Scoobyuri - A Lesbian Compendium Part 2 - Here is the Action That You've Been Waiting For (and the Other Side's Reaction)
by Victor2K ([email protected])

"Did you hear the idea Sunny showed to the girls? It's absurd!" was the veredict given by Velma Dinkley, while sipping a cup of coffee along with her best friend and part of Mystery Inc. crew Daphne Blake.

"I don't see it as absurd, Velma. It's daring, if I can speak," replied Daphne, much to the brunette's dismay.

"I can't believe you think that they can make something out of lesbian sex, Daphne! Jinkies! So typical of you..."

"If you let me explain, maybe this absurdness becomes less absurd to you, excuse me for the redundancy."

"I just can't think that something like that would become a viable project. And that all the other girls bought it right away!" said Velma in complete disbelief.

"I see your point, Velma. I think that is pretty much weird and also awkward an idea like that, but thinking better... I think it's something very interesting," replied Daphne.

"Just to speak, I am not against the idea; just don't think it might work well as Sunny thinks."

"She might have a few screws loose sometimes, but the girls really think that is best way to enter the spotlight. We are the stars of the show, we have our lives fully solved until they stop with the franchise, but they... they will go and nobody might remember of them. That's why I find some reason about this idea. They will get what they want doing what they like."

"Now that you mention, still feels absurd, but I can see it's pretty much clever what they want," said the brunette nerd.

"And, anyway, I think it will be a new thing being of supporting cast. Too much time being in the main cast made me somehow tired of all the lights on me," commented the redhead.

"You? Tired? Daphne Blake, you know I know you a lot... you ain't tired..."

"This is what YOU say... Don't you tell me that you, Velma Dinkley, the nerdiest girl ever, is in fact, a diva"

"It's not that!" protested Velma "It's... well, I like the attention they give me because of the show, I would never have it if I was just the girl next door."

"I understand... well, don't worry... now you are a star and you shall never think about what ifs or something else," cheered Daphne.

"You are right, Daph... Oh, shit. Jinkies, not again!"

"What happened?", asked the redhead.

"It was just mentioning of sex that I got myself damn wet! Dear God... my panties..." complained Velma.

"Hahahah..." Daphne laughed with the information. "Don't worry; let me take care of it, only if you want."

Velma felt the hand of Daphne going to her thigh and moving closer to where her panties were. Since both girls were also lovers, she shouldn't have to worry with her friend's move on her. And she wasn't worried about it.

"Jinkies! You can't lose any time, huh?"

"You know me. I am always here for everything, especially to help a good friend like you," Daphne said before the two girls shared a quick but passionate kiss.

"Shall we go to somewhere we can be the two of us alone?" proposed the redhead.

"Depends on what are you going to do with me..."

"You'll see..." Daphne whispered on Velma's ears before the two girls returned to kiss each other, as now both girls were putting hands across the thighs, just to find the way to the underwear.

Soon, the two girls followed to a room they rented for the weekend, and giggling between kisses, Miss Blake and Miss Dinkley embraced themselves in a moment of love. A moment between two friends that like and care about each other, and something that would only become deeper and nasty.

The two amateur detectives freed themselves of their signature clothes, both admiring each other's bodies, as usually happened every time they slept to each other. They made the possible for the guys never know about their affair, only the other girls being informed about how the popular girl and the geek chick hooked themselves in love and lust.

Daphne gently laid Velma on the bed, as the brunette took her bra off. Daphne lay on top of her and used her mouth to suck one of her breasts, while one of her hands traveled until the still panties-covered pussy of her best friend. The simple motion of the redhead's mouth around her nipples was enough to make Velma moan.

"Uhhhh... ahh... Daphne...."

Daphne pulled off Velma's panties and her fingers went to meet the already drenched pussy of her girlfriend, when the redhead entered two fingers inside it while still sucking those perky boobs.

"Uhhhh... Ahhh... Yeah! Fuck me Daphne! Fuck me!"

The redhead followed the nerd girl's orders and employed a quick pace in her finger strokes, but not enough to make an orgasm to be close. The brunette let herself wander into pleasing thoughts as they helped her to cope with the action.

"My fingers are what you need, Velma... just what you need..."

"Ahhhhhh... Yes... finger me, Daphne, finger me! Ahhhh! Fuck me!"

Daphne spent some time at her friend's boobs, but she was aiming something bigger than that and then travelled until Velma's crotch, where she didn't hesitated to bury her mouth and orally work her.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

With some aid of her fingers, the redhead worked all way to tease the nerd girl's clitoris while her tongue ran all over the labia and even the inner walls. She knew where Velma could feel more pleased, putting the effort at those spots.

"Eat my pussy! Eat my pussy!" Velma begged between delighting screams.

Daphne followed the instructions of her friend but she felt a little left off being only capable to give pleasure to her friend. The redhead removed her panties and moved herself to lie on top of Velma, with each other facing their pussies, which the brunette welcomed very well.

"If you wanted me to eat you, you just had to tell me!"

"But you were my priority. And now will still be!"

The scenario was mounted and the 69 quickly became truth as both ladies buried themselves into vaginas, Daphne kept the licking pace, as Velma replied gently, but soon she made herself matching with her best friend.

"Uhhhh... Ahhhhh!"

"Lick me! Lick me! Lick me! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Velma and Daphne put themselves the best that they could do in sex using their tongues to go all the way. Since being the bottom lady, Velma had more advantage than Daphne because she got most of the view to see here to eat while Daphne had to work a position to see more of the cunny, trying not to do just the upper parts and the clit.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh... Jinkies, Daphne! You are so goooood!"

"You too, Velma...uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

But as much as the girls ate each other's off, they couldn't stop the imminent feeling of the incoming orgasm. They tried to delay it by many ways, from slow licking from even plain teasing, but the result of two women love can't be stopped...

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh... Can't hold it anymore! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

"Yessss! I am going.........ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh God....... Going to..."


And so they came. And they came wonderfully, almost at the same time. The synchrony coming from their orgasm could intrigue anyone but it was pretty common among Daphne and Velma's sex relationships. Doing it together was the most incredible demonstration of love and care they found.

"Jinkies! You were great as usual, Daphne!" praised Velma, now rolling to her friend's sheet-covered body on the bed.

"This is what I have to say about you, Velma! You are the best girl ever!"

"I am very pleased to find you are getting amazing each time we do it."

"Let's say the Blakes always have something to show under the sheets..."

"I feel happy that there are Dinkleys over there that enjoy the full of it," commented Velma.

"Well, want to do something or wanna rest for a while?" asked Daphne.

"Later, we could see the girls. Now I can see that Sunny's idea isn't that absurd overall," the geek girl answered.

"You agreed with me before or after the orgasm?"

"Shut up! I was into all the time!"

"All the time since when?"

"Since you mentioned it, Daph. You know I am so stubborn to admit anything..."

"Stubborn... I know, you are tricking me, huh Velma?"

"Stop with that Daphne!"

Both girls faked a slap fight, then falling into giggling and kissing each other...

THE END (of this chapter)


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