Don't read this if you're under 18 and don't try this at home. Frankly, I
can't believe no one has done something about this before. I honestly thought
MAW or Arcane or someone would have done this first. Well, folks, here it is,
the completion of the fantasy many of us had when we first saw it, the Holy
Grail of cartoon hypnosis, the story we've always wanted to see completed.
Hope you like it. Enjoy.

Scooby Doo: Scooby-Doo And The Ghost Clown - The Lost Scene (MF,mc)
by Anynom

"Fred?" Daphne looked around the small dressing room, searching for her
friend. "Fred, are you there?" She shook her head. Sometimes, this whole
mystery business was more trouble than it was worth. It wasn't like they
were getting paid for this, driving around the countryside and solving
cases. It was partly their love of adventure, partly a way of killing time.
It certainly wasn't for variety. If Daphne saw one more two-bit crook
dressed in a stupid ghost costume, she'd scream.

Right now, she was a bit too busy searching for her friend. As usual, the
gang had decided to split up to search out this so-called Ghost Clown.
Actually, Daphne was pretty sure only she, Fred and Velma were actually
searching. She was positive that Shaggy and Scooby were either binging
themselves at one of the circus' concession stands or hiding inside the
Mystery Machine, cowering in fear at the slightest sound. It was up to
Daphne and her friends to turn up any clues and right now, Daphne wasn't
sure she could even do that.

A rustling sound suddenly drew her attention. She turned to a nearby rack
of costumes and saw a gloved hand holding a brilliant coin, attached to a
chain. The coin spun in the air, the light glinting off, making it an
unresistable object. Daphne's eyes were glued to the spinning coin, watching
it spin, the light bouncing off of it and into her eyes, an unresistable

"You will pay attention for a time, then all your thoughts shall be mine."
Sticking his head out of the rack was the Ghost Clown. He was dressed in a
bizarre red and black outfit, his face a white mask under a large pointed
hat. His face seemed designed to elicit fear more than laughter, his grin
a truly disturbing thing to see. "You cannot fight, you cannot win, all you
can do is to give in. Don't speak, don't make a peep, simply fall into a
deep, deep sleep. Now, come what may, all you can do is to obey. Watch the
pretty coin of gold and you will do as you are told."

Under his mask, Harry the Hypnotist smiled as he watched Daphne's eyes shut
as she fell under his power. He stepped out from behind the rack, pleased
that his plan to ruin the circus had snared him a lovely addition. He had
been putting people in trances for years and knew he had an exceptionally
compliant subject before him. With her friends occupied, the closest one
locked inside a box, he could take time to sample his goods. "Open your eyes
but remain asleep. Watch the coin and continue to go deep." He watched as
Daphne's eyes fluttered open and fixed on the coin. She was under now, time
to have some fun.

"You cannot help but to do everything I tell you to," the Ghost Clown said.
"You will do anything I say without duress, now hurry up and undress." The
Ghost Clown watched as Daphne slowly began to disrobe. Her dress went first,
leaving her in purple bra and panties with those weird stockings on as well.
She dropped the bra, revealing a pair of firm breasts that hung well on her
thin frame. She let her panties fall as well and bent down, lowering her
stockings and letting her ass hang in the air for the Ghost Clown to admire.
She finally stood in place, the headband in her orange hair the only clothing
she wore.

The Ghost Clown undid a button on the lower half of his costume, freeing his
hard cock. "Obedience and pleasure go hand in glove. Now come to me and make
love." He moved forward and embraced Daphne, pulling her to him. He ran his
hands up to her full breasts and squeezed them. Daphne sighed in delight, her
entranced mind only able to comprehend what the Ghost Clown wanted her to.
She felt him pick her up and wrapped her legs around his waist, allowing him
to push her against a wall. With Daphne now supported, the Ghost Clown could
now allow his cock to push into her. He didn't kiss her, it would have been
difficult with the mask, but even so he felt to real attraction, only lust.
He grinned as he slammed his cock into her fresh cunt, loving the sense of
breaking into her vagina. He buried his head in between her breasts, letting
the cleavage envelop his face, the scent of lovemaking filling the room. He
grunted as he came into her, her cry muffled by the room but still rather

The Ghost Clown disengaged himself from her and watched as the hypnotized
woman slid down to the floor. He would love to take her again, but he knew
her friends would be looking for her and he wasn't about to risk using his
talents on several people at once. Looking at the naked Daphne, an idea came
to him. He reached over and pulled a ballerina costume out of the rack. "Put
this on now, my dear and you will have no fear. You will do as I desire and
skill within you shall be inspired."

The Clown watched as Daphne worked herself into the ballerina outfit. His
instructions to make herself the star of the show worked well as she even
did her hair up in a bun to help the image. The sight of it fueled his
desire and the Clown could feel his cock build with excitement. "On your
knees before me and pleasure will be given to thee. Take the rod of the
Clown and suck and suck everything down." Daphne immediately fell to her
knees and took his hard cock in her hands and put in her mouth. She went
to work with joy, her lips encircling the hard rod, taking it deep in her
mouth. The Ghost Clown gripped her by the head and pulled her in, forcing
her to take him in deeper and deeper. The Clown couldn't wait, he felt
himself let go, his wad blasting down her throat, his cum quickly sucked
away by the eager orange-haired woman.

Sliding his cock out and redoing his costume, the Ghost Clown quickly pulled
out a unicycle and moved it forward. "Get on the unicycle and do what you
will, you will ride it with the utmost skill. When you awaken, you will
forget and the memories your mind won't get. But, should you see the pretty
coin of gold, you will again do as you are told." With that, the Ghost Clown
set her on her way, watching as she pedaled the unicycle off, her vacant eyes
unseeing before her. He smiled under his mask. This was going better than he
thought and there were still plenty of games to play. It wasn't like a bunch
of kids and a dog were going to stop him.


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