(Featuring Mei Ling, Chris, Dr. Joan Goodfew and Alexandra Viggi )

Scooby-Doo: Scoobyuri - A Lesbian Compendium Part 9 - The Support Group Orgy (aka Sexual 'Intervention') (FF,FFFF,oral,toys,anal)
by Victor2K


"Wait just a minute, please...", Chris ran to her apartment's intercom as it buzzed like maniac and picked up to see who was calling. "Chris here, who's talking?"

"It's Mei Ling here. Me and the girls are here to talk with you"

"About what?", questioned the triple-colored haired girl.

"Just let us in and we can talk, Chrissy"

"Alright", the girl pressed the button letting her friend to go upstairs. Chris didn't seem to be in a good mood to talk, but she couldn't leave Mei in the cold because of her.

The short-haired girl heard the door knock and rushed to open. Waiting to her, wasn't only just Mei Ling, but the blonde Italian Alexandra Viggi and the zoologist Dr. Joan Goodfew were at the door, much to mild surprised chagrin.

"What you three want?"

"We just came here to visit you. See how you are doing", answered Joan.

"I am going well, thanks for asking..."

"Your face doesn't show it, Chris", commented Alexandra, holding two bottles of fine Italian wine. "And judging by what you posted on Facebook, we had to come"

"Ohrrrr", the ride amusement park designer shown a few of her rage. "I shouldn't posted that! You came for an intervention!"

"Well, it's not an intervention since you aren't addicted. We just came to see if you are going well", said Mei Ling.

"I am going well, Mei. I just don't want to talk much about that"

"I brought some wine, and I will not leave without having a good reason to drink it", stated Alexandra, showing her the bottles.

"And girlfriend are always to help each other", added the blonde zoologist.

Chris thought a little, and seeing that the trio of women wouldn't leave that easily, she decided to let them in.

"Alright, you can enter... but I don't think if I can talk about anything right now"
"Don't worry, Chris. I think drink a glass of wine can help you to feel better"

Mei, Joan and Alexandra set location inside the short haired girl's apartment, as the blonde tour guide arranged some glasses where she could pour the wine in. Chris sit on the couch, watching the girls crisscross her home.

"I appreciate your effort girls, but I told you I am alright"

"You can say you are alright, but deep inside yourself, your soul is annoyed", replied the Hong Kong brunette. "And you know what the old knowledge says about troubled souls"

"Please, Mei, save me from this bullcrapping Eastern self-help shit", Chris said harshly to her friend.

"Stop mumbling and take a glass here", Alexandra poured the wine on it and served to the young girl. "Now you feel good to just be 21?"

While Chris decided to drink a sip, Joan set herself at the couch, near the triple-colored ride designer. The blonde Italian sit on a chair beside the couch while Mei was standing up close to the wall, all waiting for cheering the girl, who could had a big fight with her twin sister and half-owner of the Thrill Ride Park, Terry.

"We won't leave without having a conversation with you, Chris", said the safari hatted scientist.

"Why I should talk? You all know my sister is a tool of a person"

"It won't help if you complain like this", said Alexandra.

"Sorry if I don't have pleasant words to say about her, Viggi", harshly commented Chris.

"If you open yourself to us, it will be a great way to start to feel really better", replied Mei Ling.

Chris thought to herself for a while, before conceding to her guests, maybe because they wouldn't leave the place that easy before they had their talk with her.

"It's nothing... it's... my sister is again taking bragging about stuff I did and she is taking me away from park promotion"

"But the park is from both of you. I still don't understand why she could play a mean thing like that to you?" questioned the Asian.

"Because she is a mean bitch and she exists only to make my life miserable!", loudly complained the short-haired.

"I understand what you've been through, Chris. My brother used to pick with me a lot when we were kids, and girl, I had to get along with lots of burden", replied Mei Ling.
"Me too. My family is big and I am the middle kid. Me and my siblings are just blessed to get through the childhood unharmed", commented Joan.

"I am only child, but I still understand you, Chris", said the blonde tour guide.

"Sometimes I just wish to get her and give Terry the beating that asshole deserves", angrily said the triple-color haired girl, while clenching her fists and thinking about kicking her twin sister's ass.

"I don't think that can solve your problem in long-term manners. If you sister gives you a lot of trouble, you should talk with her about it"

"Joan, I did it. I already talked with her, but that airheaded tool keeps messing with the park and my life. I think the only solution it's quit the park or else"

"I do not think that you should quit that easily", said Alexandra, while drinking her glass of wine. "Thrill Ride belongs to you and her. Without your mind and hard work, that place will be a mess!"

"I think it should be deserved by the pain she causes on me"

"Chris, we all think that you have your own reasons to be mad with Terry, but you must think about that and not taking too harsh decisions that you might regret sooner or later", reminded Mei Ling.

"I don't know", whispered the ride designer. "I didn't even feel okay to talk about that with you, girls. I am sorry if I wasted the time of you three with me"

"Friends do not waste their time while lending a helping hand to another friend", said Alexandra.

"Sorry, girls... but I am so angry that I think I need to be alone and relax myself. Those arguments rusted my mind and body"

"Well, I think we can help you to relax", said Joan.

"With what?"

"Well, you recommend it, Chrissy", pointed Joan Goodfew.

"What you have in mind, doc?", answered Chris.

"You are the 'patient' here, so it's up to your wishes"

"I don't know...", Chris said before putting her hand on the blonde zoologist's thigh and changing her voice's tone."Maybe I can have some ideas..."

"Oh, look at you. I hope you aren't faking it just for teasing me", Joan noticed the shorthaired girl's move on her.

"Since you three are here, how about we let my problems behind and just relax a little. Could that happen?"

"Well... I don't know...", Joan said before launching her hand at Chris' thigh. "Are you really in the mood or you want to see if we can pay the bluff?"

"No bluff at all, darling. I don't want to rant about my sister and I think you and the girls can help me to overcome it in a different way"

Both women touched each other's thighs, while Mei Ling and Alexandra watched the scene enfold in front of them. Without much hesitation, the blonde and the triple-colored hair girl kissed each other in front of the other two girls.

"I never thought it could go that quick for them"

"Maybe we should pay respect to them and join, right Mei?"

"I am in!", the Hong Kong girl said as her and Alexandra approached Joan and Chris kissing section. Mei sits close to Chris and touched the ride designer's body while she kissed the scientist. The Italian watched them kiss right in front of the couple, feeling herself getting aroused by the scene.

"Hmmm... that feels so good..."

The Asian brunette waited an opening from Chris and put her mouth at the shorthaired's neck, kissing and licking it as she shared a moment of love with Joan. Alexandra took an opportunity to unbutton her pants and touch herself, already getting wet by the lesbian build-up scene. After both girls finished kissing, Mei Ling helped the ride designer to free herself from her tee, revealing a braless bosom.

The Asian touched both Chris' boobs in order to make her nipples hard, then kissing the young girl as the zoologist decided to take her mouth to suck her perky tits, joined by the European girl.

"Hmmmmm... oohhhh...hmmmmmpph..."

The park owner enjoyed the action, feeling her body getting relaxed with her friends's foreplay. Now switching kisses with all the three women, Chris managed to keep some of her anger toward her twin sister away from her mind.

"You three are amazing!"

"Thanks, but this is only the beginning, kid..." said Joan, while licking one of her nipples.

"When we finish, you will praise God for letting us in!" added the blonde Italian.

* * *

The next, and obvious, step was everyone to get naked on that room and ready for the real deal. Joan managed to sit with her legs above Chris' head, and her pussy being licked by the young designer. Between the triple-colored hair girl, a doggy-styled Alexandra found herself giving the home owner oral pleasure, and behind her, Mei Ling used her mouth and fingers to please the Italian.

"Dr Goodfew, the taste of your pussy is amazing! Your scent is mesmerizing!", said Chris.

"It's now just for your pleasure, sweetie", the blonde zoologist replied, moaning with the girl's tongue skills.

The Thrill Park half-owner alternate that licking with moans, given by Alexandra's tongue, gently sweeping itself around the girl's shaved slit, bearing with the Hong Kong girl's smart fingers doing both of her holes.

"Hmmm... yeah.... Amore!...Yeah! Fottermi! Fottermi!"

"God, Alexand...hmmmmpphhh... fuck....ahhh.... Mmmpphh".

Chris continued to delight herself with Dr. Goodfew's tasty pussy and Alexandra's oral action, tonguing and getting tongued in the middle. Her mind wasn't getting filled with trouble and anger, but with lust and comfort.

"Chris, eat that pussy! My God, you are so hot!", scream Joan.

The foursome kept that formation for a while, but soon it had to split for a while. Alexandra and Chis acquainted each other by doing a 69 at the floor while Joan knelt in front of Mei Ling and went to savor the Asian's erotic taste.

"Hmmm... yeah... oh, Joan..."

The acrobat showed her pleasure in the right way moaning with Joan's mouth placing on her genitals and making them its playground, licking and sucking Mei Ling's tender cunt.

"I love to eat your pussy, Mei! That snatch is so hot!"

By their side, Alexandra Viggi and Chris feasted themselves on sixty-niner self-pleasure, with the Italian on top and darting the triple-colored hair girl's cunt, as Chris wrapped her legs around the blonde European and taking the same procedure to her pussy.

"Hmmmm... ahhh... Yeahhhh!"

"Lick me, puttana! Lick Me! Ahhhhh!"

The cunnilingual-frenzy action went on, producing a good symphony of moaning and 'chanting' by the four women, involved on helping not only Chris, but each other as well.
"Ohhhh... my goodness... ahhh..."

Then, it was time for the once-licked girls show they can give as much as they can get. With Chris still laid on the floor, Dr. Goodfew opened her legs and planted her mouth all over the young lady's pussy. Then, Mei Ling had her pussy and asshole free for Alexandra use her fingers and mouth, as it happened in the first scene.

"Ooohhhh... ahhhhh... lick it!"

Being a zoologist and a very experienced bisexual, Joan knew how and where another female can get pleased. Using her knowledge on sexualities, the blonde lady with glasses and hat gave Chris all she could handle and take with her tongue going everywhere around her pussy.

"Uhhhh... Your tongue is so divine, Joan! Ahhhh! Lick it!"

"I am just giving what you gave me earlier, honey"

Alexandra was, on other hand, having good fun while eating Mei's pussy and using one or two of her fingers to penetrate the Asian's butthole. The tour guide wickedly smiled while watching her friend from the East moaning through her caresses.

"Ahhhh... Alexandra... ahhhh... oooohh!"

"Take that, puttana! Take that in your toppa i cullo!"

And how she took it! Well, every woman there took it so good, being licked and fingered by their respective lover. But there were more to come, since they needed to make Chris relax from her family trouble, so as well to each other get hooked in lesbian acts.

"The show must go on, ladies!"

Joan got the duties to fuck the theme park's owner with a strapon while the other two ladies filled the girl's ass with dildoes. As just the toys found their way inside both of her holes, Chris burst in pleasure, and even more when they started to go inside-outside her loveholes.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yesssssssssss! Ahhhhhhh!"

The short haired girl moaned while her three lovers made use of her intimate places to give her delightful thoughts. Joan tried to feel like a boy pumping the fake cock inside the girl's extremely damped snatch, as Mei and Alexandra tried to not stretch too much her ass due to the dildo using.

"Are your tension being relieved, Chris?", asked Dr. Goodfew.

"Yes! Yes! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

"Guess we need to keep doing it, doc", said the Italian.

The trio fucked Chris all that they could, pounding her holes swiftly in order to make her get the orgasm, which by the rhythm of the day, it didn't much longer to appear.

"I'm so close... yeahhh... oh yessss! That is it!"

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh! My Lord Jesus! Ahhhhhhhh"

The three women got satisfied on getting the shorthaired to have an orgasm, but they felt they needed to get some of that too. While Chris recovered itself, they joined in a feast of sex toys and oral action, forming a daisy chain, with Joan on Mei, Mei on Alexandra and Alexandra at Joan. Chris just watched the three women lick and fuck each other until they came, almost at the same time.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Yesssssssssss!"


"Porca Miseria! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!""

* * *

"Thanks for the help girls, and sorry if I felt too harsh with you today", excused Chris, while saying goodbye to the trio of girls.

"Come on. We understand you, Chrissy. I think you just needed to relax a little", gently said Alexandra.

"And by the way, there is lot of things that a good and hot lesbian sex can cure", added Mei Ling.

"You are right, Mei and Lexie. I think that shit with my sister just made me feel bad..."

"You are welcome, Chris. Anytime you want, we are here to help you", said Joan.

"Well", said a thoughtful ride designer. "Tomorrow morning, I'll attend a board meeting. And usually those meetings piss me off a lot"

"How about after lunch?", quickly suggested Mei, knowing where the young girl meant with that.

"I don't know. Maybe I need to go to museum, but I call you if I can't appear", said Joan.

"Don't worry, Joan. You can come anytime to help me relax as well, as all my girlfriends can come and give me a hot lesbian afternoon"

"Indeed", replied Alexandra.
The three girls kissed Chris and left, as the theme park owner went back to her home, picking her cellphone and dialing a number.

"Daphne? It's me, Chris. Yeah, I am going okay... well, listen, are you free Saturday? I'll need your help. I will have a meeting with my sister at our therapist and I need you to come to my house after that. For what? Well, just come her and I'll tell you. Just remind to wear your best underwear ok? Alright, see you Saturday..."

THE END (of this chapter)


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