Scooby-Doo: Revenge Of Harry The Hypnotist Part 1 (MFF,mc,oral,anal)
by Hamster

The Scooby Gang had come to see the circus and the girls had gone off in a
different direction from the guys. Little did they know an old friend was
already working there...

Harry the hypnotist had spent years in prison and after being released into
society "Fully Reformed" he decided to turn to the life of a circus clown.
In truth though he was not reformed in the slightest, he craved revenge like
nobody's business, he wanted to take sweet revenge on the meddling kids who
had sent him to prison years ago causing him to become Bruno in Cell Block
D's own personal bitch for three years. So when he saw the two bitches that
had helped send him to prison, he realized what he had to do. The two girls
where rounding a corner and came straight onto the path with the clown. Harry
dangled a swinging pocket watch in front of them.

"You are becoming very drowsy.......... you are now in my power.........when
I snap my fingers you will awaken as my willing will do
anything I demand of you" Harry recited as the girls' eye lids became droopy
and their eyes glazed over.

"Follow Me," He commanded his mindless pets.

Harry had led Daphne and Velma into a quite, private tent.

"Take your cloths off," the clown ordered.

Daphne and Velma complied. Harry placed a hand on Velma's ass and squeezed.
She merely stared forward.

"He, he, he!"

He grabbed Velma's tits kneading them and pinching the nipples. This elicited
a soft moan from his victim.

"On your knees." Harry ordered.

Velma knelt in front of him. Harry pulled out his prick out and stuck it to
Velma's mouth.

"Blow me." He ordered.

Velma ran her tongue along Harry's cock licking the shaft and laying little
kisses along its side. She took the tip into her mouth and swallowed the
whole thing into her mouth up to the base. She pumped her head against the
cock hard sucking with all her might. Harry's eyes rolled back in his head
in pleasure as he fucked Velma's mouth with all his might. As he felt his
building climax he pulled his dick out of her mouth and came on her face
making sure to coat her glasses and her cute little freckles. Harry felt
some pressure building in his bladder. With a loud groan he pissed all over
Velma's face washing away some of the cum. Harry laughed at the thought of
all the humiliating things he'd do to the pair.

"Daphne on your hands and knees." Harry commanded.

The pretty red head quickly obeyed. Harry stepped up behind her. He squeezed
Daphne's ass cheeks hard and leaned down to suck on one of the buns laying a
hard bite on it. Instinctively Daphne let out a yelp. Harry was hard and
ready to go again. He took his cock and guided it to Daphne's ass. Grabbing
a hand full of her red hair he pulled back on her head while thrusting his
cock forward into her tight anus. He pistoned in and out slamming his cock
into the beautiful red-head over and over until he finally erupted in her

"You bitches are going to my fuck toys forever! Revenge is mine!" Harry began
to laugh hysterically.

To be continued?
_ _ _

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