Scooby Doo: Scooby Dooby Do It To Me
by Webmistress Boo

An other Creepy Spooky night and Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy and Scooby Doo
are trekking through another dark creepy museum trying to solve another kooky
mystery. Fred and Daphne are waiting for Shaggy, Velma and Scooby to lure the
Naked Knight into their fool proof trap. Once Scooby, Velma and Shaggy run
through the door Fred and Daphne will push over a book case onto the Knight.
While Fred and Daphne position the book case Daphne snags her stockings on
splinter protruding from the book case.

"Ouch", Daphne cries "I ripped my stocking on this icky bookcase."

"Here let me see, are you OK."

"I think so Freddie, but maybe you should take a look."

"OK, why don't you sit down on this chair and let me take a look."

Daphne sits on an armchair still covered with a dusty white sheet. She holds
up her right leg, the hem of her already too short skirt as Freddie held her
pink stocking encased ankle. "Higher Freddie", Freddie gets down on his knees
and starts his way up her leg.


"Higher Freddie."


"Higher Freddie."

"Uhm Daph, I can't get much higher without lifting your skirt."

"So lift it, and why don't you take your shirt off while your at it."

"Daphne, what about the trap for the Knight."

"I have the trap for your Knight right here," Daphne purred "And you know
how long it takes those three to do anything. They probably stopped to get
something to eat."


"Oh Shut up and take that shirt off, NOW!"

Freddie begins to peel his shirt off revealing a well developed torso with
bulging pecs and a washboard stomache. Meanwhile Daphne stands and takes her
dress over her head. She stands there long legs encased in pink stocking held
up by garter belts. Her C-cup tits standing proudly deep rosey pink nipples
standing hard. Her pussy set off by a neatly trimmed triangle of auburn hair.
Daphne drops to her knees in front of Freddie and works his belt and zipper,
unleashing his trouser snake.

"Now that's a Daphne Snack. MMMMMM!" She smacks her lips once as she engulfs
Freddies thick 8 inch member and takes it all the way into her mouth burying
it partly down her throat on the first lick.

"Ughn," Freddie groans and pushes Daphne down on her back. Straddling her
face Freddie leans forward in a man on top 69. "Spread those legs you little
slut, you wanted some your gonna get it, teasing me all these years." Freddie
bends forward and buries his face in Daphne's dripping snatch.


"Velma, hun, hun, hun, I guess that the Knight isn't down here. We can go
to the Malt Shop now, right?" Shaggy says.

"Just a minute you scardy cat."


"Sorry Scooby, Scardy dog, too."


"We still haven't looked up in the attic. We passed a ladder two rooms ago,
lets head back."

"Do we have, too?"

"Yes, now move!"

Velma being annoyed with Shaggy and Scooby moves to the ladder first and
starts up. When she is just above head level, Shaggy looks up and spy's
right up Velma's skirt.

"Hey Scoob, look at that. She isn't wearing any panties."

"Ry know. Ry can smell her russy. She must be rexited."

Shaggy laughs and begins up the ladder after Velma. Not looking where he
is going he soon catches up and has his head just inches below Velma's skirt.
With one leg on one rung and the other on the next higher rung Velma's pussy
is spread open like a taco. Velma's is pushing at a trap door to the attic.
Just when Shaggy thinks he can sneak a prolonged peak she looks back. "Why
don't you get your eyes off my trap door and help me get this one opened. We
have a knight to catch."

Shaggy moved behind Velma his tounge tracing it's way up her legs to her
waiting pussy.

"The door Shaggy."

The two of them pushed to door opened and Velma crawled up first. Once she
gets to the landing she turns toward Shaggy sits down and spreads her legs
wide, her pussy lips spread open and glistening wet. "How bout a Scooby
snack?" Velma says finger her pussy.

"Rokay" Scooby says, being the first up the ladder.

"Not you Scooooooooooooohhhhhhhh!!!"

Before she can finish Scooby has his nose buried in her waiting pussy and he
is lapping away. Velma's head rolls back and she grabs the back of Scooby's
head and pulls him in closer.

Shaggy come up and strips out of his close, "Wait for me," as he positions
himself so Velma can suck his thin but long cock.


Freddie is sitting in the armchair naked as Daphne straddles his cock.

"Geepers Freddie, Fuck me deeper." Daphne plunges repeatedly down on his
thick cock her pussy juice polishing his member with her juices. "Oh yess

"Oh Daphne, yes fuck me harder. You are so tight, I can't believe we never
did this before."

"Oh yes Freddie, deeper, I can feel you so deep, your going to make me cum.
Oh yes, that's it, stick your finger up my ass."

"My finger? I'm not sticking my finger in your ass."

"That's not a finger. Hope you two meddling kids don't mind me joining you."

In unison Daphne and Freddie, "The Naked Swordsman!"

"Don't stop!" whines Daphne, "Deeper, fuck me deeper!"

"Oh yes I can feel his cock rubbing mine inside you."

Daphne speeds up her bumping taking every inch of Freddie and the Swordsman.
Sweat glistening on her back. "Oh yes!!! I want you to both cum in my mouth."

In unision both Freddie and the Swordsman, "I'm going to cum!"

Both withdraw and position themselves in front of Daphne who jerks both their
cocks in unison into her waiting mouth. Cum spurt in all directions hitting
Daphne in her mouth, which she gobbles, but also goes stray. "Oh no my hair.
Oh well."

The three finish up. "I guess we are finished here lets find Scooby and the
others. Why don't you join us Naked."

* * *

Velma's glasses are all fogged up as Scooby has licked her to orgasm after
orgasm. "Jinkees, I need more. Lie down Shaggy."

"HHHHuuuuhhh, sure."

Velma positions herself with her back to Shaggy. As she looks down her
glasses fall off. "Jinkees, oh well, I shouldn't need my glasses for this."
She grabs Shaggy's cock and begins to lover herself, but withouth her glasses
she misses. "Ooops. Oh no Scooby Wait I don't think. Uuuuhhhhnnngggnhhh."

Scooby, who wants a piece too puts his paws on Velmas shoulders. Velma misses
her pussy and Shaggy's cock buries itself up her ass. Scooby licks her face
as Shaggy grabs her tits from behind and begins to pinch her nipples.

"Oh yes Shaggy, fuck my ass. Jinkess you feel so good." Velma fingers her
pussy as Shaggy pulls her back toward him.

"Oh boy oh boy oh boy!" Scooby says as he mounts Velma from the front and
works his Scooby cock into her waiting pussy.


Shaggy and Scooby laugh as they give Velma what for. Scooby and Shaggy
pumping away.

"OH Scooby I didn't know you were hung so well, keep going."

Velma remained sandwiched between Scooby and Shaggy as they fucked her with
the same vigor they would have shown a banquet table filled with hot dogs
covered in chocolate sauce.

"I'm going to cum Velma and Scoob, oh God I'm going to cum!"

"So am I, Cum inside me, I want to feel you cum inside me!"

"Ro God, Rime Rumming Rime Rumming."

"Oh God Scooby, how much Scooby spooge do you have?"

"Yeah Scoob, how much are you going to spurt, I can feel it running down
my Shaggy balls."

"Very nice performance you three. While you were having fun we found the
swordsman," Freddie jokes.

"So where are your clothes?" Velma querries.

"Well the Swordsman is a very nice man, and he really know's how to kiss
a lady's ass, or fuck a lady's ass I should say." Daphne blushes. "Why don't
we clean you three up and go somewhere for a malt, and maybe a little more
fucking. We could always switch partners. I think I would like to see how
that beautiful Scooby cock feels."

"Well, I'm kind of a mess, but if you guys help clean me up a litte."

"I'll do it," says Daphne who dives tounge first into Velma's dripping pussy.

"Oh Scooby, you and Velma taste very good together."

"Heh Heh Heh!"

The naked Knight sighs, "Gee am I glad I met you meddling kids."

"heh heh!"



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