Scoobyuri - A Lesbian Compendium
Chapter 03 - When Fun Starts to Get... Funny
(featuring Mei Ling, Heather Lane and Lena Dupree)
by Victor2K ([email protected])

(Fortunately, the plans for Scoobyuri weren't avoidable. There was nothing anyone could do to stop those girls to reach their targets. It was the only thing right to do, and they got it. Now, it's time for us to enjoy what the girls are doing with each other. And I advise you, it's hot.... Very hot...)

"Okie dokie... time for a rest for this little body..." Mei Ling thought to herself as entered her hotel room, after a shopping spree at Tasmania with some friends. It was a very tiresome day and she needed her body the needed rest for the night.

The Hong Kong girl removed her clothes and was getting ready to try the hot tub when her somebody knocked her door. To avoid being caught naked, she quickly found her robe and dressed her naked body in it.

"Who is?"

"It's us, Mei. Can you open the door?"

"Right, right". Mei Ling opened her door and there were Heather Lane and Lena Dupree maybe to come and drop by for a visit, since they shared a room at the same floor as Mei was.

"Hey, Lena, Heather... I didn't saw you all the day. What happened?"

"Well... we're... well, sort of, lost...", replied Heather.

"Lost? But how? I gave you the map so you couldn't get lost here in Hobart, for Pete's sake!"

"We had the map, but we got hungry and then there was other stuff here and there, like shopping, photos...", explained Lena. "When we saw, me and Heather were lost and we needed help from the cab drivers to come back.

"Really?" the Asian girl raised an eyebrow. "At least you two got to know the city then"

"Not quite as we wished to know, but we managed to buy some stuff and even we had that quickie, right Lena?" said the young American, as her and Lena walked into the hotel room.

"This is NOT to be supposed to mention..." Lena angrily whispered to her friend.

"I understand... Well, why are you here? I was about to get into the tub..."

"We came to ask if you wanted to do something tonight," answered Heather.

"Well, I don't know. I am too tired from the shopping, I wished to spend the rest of the day were in the hotel room."

"If you let us, we could make company with you at the tub" Lena proposed, before approaching and patting Mei Ling's buttcheek. "And, besides, we might spend the night with the only thing we can do to make you relax, right Heather?"

"Anything you want, Lena", as Miss Lane come over and patted the other buttcheek of the Asian girl.

"You two, rascals..." Mei light-heartily complained before giving in to the two Western girls wishes. "Darn, Ok, you two can go, but this time I will not ask for the expensive champagne!"

"Don't worry... We are more in the mood for some regular beverage..." said Lena.

"Alright then..." the Hong Kong woman agreed as she went to kiss both companions before escorting them to the tub.

Heather and Lena didn't waited any second to undress and jump in the partly covered by foam tub, with Mei Ling after them. Along with them, there were a few bottles of wine and glasses, which the girls would enjoy the night with.

"This is the best thing ever! You, your friends, a hot tub, wine and a lot of chit-chat to do!" happily said Lena Dupree, while sipping a glass of wine.

"After a lengthy shopping spree, the body needs a soothing!" added Mei Ling.

"I don't know you girls, but hot tubs always turn me on in an odd way," said Heather Lane.

"Being naked with water flowing around your pussy, who can't get horny?" giggled Lena.

"We are in three, so if there is a triple threat here... I agree totally," added Mei.

The words from Heather and girls would soon turn into truth as the day went through and the sexual subject prevailed at the tub. Adding the potential of alcohol and the table was set for desire, starting with the girls kissing each other between sips and the expected waterfall techniques.

"We are just here taking water on our bodies or we can get something different?" questioned Mei Ling as she went to give a big French kiss on wine-filled Lena's lips.

"It's the wine talking or it's you?" asked Heather.

"The two!"

"Under the foam, the young girl just watched with attention how the Asian and the Bayou girl kissed and rubbed their soaked bodies against each other, as her right hand went to find her pussy for masturbation reasons.

"You two kissing...ahh... God..." moaned Heather.

"Do you like it?" asked Mei with a wicked grin.

"Yeah... I love seeing two girls kissing."

"And how about two girls fucking?" inquired Lena as she helped Mei Ling to lift her out the tub. Knowing where this would lead, she led her legs apart with the brunette Southerner having herself about water and facing the wet (by water and by itself) pussy of her friend.

"Please, Lena, lick me like no one like you can!"

"Right, ma'am!"

Miss Dupree went to fulfill her erotic assignment; with her tongue circling the drenched outer lips of the acrobatic artist's slit. Lena held her hands close to Mei's thighs in order to make her more comfortable at that position and her being able to please her friend. Heather only could watch with patient and horny eyes.

"Ohhh... yeah! Eat me, Lena! Lick me!"

"Go, Lena, lick her! Eat that hot Asian cunt!"

Heather's support was met with enthusiasm by Lena, now buried onto Mei Ling's crotch, delivering oral pleasure to her friend all the ways she knew, going with her tongue to all the places she wanted and using her lips to suck the inner walls and playing with her clit. The American student enjoyed herself with heavy pussy-petting while watching, entertained with Mei's bilingual moaning.

"Heather, I know you don't want to feel out of this, so, jump off the water and join us!" Lena ordered to the brown-haired girl, who obeyed without any chance to objection, like there was any.

By the tub, Mei laid down on the cold floor (which didn't mattered much by the way), with Lena licking her on all fours, while under her own pussy, there was Heather, now proving her value with her licking skills.

"Uhhhhh... lick me Lena! Ahhhhh yeah..."

"Mmmm... eat...ahh... you two....ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... are soooooooooahhhhhhhhhhhhh... hot!"

With the alcohol killing any inhibitions any girl could have, the threesome went further on their sexual task. After a while, Mei decided to return the favor to Lena, now going behind the Bayou brunette and eating her cunt, meanwhile Heather stood up and asked to Lena to lick her off.

"Ahhhhh yeah! Ehhhhhh! Lenaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!"

"Ohhh... Heatherrrrr..ahhhhh..."

The young American burst in pleasure as Miss Dupree munched the carpet very well, tasting all the juices coming from Miss Lane, 'killing' the moans she gave with Mei's oral attacks.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Yesssssssssss! Slurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp!"

Mei Ling got herself bold and slapped a little the Southerner's ass. Lena didn't bother with it, since being too busy giving pleasure to young Heather. The Asian girl kept her work with tongue lashes and butt-spanking.

"Uhhhhhhh! Yeahhhhhhhhhhh!"


"Fuck it! Ahhhh! Lick me!"

The horniness present at the tub room wasn't there to stop that soon, with the three girls going hard on eating pussy, being the eaten ones, Heather and Lena, to hold more off the pleasure to not stop early the party.

"This...uhh... makes me...ahhhh.. think about asking again Miss Lenoire...ahhhh... to get another...uhhhh... girl to help us!"

"Seems...uhh... you really need a hand, or a ............yeahhhhhhhhh... tongue," replied Mei Ling.

"A helping hand or pussy...uffffff... is always needed!"

The tongues went all the way, and later Heather got the opportunity to have that Hong Kong cunny on her mouth while Lena used her hands to finger both young girl's love holes.

"Yeah! Yeah! Lick my pussy, Heather...ohhh.... Yeah!"

Mei got amazed on Heather's pussy-eating skills. Of course they had done each other on several moments, but until then, she never got knowledge of how the young American could lick her properly. Maybe is what they say, you learn with the time.


Mei Ling's mind traveled with the images both ladies gave to her while they fucked her, with Heather and Lena's hands, mouths and pussies dominating the scene. The fact of the younger girl being fingerfucked by Lena turned even more the Asian woman.

"Uhhhhhh... ahhh... yeah! Ahhhhhhhhhh... I got an idea!"

"What idea?" asked Heather.

"Don't worry, I'll be right back," said Mei, as she left the scene and came back in seconds with a small back, from where she took out a few dildoes

"All that? Seems you can't cope well with loneliness, aren't you?" Lena questioned with sarcasm, while still giving some fingering pleasure to Heather.

"You don't know if I could meet someone around for me use them... so, don't say anything, Madame Dupree and spread your legs out!"

The Southerner didn't hesitate on following the instructions and lay on floor, legs apart, with Heather giving support. Before Mei Ling could select a toy, both girls kissed each other with the passion the moment needed.

"Here! Let's go with it for now!"

Mei took out from her bag a blue rubber toy, that seemed not so 'hard' as a 'normal' one, but its mobility fit perfect for what the Asian had in mind. Making sure Lena's legs were wide as they could be, she rubbed the dildo's tip on the brunette's cunt, leaving it moist and 'lubed' for the next stage, where the sex toy got itself inserted inside Lena.

"Uhhhh...ahh... wow... that dildo..."

"Let's give you first a taste on how I can work your pussy off."

Mei Ling slowly penetrated the blue dildo into Lena's snatch and the Southerner replied with pleasure words. After one or two minutes of gentle 'strikes' inside, the Hong Kong girl found the way to stick the toy hard.

"Ohhh... yes! Ahhhh... fuck yeah!"

Spicing up the things, Lena watched Mei and Heather kissing each other while the dildo was getting inside her. The view of the two women having fun by themselves aroused her even more.

"Ohhhh... yeah... that is so hot, Mei!"

"I know, Heather!"

Miss Lane didn't wait much and took a toy from the bag and inserted into her pussy, while watching Mei going full force into Lena. Soon, there was two girls playing with toys and one that wasn't, but this was solved when Mei Ling replaced the rubber dildo with a two ended one, sharing the pleasure with Miss Dupree.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... uhhh.... Yes!"

The trio of ladies used the bag very well and a good number of sexual toys were used for their by-the-tub game, like Heather being subject of a 'double excursion' on her holes, where the two other girls doing a hard fuck with thick dildoes into her. Another sort of game was testing Lena's abilities on 'mouth-fucking', where she had a dildo into her lips and Mei sit on it carefully to avoid her friend to choke, and meanwhile Heather feasted on both ladies' boobs.

The dildoes only pushed them to the edge of the orgasm, and as being like they were praying for it, they came together, with toys inside of each love hole they had, screaming of delight the threesome gave to them...

After the sex night, the girls gave themselves big and wet kisses and took a rest, before taking again the tub, this time for other stuff than sexual...


"Hey, Sunny, it's me, Mei. Did you caught it all?"

"Yes, I did", Sunny St. Cloud answered at the other side of the line. 'We caught it all. You three were fantastic!"

"Great! First step done..."

"Girl, I came three times only to think you three doing it. You are three naughty ladies..."

"A hot tub and a bag full of sextoys help it, Sunny", said Mei Ling.

"I hope when you three come back, you have more stuff to share"

"Well, soon we will do it again. Mind if I turn the phone camera on and record it?"

"Only if it gives me more inspiration, sweetie..."

THE END (of this chapter...)


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