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Sailormoon: Ami Mizuno - Sailor Maid Part 3 - Friends
by Atlas

Ami woke slowly. She was lying on her side, her breasts firmly enclosed in a
pink cotton bra. She inhaled deeply, her ample chest swelling and pressing
Shingo's head further between them. She looked at the clock on the bedside
table. It read nearly eleven in the morning. Ami sighed, reminding herself
not to get used to sleeping in late like this. Beneath the covers, she could
feel her matching panties just barely hug her waist, in great danger of
sliding down her hips.


Shingo's mumblings caused the scantily clad girl to freeze. Memories of the
past day rushed back at the speed of light: the photographer, the photos he
took, the blowjob he made her give, her first sexual act with another person,
the bikini he made her wear, what he made her do with that unknown girl.
Ami's entire body blushed at that memory. But it didn't stop there: coming
back to Shingo, changing for him, and finally submitting to his gentle touch
and forceful words, the long makeout session following that, the bath where
she gave him sucked him off, then changing into these skimpy panties and
falling asleep in his arms after yet another trio of hours where he lay on
top of her and kissed her, feeling her body all over.

Ami felt humiliated. She had given a complete stranger and an eleven-year-old
boy blowjobs in the very same day! Ami could not stop from blaming herself
and did so with a perverse sense of shame. She had voluntarily put on a tiny
rubber bikini and had seduced a boy four years younger than she. Not once in
the past few days had she worn anything modest in the least: not one skirt
that went below her knees, nor one top that hid her bountiful breasts. The
fact that wore what Shingo told her to wear was of little consequence in her
mind. Feeling like a complete whore, she shivered involuntarily. That only
caused Shingo to pull her closer to him in his slumber.

Looking down at the young man, Ami could only feel shame. "I'm such a
disgusting pedophile," she whispered to herself. The poor girl berated
herself for giving into her carnal desires.

Shingo took that moment to wake up himself. After nuzzling his nose in
between Ami's lovely breasts, he looked up at her. "Good morning, my perfect

"Shingo, I-"

He pulled her into a kiss. All of Ami's protests melted away as he took
advantage of her inability to resist him. He pressed her onto her back and
she gave way, letting him lie on top of her. The thin cotton of his briefs
did little to hide the bulge straining against the barrier as it poked into
her slim tummy. Shingo ran a hand through her short blue hair, deepening his
kiss as he thrust his tongue into her defenseless mouth. Closing her eyes,
Ami sighed happily as she felt his other hand slide under her flimsy bra to
molest her magnificent globes. The modesty and embarrassment she felt earlier
was a distant memory as Shingo's hands made her feel safe and protected.

The feeling was not to last. Shingo opened his eyes and looked over at the
clock. He quickly broke the kiss, despite his desire to continue longer.
Looking the startled girl in the eyes, he asked, "Ami, why didn't you tell
me it was eleven? I have friends coming over soon!"

The teen gasped. She couldn't let anyone know about what was happening, and
Shingo's friends were the biggest gossips in the school! She'd be the
laughing stock of the entire school, and her mother would kill her. Shingo
stopped her thoughts with a finger to her lips. "It's not your fault, Ami.
I know maids like you aren't very smart, but you make up for it in so many
other ways."

He kissed her again before she could process the backhanded compliment. It
was the first time someone had deliberately said that she wasn't smart, and
she didn't know what to think about that. But the way he kissed her. Ami
sighed happily again.

Shingo stood and climbed out of bed, throwing the covers back. "Come on, Ami,
we need to take showers. You first. My friends will be here in less than half
an hour!"

Of course, he had timed it so that they would have to rush. He intended to
take full advantage of Ami's insecurities about her body. The hurried girl
ran into the bathroom, her delightful breasts bouncing in the confines of
her thin bra. Shingo followed her in, strolling in casually. Ami was aghast.
"Shi...Shingo...I need to take a shower!"

Shingo frowned. "I know. I was the one who told you that, remember?" Sighing
at her flushed expression, he sat down on the toilet. "But like I said, it's
okay. I knew before that you weren't the smartest girl, and it's not a big
deal. I'm in here so we don't waste time. Now get into that shower!"

Ami, clearly frightened of Shingo's new aggressive tone, immediately got
into the shower and shut the curtain. She hesitated before pulling off her
underwear, knowing that only a thin curtain separated him from seeing her
completely nude body, especially her virgin pussy. But his threat spurred
Sailor Mercury into action and she quickly doffed her underwear, placing it
on the counter next to the shower. Shingo promptly took her unmentionables
and walked out into the bedroom, leaving the door wide open. "What are you
doing?" Ami squealed.

"I'm getting your uniform for today. You have five minutes to shower or I'm
coming in there to finish for you."

As Ami showered, she found that her hand continually drifted to her crotch.
She couldn't help herself, continually distracted by the prospect that only
a thin curtain separated her from her young lover. The mere thought drove new
lust into her loins. By the time she finished her shower, she was reasonably
clean, but extremely wet. She had to be careful lest her juices begin to drip
down her thighs. Holding the curtain against her body, she looked around for
a towel to cover herself. Droplets of water dripped off her wet hair.

Smiling brightly, Shingo stood there with the only towel in the bathroom. He
held it just out of her reach. She held out a hand, holding the curtain with
the other. "Please, Shingo."

"If you want this towel, dear, you'll have to earn it."


"A kiss." With that, he walked towards her and placed his lips on hers,
wrapping an arm around her back. As always, she accepted the kiss without
resistance, even as his finger slipped down lower to her unprotected rear.
Getting there without difficulty, he gave her butt a playful squeeze and
broke the kiss. "Now, my perfect little maid, why don't you get this-" he
said, patting her firm rump, "into the bedroom and get dressed."

He handed Ami the towel, and she promptly wrapped it around herself.
Stepping out of the shower, she walked into the bedroom and found the very
same outfit that she wore her first day: her maid uniform and her gag-pair
of leopard-design silk bra and panties. Not wanting to make Shingo any more
upset than he already was, Ami thought it best not to ask questions. Again,
she went without the bra, knowing that ample cleavage would be showing off
but not wanting all of his friends to see her bra. The panties would be
tough to avoid exposing, but she hoped that there wouldn't be much commotion
to warrant bending to pick things up.

Little did she know how much Shingo had planned for her. When he finished
his shower, he walked back into the bedroom and dressed, looking once more
at his submissive little maid. She was dressed the same as she was a few
days ago, but something was different about her. The uniform fit her more
appropriately, her head was downcast, her hands clasped in front of her.
She looked more and more like a proper little maid, and Shingo intended for
that change to become permanent. He leered openly at her slim thighs and
flat tummy, letting his eyes become lost in her deep cleavage. Motioning for
her to sit down on the bed, he sat next to her, placing his arm possessively
around her waist and cupping her chin with the other.

"Ami, you have been a fantastic maid. But today you'll be taking a very
important test that you must pass if you want to become a complete maid. And
you do want to become a full maid, don't you?"

Ami nodded, unable to meet his gaze. Her whole body trembled in anticipation,
something that Shingo didn't miss. He continued. "Today is your first test as
a maid with people other than just me. Good maids must be able to make sure
that crowds of people have a good time, not just their Masters. So I invited
some friends of mine over and told them that you're trying to become a maid
and that they should help test you. Now, I don't want you embarrassing me in
front of my friends, or I'm going to have to spank you in front of them. No
complaining, Ami. Good maids don't complain, no matter what happens. Got it?"

The intimidated girl nodded silently. Shingo smiled compassionately and
stroked her rosy cheek. "Now, you know that I'm doing this for your own
good, Ami. You'll never learn to be a good maid if you just practice with
me. Aren't you glad I did this?"

Ami looked away. "Yes, Shingo," she whispered. She felt so confused, so
helpless. Maybe Shingo was right: maybe she wasn't the smartest girl after
all. If she couldn't even follow orders without complaining.

"Ami! Stop daydreaming!"

Shaking her head, she banished the thoughts of following his every order from
her mind. "I'm sorry, Shingo.what were you saying?"

"Ami, you're acting more and more like an airhead all the time. I know you
want to be a maid, but you don't have to be a bimbo to be one."

Shocked at the tone of his voice, all that she could manage to do was blush
and look at her feet, hoping her short blue hair hid her eyes. "Sorry,
Shingo. I'll try and do better."

"I'm glad you think so," Shingo replied. "Now, I want to see if you can
actually take orders. Take off my pants and do what you did in the bathtub
last night, Ami."

Aghast, Ami scooted back. She continued crawling until she nearly fell off
the bed. She couldn't make a sound; her vocal cords were frozen. He had
just ordered her to give him a blowjob! Sure, she had fantasized about
being ordered to do something like that before.but she had never actively
entertained the possibility that he'd actually order her to! Her thoughts
were scattered, completely disorganized; a far cry from the shy, academic
girl that had entered through those doors three days ago. Nor was there
more proof of this than the path by which all those thoughts found themselves
advancing to.


Ami couldn't deny his demand; the thought didn't even enter her mind. The
only comment she could stammer out was, "But.but your friends."

"Will be late, as usual," Shingo interjected quickly, sensing victory. He
crawled to the center of the bed and sat back on the pillows. "The more time
you waste not doing what I tell you, the less time you'll have to finish."

Shingo knew that there was no need to rush. His friends would wait outside
until he opened his bedroom window, which was the signal to approach. But Ami
didn't know that and that illusion was all that she needed to be spurred into
action. She crawled towards him, very aware of the deep cleavage that she was
clearly visible under the tiny maid top. He didn't hide his leer and she
didn't object. Her trembling fingers reached out to grip the zipper of his
pants and he batted them away.

"Sit on my chest, Ami. I want to try something."

Ami quietly complied. She could feel her thighs trembling as she straddled
his narrow chest and rested her knees under his arms. Her tiny little skirt
did not have nearly the length to avoid exposing her silk undies with her
legs spread as they were, a fact that both boy and girl knew. All of Ami's
worst fears were confirmed when she felt two small hands on her butt, softly
kneading the tender flesh. Shingo's voice was harsh. "Well, what are you
waiting for, Ami? Weren't you the one that wanted to get this over with?"

Gulping slightly, Ami slid her hands towards the bulging crotch, drawing
down the zipper and causing the bulge to press ever closer to her face,
constrained only by his briefs. Reaching down, Ami's trembling fingers
tugged at the underwear just enough to cause his erect member to spring
out, full as life, inches from her mouth. She could feel its hardness in
her hand as she gripped it tightly, almost as if to confirm what was in
front of her was real and not some illusion. As she slowly wrapped her
lips around it, she could feel his fingers probing her silk panties,
outlining the designs on the sexy lingerie. As he did so, a shiver ran up
her spine, realizing that she was engaging in a full-blown sexual act.
There were no delusions this time: he had ordered her to suck his cock and
she was willingly doing just that. What bothered her wasn't that she was
performing fellatio under orders; she had grown accustomed to that. What
bothered her was that she was beginning to enjoy it. Her admittedly shy
nature was still there, but when she was alone with Shingo, she felt freer
when he was ordering her around than any other time in her life. The irony
hadn't escaped her. She began sucking on the small, yet firm organ, her
deep cleavage heaving as she began dripping at his touch.

Another part of her mind was not so compliant. It screamed at her that what
she was doing was wrong, immoral, disgusting. She was being a pedophiliac,
and that she should be ashamed of herself. Sure, he was giving the orders,
but Ami was obeying, dressing up in skimpy outfits that she knew would
succeed in seducing him. True, he had seduced her, taken advantage of her
in every way, but it was she, the older, that gave into his advances. It
was her responsibility to put this wrong right.

The first part of her mind, the part that was happily sucking him off,
countered that the best way to apologize for `seducing' him was to give him
a great blowjob. It was the first time that Ami had ever thought of oral sex
for a favor, but it wouldn't be the last. While her mind was rationalized
sucking off a preteen boy, he had slipped a finger into her sopping wet
panties and had slid it right up her tight virgin butthole.

Being penetrated focused Ami back on the present like a lightning bolt. The
surprise made her gasp audibly, which caused Shingo to thrust upwards and
further into her throat. She tried to look backwards, but only succeeded in
having him dig a little deeper with his finger.

Shingo sighed happily, nearly bursting with glee at the control he had over
the horny girl. "'re getting so great at this, Ami. You're going to
be a real pro soon."

Ami felt her heart swell with pride. He said she was doing better! She was
being a good girl! That one compliment erased any reservations about letting
him penetrate her tight little back door with his finger. She grimaced
slightly as his finger wiggled into the tight opening. The only thing she
could do was suck harder and she went about that with gusto, even as she felt
one of his hands grasp the waistband of her silk panties. All she heard was a
slightly muffled "They're in the way" before she felt them sliding down her
rump and thighs, settling around her knees.

Every fiber of Ami's being screamed at her that this was wrong. She was
Sailor Mercury, not some sex kitten! How had she gotten into this ridiculous
situation? Her entire body tensed up as she fully prepared to stop sucking
Shingo's cock and tell him that she had had enough. But something stopped
her. The first bead of the boy's pre- cum dripped onto her tongue in just the
right spot. She realized something extremely important at just that moment
and it kept her mouth riveted onto Shingo's iron member.

She didn't like the taste of his semen. She loved it. Never before had she
tasted anything so delicious before. Sure, she had sucked off two men before,
one of them being Shingo. But she had never really tasted his sperm before
this very moment, just seconds before she was about to stop everything. The
realization paralyzed her. The feeling of Shingo's breath on her exposed
pussy put to rest any thought of stopping.

Once again, Shingo had to hold himself back from screaming out in joy. He had
taken Ami's skimpy panties off and she hadn't even stopped blowing him! For
the first time, Shingo gazed upon the schoolgirl's completely bare womb,
glistening with sweat and her own feminine juices. Leaning forward slightly,
he placed his hands on her curvy and still developing hips, Shingo exhaled
deeply onto the puffy labia. He felt her entire body shudder. Not knowing
just how close he came to overplaying his hand, he took a chance and dove
forward, thrusting his tongue into her aching pussy lips.

Ami moaned without an ounce of reluctance. She closed her eyes and let
herself settle onto Shingo's mouth, wrapping her tongue around his shaft and
pumping his cock vigorously with her small hand at the base. She rationalized
to herself that many of the most brilliant women in history had been married,
they must have done something similar, and so it wouldn't hurt if she did
too. Ami could feel Shingo's tongue brushing up against her virgin hymen and
shuddered, amazed at her own submission and wondering if she'd be able to
resist him if he told her to give him her virginity. The mere thought sent
an extra shiver down her spine that Shingo noticed and responded to eagerly.
He could feel himself getting closer to an orgasm and wanted to make sure
that Ami didn't come. He wanted her perpetually horny all day, so that when
the time came, she would be too aroused to say no to anything. It was the
first time he had eaten out a girl and he had no idea how close to coming
Ami was, but he didn't intend on letting her reach her peak.

Not yet.

He pulled his tongue out of her glistening love canal, licking his lips at
the sweet taste, then gripping Ami's hips more tightly as she begins tickling
his cocktip with her tongue. "Oh, Ami, my little maid...that's perfect...I'm
so close...keep going."

Slightly disappointed at having him withdraw from her, Ami tried to refrain
from admitting how much she had enjoyed his tongue in her folds. A voice
from the back of her mind reminded her that her role as a maid was to give
pleasure, not hog it. Reprimanding herself, she focused completely on sucking
him off, feeling more precum drip onto her tongue. What followed was a
torrent of male sperm shooting itself into the back of her throat, causing
her to gag reflexively. Still, she held her ground admirably, and soon found
her mouth nearly full with Shingo's semen swirling around in her oral cavity,
trying to decide if she should spit it out or swallow it.

The reply didn't take long to force her decision. "Don't you dare spit it
out, Ami...I don't want my nice sheets all messy."

Ami blushed, berating herself for even considering a different possibility.
Slowly, with gulp after gulp, she let the sticky liquid slide down her throat
into her stomach. After remaining in that position for a minute or two, she
felt Shingo slide underneath her and off the bed, leaving her there on her
hands and knees on the bed. She looked over to see him holding a camera and
aiming it directly at her. "What are you doing?" she frantically squealed.

Shingo was completely calm. "I'm trying to get a before-after photo so we can
compare how you look before and after this next test. Now stay still."

Ami hesitated. It was obvious that she was not in a very photogenic position:
she was on all fours on Shingo's bed, her panties around her ankles, wearing
a skimpy maid outfit whose skirt barely covered her otherwise nude cunt, left
her stomach bare, and showed off deep cleavage. White stains were obvious
around her mouth from the blowjob she just gave Shingo, and the camera would
capture every inch of that. If that photo were to get into someone else's
hands, it would be undeniable proof of what she had done with Shingo and she
would be fully exposed.

But he had given her an order. She did her best to look appealing as the
flash filled the room. Shingo grinned at another private victory: having
Ami voluntarily let him take humiliating photos of her, and it barely
required any coercion! Ami had been easy enough to convince to go along
with his schemes beforehand, but here she had basically gone ahead and
let her blackmail her without a peep of protest! Not that he planned on
using it, of course, except perhaps to help seduce his sister Usagi. But
right now, nothing could go wrong for Shingo. He was in heaven. And he
was about to send Ami to a hell of humiliation. He opened the window,
signaling to his friends on the ground to approach, and put the camera
and the instant snapshot in his desk. He walked over to Ami and
affectionately petted her cheek. "You're a wonderful maid, Ami," he told
her. "I'm sure you'll pass the test with flying colors."

Just then, there was a knock on the front door. He smiled and patted his maid
on the head. "Well, aren't you going to go get it? You might want to pull
your panties up first, though. Unless you want all my friends to think you
sleep around."

Blushing a deep shade of red in shame, Ami pulled her sopping wet panties
over her dripping snatch, causing it to mold to her figure underneath the
puny skirt. Absently, she licked her lips, taking the last of Shingo's sperm
into her mouth as she dashed downstairs, her unconstrained breasts bouncing
freely. Brushing some of the slightly damp hair out of her vision, she opened
the door wide.

The three boys had only half-believed Shingo when he had told them of his
plan, not thinking that there was any conceivable way that their buddy had
snared Ami Mizuno, the most sought after girl in Juuban High. When she
opened the door wearing a skimpy little maid costume, her hair damp, breasts
heaving, and more skin showing than not, the boys believed every word Shingo
had told them. They all looked at each other for a minute in confusion, not
knowing exactly how to approach the situation. Thankfully, Ami provided the
means they sought. "Are...are you Shingo's friends? Here to...umm...test me
to be a maid?"

The tallest boy, all of eleven, took control of the situation. Stepping
forward confidently, he met Ami's eyes levelly, as he had gone through an
early growth spurt. He addressed her with a condescending and superior tone.
"You've already failed your first test. Maids do not meet their bosses with
eyes up. Your eyes should be looking at the floor, to show that it is you who
is the maid and we who are your bosses. Not only that, you used Shingo's name
too familiarly. He's Master Shingo to you, or just plain Master. He's the one
that you're a maid for, and so you are his maid and he is your Master. Got
it? What is with maids these days? Are you trying to be a bimbo or just slip
into the part too naturally?"

Startled, the young Sailor Mercury stepped back and immediately cast her eyes
downward, noticing her respectable cleavage and how interesting the floor
suddenly looked. "I...I'm sorry, sir."

"Mister Tenka will do," the tallest boy said. He stepped into the house
further, striding right up in front of Ami, except now the girl seemed much
smaller than the boy four years her junior. He spoke with a cultured tongue
for one so young. "Let me introduce my friends and other judges: Kouji and
Shinga. My associates and I are here to be proper judges of your." he paused
to look up and down at her exposed body before sneering, "character."

The other two boys stepped forward. Both Shingo's age, they were both
more obese than the slim Shingo and lanky Tenka. They were both rather
unattractive boys, and Kouji had a rather serious case of acne. Ami felt
disgusted at both boys and completely intimidated by the coolly confident
Tenka. She did her best to keep her feelings to herself, though. "Wel...
welcome, all of you. I'm Ami Mizuno, and-"

Tenka cut her off. "I know who you are, Ami. We all do. Do you honestly think
Shingo would be so stupid as to make us judges of your maid skills if we
didn't know who you are?"

Ami looked back up at him, shaking her head sternly. "Oh no, I would never
think that Shingo was stupid about anything and-"

Aggressively, Tenka wrapped a hand around Ami's neck and pulled her close
to him, snaking his other arm around her exposed waist. Their noses were so
close they nearly touched, and Ami was paralyzed by his hot breath on her
lips. Her arms hung limply at her sides. "Shingo told us all about you, Ami.
I feel like I know you...intimately."

He tightened his grip on her and kissed her on her red lips forcefully.
Taken completely off guard, the poor maid leaned into the kiss on reflex
before realizing that she was kissing a boy she hadn't known two minutes
ago! Putting both her hands on Tenka's thin arms, she pushed him away with
great effort. "What...what are you doing?!!" she asked him exasperatedly.
She had to take a moment in the middle of the sentence to inhale some fresh
air. Tenka was a very aggressive kisser.

Snarling, Tenka pushed Ami back into a wall. Her entire body was quivering.
As Sailor Mercury, she had faced off horrendous monsters before, but never
had she felt as vulnerable as she did at this exact moment. Tenka advanced
on her with an angry look on his face. "I've been here two seconds and you're
already this close to failing, Ami! You don't greet people at your door with
respect, and now you refuse your boss something he wants? How dumb of a maid
are you?"

"But.but you kissed.kissed me." Ami replied meekly.

"Of course I did!" Tenka shot back. "How do you expect me to find out how
good you are at taking orders if you can't do what I want when it's so
obvious! Maids have to know their masters well enough to know what they
want before hand, Ami. How are you going to be a good maid when you refuse
to do something when it's put right in front of your face? Maybe Shingo was
wrong: maybe you are just a bimbo."

Ami's mind was swirling with emotions. On one hand, she was glad that Shingo
didn't think of her as a bimbo; on the other, she could see Tenka's point.
One small part of her rebelled, saying that he was just tricking her, but she
continued to ignore such un-maid-like thoughts. They had already gotten her
in enough trouble as it was. The truth was that Shingo had told Tenka to say
that, because it would draw Ami closer to Shingo, making her think he
actually respected her.

Tenka pointed upstairs. "I'm going up to see Shingo and figure out what he
wants us to judge you on. Until I come back, go wait for us on the couch and
practice your kissing with Kouji and Shinga. Sit on their laps while you do
it, as punishment for saying no to me earlier. Got it?"

Looking over at the two ugly boys, Ami almost blanched. The thought at
practicing her kissing with these two disgusting boys who were only ten years
old each was petrifying. But the thought of Tenka being angry and telling
Shingo that she had failed as a maid was too much to bear. Nodding slowly,
Ami trembled in her reply. "Yes...Mister Tenka."

Nodding, he went up the stairs and left Ami with the other two boys, both of
who had huge grins on their rather chubby faces. Taking each of her hands,
they led her to the living room and sat down on the couch. Kouji, the boy
with chronic acne, patted his lap first. Ami gulped as she noted the obvious
bulge in his pants, but slowly walked towards him and sat down on his lap,
grimacing a bit as she could feel it rubbing against her silk panties. The
skirt was too short to attempt to bring it underneath her. Sitting
perpendicular to him, she smiled weakly.

Kouji was absolutely delighted. Here he was, a kid that couldn't even get a
girl his own age to give him the time of day, and now this beautiful, mature
goddess was sitting on his lap and smiling at him! He immediately wrapped his
greasy little hands around her slim waist and pulled her up against him,
relieving the pressure on her crotch from the strain against his pants, but
causing her breasts to nearly spill out of the skimpy garment and onto his
chest. It took but a glance to notice the delicious cleavage only centimeters
from his pimply face. Leaning forward, he kissed her deeply on the lips. He
was much more of an amateur than either Shingo or Tenka, and Ami could tell
easily with the way he rubbed his pimple-ridden face all over hers, causing
the two to shake their heads uniformly back and forth as she tried her best
not to gag. She shut her eyes, trying to block the ugly image out of her head
and think that it was really Shingo kissing her, but that image failed
utterly the second Kouji flattened his lips up against hers, pushing hers
apart so he was more or less kissing her gum line while shoving his tongue
sloppily into her mouth. No, she was kissing an ugly, rather pudgy boy, whose
hands began to quickly wander over her scantily clad body as he sloppily
suffocated her mouth with his. She could feel him rubbing her back, letting
one hand stray over her little tummy and poking her belly button, hoping he'd
keep his hands away from her most sensitive and private of places.

To her delight and his dismay, that was exactly what he did. He and Shinga
were under strict instructions to refrain from groping Ami anywhere so
obvious that it would give the whole game away, but were still allowed to
run their wandering little hands over her midsection and back, just enough
to arouse her in conjunction with the ordered make out sessions. Ami wondered
just how long she was going to have to keep this up for.

* * *

Tenka was in no rush. They had the entire afternoon to play with her, and
he wanted Kouji and Shinga to warm her up for Shingo and he. Stepping into
Shingo's room, the tall boy shut the door and nodded to Shingo, who had
since laid back in his bed with a huge smirk on his face. Tenka hopped on
the bed. "You know, at first I didn't believe you when you said you snagged
Ami Mizuno of all people, but wow!"

Shingo nodded. "I was just amazed at how fast she liked me. It wasn't nearly
as hard as I thought it'd be."

"Really? Well, what about your sister."


"Yeah, her. If she's as easy to break as Ami is."

Shingo chuckled. "If you want to go for her, go ahead. I won't stop you.
I'll even help you out. She could use her trap shut. But she seems a little
tougher than Ami. She's a whole lot more of a brat."

Tenka shrugged. "All the better, then. I like a challenge. And when I do get
Usagi, I'll invite you over in thanks of today's little fun. Speaking of
which, why did you want us to come over? It takes time out of your fun with
her. Not that I'm complaining."

Leaning back against the pillows, Shingo looked up at the ceiling. "I want
her to be so hot, so aroused, that by the time you guys head home she won't
be able to think straight."

"And then you', dude. You've got the hottest girl in all of Juuban
in your pocket and you're willing to share her with your buddies. You're one
hell of a pal. You've inspired me for sure."

Shingo and Tenka shook hands. "It's a deal, buddy. Can't wait to see my
sister as your maid."

"You and me both, buddy."

* * *

By the time Tenka finally came back downstairs, Ami was a complete mess.
Her entire body was a bright red, and sweat covered her body. Her lips were
puffy from overuse and her jaw hung open slightly from such constant strain.
Her hair had dried out from the shower but was damp again with sweat, as
the constant make out sessions had driven her body to near-exhaustion. Long
ago having replaced the uncomfortable and awkward position of facing
perpendicular to her kisser, Ami now straddled Shinga's waist, though still
appeared to be extremely reluctant to do so. One of his hands was wrapped
around her waist, the other playing with her short blue hair when Tenka
placed his hand on her soft thigh. She immediately broke the kiss and turned
her head to look at him in shock.

"Enjoying yourself, Ami?" he asked. Without giving her a chance to deny the
question, he continued. "As much as I'm sure you are, it's time to do some
actual work. Follow me into the kitchen, Ami; it's time to work on your
serving skills."

Both boys sighed, particularly disappointed, but too grateful to even have
the opportunity to make out with a catch like Ami to complain. They knew how
lucky they were at this prospect and didn't want to do anything to ruin it.

Once Ami and Tenka were alone in the kitchen, he tossed her an apron. "Put it
on," he said simply.

Ami said nothing, but simply did as she was told. Her entire focus was on her
sticky cunt and drenched panties. Tenka stamped his foot down. The apron did
nothing to cover any more of her exposed body, as it ended above mid-thigh,
just like her tiny little skirt. "Maid! I'm talking to you! When I say
something, you reply. Wow, you really are an airhead. You're lucky I don't
fail you right now!"

" sorry, Mister Tenka. I was thinking about." Ami began to reply, then
stopped. Could she tell him that she was thinking about being fondled by two
ugly, disgusting boys while making out with them in this whorish outfit? That
wouldn't sound very good at all.

"Thinking about something other than your job, which is to serve your Master
and his friends," Tenka sneered. "Now I'm going to be twice as hard on you.
I want you to start making lunch.soup and sandwiches should be simple enough
for a little bimbo like you."

She nodded slowly, her cheeks red with embarrassment. "Yes, Mister Tenka."

As soon as she turned around, however, she felt hands whip up her short
little skirt and begin massaging her rump. She gasped and gripped the
kitchen counter in surprise. "Not so easy to do your job when you actually
have something distracting you, now is it?" the boy sneered. "Let's see if
that pea-sized brain of yours can actually get something done when you have
to worry about something else."

Ami was shocked at the liberties he was taking with her, but a quick pinch
of her soft butt cheeks was more than enough to galvanize her into action.
She scooted around the kitchen, doing her best to prepare soup and sandwiches
with Tenka fondling her the entire way, his hands focusing mostly on her butt
and thighs but wandering around to her exposed tummy and up to her breasts as
well. By the time the abused girl was finally finished, the entire kitchen
reeked of her womanly juices. She placed the sandwiches on a plate, putting
the soup separately on a tray at the edge of the counter. Tenka had to
exercise superhuman restraint not to rip off her clothes right then and
there. He had a role to play, after all. He was a little disappointed that
Ami hadn't completely collapsed under his molesting, but buoyed by the fact
that she was sweating from head to toe and glowing slightly with her arousal.
He made no effort to hide the bulging hard-on in his pants and Ami couldn't
help but notice it. She gulped slightly and turned away to distract herself
with putting all the food on a tray. Smirking and pressing himself up behind
her, he pushed the bulge in his pants up against her rear, under the tiny
skirt. It was the first time Ami had felt something like that so close to her
rear end. Tenka boldly grasped both her breasts in his hands and whispered
into her ear. "You've done pretty well for a bimbo, Ami. We might just make a
decent maid out of you yet."

The embarrassed girl could feel her heart jump into her throat. She leaned
forward over the counter, dreadfully frightened, which only served to press
her delightful butt further into Tenka's crotch and her teats into her grip.
He bent forward with her, nibbling her earlobe while her mind desperately
tried to come up with some excuse, any excuse, to get out of the situation.
She found it harder to form any kind of coherent thought, her usually able
mind slipping while her sopping cunt took more control of her thoughts.
"The...the soup's...getting cold." she managed to choke out.

Tenka smirked. She wasn't complaining at all that he was fondling her most
sensitive of places, but simply that she was failing in her duty as a maid.
He backed off, grabbing her by the hand and spinning the disoriented Sailor
Scout around to face him, then pushed her roughly up against the counter and
kissed her passionately. Ami's eyes widened in surprise, her hands gripping
the side of the counter tightly, her breasts heaving as she felt his hands
again wander to feel her butt. This time, however, her butt cheeks didn't
tighten in fear as they usually did. She also began to use her tongue more
actively, letting it roll around in her mouth as Tenka's invaded her oral
cavity with his own. Running his hands up to her shoulders, he pushed her
down lightly. Ami's legs, already weak enough from his advances, collapsed
beneath the pressure and she fell to the floor, her legs spread haphazardly
and breaking their liplock. Grinning, Tenka shoved his foot between her legs,
pressing the tip of his shoe right into Ami's crotch, under her tiny skirt.
Ami looked up at the imposing Tenka fearfully. "Why.why are you doing this?"
she asked, her voice a mere whisper of what it was just minutes before.

"Because I want to," Tenka said simply, driving his foot further into her
defenseless crotch. "And as a maid, that's all you need to know."

Ami shut her eyes and put both hands on his shin, trying desperately to push
his foot away from the continued thrusts. Tenka noticed the tray sitting on
the edge of the counter and, timing another push into Ami's nether regions,
tipped the entire tray and its steaming contents onto the defenseless
blue-haired girl. Ami squealed as the hot contents poured all over her body,
spilling into her hair, down her cleavage, over her stomach, and down her
legs. Before she could ask Tenka why he did such a thing, he put a finger to
her lips. "Now, now, Ami, why did you do a thing like that?"

"But I..."

Shaking his head, Tenka continued to weave his lie. "You were enjoying
yourself so much that you kept banging yourself against the counter and the
vibration tipped the soup over. You silly maid, you can't properly serve your
guests dripping with soup all over you. Go upstairs, get yourself cleaned up,
and ask Shingo what you should change into." Tenka looked at his watch. "I'm
timing you."

Too flummoxed to disagree, Ami scrambled upstairs. Tenka laughed at the
teenager's misfortune. The poor girl, in a ridiculous amount of haste, nearly
fell over twice as she stumbled up the stairs. She threw open the door, only
to find Shingo laying back on his bed, his right hand gripped tightly around
his cock and his left holding a tissue in front of it. "Ami." he moaned.
Hearing the door slam open, he bolted upright. "Ami!" he shouted. "What the
hell are you doing? Are you too stupid to knock first?"

Aghast at his display and the ferocity in his voice, the soup-covered girl
blanched, looking at the floor. "I...I...Tenka told get changed and-"

"Did he tell you to open my door without knocking?" Shingo shot back.

"Well, no, but-"

"So you had no right. Get in here now and wash that soup off you in the sink.
And take off that maid uniform. That's Usagi's, you know, and she won't like
that you got it so filthy."

Without a second thought, Ami let the sticky skirt slide down her shapely
thighs to the ground. The top was more trouble, since she wasn't wearing a
bra, but a stern look from Shingo was enough motivation, and it quickly
followed its matching garment. Ami stood in front of Shingo in nothing but
her silk leopard-design panties. Shingo smirked when he saw her cover her
breasts modestly. Even after all they had done, she still had some semblance
of decency. `All the better,' he thought. Hopping off the side of the bed,
making no attempt to hide his erection, Shingo opened up her underwear drawer
and began looking through it. "Go and get washed, I said!" he told her

Humiliated at a ten-year-old rooting through her underwear, but too fearful
to speak up about it, Ami ran over to the bathroom and began washing her
face. Shingo rolled his eyes and began leafing through her unmentionables
before finally finding the bra to match her panties. As soon as she dried
herself off, he tossed the bra at her. "Here, put this on," he said. "I'd
give you clothes, but you don't deserve them after breaking into my room
like that. You have no one to blame but yourself, Ami. Now put that bra on
and get back down there. You've already humiliated me in front of my friends
long enough."

Ami looked down at the floor. A single tear ran down her cheek as she donned
the push-up bra. She walked up to him, his erection the only thing between
them. "Are you crying, Ami?" he asked.

"All.all I wanted to to be a good maid.for your friends." The girl's
nerves were near a breaking point. She had undergone so much stress over
the past two days that her entire body was trembling. For the past
forty-eight hours she had been on a constant stream of arousal, fondling,
skimpy costumes, and fellatio. Ami's repressed sexual desires were dueling
with her lifestyle up until this point and the schism was tearing her apart.
She slumped to her knees and buried her head in his chest, sobbing. Her
mouth was inches from his cock. "Shh..." he cooed softly, pressing her head
down slightly.

Ami felt the now-familiar feel of Shingo's cock-head against her lips.
Choking back another sob, she did the only thing that felt right: she opened
her mouth and let herself sink down onto his member. She felt Shingo's hands
wrap around her ears and head, cutting off her hearing. All the same, she
sucked on his shaft harder, wanting to make up for her earlier humiliation.
The fact that she enjoyed sucking him off with each time she performed
fellatio on him struck her and made her all the more eager to please him.
Tears continued to run down her cheeks, but they quickly turned to tears of
joy as the reality of what was going on dawned upon her. She looked up at
him, her eyes wide and trembling. Shingo looked down at her and smiled. He
patted her on the head and she closed her eyes, letting the sensation of his
hard member in her mouth take up her concentration as he sat down on the bed.

Tenka, having grown rather impatient at his little slut-maid in training,
appeared in the doorway. He took one look at the situation and gave Shingo a
thumbs-up, who promptly returned the gesture. The only thing that Ami noticed
was that her panties were completely saturated with her own juices, which had
now overflowed and were running down her thighs, eliciting a little shiver
from the cock-sucking Sailor Scout. Bobbing her head up and down on the hard
organ, she barely even felt embarrassed anymore when he moaned out her name
loudly; in fact, she was flattered. She sucked harder.

Shingo gripped her hair tightly. Ami was becoming an expert cock-sucker at
an astonishing rate, and it wasn't long before he blew his load off into her
mouth. Ami remained glued to his cock, doing her best to swallow the enormous
amount of sperm traveling down her throat and into her stomach. Finally, he
released her, pulling her head off his softening member. "Are you feeling any
better, my little pet?" he asked kindly, stroking her blue hair.

Ami, to her own amazement, nodded. She did feel better. Shingo smiled. "Now,
that's a good girl. Go downstairs and go see Tenka. You still have to finish
your maid test."

The girl nodded, wanting to stay with Shingo but eager to help him look good
for his friends. Shingo smiled as he crawled into bed. "I'll be right here
when you finish."

Very aware of the fact that she was stripped down to only her risqu‚ bra and
panties, Ami felt quite self-conscious in front of Tenka, Kouji and Shinga.
She could feel their eyes leering over her nearly nude body, taking in all of
her curves. Tenka had a rope in his hands, something that made Ami incredibly
nervous. He beckoned her to come over to him. "Ami, that took a very long
time," he told her. "Now come over here. For your punishment, Kouji and
Shinga have volunteered to try out their new knot-tying techniques on you.
And now that Shingo wisely decided not to let you wear that dirty maid's
outfit, it'll be easier."

Ami gulped. She saw the looks of lust on the ugly boys' faces. What worried
her even more was when Tenka held a handkerchief to her mouth. "Put this in
your mouth, Ami," he told her. "Some of the knots will be uncomfortable and
I don't want the boys distracted by you complaining about the ropes being too

With a trembling hand, Ami took the cloth and put it in her mouth. It left
little room to move her tongue and her only protest was a deafened mumble
as Tenka ripped off a piece of duct tape and put it over her mouth, making
the gag soundproof. "I don't want you changing your mind halfway," Tenka
explained. Ami's trepidation grew.

Each boy took a hand and led Ami to the family room, where the increasingly
fearful girl noticed that none of the blinds were down and that anyone at the
front door had a pretty fair view of what was going on inside. She tried to
protest, but her gag cut off all communication. She found herself swiftly
forced to her knees as the boys yanked on her arms, bringing her down on all
fours. She felt her arms pulled behind her and pushed up parallel to each
other, making her already perky breasts push out further. A rope wrapped
around her forearms three times, tightening them closer together. She looked
at Tenka alarmingly, who just patted her head. He stood mere inches away from
her as the two boys continued to capture her in rope bondage. Tenka's bulge
was so close that it nearly pressed up between Ami's eyes as Ami felt one of
the boys run the rope under her crotch, pinching her butt as he did so. Tenka
smiled. "The boys learned a lot of interesting rope techniques, didn't they?"

Kouji yanked hard on the rope, causing Ami to wince as it rubbed against her
panty- covered crotch. He rubbed his cheek against hers. She could feel the
rough texture of his problem acne and it made her quiver as he wrapped the
rope around her neck, making her feel even more vulnerable. Shinga whispered
into Ami's ear as he ran the rope twice around her, once above and once below
her breasts, letting his hand stray over her ample chest much longer than
necessary each time as he tied the final knot after tightening her thighs to
her calves around each leg, binding her ankles together loosely.

The boys pulled away to survey their handiwork. All three of them were amazed
at what they had just done: bind and gag Ami Mizuno, the hottest girl in
Juuban Junior High, wearing nothing but a hot piece of lingerie! Barely a
peep registered from the helpless girl. The trio knew it was time to press
their advantage. From his backpack, Tenka pulled out a digital camera that he
had gotten for his birthday. "Ami," he explained, "we're going to take some
pictures of you for two reasons. One, we want to make sure that Shinga and
Kouji tied all the right knots properly. Two, we want to make sure that
you're in the proper position as a maid. Got it?"

Ami was confused, but she wasn't exactly in a position to argue. There was a
flash and suddenly Ami's lewd position was captured on camera. The possible
blackmail possibilities rushed through her mind in a fit of humiliated
arousal and only furthered as Tenka and the other two boys moved her into
increasingly sexual positions, having a well-planned excuse for each. Kouji
grabbed her buttcheeks and pushed her onto her stomach but keeping her rear
high in the air, telling her he wanted to make sure the ropes around her
legs were firm. With her legs tied as they were, her silk panties rode up
her crotch, her swollen pussy lips clear through the thin material and most
of her soft behind exposed to the camera's eye. White rivers of girl-cum
dripping down Ami's luscious thighs didn't go unnoticed by the
high-resolution digital camera. By the time they were finished with her, Ami
was beyond all reason. Her body was covered in nervous sweat. When the boys
finally untied her and pulled the gag off her, she barely even flinched when
she saw the three of them whip their small but developing dicks out of their
pants right in front of her face.

Tenka's bulging head pressed itself up against Ami's lips. "Here's your last
test, Ami," he told her. "A proper maid knows how to satisfy three of her
guests at once."

Gulping slightly, Ami felt her hands lifted by Kouji and Shinga, who wrapped
each around their rapidly hardening cocks. She felt disgusted by those two
boys, whose genitalia was nearly covered by their own fat guts, but didn't
say a word. The experience was simply too unreal, even as Tenka pushed his
member into her mouth. She saw another flash and realized that he was still
taking pictures of her. Looking up at him with eyes filled with a mix of lust
and trepidation, she saw the gaze of complete victory in the smirks of all
three boys as she began wrapping her tongue around the sticky cock while
slowly beginning to pump the two pulsing organs she held in her hands.

Each of the three boys moaned loudly. Never before had they felt such
absolutely wonderful sensations. Kouji and Shinga had resigned themselves to
a school experience of being constantly rejected by women, yet here they were
getting a handjob from a sexy schoolgirl! Tenka couldn't believe the degree
of control he had over Ami and promised to relish those pictures forever. He
thought about how great it would be when he finally had Ami's friend Usagi
under his thumb like this. Shingo had promised to help deliver his sister to
him, and Tenka was about to do the same for his friend.

Neither of the three boys lasted long, as this was the first experience for
all of them. Kouji and Shinga blew their loads at exactly the same time,
coating Ami's hair and cheeks with their spunk, while Tenka followed a minute
or two later with his own ejaculation, sending gobs of sperm down Ami's
throat. The Sailor Scout, while desperately aroused, had no such release;
she slumped to her knees, panting for breath, the three boy-cocks still
surrounding her. Tenka took a handful of her short, blue hair and wrapped his
organ around in it, drying it off. Ami was too exhausted to complain; Tenka
had made her mouth numb by the violent way he thrust his boyhood into her
mouth. When he was done, he zipped up his pants and bent down to her

"Well done, Ami. You are now officially a maid."

Ami looked up at him. No longer was she the mature, conservative schoolgirl.
She was dressed in silk lingerie, with the semen of ten-year-old boys
covering her face and hair. Reason no longer ruled her mind; all she cared
about now was her next orgasm. Tenka patted her head as best he could without
touching a spot made sticky by semen. "Now, be a good little maid and crawl
up to your Master's room; he has a reward for you."

She nodded and obediently began to crawl on her hands and knees. When she
was out of sight, the other two boys gave Tenka big slaps on the back.
"Wow, dude!" Kouji said. "I never believed you when you told us that we'd
get handjobs from Ami Mizuno, but damn!"

"That was the best thing ever!" Shinga affirmed.

"No, I don't think so," Tenka said. "The best thing ever is what Shingo's
about to get."

Ami crawled slowly up to Shingo's room on her hands and knees. Somehow,
walking didn't seem like the right thing to do. It would imply that she were
equal to him and that was the implication she least wanted to suggest. She
was a complete and utter mess and even suggesting that the two of them were
equal was completely unthinkable. His door loomed over her, so much larger
than it seemed before. She knocked lightly on it, and reached up to turn the
doorknob as he responded.

Shingo laid back in his bed and grinned in victory. In crawled Ami Mizuno,
his own personal little sex pet. Dressed in silky lingerie and covered in
pre-teen sperm, she looked perfect to him. Her eyes were cast down in
complete submission with her ass high in the air. He didn't even have to
say a word; all Shingo did was motion with his finger and Ami crawled over
to his side. She sat on the floor, her eyes cast down, her hands between
her legs, which pushed her ample breasts further together and created a
heavenly amount of cleavage.

He patted her head. "You're a maid now, Ami. My maid."

She nodded obediently.

Hopping out of bed, Shingo began walking towards the bathroom. "It's time
for you to clean up," he told her. She followed him like a loving pet, still
on her hands and knees. Her mind was completely blank now; all she could
focus on was the fire burning in her loins. Shingo motioned to the sink. "Now
quickly wash all that stuff out of your hair, Ami," he said. "Then come to

A few minutes later, Ami crawled back to the bed. Her short blue hair was
damp and stuck to her forehead and cheeks, framing her face perfectly. Shingo
was waiting for her without a shred of clothing on. His rod was fully erect
and he made no effort to hide it from her. "Come into bed, Ami, but if I'm
not wearing clothes, you don't get to either."

Ami's bottom lip trembled. She knew what he was going to do to her; somehow,
she had always known. But she had always thought that if she was old enough,
mature enough, to resist the temptation. What she hadn't known was that deep
beneath her cool, na‹ve exterior was a horny little sex slut, awaiting any
opportunity to throw herself at anyone's feet who was assertive enough to
take her. That was why she was always submissive towards Makoto and why
Shingo had been able to seduce her so easily.

But she was his maid now. She had no choice. Reaching behind her, she slowly
unclasped the bra and let it slide down her thin arms. It hit the floor
without a sound, followed moments later by her silk panties. She crawled into
bed and under the covers with Shingo. He pulled her naked body into his
embrace and kissed her passionately. Ami immediately opened her lips to
receive him, allowing a ten-year-old boy to dominate her mouth without one
ounce of resistance. His arms pulled her closer to him, pressing her full
teats with hard pink nubs up against his narrow chest, his iron member
pressing into her soft tummy. No longer was she bothered by it; she had
tasted his cock before and eagerly pressed herself up against it, savoring
his aggressive stance.

Shingo rolled her onto her back, her head up against a pillow. He leaned
back, savoring the look of lust and adoration in her eyes as he gazed down
at the lovely beauty beneath him. He darted in, placing passionate kisses
along her neck. Ami leaned her head back and moaned his name, all of her
secret fantasies bursting onto her conscious self in one massive deluge. He
ran his hands all over her sides, breasts, flicking a nipple here, nibbling
on an earlobe there, and generally driving the older girl insane. For someone
so completely unpracticed in the art of seduction, Shingo was acting like an
old pro. Ami was so aroused after a scant five minutes that her legs nearly
flew open as if they had been pulled back by a spring.

Ami gulped. Suddenly everything seemed to freeze and her thinking
crystallized. She had one last chance to pull herself together and deny him
entry into her virgin womb, or she could let him steal her virginity forever
at the tender age of fifteen.

It wasn't a hard decision. She grasped the headboard with both hands and bit
her teeth. Her breasts, dripping with sweat, heaved up and down with each
deep breath she took. Her legs were spread perpendicular to her body with the
cute little patch of blue pubic hair scarcely covering her most sacred of
holes. When she felt Shingo line himself up with her and slid his dick into
her fuckhole, she breathed a hot sigh of pleasure. Nothing had ever made her
feel so warm, so together, and so complete. She felt Shingo's hand on her
hot cheek and opened her eyes. She looked up at him and smiled brightly. He
smiled back and thrust himself in deeper.

Ami's body exploded in a world of pain. She slammed her hands down at her
sides and gripped the sheets as Shingo cleanly ripped her hymen in one quick
thrust. Ami's teeth chattered as she held back a torrent of tears that were
in danger of erupting. But it wasn't long before Shingo's thrusts continued
to fill her, letting her settle back and relax as the feeling of being fucked
soundly by a ten-year-old boy relaxed Ami and let her enjoy herself, moaning
as the pain began to dissipate.

Shingo slammed himself forward, burying himself deep in the blue haired
girl's womb, leaning forward to feast on her delicious breasts, running his
tongue over the perky little nipples and delectable teats, which only caused
her to be aroused even more. Ami wrapped her slim legs around Shingo's waist,
giving him even more leverage over her. With amazing strength, he pulled
himself backwards, sitting up and causing Ami to fall into his lap without
needing to pull himself out of her. She settled down into his lap and he
wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close and letting her weight settle
on his massive spitter nestling inside her tight little teenage cunt.

They kissed fervently. When Ami felt his hands wander down her back to grope
her behind, she didn't even make a whimper of protest. When he spread her
cheeks wide apart and began circling the horizon of her even tighter little
butthole, her eyes grew wide with shock. She opened her eyes and saw Shingo's
eyes smirking in victory back at her.

For one brief, flickering moment, Ami regretted what she had done. Then
Shingo thrust up further into her pussy and every doubt was removed from her
mind. Even when he stuck a finger into her cornhole she didn't so much as
break his kiss, giving him tacit approval to do whatever he pleased with her

And he did. He began bouncing her up and down on his dick like he would a
two-dollar hooker, and Ami acted the part: she moaned, shoved her breasts
into his face, wrapped herself around him and kissed him fervently. When he
finally removed the finger shoved into her anus, Ami felt slightly emptied,
but only until the next time she slipped down further onto his cock. When he
shoved the very same finger between her lips, she gagged in silent protest
at the disgusting action, but sucked on the digit anyway.

"That's good, Ami," he purred. "You really are a perfect maid. You do
whatever I tell you to do, don't you."

She nodded, with his finger between her lips. It was an incredibly childish
display, and one that turned them both on to no end.

And so they continued. For over an hour the two of them fucked each other
mercilessly, with Ami submitting to every position that Shingo placed her in.
He kept pummeling her cunt with rapid-fire thrusts until he felt himself on
the edge of coming, then slowed down to a mere crawl. Soon enough, the two
lovers had synchronized their pleasure, so that when Shingo had decided that
enough was enough, he let loose a burst of hot sperm into Ami's eager womb
and she orgasmed slightly thereafter. Their bodies shivered in unison, with
Shingo tightly kneading Ami's butt and she running her hands up and down his
back. A mixture of her juices and his semen leaked out of her drooling cunt,
but the remainder remained inside, stirring together in an intense sexual
concoction. They fell back onto the bed, Shingo on top of Ami, his head
nuzzled between her breasts, their bodies both covered in sweat.

"I love you, Ami," Shingo said.

"I love you...Master Shingo," Ami replied.

They continued kissing each other passionately, Shingo's sperm still stewing
in the girl's womb.

* * *

Shingo's father, Kenji, pressed his foot on the accelerator harder. Usagi
groaned in the seat next to him. "Dad, you're going too fast," she mumbled to
herself. The poor girl had gotten sick immediately upon reaching their cabin,
and Kenji had told his wife that she could stay with their family friends
while he took the sick girl home to heal up.

Kenji wasn't simply doing this out of concern for his daughter, though. He
knew that with Shingo still sick, and Usagi sick, that would leave him and
Ami alone in most of the house together.


Kenji's mind had been filled with feelings of lust for the blue-haired
schoolgirl ever since he swatted her ass so playfully when they left. He
hadn't been able to stop thinking about her luscious curves, her sexy
naivete, and her succulent innocence. His thoughts centered more and more
around the sexy schoolgirl until he began devising a plan to try and
seduce her. He loved his wife, Ikuko, but there was something about Ami
that drove him wild. Usagi's illness was the perfect excuse to give him a
week and a half of nearly undisturbed opportunity with the luscious girl.
With her meek will, it wouldn't be tough to seduce her and blackmail into
becoming his wonderful little sex puppet.

With the engine roaring and his hard-on raging, Kenji pressed his foot down
harder on the accelerator.


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