Scooby-Doo: Inside the Mystery Machine Part 5 (MF)
by Sexxy Vixen

"Hey Shaggy, why don't you pull over and come back here and join us?" Daphne
asked as she sat on the mattress beside Fred, who remained tied up with her
green scarf.

"Rut r I rupprosed to do?" mumbled Scooby, who was getting increasingly tired
of listening to the humans fuck.

"There's a park nearby buddy. How about I pull over there and let you
out? You could get some exercise and maybe find a girl doggy to keep you

Scooby's ears perked up at the mention of a girl dog. "Rokay," he growled as
his tail thumped against the seat.

"Looks like Scooby's excited at spending some time with a lady friend," Fred
said with laughter in his voice.

Shaggy pulled the Mystery Machine over to the curb at the park and reached
over to open the door for Scooby. "We're going park across the street over
there," he said as he pointed to an alleyway nestled between two brick
buildings that housed shops. "I'll pull back up here when we're ready to

Scooby just nodded his head and wagged his tail in response and then leapt
from the passenger seat to land in the soft green grass. Barking happily, he
bounded towards a large tree, relieved himself, and then trotted away to find
a companion.

Once parked deep in the narrow alley across from the park, Shaggy climbed in
the back with Fred and Daphne. She lay naked and stretched out beside Fred.
Shaggy didn't bother asking Daphne what she wanted; he simply dived between
her creamy thighs and spread them wide. That was one of the many things she
loved about him, he never minded eating her pussy, even if it was full of

She moaned lustily when his fleshy tongue flicked over her clit. The mingled
juices of her and Fred's recent fuck smeared all over Shaggy's mouth and chin
as he licked around her slit. The smoldering heat in her pussy grew hotter as
Shaggy's tongue played over her swollen lips.

"Oh god," she groaned when his fleshy muscle stabbed inside her to dig out
the remaining juices that hadn't already leaked from her pink opening. She
turned her head and looked at Fred, his eyes glazed over with lust as Shaggy
dined on Daphne's cunt. She kept eye contact, knowing the fact he couldn't
touch her was driving him wild.

Her body jerked and her eyes rolled back in her head when Shaggy's tongue
trailed down her slit to circle around the rim of her pucker. "Oh yeah
Shaggy, lick my ass. Get me so hot that I'm begging you to fuck me."

Shaggy needed no encouragement. Eagerly, he licked around her asshole,
feeling her rosebud twitch beneath his tongue as it relaxed under his wet
assault. Daphne bucked against his mouth, her eyes tearing away from Fred's
as the tingles of fiery pleasure ran from her ass to her pussy.

"Get up on your hands and knees Daph," said Shaggy as he grabbed her hips and
helped her roll over. Once she was in position, he spread her firm cheeks
open with his fingers and buried his face in her crack. His tongue stabbed
against her pucker, pushing inside the tight opening and coating it with
wetness. Daphne rocked her ass backwards, tilting it towards him as he tongue
fucked her.

A shudder rolled through her when his finger slid inside her pussy to pull
out her juices. He rubbed them into her hole and then pressed against the
pucker with the tip of his finger. "Oh god yes," she whimpered as his finger
slid inside her snug passage. He pressed it around inside her, stretching her
tight ring of muscle. Before adding a second finger, he reached behind him
and pulled out a tube of KY Jelly from the pocket on the back of the driver's
seat. He squirted a big dollop onto her asshole and worked it in as he pushed
the second finger inside her.

Daphne's red locks swung gently around her face as she moved back onto his
fingers. Heat suffused her ass as his long digits fucked and stretched her
anal tunnel. Fred watched, his cock once again standing at full attention as
his eyes remained locked on the sight of Daphne's tight ass being obscenely
stretched around Shaggy's fingers. "Please Daphne, let me go," he begged. He
wanted to jack off while Shaggy fucked Daphne in the ass. A growl of
frustration passed his lips when Daphne grinned wickedly and shook her head.
"Damnit!" he cursed.

On top of having pleasure running rampant through her body from Shaggy's
thrusting fingers, she was also highly aroused by the fact that Fred was
watching... and that he was helpless to do anything about his own arousal.
Shaggy's fingers were now easily gliding in and out of Daphne's ass, and
she needed more. "Fuck my ass Shaggy!" she cried. "Fuck me with your big

He grabbed the lube and squirted a generous amount in his hand which he
slathered all over his throbbing cock. Spreading her cheeks wide with his
fingers, which dug deeply into her firm flesh, he pushed against her asshole.
The tight muscles resisted at first but gave way to his insistent pressure as
he pushed harder.

Daphne moaned loudly as the fat head of his cock popped through the rings.
Her breath came in ragged gasps as he stilled to give her time to adjust.
When she began to rock, he thrust forward, sliding another couple of inches
into her. He didn't want to hurt her and intended to continue slowly until he
was completely seated inside her, but Daphne was having none of that. She
shoved her ass backward and impaled herself on his hard cock. A loud cry tore
form her throat as an intense wave of ecstasy crashed through her.

The unexpected thrust threatened to drain Shaggy's balls, and he only managed
to hold back by digging his fingers into Daphne's taut cheeks so hard his
nails bit into her skin, leaving red half moon marks on her creamy skin.
After a deep, steadying breath, he began to move within her constricting
passage. In dismay, he realized the deep thrust had cost him, and he wouldn't
last long.

Hoping to bring Daphne off before he lost control, Shaggy reached around and
slipped his fingers between the glistening folds of her pussy. She jerked
against him when his fingers grazed across her clit. As he plunged over and
over into her tight ass, he furiously stroked her clit, his fingers circling
around and over her slippery nub.

She whimpered and moaned as molten lava flowed through her body. It began
as a tingle in her clit and quickly grew to an overwhelming intensity. Her
breasts jiggled beneath her as her ass slammed back against his thick cock
while his fingers stroking her clit drove her passion to the brink. Her
tight ass muscles squeezed and rippled around his dick as her body shook
with spasms.

With a loud cry, Shaggy lost control and flooded her snug passage with hot
cum. Tremors raced through her body as the orgasm faded. Shaggy's cock
slipped from her ass, and he sat down, his back leaning against the rear of
the driver's seat as he recovered from the quick fuck.

"Don't worry Fred," panted Daphne as she rolled to her side and threw her
arm over his broad chest. "You'll get to be in on the next round."

Fred's cock twitched in anticipation as he waited for Daphne to catch her
breath and be ready for round three.


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