles entered Sailor Pluto's ass and pussy. The demon then pulled her into his chest cavity as the tentacles closed in around her. All that was visible of Sailor Pluto was her face, which was covered in lust. The Sailor Scout had broken all the rules regarding the door before, but she now broke something far more severe. She allowed her enemies to control the door, all because she wanted to avoid the fate of Sailor Mercury. But most importantly, because she wanted to cum. Sailor Pluto hoped that she would lose her mind soon. At least that way, she wouldn't have to live with herself and the fact that she had doomed the world.

* * *

Weeks Later

Sailor Pluto stood naked as she stretched her back, arms over her shoulders, back arched, and head thrown back in a classic super-model pose. The woman stood in the middle of a pentagram and held perfectly still as her demon trailed his sharp nail on her once-pristine body. Drops of sweat shone on her skin. She wanted to scream. She wanted to cry. Yet, she held them all in check since she didn't want to upset the demon as he marked her body forever. It was hard to believe that she, guardian of the time, stood there like that, doing nothing to resist her horrible fate. But it was the truth.

Sailor Pluto had several mirrors surrounding her, which allowed her to watch the demon deface every inch of her body with demonic markings; permanent markings of her enslavement to him. The broken Sailor Scout was consumed with fear and shame. She had hoped to lose her mind from the constant fucking, but the demon never obliged. Worse yet, the woman was the demon's sex slave and a slave to her own body. No longer a respected member of the Sailor Scouts, the woman's body longed for the demon to use and abuse it, ruining the woman's self-respect and ensuring her enslavement to the demon. She tried to fight it numerous times, but her lust for demons grew way too strong to resist it. No matter how many times she wanted to keep her dignity, it always ended the same. One look of demon's cock was enough to make her crawl on her fours with her lips open, drooling madly from delight. She hated herself for that.

"Her accessories," another, much smaller demon spoke. His voice broke her train of thought, reminding her where she was and why.

"Place the tray on the floor and leave," Sailor Pluto's master ordered the lesser demon, who quickly obeyed and darted away.

Sailor Pluto glanced at the tray on the floor before her. She then closed her eyes and fought back the tears as she realized everything on the tray was forged from her melted tiara and staff. Only the Garnet Orb was missing from the tray. She remembered surrendering all her belongings to the demon as he purposely dragged out the marking of her body over a series of weeks when he could have finished it in less than a day. The plan was perfect as it broke down the Sailor Scout even more. Now, she knew this was the final session as her markings and accessories would bind her to him for eternity. There will be no turning back. Actually, it wasn't a chance for her, since she fell into this crazy sex-obsession. She could only guess that all those years she spent alone at the Time Gate had something to do with her weakness. Lack of sex made her absolutely defenseless against such attack.

"Done," the demon proclaimed as he pulled his nail away from Sailor Pluto's body.

Sailor Pluto did not say a word as she kept her pose and thrust her chest out. The demon moved his head toward her tits and stuck out his tongue. His tongue licked her dark nipples until they were long and hard as Sailor Pluto struggled to hold still. The demon then pulled his tongue away and moved his sharp nail to her tits. Sailor Pluto dropped her arms and cupped her own tits for the demon, like offering them to him. She knew exactly what he was going to do, but she made no effort to resist him. Instead, she looked at him and nodded. She still remembered the pictures of Sailor Mercury. It was enough to make her not even try to anger her master. The woman then looked at the sharp nail, which was as thin as a needle. Sailor Pluto took a deep breath as she felt the nail pierce both her nipples, one after another. She bit her lip to prevent herself from screaming and did the best she could to prevent her body from convulsing with pain as it shot up and down her spine. It was quick, yet painful as hell. But it was the easier part. Doing her best not to panic, she spread her legs wide. Sailor Pluto then felt the demon pierce her pussy lips again and again. The woman closed her eyes and prepared herself for the next piercing, but she couldn't hold back the pain as the demon pierced her clit. Sailor Pluto shrieked while her body convulsed. The broken woman climaxed violently as she collapsed onto the ground. Sailor Pluto was wracked with pain as she felt tentacles sliding over her body, affixing rings to her. With every ring inside her body she could feel something leaving her. She guessed that most of her powers were taken from her for good now.

Eventually, the tentacles retracted and it took Sailor Pluto several minutes before she could muster enough strength to stand. Once she stood, she saw the rings. Each pussy lip was pierced five times. Her clit was also pierced as were her tits. Each ring was created from her staff and tiara. Then she saw her new boots, which were the same color except they had higher heels. They were also filled with demon spunk. The broken Sailor Scout took a few steps toward them and then looked at her master, who nodded with approval. She then stepped her right foot into the boot as she felt the warm spunk between her toes. The warmth then went up her foot as she slipped the boot on, welcoming the warmth of her master's spunk. She then repeated the process with the left boot. The woman then stood proudly in her spunk filled boots as the boots looked white thanks to the overflow. Sailor Pluto then looked at her reflection in the mirrors. Every inch of her body, beneath her neck was covered in demonic markings.

"Do you find it pleasing?" the demon asked as he stood in front of her, holding a collar and two rings.

"Yes my master," Sailor Pluto spoke as she knelt before him. Spunk started to spill out from her boots. She found the picture of herself humiliating. She looked like a slave of demons, a slut for them. Demon's cum glued to her legs. Not so long ago she'd rather choose death than such fate. But now . . . just a feeling of the demon's spunk on her skin was making her pussy wet. She had to fight the urge to reach down, soak her palm in sticky liquid and lick her fingers clean, enjoying the taste.

"Do you want to continue?"

"Yes master," Sailor Pluto spoke as she looked up lovingly at the demon. It was the last step. She had to make it to seal her fate. There was still a time, she could attack him. There was no chance to harm this beast, of course, but she could show him that deep inside her heart, she was still a warrior. She could die in combat, trying to wound her sworn enemy. She could . . .


"I, Sailor Pluto, take you as my lord and master. I will obey in all things, no matter how humiliating or perverse. I want to experience hours of continuos sexual debasement. I am a slave, a toy used for pleasure, and a sow used for breeding. I will never resist my captivity. I am your bitch, your fuck toy, your slave. My body is your canvas. Make it yours so everyone knows that I am your trophy. Please use me as you wish for the rest of my life," Sailor Pluto declared.

"Would you like to spend the rest of eternity with me?" the demon asked.

"Yes master! I would love to spend all eternity as your breeding slave! I am yours forever!" the woman gushed. The demon handed Sailor Pluto the collar, which she quickly placed around her neck. Then she raised her left hand and allowed the demon to place the wedding ring on her finger. The ring was made from her old earring melted with a drops of her own blood and demon's semen. The demon slipped a wedding ring on his finger as Sailor Pluto kissed the head of his cock. Then the pair were bathed in a red demonic glow that lasted for a few minutes before Sailor Pluto's body absorbed it all.

"Now you are immortal. And from this day forth, you will walk on all fours unless I want to present you to others. Only then will I allow you to walk on your own two feet," the demon declared as the glow dissipated.

"Thank you, master," Sailor Pluto spoke even though she really wanted to cry. She just hoped that she would lose her mind quickly. Truly, it was the fate worst than death.

"Congratulations son," a feminine voice panted as Sailor Pluto and the demon turned to see the owner, Sailor Jupiter, bouncing on her master's cock while he laid on the bed.

Tentacles wrapped around Sailor Pluto's body, lifting her off the floor and moved her toward the pair on the bed. The newly married Sailor Scout was placed gently onto the bed in front of Sailor Jupiter, who had her back turned to her demon lord as she bounced on his cock.

"You look lovely," Sailor Jupiter spoke as her eyes locked on all the rings and the tattoos.

"Thank you for giving me this life," Sailor Pluto spoke as she pressed her body against Sailor Jupiter's sweaty body. The skin around her rings, were still highly sensitive, which caused her to moan as their bodies touched. The Sailor Scout wasn't sure, but the rings made her hornier and she couldn't help but wrap her arms around Sailor Jupiter. She then kissed the brunette, who quickly returned the kiss. Both broken Sailor Scouts did not want to prevent their husbands from enjoying the show. They made their big breasts rub against each other. Soon they were completely focused on sharing wet, french kisses. Drool dripped from the corners of their mouths. Sailor Jupiter moved her palm between Pluto's legs, playing with her pierced clit and sending waves of pleasure over her body. Demons looked at them and hummed with satisfaction, enjoying the picture of the two beautiful women performing lesbian sex just for them.

"How is the cow performing?" Sailor Mars asked as she plopped onto the bed beside her own son. She then caressed her son's right cheek. There was still a red light shining in her eyes. Sailor Mars was always a little bitchy and her current situation made her even more bitchy. She loved humiliating other enslaved Sailor Scouts, juts by calling them cows or sows. It made her feel superior to them.

"My slave has been very pleasing. Thank you for selecting her for me," her son replied.

"I didn't select her. You did . . . while you were still inside me. She begged you through my belly and you accepted her request," Sailor Mars spoke as she gently kissed his forehead with love and absolute devotion.

"Grandmother," the demon, who owned Sailor Pluto spoke as he bowed.

"No need to bow. Us, former Sailor Scouts, are merely breeding stock for demons. That is our true place in the new order. Even the lowest of your kind is better than us. That's why we have to crawl, like a mere animals. With that being said, your grandfather has harnessed the power of the Garnet Orb. The orb still has its power though. If you're willing, I would like to return it to your slut bride. One day she may summon the strength to use it," Sailor Mars spoke as she tossed the Garnet Orb to her grandson, who caught it with a tentacle from his chest.

"No grandmother . . . this is all because of you . . . life to father . . . darkness over the Earth," the demon responded.

"Rise. Take your proper place in the new order then," Sailor Mars spoke as the demon picked up his head. His tentacles pulled Sailor Pluto away from Sailor Jupiter even though strands of spit were still connected to their lips.

"Sailor Mars?" Sailor Pluto panted.

"Don't mind her. Are you ready?" Sailor Pluto's demon asked.

"Yes master. Impregnate me so we may start our family . . . your army," Sailor Pluto panted as she was pulled back and felt the demon's cock between her legs. The woman shrieked as she felt the cock push past her pussy lips, decorated with piercings. She felt it sawing back and forth inside her. The rings moved in unison with the cock and the sensitivity of her skin exponentially increased the pleasure that shot throughout her body. The broken Sailor Scout climaxed within a few minutes. It was the greatest climax she ever had and she wanted more. Except she couldn't voice it now since she couldn't talk thanks to her orgasm. Only wordless moans escaped her mouth.

"A gift," the demon spoke as he turned her to face him. He then clipped the small chain on the Garnet Orb to the O-ring on her collar.

"The orb," Sailor Pluto panted, knowing that she could use it to blast the demon and escape. It might not be a long escape, but at least she had a chance.

"Use it if you wish. You can use it to blast me and my brethren . . . and reclaim your old life if you wish, but that does mean we won't start a family and I won't be able to make you cum anymore," the demon spoke as he ran his finger across her left cheek. His cock had stopped pumping in and out of her as he stared into her eyes.

Sailor Pluto blinked her eyes several times, not believing what the demon had just said. She wanted the orb more than life itself when her rape began. Back then, she wanted to use it and kill all the demons. But now that she had it, she didn't want to use it. If she used it, she would never climax again, at least not like the orgasm that she experienced a few minutes ago. She wanted that climax. She wanted it more than anything in her life. Lust was burning inside her in the big flame. It was turning her pride, her courage, her fighting spirit into ashes.

"So?" the demon asked.

"Never. I would never dare to use the Garnet Orb on your or your kind. I will only use it against your enemies. I want to serve you and have your children. Fuck me, master! Fuck your big titted cow!" Sailor Pluto pleaded, meaning every word.

"Good," the demon spoke as he turned her and placed her on all fours. His cock immediately pumped in and out of her pussy. On the bed beneath them, Sailor Mars grinned, looking at the ultimate fall of Sailor Pluto. She enjoyed it more than anyone else. In their old lives she was in love with Mamoru Chiba. But Sailor Moon stole him from her. Then she found that Sailor Pluto was in love with him as well. That made her secretly hate the guardian of time. She looked with morbid fascination at the Pluto's body, covered with rings and pictures. She enjoyed every second of Pluto's torment. Somehow she thought that it would be better to make her share Mercury's fate. But Pluto had a very fuckable body, it was better to turn her into breeding cow than into the pain slut. Well, for now anyway.

"FUCK ME! OH YES! FUCK HARDER! IMPREGNATE ME! GIVE ME YOUR BABY! OH FUCK! FEELS SO GOOD!" Sailor Pluto screamed as she imagined herself being fucked on her hands and knees for the rest of her life. The mere thought sent her over the edge. Her pussy gushed as she met the demon's thrusts. Sailor Pluto was no longer acting to save her own skin from Sailor Mercury's fate. No, the Sailor Scout was truly broken. She hoped that at least one of the droplets of the gallons of spunk that would soon fill her womb would in fact impregnate her. She wanted to take her rightful place amongst the demon world and never leave.

Sailor Jupiter saw the look in Sailor Pluto's eyes. She had seen it before. She had seen the same look in the eyes of Sailor Mars. Sailor Jupiter knew that the Sailor Scout was lost. Even if the other Sailor Scouts found a way to save the Earth, they would have to destroy Sailor Pluto and Sailor Mars. So without saying a word, Sailor Jupiter reached down and picked up her latest child, a two headed isopod. Both heads immediately latched onto her nipples and began to drink her milk. She held her child against her chest and prayed that her husband would soon bless her with the same reward as Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter. Until then, she had to continue to serve and watch her friends fail. That's when she realized that the cock fucking her pussy was growing larger. The woman didn't turn around, she already knew that her husband was sucking on the milk from Sailor Mars, becoming stronger and bigger. Something he needed to be for the next phase of the plan.

The End


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