Scooby-Doo: The Phantom Snowboarder Part 1 (FF,M-mast,F-best,voy,viol)
by Hamster

A creepy haunted castle, in northern California Mountains, near the Nevada

Originally built as an elite ski resort /hunting lodge White Mountain
castle's original owner, Daniel Worth, was chopped to bits by a serial
killer. The rumor was that the killer's wife was shot by Worth while he
was hunting. Later several guests were also copped up. The resort was
shut down for two years then it was reopened by Allen Rich. His daughter
and her friends were promptly chopped to bits so he closed it down.
Daphne's father then re-opened it. She and her friends, having heard the
legend of the phantom Snowboarder who had chopped up so many guests,
decided to be the re-opened resorts first guests.

The new staff was terrified and Fred was, as usual, being a complete ass by
telling everyone that they were basically idiots for believing in a phantom

Velma had unpacked her clothing and settled into the room when a maid walked
in. She was cute and petite, and was wearing a little French maid's outfit
that had a skirt so short that it threatened to give glimpses of the girl's
panties when she bent over for any reason.

"Miss if you need anything please let me know." The maid said in a cute
British accent.

It is hard to say what happened exactly to make Velma snap. Maybe it was the
fact that she had been hiding her deep seeded lesbian desires for so long or
the fact that she was sick of just fantasizing about Daphne instead of
fucking her brains out. Or it was possible that she was just so dam horny
that she couldn't take anymore.

In any case...

"Yeah I think I need something right now." Velma said.

"Really miss what's that?" the maid asked.

"Some sweet pussy." Velma said as she tackled the maid to the bed and forced
her tongue into her mouth.

At first she struggled a bit, but then settled down and began to enjoy the
kiss as she realized that she could probably wrangle a better tip out of the
other woman. As the kissed Velma's hand slid slowly up the Maid's thigh until
it reached the crotch of her panties. She yanked them down to her knees then
drove a pair of fingers up into the maid's cunt.

"Oh yes! Yes miss that is so good." The maid moaned as Velma's fingers
pistoned in and out of her.

The maid gasped and shuddered signaling the arrival of her orgasm. Velma
stripped of her own panties and straddled the maid's face. She leaned forward
and grabbed hold of her tits as she began to grind her pussy into the British
woman's face. The maid did her best to work her tongue up into Velma's pussy
while the same pussy was being raked back and forth across her face. Soon
Velma was spewing her goo and smearing it all over the blonde Brit's pretty

Velma slid down and began to lick her own cum from the maid's face.

"Jinkies you have one hell of a tip coming." Velma said.


Chef Dubois hated Americans. But after being disgraced in France he was
forced to leave his beloved country in shame and serve filthy American food
to filthy Americans. He knew the they all hated him. That is why he spit
Loogies into their food and masturbated in their chowder. As a matter of
fact the one boy, Freddy had been especially aggravating. Dubois had his
cock in his hand and was stroking like mad while thinking of the sexy young
singer Alizée Jacotet. Soon he was flooding Freddy's bowl of chowder with

He gave the bowl to one of the bellhops to take to the bastard's room. Dubois
smiled in satisfaction. He thought he was alone but when he turned around an
axe was buried in his face.

A wee bit later...

The Mystery squad was examining the murder scene carefully. Fred was cramming
spoonful after spoonful of chowder in his mouth as they did so.

"This is some good shit." Freddy said.

Even Scooby and Shaggy, who would eat practically anything, could sense
something was wrong with the chowder AND the obscene relish Freddy was eating
it with.

"Dubois was killed by the Phantom Snowboarder." The maid said.

"I told you, you ignorant slut, there is no such FUCKING THING as a phantom!
We have unmasked thousands of supposed monsters, ghouls and ghosts who turned
out to be nothing more than schmucks in costumes. Jeez why is everyone but me
an ignorant moron." Fred ranted.

"Wow man like you don't have to be so harsh man." Shaggy said.

"You can shut the fuck up too you fucking hippy. By the way the 70s called
and they think you're an idiot too." Fred countered. "Now lets split up I'll
take Daphne and..."

"You aren't taking me anywhere! You've been such an asshole lately you can
play detective by yourself. Oh and by the way you suck in bed." Daphne said
before storming off.

Velma and Scooby both followed her as she ran up the stairs in a hissy.

Shaggy stared at Fred, waiting to see if he'd follow her.

"WHAT?" Fred demanded.

"Nothing." Said Shaggy.

"Come on we gotta mystery to solve. And put on some fucking deodorant!"


Daphne was laying on her bed in tears. She was sobbing and snorting into her
pillow. Velma knocked on the door then entered followed by Scooby. She put a
hand on Daphne's shoulder to comfort her.

"He's such an ass." Daphne said.

"Yeah he is." Velma agreed. "It's funny what you said about him being lousy
in bed."

"Oh it's true. He shoots too early and only made my cum one out of five
times." Daphne said.

"Wow that sucks." Velma said.

"Yeah, and he still thinks he's god's gift." Daphne scoffed. "Velma, can I
tell you a secret, something really private and sort of embarrassing?"

"Sure Daf, what's wrong?" Velma asked.

"Well sometimes when I am really horny and Fred completely fails to get me
off, well I let Scooby do it." Daphne said nervously.

"What? You have sex with Scooby?" asked a startled Velma.

"Yeah, he has a big cock and unlike Fred he makes me cum every time." Daphne

"Wow junkies!" Velma explained. The thought of Scooby fucking the hot redhead
made her horny as hell. "Now that I'd like to see!"

Daphne giggled. "Well if you want to you can."

Velma's eyes bugged out as Daphne removed her shirt and revealed her purple
bra. Daphne then whipped off her skirt to give Velma a good look at the
purple g-string she was wearing. Then she removed the bra and panties and
Velma could only stare with her jaw on the floor. Velma stared at her
friend's lovely naked cunt, Daphne could see how gay Velma was for her body.

Well it was time to give Velma a good show. She lay back on the bed and
spread her legs nice in wide to give the big dog easy access. Scooby moved
over Daphne and then lay upon her. Daphne could feel the dogs heat and his
furry strong body pressing against her. Her breast were against his chest
and his face just above hers. Her body tingled with excitement as he shifted
a bit bringing his large cock to rest over her shaved mound. His body moved
a bit dragging his hot cock across her cunt and clit shooting pleasurable
waves of fire through her. Velma had her hand up her skirt and she was
fingering her pussy as she watched the show.

Daphne felt Scooby's body shift enough so that his cock which was resting
over her pussy was now against her opening. She couldn't take much more of
this she was so hot. Scooby pushed forward just a bit and Daphne could feel
the huge doggie cock slide just past her lips. It was so hot and big that
she knew she wanted all of it inside her.

"God, this is making me so fucking horny. Don't stop Daphne, Scooby is so
hot for you." Velma said as she watched Daphne get fucked by Scooby.

"Good boy." Velma gasped to Scooby.

Scooby's cock even though it was not inside Daphne was stretching her lips

"Scooby, fuck her. Fuck her cunt HARD!" Velma cried as she increased the
pace of the fingers pumping in and out of her pussy.

"Ro ‘kay Relma!" Scooby responded enthusiastically.

Scooby drove his cock forward sliding into the female with ease because she
was so wet. All ten inches disappeared into Daphne's cunt and she cried out
as Scooby began immediately to fuck her hard and fast. Velma watched with
great interest as Scooby fucked her hot friend. As Daphne watched the
perverted sex-show Scooby's cock was appearing and disappearing in the
red-head's cunt like lightning with Daphne grabbing onto his front legs for
support. Her ass moved up to meet his thrusts and she moaned loudly in
response. Soon Scooby's huge knot was banging against her pussy entrance and
Daphne didn't know what to do. Daphne's mind was racing with the thought of
this animal's cock and knot sliding inside her and pushed harder trying to
get the knot past her juicy entrance. Within a few minutes and Daphne cumming
hard the knot slipped past her cuntal entrance making her cry out again in
pleasure and pain.

"Arhhhhhhhhh... ughhhhhhhhhhh, its so big... yes fuck me, fuck me!" Daphne
cried out.

Scooby's knot stretched her pussy wide and he did not stop fucking as it
slid deeper and deeper into the woman. Now his balls were slapping against
her ass. His tongue hung out as he panted and groaned along with the female.
Daphne began to cum hard and fast with every stroke.

"Res! Res!" Scooby grunted as he fucked her.

Scooby's knot stopped all from leaking out of her cunt. Soon Scooby howled
and Daphne felt his cock thicken and the knot widen more as he began to shoot
load after load of cum into her. Hot wet juicy noises emanated from their
union as Scooby continued to pump against Daphne who pushed her ass harder
against his thrusting thighs. Scooby finally stopped and rested atop Daphne's
body his cock still deep within her. Daphne placed her hands around Scooby's
face again and kissed him hotly, her tongue sliding deep inside his muzzle.
She felt his cock slide wetly from her cunt and immediately all their juices
ran out running down her thighs over her asshole to the bed beneath.

Velma approached and dipped her head down to begin lapping at the cum that
was dripping from her cunt. Scooby decided to go get a snack and let the
girls have some privacy. Velma didn't even notice him go as she finished
licking the dog semen from out of Daphne's pussy.


Fred was searching the mountainside for clues with a very disgruntled Shaggy.
As they walked around they spotted a very cute blonde Snowboarder. She
shredded her way towards them. At the sight of the hot chick Fred shoved
Shaggy into the snow so that he could talk to her more or less without
competition. Fred then held him down with his foot so that he couldn't get

"Hey wussp." Fred said.

"Hi." The girl said with a big bright smile.

"So who are you, I thought we were alone at the resort." Fred asked.

"My name is Sarah, I live in town. My dad owns the gas station and
convenience store there. I like to come up here because it's usually so
quiet. The place has been closed forever."

"Oh. Yeah my names Fred, I'm a friend of the new owner. I'm staying here for
the weekend." Fred explained.

"Aren't you afraid of the Phantom?" Sarah asked.

"No way baby, I aint scared of no stupid ghost story." Fred said as he ground
his boot deeper into the snow to keep Shaggy from getting up.

"Really? Because the story is real and I know it for a fact." She said.

"Really? How's that?" Fred asked.

Sarah reached into her backpack and fished out an axe. "Because I AM the
phantom asshole."

Sarah buried the axe in Fred's face. When Fred dropped to the ground Shaggy
spat out snow and staggered to his feet.

"Oopsie, didn't see you there." Sarah giggled before separating Shaggy's
head from the rest of him.

To be continued...

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