If you don't like raw fantasy, don't read this.

Scout Safari: Horsing Around (f-best)
by Tankman ([email protected])

Young Scout, a VERY cute little 13 year old daughter of the director of the
wildlife center, looks off to the left of some trees and catches a quiet
place to rest from her long ride. She's not supposed to be riding this far
away from the wildlife center but, she needed some time by herself. She's a
bit tired of being overprotected by everyone, even by Bongani, the young teen
friend of Scout. Scout pulls up her horse, dismounts and ties him to a low
branch. She been riding for a while and needs to pee so she slips under the
shade of the tree, pulls her pants and panties down to her ankles. Bending
down and squatting, Scout pees for what seemed like 10 minutes. Her horse
then had to piss too after hearing her pee. Scout always found it curious
about her horse's HUGE penis that slipped out of it's sheath when he peed.
After a minute or so, her horse finally stopped peeing. His penis was very
dark and had several lighter colored stripes that ran the length.

Scout just stood and watched it all, but her curiosity started taking
control. She'd only had sex once before and that was with her best friend,
Bongani. They were riding and came upon a pair of zebras and seeing it all,
just one thing led to another and while the male zebra fucked his mate,
Bongani fucked Scout's pussy long and deep. She never and will never forget
it, even though they agreed that it may hurt their friendship over time, so
they decided to end it before it started. Still, every time Scout remembered
how incredible Bongani's big black cock fucked her, filled her, her little
hairless pussy started dripping.

Now, watching her stallion with his soft but still huge cock hanging down...
she started getting even wetter. She'd never thought of him this way, but
just wondered if his cock would get as big when it was hard, as the male
zebra that they had seen a few weeks ago. She slipped up next to her horse,
patting his side and rubbing it in a relaxing way. Scout wanted to see more
so she slipped down to her knees with this big fat horse cock a foot away
from her as she ran her hand down his side and over his sheath. She felt the
heat as she rubbed closer to his exposed member. After the horse had finished
pissing, she noticed it slipping back into it's sheath, but as her hand got
closer, she noticed that the reverse was now happening. Scout felt him begin
to harden as she stroked him. Within minutes of this attention, his exposed
cock is about 2 1/2 foot long and very, almost black but with a two tone
color. Her pussy started twitching as she watched, and felt it grow. She had
no idea what would happen next and just wanted to go with what was happening.
Her horse let out a few animalistic grunts, and looked down at his rider.

Scout's young body, wanted to feel him as she slipped her fingers along the
length. Hot to touch but increadibly soft skin that covered his gigantic hard
dick. She started picturing herself, how innocent, sweet and always the "good
girl", Scout couldn't push out the horny and taboo thoughts racing through
her head. His erection is just irresistable. She feels her small tits
tingling as her nipples harden like erasures. Scout's breathing is becoming
ragged and her little pussy is no longer wet, but is dripping. Scout can't
take it anymore and starts stroking her horse. She slips under him and with
both hands, grabs his horse cock and starts stroking. Her horse only grunts
more and looks back and down at her. She sees some liquid leaking from the
tip of his cock and stops, her curiousity still taking control. Scout wipes
it from the end and tastes it. Salty, but still pleasent, and very warm too.

Scout wants more and can't help herself as she slips her mouth over the
end. Here she is, an hour ago not even thinking of sex, and NEVER with an
animal... here she is under her horse and sucking his dick like a slut. She
can only get a few inches in, but she does alot with those few inches. Now
with her mouth fucking this 2 1/2 foot long horse cock, her hands are free.
One rubbing and pinching, roughly on her little tits and rock hard nipples.
Her other hand under her panties stroking the hell out of her hard clit. In
just a minute, she starts shaking and groans out loud as she pushes two
fingers inside her cunt and comes all over them. "Oh fuck... fuck... fuck
I'm cumming." Scout just whispers as she feels her pussy walls squeezing
her fingers as she comes. Scout goes back to sucking off her horse, yet she
can just get the head of it, a few inches in her little sweet innocent mouth.

Just then, she gets an uncontrollable urge to fuck him. She knows that their
was no way in the world, that this gigantic cock, 4 inches in diameter, will
fit into her little pussy, when she can barely get two fingers inside her.
She remembers how Bongani fucked her. He took long slow strokes to open her
up and surprised her by pushing his big 8 inch dick all the way inside her.
Scout remembered that it felt like he would fucking her with his arm it felt
so big.

Still Scout had to have more. She pulled her pants off and got herself in
position to ride her horse's dick. She lifted up her ass and lodged this big
black horse cock between her legs so that it was up against her dripping
pussy. She then started riding it, rocking back and forth with it lodged
along her cunt. Not going in, just rubbing her like a long fat, thick finger.
Her hand braced her body, while her other hand kept pressure on her horse's
dick so that it rubbed her clit. Fuck this felt good... god so good. She knew
she was heading again for a mind-numbing orgasm as she rode his hot cock. She
felt it start deep inside her stomach as it inched down to her clit. She
picked up the pace as she held this huge dick up against it. Just then....
stop.. can't stop comminggggg."

Scout is about to pass out, but still feels her horse's dick pulse as
she comes on him. Quickly turning around, without even knowing what was
happening... Scout opens her lips as wide as she can, and shoves her mouth
as far as she can. Gagging a bit as she goes too deep... she has turned
into an animal. She just can't stop herself anymore. Scout justs starts
fucking this horse with her mouth... and not knowing what was coming next.
And in just a few minutes of this attack on his cock, her horse grunts and
snuffs hard and fucking blows up in Scout's little mouth. She tries hard,
she's swallowing hard, gagging, chocking, and spitting as a gallon of hot
horse cum keeps pumping. Everytime she releases the head, more just squirts
and sprays her face.... her hair... and dips over her lips down her body.

Stunned, but fucking satisfied like she'd never imagined, Scout slips from
under her horse and pats him gently, almost hugging him, and thanking him.
He just archs his head back and seems very satisfied as well. Scout has
found that she actually loves the taste of horse cum as she cleans herself
off as best she can. Using her blanket to wipe the gallon of cum from her
face, hair, and body. Getting her clothing all straightened out and hoping
that no one would ever find out what just happened, she watched her horse's
cock soften and retreat back into it's sheath and she mounted him and rode
back home. Her pussy never stopped dripping the rest of the ride, and the
rest of the day.

Scout just kept trying to figure how how to fuck her horse for real the next
time. How can she get that monster inside her tiny cunt without ripping her
apart. Next time?


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