Scooby-Doo: Inside the Mystery Machine Part 2
by Sexxy Vixen

Fred pulled the Mystery Machine over to the curb so he and Velma could switch
places with Daphne and Shaggy. Watching the two of them making out in the
back and listening to the sounds of their fucking had gotten both Fred and
Velma more than a little turned on. Once they'd climbed into the back, Velma
wasted no time.

Kneeling between Fred's legs, she unfastened his jeans and pulled out his
throbbing cock.

"Ruh-Roh, rot again," complained Scooby, who had poked his head over the seat
to find out why they'd pulled over. After seeing Velma go for Fred's pants,
he slumped back down in the rear seat and put his paws over his ears.

Velma ignored him and bent to the task at hand. Her tongue circled around the
knobby head and flicked against the sensitive underside. As she licked him,
she cupped his balls and squeezed them gently. Sucking cock was one of
Velma's favorite activities, and a warmth radiated through her as her pussy
got wet while her mouth pleasured Fred's dick.

"Oh god Velma, that feels so good," panted Fred as she wrapped her lips
around the tip and sucked just the head as she slowly stroked his shaft with
her hand. His hips jerked upwards as he tried to thrust more of his throbbing
cock into the moist heat of her mouth. He groaned loudly as she opened her
lips wider and accepted more of his hardness.

Velma slipped her hand into her skirt and panties and delved between her
moist folds, her fingers searching for the hard little button nestled within.
When she found the swelling nub, a moan rolled from her. The vibrations
thrummed up Fred's cock, sending a rush of pleasure through his body.

The sight of her pink lips wrapped around his cock and her arm disappearing
down her skirt sent Fred into a wild lust filled frenzy. He grabbed her arms
and pulled her up into his lap. "Fuck me Velma," he growled as he shoved her
orange turtle neck up to reveal her full bosom.

She pushed aside the moist crotch of her panties, and taking Fred's cock in
hand, rubbed the fat head against her downy covered lips. With one swift
plunge, she dropped down and impaled her tight little pussy on his iron rod.
Holding on to his shoulders for support, she slid up and down his coat, the
creamy juices of her cunt coating his shaft as she rode him.

Throwing her head back, she moaned as his lips closed over a turgid nipple.
Shock waves of pleasure rolled through her as his tongue cradled her peak
while his mouth sucked hungrily. Her body was alive with ecstasy as she
fucked Fred, his cock splitting open the pink petals of her cunt and burying
itself deep inside her juicy walls each time she plunged down onto him.

Her mind grew foggy, and the muscles of her body grew taut as pleasure
raced through her. As she wantonly fucked him, her pussy ground against him,
shooting hot sparks of pleasure through her body each time her engorged clit
mashed against his pelvic bone. The tension in her body screamed and then
melted as a loud moan ripped from her.

The rippling of her tight pussy muscles around his thrusting shaft shredded
Fred's control and he lunged upwards, his cock ramming deep inside her
pulsing cunt as he shot spurts of hot cum, bathing her juice coated walls
with his milky liquid. Their cries filled the van as they came together,
their bodies still wildly fucking each other as release crashed through them.

As their frenzied movements slowed to a halt, Velma collapsed forward, her
head resting on Fred's chest. Their ragged breathing gradually slowed as the
couple came down from the orgasmic high which saturated their being. Cum
leaked from her well fucked cunt as she lifted her leg and moved off Fred's

"Rout time," Scooby muttered from the back seat as the bouncing and moaning
from the seat in front finally stopped. I've got to find a bitch in heat, he
thought. All the fucking the humans did made him ache for some sex of his

"Like, how about some lunch?" Shaggy asked as Fred and Velma slowly
straightened their clothing.

"Men!" said Daphne as she rolled her eyes. "I swear you only think about two
things... sex and food!"

"Like, what else is there?" Shaggy responded, a toothy grin splitting his

"Rothing!" added Scooby from the back seat. The gang laughed merrily as the
Mystery Machine headed towards their favorite taco joint.


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