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Scooby-Doo: Scoobyuri - A Lesbian Compendium Part 04 - A Little Bit Of Woman Strength Here (FF,oral,anal,toys)
by Victor2K ([email protected])

"Again, Thanks for having the Blake Castle for my vacation's destination", said Miss Morimoto to Shannon Blake, as they were outside the building, witnessing the men and women working in the villages nearby.

"You don't need to thank me. You are a customer like anyone else and we need to serve anyone good as well", replied Shannon.

"But given Blake Castle is now also a resort, I am glad that there I can find some time for resting and thinking about the future of my academy"

"Consider yourself lucky, as so do we. Offseason here is so boring and the few travelers that stop by are not enough to fulfill our needs"

"Don't need to bother about it", the Japanese lady laid her hand on Shannon's shoulder. "I grant I will spend an interesting value on this place so you can keep up until season comes out"

"Thanks, Miss Morimoto. You are great!"

"Don't worry, Shannon. Scotland is a pleasant place and my stay here will be fantastic!"

"I hope so!"

* * *

Miss Morimoto was slated to spend a few weeks in Scotland in order to rest after the latest tournament held at her academy. Daphne recommended her to stay at the Blake Castle state, where her cousin Shannon lived, being well-received by the redhead Scotsgirl.

She got herself time for relax, at the baths and ponds, enjoying the village life and buying souvenirs and even breathing the fresh air from Highlands. Her body was feeling loose again, but there were other attractions Scotland had to offer for her...

One of them was named Shannon Blake...

After a day of meditating and training, Morimoto ate her dinner and turned to Shannon, who seemed to get ready to sleep.

"That soon, Shannon?"

"Another offseason problem: nights bloody suck here. There is nothing to do around here", complained the redhead.

"Night is still young. There is a lot of things a girl of your age can do..." replied the Asian woman.

"I do not really think so tonight. There aren't too many people around the village shops are all closed."

"We don't need the village to do something", Miss Morimoto stood up from her chair and went behind a bored Shannon. "Maybe the two of us can relax for a while"

"Are you inviting me to spend the night with you or I just wrongly picked the signs?" asked the redhead.

"We are two women alone in this big house. I am not pressuring you for accepting, but I am inviting you to be at my chambers tonight for some fun between girls"

"Hmm..." the Scotsgirl thought for a while before giving up and trying to put her hands under the Japanese woman's long skirt. "I cannot refuse the invitation from a hot lady like you, Miss Morimoto, furthermore you being our guest here..."

"I love girls who know what they like!", shouted the brunette Asian before turning around and kissing Shannon, who was willing to retribute it.


After kissing, Miss Morimoto and Shannon looked to each other, with the redhead replacing the boredom in her face to a contained smile, but enough to assure she could provide what she and her customer were in need.

"So, want me to follow you to your chambers, Miss Morimoto?"

"I would be so grateful if you could be my lover tonight, Shannon"

The two women kissed again as they went to where the Asian lady room was, a floor upstairs the dinner room. While leaving, both women put hands on each other's asses, groping in a sexy and non-demeaning way.

* * *

Both women didn't wait after entering the chambers and surrendered themselves in passionate lust through a kiss, with both Morimoto and Shannon pushing their lips and tongues against each other's and their hands being everywhere they could on their bodies.

"It's been so long since I didn't have a proper sexual relationship...", said Miss Morimoto

"So do I", replied the redhead. "These offseasons are a burden for my libido"

After kissing, both women kept the fever sweating, getting rid of their clothes. Later, Miss Morimoto laid the Scotsgirl's tender body on bed, admiring the forms and bends from the young Highlands girl.

"Are you looking to something specific or we can go to the regular lesbian sex?", asked the martial arts instructor.

"I want you to make me yours. I want you to do whatever you want to my body", requested Shannon to Morimoto's surprise.

"Are you sure? Don't want to do nothing with me?"

"Not tonight. I just want you to give me all the pleasure I need"

"Good girl, the way I enjoy", grinned the Japanese before lying on top of Shannon's and kissing her lips again, tasting the young lady's like a fruit. Then, she went for the Scotsgirl's bosom and quickly her mouth took center stage there.

"Uhhhh... Yes! Suck my fuckin' breasts! Oh Shite!"

Morimoto's breast stimulation wasn't too longer, but it was enough to bring both redhead's nipples some good work as they felt hard with the Asian lady's tongue brushes and lip sucking around them, the sufficient to make Shannon enjoy the first attempt of pleasure that night.

"Shannon, your breasts are divine!"

"I know. I guess they might help clients to keep on coming!"

Miss Morimoto slowly left the bosom and helped Shannon to spread her legs on a bearable position so she could have a full view to the wet pussy of her lover. The Japanese woman admired the small patch of red hair Miss Blake had around her slit.

"Just like your cousin, the small patch of hair..."

"We the Blakes like to keep some hair to give class to our cunts", briefly explained the Scottish hostess.

The martial arts female instructor analyzed for seconds before inserting a finger inside Shannon's pussy and noticing the moan she gave as reaction. The brunette woman kept her working using her finger as penetrating device, as the redhead moaned louder with it.

"Ohhhh! Yessssssssssss! Ahhhh!"

Miss Morimoto then slid a second finger inside the Scotsgirl, as she burst again feeling delight as being penetrated by the Asian in a paced way. When a third finger came in, the stimulation seemed to be on its way to be done.

"Do you enjoy my fingers inside you, Shannon?"
"Uhhhhhhhhhhh! Yes! Yes! I do! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

The finger fucking finished after the brunette foreigner thought it was enough of it. Next, it was her mouth to do the job, as Shannon again moaned with Morimoto's first moves of her tongue around her outer lips. Noticing that she might be in the good way, the Asian decided to go all in.

"Uhhhhhh... Ahhh... Bloody fuck!"

Shannon watched as Miss Morimoto used her tongue to lick and play with her clit, then going around her outer lips and inner walls and later coming back to the 'bell'. She was delighted to see her bed partner show her experience in lesbian sex and how she ate her cunt with so much ownership of her skills.

"You lick pussy so good, Miss Morimoto!"

"Delighted to hear that! But let's say I have some people that I can count..."

"Miyumi is one of them, right?"

"Let's say she is an intimate friend of mine, you know well"

"I know so very well!"

Morimoto was so pleased to have that young European pussy to taste that she could even forget the world while eating Shannon Blake. But she had other things in mind for the young redhead.

"Don't you think you need something better than a tongue on your pussy?"

"What exactly?"

The Asian lady left the pussy and went for her baggage where she picked something. That something was a strap-on dildo, all-black with silver strapping, seemingly custom-made. Nearly eight inches of rubber pole, almost appalling the redhead Scotsgirl.

"W-WHAT is that?"

"Did you liked? I bought a few months ago. It's nice, don't you think?"

"It's huge, Ma'am!"

"I know it can be a little exaggerating, but I wanted something different from all my toys. And unfortunately, I never got a chance to test it, until today", said Miss Morimoto, as putting the strap-on around her waist.

"Are you going to use this on me? Hope it won't hurt..."

"Be calm. I am not those kind women. All I do is for pleasing the other!"

The Japanese woman came closer to Shannon and asked her if she could be on all fours. The Scottish redhead turned herself around to be at doggy position, showing her ass directly to Miss Morimoto, who was fixing the dildo in a proper position around her waist.

"Lift that ass for me, honey. It's time for you take it like a woman needs to"

The redhead Scotsgirl put herself in the requested position as Miss Morimoto made her buttcheeks apart and inserted the fake cock's head inside Shannon's pussy. Against all odds, it wasn't a 'struggle' to take it, since in a simple move, near half of it was inside, and pumping itself inside it.

"Uhhh! Fuck me!! Ahhhh!"

The Asian lady quickly got the quirks of her new toy and made it to its use, pumping slowly and then strongly (but not painful) on Shannon, as she gripped on the redhead's asscheeks.

"Uhhh... Shannon! You are a hot fuck, oh my God!"

"Thanks! Oh God! Your cock is so good!"

Miss Morimoto found herself 'dominating' the scenario as she fucked the Scotsgirl with imposingness, turning Shannon on with every stroke of her strap-on inside her pussy and making her beg for a harder and deeper approach from the Asian.

"Do you want me to go deep on you?"

"Yes! Harder, Ma'am!" Harder!"

Miss Blake kept requesting for more as Miss Morimoto answered with harder and deeper thrusts, but the Asian soon aimed another target for her dildo, while she used one of her fingers to play with the redhead's ass.

"Bother if I take your ass too?"

"Take it! It's yours! I don't caaare! Just Fuck me!"

Miss Morimoto interrupted her pussy-filling as she turned to Shannon's young bunghole, first licking and spitting around and at her strap-on to give it a little more ease for penetration. Also, Shannon helped the case by putting her ass cheeks wide to allow the Asian to bring lubrication.

"I guess we are ready!"

"Please, put it all in my ass! Please, please!"

"Here I come then..."

The Japanese martial arts instructor held the Scotsgirl's butt and slowly got the tip of her fake cock pressing against Shannon's ass. The redhead didn't offered any resistance to it and soon the dildo slid into the rear.


Softly, Miss Morimoto fucked the redhead hostess, getting the handle on the situation, hearing the moans from her lover. As much as she got control of it, most of that cock went inside the redhead's butthole.

"Fuck my ass! Uhhh! Take it! Fuck me!"

"Your ass is so damn hot, Shannon!"

The Japanese lady slapped Shannon's ass, which in her turn, wanted more and more from her guest. Both women left themselves driving for pleasure and joy while Morimoto pumped vigorously into the screaming redhead's ass.

"Ahhhhh! Uhhhhh! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Maybe Miss Morimoto weren't too much aware that women could have massive 'anal orgasms', or if there was such thing, but it was what Shannon Blake felt after 25 minutes or so of anal fucking. The Asian couldn't believe on how the Scotsgirl surrendered that way to the ultimate pleasure time by being anally fucked that way. Maybe she was underestimating that, or even Shannon really needed an ass treat.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh! It's like I am cummmmmmmmmmmmmmminnnnnngh! Ahhhhh!"

As the redhead collapsed on bed, with her energies drained from the extensive fuck, Miss Morimoto removed the strap-on and laid on top of her hostess, kissing her neck, exhausted after the sex.

"So? Did I was a good guest?"

"It so did! I never had sex like this in my life!"

"I am glad I gave you what you wanted, Shannon. I believe I will enjoy the stay in the castle very much..."

"No problem, Miss Morimoto. You can enjoy the castle and me as long as you want..."

"So, what about soon we try another time?"

"But now, I want you to fuck you in the ass, deal?"


THE END (of this chapter)


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